BREAKING UPDATE: Suspect Captured In Washington DC Home Invasion and Quadruple Gruesome Homicide…

update-1WASHINGTON – FOX 5’s Paul Wagner has learned that a Maryland man wanted in the murders of a wealthy D.C. family and their housekeeper has been taken into custody in Northeast D.C. Daron Dylon Wint was arrested Thursday night on 10th Street and Rhode Island Avenue. (read more)

DC homicide 1dc homicide 2dc homicide 3

WASHINGTON – Savvas Savopoulos, 46; his wife, Amy Savopoulos, 47; 10-year-old son, Philip; and housekeeper Veralicia Figueroa, 57, were found dead in their $4.5-million home near D.C.’s Embassy Row — where diplomats live, as well as the U.S. vice president — when it was set ablaze on May 14, officials said.

On Wednesday, a warrant was issued for the arrest of 34-year-old Daron Dylon Wint of Maryland (pictured below), according to police. They do not know his location, and are asking the public for assistance in finding him.

The break in the mysterious case came after police said they discovered DNA on the crust of a Domino’s pizza that was delivered to the house late Wednesday as authorities say the family was being held hostage hours before they were killed and the house went up in flames. (link)

suspect 1suspect 2suspect 3

He has a bunch of aliases and here’s his FACEBOOK PROFILE

[…]  Law enforcement officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing, said detectives think that the family and housekeeper had been held overnight in the home near the vice president’s mansion and that at one point they may have been bound. Authorities said they are investigating whether there are any links to Savvas Savopoulos’s business or personal life.

The man who dropped off the money worked as a personal assistant to Savvas Savopoulos, who owned or was involved in several businesses, according to the officials and police documents.

Those documents, obtained by The Washington Post, show that the assistant had been helping Savopoulos, who was rushing to complete a martial arts studio in Chantilly, Va. It was unclear whether the assistant made contact with anyone inside the house when he delivered the money. Police documents show that he was at a hardware store near the Chantilly studio in western Fairfax County from 11:30 a.m. to noon May 14 and was still in Virginia when 911 calls came later that afternoon about the fire 30 miles away in the District.

D.C. police have not disclosed whether they know of a motive for the killings. But a timeline of Savvas Savopoulos’s movements is beginning to emerge from the police documents.

The documents show a flurry of phone calls among Savvas Savopoulos, a bank, an accountant, the personal assistant, a construction company executive and Savopoulos’s American Iron Works company in the hours before the fire. The calls started shortly after 7 a.m. May 14 and ended just before noon. The fire was reported at 1:15 p.m.  (read more)

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151 Responses to BREAKING UPDATE: Suspect Captured In Washington DC Home Invasion and Quadruple Gruesome Homicide…

  1. canadacan says:

    I gather there wasn’t a gun in the house . What type of a security system was in the house?


  2. dizzymissl says:

    I read a report today that the 10 year old boy was tortured.

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    • Mentalist says:

      Given his prior criminal history (includes fourth degree sex offense charges) and the fact that he set the house on fire, it would not surprise me if he sexually assaulted/raped Ms. Savopoulos and/or the maid.

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    • Moishe Pipik says:

      It’s standard MO for Obama’s sons to rape both men and women. For example, the Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian murders. Both the man and women were raped and tortured.

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  3. sundance says:

    I swear I have seen that specific suspect’s pictures in some other discussion from a year or two ago. Weird, but images are totally familiar.

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  4. Kitty Smith says:

    So, no problem showing a photo of the suspect when the victims are among the DC elites.


    • Stormy says:

      I read in two different articles from Daily Mail that the Secret Service came to the scene very early on… I wonder if that was only because of the close proximity to Uncle Joe’s house?


      • Kitty Smith says:

        I’m guessing that was part of the reason, but the dad was also a diplomat. The Secret Service, or a branch of it, covers diplomatic missions and may also be involved because of this guy’s status as a diplomat. The State Department also has some kind of diplomat security service. So it may not have actually been the Secret Service but the Diplomat Security Service agents that actually showed up. Don’t know. The VP has a constant Secret Service detail, so they may have been first on the scene because of the political sensitivity of the whole thing – get there fast, etc., and there were close by.


  5. I wonder if Sally Kohn would object to calling him a thug?


  6. auscitizenmom says:

    “DNA on the crust of a Domino’s pizza that was delivered to the house late Wednesday” Horrible, but being hungry nailed this horrible person.

