Black Lives Matter? – African Union Holds Ceremony and No-one Shows Up…

Today the African Union, representing the entire African Continent, held a ceremony to honor the thousands of Africans who have died at sea trying to reach Europe.  Attendance was, well, um…

Black Lives Matter 3 AU


There’s an irony here, a painful truth, for those who wish to admit it.

BLM Memorial Day

eric sheppard flag

Valdosta State University

saint louis flag burning 4

saint louis flag burning 2

occupy slu 2

↑ America sucks and Black Lives Matter right?

Contrast to African Union honors dead black victims ↓

Black Lives Matter 3 AU

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40 Responses to Black Lives Matter? – African Union Holds Ceremony and No-one Shows Up…

  1. TheLastDemocrat says:

    what if they held a war and no one came?

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  2. tappin52 says:

    I guess no one wanted to have a conversation.

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  3. True Colors says:

    It is absolutely baffling why some people associate so much hoopla and glamour with Africa. There is an unspoken suggestion that there is something inherently noble about Africa.

    That is ridiculous, of course. Most of Africa is a disgrace. Civil wars, cannibalism, extreme corruption, slavery, disease, chronic poverty, and lots of people living primitive, animalistic lifestyles, etc. It is a filthy, savage land.

    The majority of people in the U.S. who view Africa as being some sort of utopia would actually despise living there.


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    • mcfyre2012 says:

      I knew a dozen blacks over the years who moved to Africa “to get back to their roots.” No one lasted longer than three months before returning to the US. They just couldn’t hack it.

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    • TheLastDemocrat says:

      Africa is very diverse. It is far beyond reality to say “it is a filthy, savage land.”

      There are many bad problems in many countries, such as rank corruption and slavery. But this does not represent all of Africa. Additionally, it needs to be factored in that the bad aspects cannot be attributed to the locals, entirely – in the 800s, things became subject to Arabian slave trade, and in the 1600s to European slave trade.

      Is Africa a bad place for failing to nobly succumb to external slave trade, or are the Arabs and Europeans bad for traveling to a foreign place, perceiving the locals as sub-human, and enslaving them?

      The genetic argument is quite weak.


      • barbi says:

        You conveniently left out that tribes steal slaves from one another and that that the African slave traders are Africans themselves.

        I see too you know nothing of evolutionary biology and psychometrics of the last 60 years. A shame. It’s never good to run from or to obscure the truth, even though many truths are inconvenient.

        Most of SubSaharan Africa is a hell hole btw so let’s stop with the daisies and unicorn talk.

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        • TheLastDemocrat says:

          Thanks, Barbi – please educate me. Please note some original-data studies to read that supposedly prove that African/Negro people are genetically inferior, to the point of not being capable of civilized living. I need some genuine info in order to correct the biased view I have from all of the African nationals, and African Americans, I have lived amongst and worked with professionally. Do you follow the Caspi MAOA stuff? What else?


      • True Colors says:

        @last democrat

        Yes Africa is filthy, and yes it is savage.

        A lot of disease is spread in Africa because people there refuse to use soap. Not even basic hand washing. Missionaries and aid groups have tried for years — and failed — to instill this simple practice.

        Disease is also spread in Africa by the disgusting habit of eating raw “bush meat” — you know, rats, bats, chimpanzees, etc.

        Africa still has widespread cannibalism. And people living in huts. And slavery. That is savagery.

        Many/most people in Africa live like animals. We should not pretend otherwise.



    • lorac says:

      It always amazes me that Africa is where humans began, so it’s the “oldest” place … they got a “headstart” on the people who were born later and migrated elsewhere…. yet, it’s Africa where people are the most backward, as though they haven’t evolved at all…. there must have been something about the people who left which led to descendents who were creative, brave, intelligent..


      • CurlyDave says:

        “… they got a “headstart” on the people who were born later and migrated elsewhere…

        I don’t think that is how it worked. Either the smarter ones left, or the rigors of the migration to other parts of the world selected for higher intelligence.

