The Arsonist Within the Republic…

Ann Coulter has a new book coming out, “Adios America“.  Essentially a full throated point of advocacy outlining the inherent danger of illegal immigration.  As part of her pre-release publicity tour Ms. Coulter is making media rounds to advocate her positions for the arguments within it.

With that in mind – she walks into the lions den of amnesty support in an interview with Jorge Ramos. (The full interview will air on Fusion TV tomorrow):

“I have a little tip. If you don’t want to be killed by ISIS, don’t go to Syria. If you don’t want to be killed by a Mexican, there’s nothing I can tell you,” Coulter said in an interview Tuesday with Fusion’s Jorge Ramos. (link)

Now it might seem, at least initially, that most conservatives would align with the presented arguments of Ms. Coulter as she opines about the inherent danger caused by the borderless global leftists and their dangerous immigration policies.

However, her latest position, while indeed an argument I personally would agree with, highlights something even more dangerous to our Republic and provides an example of something almost NO-ONE pays attention to. Ms. Coulter is like an arsonist amid the fire department.

There are several people, within media, with Coulter-like double faces; Glenn Beck and Dana Loesch of “teddy bear and socccer ball” infamy are examples of two more cut from the same cloth. All dangerous, perhaps more dangerous, than the liberal Democrats in a very specific regard.

Ann Coulter is railing against the ridiculous immigration issues, specifically the illegal Mexican immigration issues, and she makes a solid argument.

However, this is the same woman who supports the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Tom Donohue, and the Republican usurpers within congress who we have named “Decepticons”.

tom donohuecornyn_graham_roberts_cochran_mcconnell_ap

Coulter is disingenuous at best, hypocritical at mid-point, and dangerous when you think through her advocacy its natural conclusions.

Coulter railed against any attempt to unseat, defeat and dispatch GOP Decepticon Head Mitch McConnell during his primary race in Kentucky. She also advocated for the specific retention of Thad Cochran in Mississippi, and worked earnestly to assist the Decepticon team in Virginia to eliminate the threat of Ken Cuccinnelli.

Each of these aforementioned people specifically advocate for the CoC position to gain Amnesty for Illegal Aliens; the very point of contention that Coulter is railing against.

How can Coulter argue righteously against immigration problems, and yet simultaneously advocate on behalf of the people who originate the very problem which she clearly states she is against?

What gives?

Ann Coulter is never willing to do the hard work to get to the root causes of the problem. She, like Beck, Loesch et al, will rail against the consequences of policy – yet do nothing to remove the root of the policy issue at its foundation. Coulter is an arsonist inside the fire department who pours gas on dangerous roots, provides the match to those who would destroy the Republic, and then runs back to the firehouse to assume her position as gallant warrior in the fight against the flames.

And no-one, absolutely no-one, ever calls her -or anyone else- out for doing it.

A life of advocacy, providing personal financial benefit, derived from arguing about “the result”. However, simultaneously she, and others, fuel the very dangerous political origins that lead to the consequences which make their advocacy welcome. Self fulfilling prophecies.

And no-one on our side ever calls her out for it.

That, my friends, is why she is so dangerous.

American Patriot

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73 Responses to The Arsonist Within the Republic…

  1. Betty says:

    I am so glad you are not fooled by Ann Coulter. That Ramos interview was staged to give her a chance to reestablish herself with conservatives, she did her damage last election and now has to position herself deliver the most for the next election. She has a lot to answer for.

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  2. CoffeeBreak says:

    Because she’s WGI. It’s a money maker. Just ask Al and Jesse.

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  3. seabrznsun says:

    If she didn’t talk through her nose I might be able to listen to her – might. I appreciate you having already done that for me. Caution is the word when so called republicans speak.

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  4. Dr. Bogus Pachysandra says:

    Well,,,, I’d still like to get my hands on her!


    • RJ says:

      I think you have offered up the “hidden agenda” she has been presenting for years. Her sexual energies seem to be “tied up” in her writings and ranting, yet there is no Mr. Coulter around, no boy friend partying/dining, not even a girl friend seems to be in the picture of her life, just a deceased Daddy who was her idol.

      She always seems to show us a “hot image” on her book covers, always shows up for a tv interview with that long blond hair which she constantly runs her hand through adjusting, those outfits of smouldering passion hiding her inner feelings.

      Out of sync. Think of singer Nicole Scherzinger, who’s best song “Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?” with the group “Pussycat Dolls.” Something is not right.

      There’s a boogy man chasing her: She hates it, yet she loves it!

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  5. William says:

    I believe she has divided loyalties and goes from one side to the other because of her unwillingness to reconcile which side should trump the other. It is a sign that she is dealing with a dilemma, which is of her making.