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  7. flightattendentfailures says:

    Reblogged this on The X Files and commented:

    Re-blogged from one of the BEST blogs in the world…..The Conservative Treehouse.
    They never shy away from the real issues!!
    Here’s some ACCURATE and straightforward information on the murderous thug who mercilessly slaughtered an innocent, great family.

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  8. dizzymissl says:

    WUSA9Verified account

    MT @ellisonbarber Law enforcement source: Savopoulos killer(s) were “sloppy” and a lot of evidence was left at home

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  9. Ellie says:

    Liberal spin: Daron had just graduated from high school and was enrolling in Community College to become an astronaut. His family and neighbors insist he is innocent and is being unfairly targeted by whitey.

    What a pos.

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  10. yakmaster2 says:

    He and his accomplices have to be full of poisionous hatred to kill a child. Or maybe they’re just straight up greedy sociopaths. Or both. Anyway, all that plotting and maneuvering and murdering of four hostages for a mere $40,000 shows how low and stupid they are. (I say “they” because one guy couldn’t have controlled 4 hostages while forcing the dad to make phone calls and scheming to have pizzas delivered outside the front door.
    I’m wondering if the personal assistant had any part in the extortion. Surely he would have been suspicious at dropping a large sum of CASH at his boss’s house??

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    • katrinasurvivor says:

      This poor family he tortured were probably D.C. liberals who thought nothing bad could happen to them, and they were probably paralyzed with fear when this thug entered their home and threatened their child then killed them all. Someone like this thug isn’t organized enough to have the brains to have “operatives” organize anything.

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    • auscitizenmom says:

      I think it is worse than killing a child. It appears that he tortured the boy. That is probably how he had control over the parents.

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      • art tart says:

        auscitizenmom ~ I had the same thoughts, there could be no greater pain than watchiing your child being tortured before your eyes & being powerless to help save him.

        This is a horrific crime, thank GOD that they have a suspect so quickly.

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  11. angie says:

    My prayers to out to the Savopoulos family and the families of his wife, Amy, and housekeeper Veralicia. What a terribly sad ending to their lives. That poor little Philip having to witness such filthy behavior from a scum bucket. God grant them all peace.
    Praying the police capture the monster who committed this horrible crime.


  12. shirley49 says:

    My only question is where is Barry, Holder and Sharpton or are the VICTIMS the wrong color for them.

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    • janc1955 says:

      The victims were white (most of them) and “privileged”. Exactly the people the WH and all liberals and the MSM are training their minions to hate.



  13. smokefire says:

    Very similar to the 2007 home invasion, murder and fire in 2007. CT. doctor William Petit’s family was murdered and home set afire, in Cheshire, CT. Culprits were arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced. Bid difference were, they were both white.

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  14. jakeandcrew says:

    If everything that’s reported in this article is true, the man that did this is a horrible monster. Tough reading this morning.


  15. Mentalist says:

    Since I’ve seen several questions regarding the suspect in this case (Wint) and his DNA (which was found at the crime scene and helped break this case), I thought that I would try to address it in this one post. Maryland has kept and maintained a DNA database since 1994. It has been updated in the last decade or so to include all felony convictions as well as some misdemeanor crimes. The State of Maryland even started taking DNA during booking from those arrested for serious crimes (this was the Maryland V. King case that went before SCOTUS in 2013 which the court upheld (5-4) the Maryland law). My guess it that since the suspect is from Maryland (Prince Georges County, MD to be exact, which borders Washington DC) and this is probably not his first “stroll through the park” (more than likely he had a very extensive criminal record or extensive contact with law enforcement) – its very likely that his DNA profile is in the Maryland database. I posted several links below for anyone who wants additional information about Maryland’s DNA database.


  16. beaujest says:

    You can run but you can’t hide when the Treepers are on your tail !


    • canadacan says:

      My fantasy right now is that he resists and law enforcement kills him.
      It’s not going to be that easy unfortunately this bastard is black and they got to do everything by the book


  17. Attorney says:



  18. vonutley says:

    The ropehead POS probably already blew the cash on a set of rims, gode teefs, Swisher Sweets (for da blunts) and malt liquor.

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  19. dalethorn says:

    Looks like another lowlife but skilled assassin, like Charles Manson. Doubtful you would ever trace him back to who paid him.