        I suspect it was the latter, although any study of the subject would be so politically incorrect as to make a pariah of the investigator.


        • lorac says:

          Yes, I agree with you. By “headstart” I was just meaning to highlight that those around the longest are the furthest behind.


    • auscitizenmom says:

      That’s the way I see it.


  4. Will says:

    Those damn Republicans!

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  6. Monroe says:

    BLM only when there is a paycheck attached.

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  7. pspsst says:

    Saw the thread earlier showing this angry-face woman stomping on the US flag – representing a country which made rich Oprah, JayZee, Don Lemon, OJ Simpson and other assorted hate-filled celebrities, which today would be wallowing in poverty in Ethiopia, being genocidally strung up in Rwanda, burned in S. Africa, serving as descendant slaves in the middle-east, living in squalor under Baby Doc, Idi Amin, today in the 21st Century …………………………….It makes one wonder what these Pan-African flag wavers have to be proud of in African nations and their so-called and self-attested “breed” or “brand” as distinct from USA?

    Their aggressive behaviors here and in Africa are near, if not, identical. Bring them to America 200 hundred years ago, free them, of course, and the result is the same.

    Do they not ask the question, are we making ourselves look really bad, emulating and replicating the Pan-African failures? It’s not poverty per se which causes their condition of impoverishment and aggression. Poverty, as we see in Pan-African countries today, is the result of some element anathema to themselves.

    By the same token, like the bikers, there are the good and the bad. But, why does the bad slowly and inevitably overtake the African nations, and now here in America?

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  8. partyzantski says:

    Perhaps they needed ritzier swag bags?

    The pain and suffering of their people (and Obama’s, & Holder’s) is nothing compared to some shine 24″ rims, some natural hair weaves, a pack of blunts and some malt liquor. THAT would have improved turnout.

    Was that needlessly cruel? That is because of the truth contained therein. The particular bauble is not so much the thing, it is just the idea of “what’s in it for me?”. Obviously, they saw no value in remembering the countless thousands who did not realize that there would be a swim test graded on the harshest pass/fail criteria imaginable.

    If the Africans saw value in saving these lives, they would. If Americans saw value or the Europeans, they would. They have not because they don’t. It is a pointless exercise. Lives could be saved by educating these tabula rasas about the hazards and forcibly keeping them in place. Is that happening? No, it is not. Those are the cold, hard facts of this.

    Where is the LIEberal outrage at the deaths? They have not sent white NGO reps, fresh out of grad school onto those boats to document the horrors. Why might THAT be?

    The Titanic sank over 100 years ago, people still follow that, watch movies about it. It is seen as “romantic” by some. There is no movie, no book, no play about the drowning deaths of the countless horde from Africa. That movie is not made by Hollyork because THERE IS NO MONEY IN IT.

    While it is entirely possible that the photo was taken before, after or not even of the actual event is possible. However, no credible refutations are out there. As the sun sets in my neck of the woods, perhaps that is most troubling of all.

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  9. Daniel says:

    The truth in this case is ugly but well established. Historical documents well over 1500 years old and older have revealed commentary about the black man. The opinions have all been in agreement about their personality as a group. Words such as violent and lazy are used with great frequency and Muslims and others have also made the assertions about their suitability for slavery but little else.

    There have been observations made consistently for thousands of years by humans all over the planet. Are we to believe that the problem is because no one gave them a chance or enough money or enough power? That experiment has been conducted by American people for more than 100 years with results which are consistent with texts from thousands of years prior.

    Man has been able to domesticate a wide range of animals. From wolves we created dogs and I don’t suspect it required thousands of years to make that happen. All animals on our farms and ranches also domesticated by man. And while some documented attempts have been made, several animals on this planet have not been domesticated all that well. Cats are among the list. And thousands of years of slavery could not breed a human which could peacefully coexist with non-black people or other black people in large numbers. (Indeed, the biggest threat to black people in America is other black people!)

    This is an aspect of humanity which is difficult to face and I don’t state my observations with any sense of superiority or any sort of smugness. While there do appear to be exceptions, they are few. How long, I wonder, before we find a solution we can stomach. I am not prepared to suggest the things other people have suggested. But something must be done and I cannot imagine what.