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  6. doodahdaze says:

    Simple..”A life of advocacy, providing personal financial benefit” case closed. You can also find them on the corner in downtown L.A.

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  7. 1hear2learn says:

    She was huge Romney supporter last time around, and was on FNC within last few weeks promoting her book and was again supporting Romney for 2016… I could hardly believe my ears, but she was making case that Romney may decide to enter the race again.

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  8. If I so May, Humble Treepers,,, The enemy of my enemy is my friend?


  9. beaujest says:

    She was a big Chris Christie backer once ! Also she backed “the parrot without feathers” McConnell !

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  10. pbunyan says:

    I used to love Ann Coulter. Once upon a time she was real and a conservative. She gradually became a celebrity and is no longer either of those things. It’s a shame what wealth and fame can do to a person.

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  11. fred says:

    I’d like to know who made her opinions gospel of conservatives. She’s an opportunist and makes money with books. She’s incendiary to sell. There’s a word in Spanish for her. Want to know about illegal immigration ask me. Born in CA. in 1950 and have watched the whole experiment playout. I lived in Mexico and speak Spanish and generally like the people. Alas mexico changed and is a narco state now importing drugs and criminals to us to take care of and raise their families. Nothing good for the common man in this policy. My neighborhood has changed forever and not for better. My friends are BP and ICE guys. You don’t want to know the real truth cause it will make you sick.

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  12. wrongonred says:

    I agree completely. She is entirely destructive to liberty. She is up there in the ranks of the Decepticons.


  13. skeptiktank says:

    She might be a hypocrite,,,Who isn’t?…but she does know what the issues should be. Unfortunately, on immigration she is beating a dead horse. Americans don’t care, and it’s already settled. That ship has sailed. The fat lady has sung. America, due to birth rates, will be a hispanic country no matter whether there is more immigration or not. This WILL happen. The only way to stop it would be to engage in eugenics, which we don’t have the inclination to do.


    • fred says:

      Are you near retirement and have to count on Social Security or Medicaire. Hope you are cause if your young you will never see either of these. They give these benefits out like candy now and won’t be solvent soon. So do you really just want to forget the issue and have nothing when your old after a lifetime of work as you watch people who never put in a dime taking more out than yourself. Think it over it’s happening now.


      • skeptiktank says:

        I’m already retired, but I take your point.I didn’t mean to imply that I disagree with her on immigration. I think it should have been the priority issue 40 years ago. I think it is still important to most of our younger people, but the future will eventually be hispanic. You can like or not. It’s too late to change it. Stopping immigration will only slow the process somewhat.


    • Liberals believe in eugenics. I have a friend who actually advocated killing one of everyone’s children in order to save the environment. His point was that the earth has too many people harming the environment. I was too shocked to say anything. I couldn’t believe my ears. I should have had an answer before hand.

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      • dalethorn says:

        Bad as that “solution” would be, the larger problem behind it is who you would grant the power to, to accomplish the deed. Once ‘they’ have that power they don’t just walk away. The War on Drugs or the War on Terror are examples – excessive bureaucratic solutions to ordinary crimes breed new powers who then prey upon their benefactors. Same thing happened with the pirates off the East Coast circa 1700’s to 1800’s – once they ran out of foreigners to loot, they turned their attentions to the locals. Tom Wolfe(?) wrote that “The reason the locals were constant victims of the pirates was because the people could not comprehend just how vicious and ruthless the pirates really were.”


  14. chiavarm says:

    If she supported the Tea Party candidates they would have solved the problem and thus devalued her book

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  15. bob e says:

    i would like to see ramos swim the rio grande again for good ..


  16. Chip Bennett says:

    Ann Coulter is dead to me. She made herself a rhetorical prostitute, selling her ideological integrity to the cocktail circuit Establishment.

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  17. Cetera says:

    We as a nation, as a society, are experiencing our own Tower of Babel event. The Tower of Babel was an anti-Pentacost, where people were driven apart because they could not understand one another, and could not communicate with one another.

    In our own time, we are now two peoples. The Left and the Right no longer speak the same language. We cannot understand each other. Our minds are clouded, blocked. Neither side can relate to the other because of this split viewpoint, and without the ability to communicate, there can be no relationship. We do not trust the “other,” and we do not trust those we cannot relate to. Lack of trust makes it even more difficult to communicate.

    Relationships are hard. 90%+ of all relationship problems are caused by communication issues. Anne Coulter doesn’t try to help people find the truth, or to communicate truth to others. She’s in it for the drama and the spitting, which makes her money. It is very, very easy to sell hate to either side about the other, and it is a lucrative business.