  20. Dear Lord, comfort these victims in heaven. Watch over and give strength to the two young daughters and housekeeper’s husband, Alfaro, left behind to deal with this massacre. Please provide guidance and courage to law enforcement as they hunt this savage beast, Daron Dylon Wint. Please give us justice for these victims and their families. In Jesus’ name, we pray, for the souls and loved ones of Savvas, Amy, Philip and Veralicia. Amen.

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  21. Ursula says:

    Mr. Savopoulos was a Democratic donor who supported Rep. Chris Van Hollen a gun grabber with intentions of helping Obama transform America.


  22. Ziiggii says:

    what is this Wint guy’s build? The guy from the Officer killing North of Charleston still hasn’t been ID’ed.


  23. Lars says:

    The currently preferred drug in thug circles is a psychotic, violence_inducing syrup.


  24. Sandra says:

    I might be wrong, but I think the Derrell Wint we see in the MD records is Daron’s brother. If Daron had an accomplice it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s his brother.

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  25. realitycheck says:

    The $40,000 CASH (!!!) that Mr. Savopoulos had recently received from his “assistant” is an interesting bit of information ?

    ” According to Nelitza Gutierrez, a housekeeper working for the Savopoulos family, $40,000 in cash was to be delivered to the house on Woodland Drive on May 14, the day the bodies were found after a fire.
    In an off-camera interview, Gutierrez says an assistant was scheduled to drop off the cash to be used for the opening of a martial arts center in Chantilly, Virginia. The housekeeper says she spoke with the person who was supposed to make the delivery and he confirmed he dropped it off at the house that morning.”


    • lorac says:

      At first I thought the money drop off was previously set up and the hoodlum knew about it, so he staged this invasion on that date. But – I can’t figure out why a legitimate business man would need cash to set up a new business. A legitimate business owner wants a paper trail, for IRS deductions, etc.

      Then they said there was a flutter of phone calls that morning, so I thought maybe the hoodlum tortured the family to get the father to arrange for the cash to be delivered. But – then how would the 2nd housekeeper know about it beforehand…?

      What am I missing?


      • lorac says:

        Oh, also, the second housekeeper said that the family dog would have attacked the hoodlum, so the hoodlum must have first struck when the dog “was being walked” (that he knew the family’s routine). So…. I guess they had a paid dogwalker… what happened when the dogwalker returned to the house and couldn’t get the dog back inside…..? What’s the “end of the story”?


  26. ty says:

    Just don’t see this guy masterminding this home invasion. 1. Who would let him in. 2. Guessing maybe a connection to an employee. 3. Was it usual for the assistant to drop off tens of thousands of dollars? If not why didn’t bells go off? Banks would question you about a cash withdrawal that large.

    So many questions, just not seeing this as a random home invasion. But it could be.


  27. Sandra says:

    New York Daily News has all sorts of interesting info:

    Wint goes by Dillion and currently lives in New York City, according to his Facebook, which lists him as self-employed.

    Wint often visits his father’s home in Lanham, MD, a neighbor told MyFoxDC. He’s “quiet” and hangs out on the front porch a lot, he said.

    “He doesn’t listen,” his stepmother, who was not identified, told ABC News. “You try to tell him and guide him the right way, but he thinks he knows the law … more than anybody else. He was very argumentative. Everywhere he goes there’s an argument … very arrogant.”


  28. TKim says:

    Torture. We have people walking the streets of America who torture. When liberals speak of torture surely they mean them too?


  29. czarowniczy says:

    I know, it’s tacky of me to go off-topic here but here we have a wealthy target who is also – it appears – deeply into the martial arts and was overcome. Those crack dedicated public servants in the DC government have decided to prevent honest and law abiding citizens from obtaining personal protection firearms and CCWs, directly exposing them to the predatory members of the electorate.
    When I was at the DIA the folks would billet me over in Oxen Hill in preference to the senior enlisted billets at Bolling. Perhaps they thought of me as more tactically-minded than the blue-suiters but many was the pre-dawn taxi ride from the fortified motel to Bolling where I’d go through cop-loaded crime scenes – jes like home. I can remember the check-in briefings where we were warned to wear dog tags and print identifying numbers in our undies if we were going into what, in broad daylight, were safe areas of Our Nation’s Capital, especially the Underground. Gimme a break – this is OUR capital, if we can’t keep the predatory parasite outside of the gates then we’d just as well declare a surrender and let them predate until they’ve picked it dry. Then again, now that they’ve murdered a major DC money figure and his family so close to the official home of one of the primary supporters of ethnic violence some thing might change. Might – but I doubt it.