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    • peppie says:

      Absolute shame…but it makes total sense.

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    • jackphatz says:

      IMHO it appears we are watching the demise of an entire race of humans.


      • Well, the Neanderthals appear to have disappeared. These things happen. It’s called evolution.


        • Be Ge says:

          Neanderthals have disappeared but then all of the living Homo Sapiens, except for the natives of below-Sahel Africa, are part Neanderthal. Ethnics groups other than various Negros (speaking Nilo-Saharan or Niger-Congo languagues) and Khoi peoples are hybrids with a varying content of non-homo-sapiens DNA in the mix, usually below 4% — mostly Neanderthal but there are Denisovan and other incursions as well.


  10. seabrznsun says:

    The photos say it all.

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  11. triper57 says:

    Could it be that the attendance was sparse because they were all trying to board the flotilla leaving for Europe.

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  12. LHLaredo says:

    Jay Z & Beyonce
    Black Rage Over Whiteout at Tidal.

    The hypocrisy.

    Read more:

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    • maggiemoowho says:

      Some Blacks are upset about this, but if they would open their racist little minds, they would realize that JZ and Beyonce, aka Americas Trash, would only want whites working for them, whites kissing their behinds. White slaves in a way.


    • nimrodman says:

      FTA: “… the Tidal office is in Norway — where the black population is around 2%”


      • Mr. Right says:

        And the question then become.. why Norway ?

        Is it because all the talented Back African American in Baltimore are over qualified and already have fun at their high paying jobs, so a streaming company cant only be headquartered in Norway ?

        side note: it seem European American in CA are now in very short supply in the tech field. Nowdays the bulk of the hiring for high paying tech job is filed by people from india & asia. And its accelerating…

        Its sad when you see really cool company place job for 6 figure salary and tons of benefits, and the only way to fill them is to issue H1B… American seem to have no clue that the American dream, generations sacrificed to build, is being given away.
        India & China invested HEAVILY in higher education (university with advanced programs) while the US pretty much went into idle since the mid 60s.

        While we repay 1 billion a day in interest payment from our tax $… Can you image if the US had a balanced budget ? We could attract top university teacher from all over the world, to fill in dozen, if hundreds of new top universities.

        Then when Intel, Microsoft, IBM, etc.. etc.. need a decent engineer, no need to fly a whole family from India.

        Or when we need top firms to rebuild/maintain America infrastructure , we don’t have to hire Chinese firms. CA high speed rail ? none in the entire US got the technology to build it.
        I even hear that construction projects (tunnel & bridges) are funded, but can be built because we have no engineer to manage the work…

        American of all color have no idea what they are missing out by not getting a higher education. (and part of the blame is the lack of leadership to build more quality universities to provide this education)


  13. bob e says:

    no one showed due to the ebola outbreak all around them ..


  14. spottedpony says:

    Apparently you have to pay black folks to show up for anything these days…. otherwise, they get a little upset. #cutthecheck


  15. brindlebutt says:

    Those present seem to be Christian clergy. I wonder what they had to say. I know clergy warned my grandparents when they left the old country, that things were not as they were advertised to be. Do these clergy warn them, or urge them to flee, to be picked up and supported by European Christian, or secular humanistic charities? Where are the missionary priests and nuns? Are they advising them to flee? Just curious. I think this is a worthy question.

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  16. Be Ge says:

    The only case whereby black lives (and this is not just the US — very clearly demonstrated here) matter is when they are forcibly taken by non-blacks. Outraged “concerned public” would ‘ve showed up for the event if the case were that ethnically European/white border patrol officers on their military boats would have contributed to sinking of one of those Europe-bound vessels carrying illegal African migrants to Europe. Since the vessels in question (whose passengers’ memory the event was supposed to honor) just sank due to bad weather, overload and poor jobs by their non-white/non-european captains — there was predictably no outrage and not even much of attendance of the event. Q.E.D.


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