    If this continues, no one will like the result. We will lose something precious and sacred. We will have lost our brothers and sisters, and we will have lost ourselves. We have to bear witness to the Truth, and do so humbly. None of us has the fullness of Truth in us. None of us understands all. We must always be willing to examine every aspect and tenet of our beliefs for that which is not true, but that we believe because we always have, or believe because we once believed it to be true.

    The think I like best about the Treehouse is the focus on the Truth, no matter what. Truth is an ideal rarely striven for, let alone successfully pursued. Truth was revealed in the first Pentacost, leading to the Way and the Life. May the Treehouse, and all her inhabitants, be beacons of Truth for others to find their paths to the Way and the Life. All of us on this good Earth were made to be in union with Him. We are His body, His Church. May we all work together towards a second Pentacost, and a renewal of the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

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  18. castlep777 says:

    Coulter gravitates toward and supports RINOs and then becomes incensed when RINOs do what they do best – act like RINOs.

    See “Coulter Discovers RINOs will be … RINOs” at

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    • CoffeeBreak says:

      Yellow hair bobble head girl speak with fork tongue. Sell lies. No take trinkets. Want plastic, cash money. She leave, smiles toothy face, give us dirty blankets.

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  19. castlep777 says:

    Another crucial danger: in railing against immigration, Coulter utterly dismisses jihadism – which is IN America!

    See “Coulter Denies Islamist Threat” at

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  20. dsb steve says:

    Always interesting to read what Ann has to say. Not sure what the policy objective of the chamber of commerce is, but my strong guess is they would be open to an effective guest worker program. Where people are welcome to come to the US to work but they have to return home periodically. And their children, born while in the US, are not granted US citizenship.


    • sundance says:

      Not sure what the policy objectives of the CoC is?

      It is not a secret. Tom Donohue and the CoC have openly stated their THREE primary legislative agenda items in the run up to the 2014 elections. They were (in order of importance):

      #1) Obamacare must NOT be repealed and must be retained even with a change in congressional leadership.

      #2) Comprehensive immigration reform to include amnesty for all illegal aliens currently residing in the U.S.

      #3) Full implementation of Common Core federal education standards.

      Any candidate with backing of the establishment Republicans must adhere to these constructs as advocacy or the CoC will not provide them support in their election. Toward that end the CoC and Mitch McConnell structured an electoral approach to deny any non-CoC Approved candidate from funding by the GOP or any umbrella PAC which would fund a GOP candidate.

      In addition the CoC worked earnestly to defeat any primary challenger to a GOP incumbent to insure their legislative priorities outlined above were maintained.

      Rand Paul and Ted Cruz were participants in the CoC/McConnell strategy, as was Ann Coulter.

      Hence, we have been vocally sharing since January of 2014, prior to the primary season, that all electoral efforts would be needed to overcome the CoC and Mitch McConnell strategy.

      Unfortunately, few listened – and now we are here where we are today.

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      • dalethorn says:

        I have heard that the really big trans-national power behind money are the insurance co’s. I’ve heard that the insurance co’s didn’t lose anything in the Great Depression. When candidates in 2008 were speaking about healthcare reform on the stage, the camera panned to Uncle Joe Leiberman in the audience who had an expression that said “not over my dead body”. That kind of money concentrated into a cabal, or “trust” as they called it around 1900 or so, can make policy so firm that all these politicians can do is dance around it, having no chance to change it.


      • ThankYou,Treepers says:

        We are in the post employment era, and have been since the beginning of this century.

        Donohue is symbolic of the gross inefficiencies of corporation culture and the employment economy. He’s always been on somebody else’s payroll. He’s never bootstrapped. He’s never built his own from scratch.

        He’s not the brightest and is faux tough. But he has subtle traits including his appearance which cut a wide path for him among his fellow lemmings of the corporate world, followers, conformists and “which way the wind blows” types all. A vacuous self promoter like Donohue becomes very dangerous as their Pied Piper because he has their numbers behind him which makes him no smarter but all the more self serving.


        • CoffeeBreak says:

          His poisonous trickle down effect is noticeable in local chapters. I don’t know about the two closest to me as I just stay away. But, I have friends that’ve been active members who volunteered several hundred hours per year. And one friend recently retired from a local CoC a few hours from me.

          There are many business owners that have just stopped being associated with the CoC because it’s turned into something that’s seemingly not really interested in promoting mom and pop shops but glad-handing big box operators and taking on social issues.

          There are so many mom and pop shops that were around for generations, now no longer in existence. What makes it sad for me is that the surnames that I’ve come to know over the years are no longer here but far away. I know it’s just life but I can’t help but feel if those little stores were still here, some members of the younger generation might’ve stayed.