    • doodahdaze says:

      This was an outlier. He got the money before they dd. Now it will go in to probate and heirs might get some of it.


    • partyzantski says:

      Consider if you will the potentialities of this fictional scenario…. a wealthy, politically connected character gets served up as an example to the rest of that stratified class to keep the rest of the sheep on the plantation.
      Is it conceivable that this is a modern update of Arkancide, only much more rapey, torturey and arsoney than before?


      • auscitizenmom says:



      • czarowniczy says:

        Well, the POtuS, patron saint of the ethnic downtrodden and entitled, has been trying to get a flame under that class war thingie. Hmmmmm – an example to the next Dem nominating convention that the party’s nominees now must come from questionable but poor backgrounds – and just because you got rich from dipping your corn pone stained fingers into the international cookie jar after your presidency doesn’t exclude you from the category of ‘enemy of the peoples’…


  30. auscitizenmom says:

    Well……..if it is true that he worked for these people, it appears this thug can be the poster boy for not hiring criminal types like Obozo wants us to do.

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  31. Ok has anyone looked into the company this man was the CEO of? Was this a hit?


    • angie says:

      I wondered the same thing. There are lots of people in DC, McLean, Potomac, etc. Why this particular family, except that he used to work for American Iron Works. Did he do something there that sent him to jail? He pled guilty to with destruction of property after a burglary charge. His stepmother said he was arrogant nd violent. Maybe he caused a disturbance at Savopoulos’ business. That would have made everything Savopoulos’ fault because Wint would never accept responsibility for his actions.

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  32. Immorten Joe says:

    Any comment from Rev Al Sharpton
    In yet another black on white crime?

    Or should the remaining family put it down to white privilege……


  33. doodahdaze says:

    This was an unauthorized taking. Of the rich white mans stakes. The money is tainted. It was not re-distributed fairly through BGK redistribution channels. If you do not understand. God Bless.

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  34. TKim says:

    Lord please don’t let this beast die in police custody. He gets a protest march and a riot and I would be done with this world.

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  35. benzy says:

    Well… Barack Obama said that if he had a son, he could have been Trayvon Martin. Has Vice President Biden stepped up to say this “could have been my house” (just a short distance away from the crime scene)?


  36. Dean says:

    “No Pizza, No Peace”


  37. Jim says:

    Notice how fast the DNA evidence produced a match. It all depends on who is the victim. Other people need to wait months for a return. Also, for a match to be made, there must already be a DNA sample in the database, indicating a prior conviction. From what I read, he had some serious offenses. Explain to me again how he is out? Oh year, I forgot. Part of the “oppressed” disparate impact. Criminals can’t be in jail for criminal behavior.


  38. TexasRanger says:

    Police – Quadruple D.C. Murder Was Not Random….

    Daron Dylon Wint, the suspect in the quadruple homicide at a Northwest, D.C. home worked at the victims’ family business, according to Metropolitan Police Chief Cathy Lanier.


  39. Moishe Pipik says:

    The “Girlfriend” of the suspect indicated she’s been in touch with him:

    Why don’t they torture her the way he tortured this family until she tells police where he is?


  40. TKim says:

    His lawyer is on Fox singing his praises as if he is speaking about Tim Tebow.


  41. TKim says:

    His lawyer is named aRobin Ficker. Ficker sounds deranged.


  42. dizzymissl says:

    Looks like they got him:

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  43. dizzymissl says:

    Paul Wagner ‏@Fox5Wagner 2m2 minutes ago

    Breaking Now: Daron Went is in custody. He was arrested a short while ago near Rhode Island and 10th street NE.

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  44. dizzymissl says:

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  45. Gee, I guess they’ll have to prosecute this poor black fella now ay?


  46. TexasRanger says:

    Suspect wanted in connection to quadruple homicide in Washington, DC, reportedly in custody, law enforcement sources tell….

    Daron Wint, Suspect in Woodley Park Quadruple Slaying, in Custody

    Full Story


  47. GrandeMe says:

    I have heard from a good source, but cannot confirm, that the child was indeed tortured. I have been told a couple of details, and it sounds, to me, like they tortured the child to get the Dads full cooperation. He certainly would have cooperated with just the threat that the boy would be hurt, but these animals did atrocious acts. I was waiting to see if what I have been told was reported on, but I haven’t seen specifics in any press yet.


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