          What has filled the vacuum are transplanted welfare recipients. I see it when I drive on business about once a quarter. The county deliberately moved people out of an area that is a tourism destination to small farming communities. It’s awful what these do-gooders have been allowed to do. But I digress.


      • triper57 says:

        Sundance there is something to be learned from all of these people including Anne. During the reading of the Breitbart article on the interview something that was said clarified an early move of Obama. The move of Census to the direct control of the Office of the President. I never understood why this is important.

        During the interview much was made over the difference between Anne’s figure of 30 million illegals and Jorge’s figure of 11 million by Jorge quoting the Census figures. By controlling the Census the Administration controls all official figures that a lot of government policy is based on.

        As far as illegal immigration goes, trying to justify admitting 11 million is a lot easier than trying to justify 30 million or 25% of the Mexican population. The 11 million represents only 3% of the US population but 30 million is 10% of our population. And the legislation will be written to include all Illegals not just the 11 million quoted from the census.

        This brings to the discussion, can any information collected by the Census be relied on? Just as any information put out by the DOL be considered accurate?


    • my strong guess is they would be open to an effective guest worker program.

      We already have several of them. No doubt the COC would love to increase them massively because every foreigner they can hire for cheap is one less American they have to pay. How about we work on putting Americans to work before worrying about employing the rest of the world?


  21. castlep777 says:

    Ann Coulter is not a conservative and gives conservatives a bad name.

    See “Coulter, Simply Offensive” at


  22. Jersey Beach says:

    She likes/liked our governor, need I say more? 🙂
    Amen on Beck. Try getting someone over on his site to keep an open mind and think independently, fugedaboudit.


  23. CrankyinAZ says:

    She’d sell her own mother for a few bucks. And like a broken clock, she’s right a couple times a day – well, partly right. I’d still trust her as far as I could throw her… which ain’t far, even as skinny as she is, considering my bad back. LOL


  24. Mentalist says:

    Ann Coulter is the epitome of those in the Tea Party movement who she accused of being “hucksters, shysters, and con men” who were only interested in people sending them money. Ann Coulter first and foremost is about self-aggrandizement and Republicanism (which is not the same as conservatism), and has used the conservative movement to sell books and do the talk show circuit.


  25. cali says:

    Ann Coulter is first of all a ‘vile’ individual using language at times not to my liking which is a turn off for me. She at times plays both end to the middle – but tends to be more DC establishment supportive of republicans unassociated with the real conservative base.
    She would never support and true conservative because if she did – sellout McConnell would not have been re-elected.
    I have been turned off by Ann Coulter for years; cancelled my subscriptions I had with her and don’t really read her books any longer.


    • kinthenorthwest says:

      To me Coulter is a bit like Beck—too loud and voiceterous about many issues, but lots of truths can be found within. Don’t follow either that much anymore.


  26. Jett Black says:

    Coulter is, as others have succinctly noted, all about herself and her income. However, she’s chosen a generally conservative soap-box in direct opposition to the Demonrats, which sometimes involves accepting s–t-sandwich RINOs, just to block the Demonrats. She only briefly alludes to the best argument against U.S. immigration policies and opportunist shills like Ramos.

    These are the points she and everyone arguing against the open-borders scum need to hit and hit hard. Ramos and his ilk are cowards, who’re here because they like the perks of being able to live and work in a nation of laws and individual, entrepreneurial freedom (though it is in decline), instead of a 3rd world hell hole, like where they came from. It disserves them and everyone else to import the impoverished, tribal, lawless cultures and conditions from the very places they’ve fled.

    A potentially even more powerful argument that even seems to strike a chord with progs and can appeal to those still in the third world is the negative effect of their most productive citizens abandoning their home countries and families to come to El Norte. The rise of criminal gangs and anarchy in Mexico can be correlated with the rise of emigration to the U.S. of productive, motivated workers–the salt of Mexico’s earth who would’ve been a bulwark in their society against the gangs. Mexican women, children, and elderly want all the $ that stream back to them, but would rather have their men at home, if there is some prospect that they could make a good living there. That needs to be the goal–to cut off incentives for people to immigrate to the U.S. illegally and pressure the Mexican gov. to incentivize its people to stay, work, and build there.

    As always, when those who accept responsibility, work, earn, and care for their families and communities disappear (either emigrating or induced to stop by government manipulation), a disfunctional, dependent, and criminal “state of nature” grows. We can look at west Baltimore for a local example. That example is also one we see all over the USA in communities that are also hardest hit by illegal immigrant labor taking entry-level and other non-skilled jobs. The whole scene looks suspiciously like a swirling torrent–the big question is whether it keeps swirling downward, until the whole thing flushes.


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