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The Day After – Waco Gang Shooting Investigation Begins – Who Shot Whom?…

Nine dead, at least 18 wounded.  Perhaps 20+ people shot; but by who?? (Via LA Times) […] On Monday, police worked the scene, collecting evidence and diagramming the site. Every bullet casing and every blood spot will be mapped and examined. … Continue reading

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VonDerrit Myers Shooting Investigative Report Released Today – Justifiable Police Shooting (pdf report)

BACKSTORY HERE – October 2014 – “Mom said 18-year-old baby Vonderrit was eating a sandwich and contemplating which college classes would be better – considering his recently edited white paper on Gravitational Inconsistencies as applied to Quantum theory. A local … Continue reading

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Hillary’s Email Pen Pal, and Employee of Clinton Foundation, Leveraging Her State Position For Libyan Business Opportunity….

The New York Times has a new article outlining the relationship between Hillary Clinton, the State Department, the Clinton Foundation, and her pal Sidney Blumenthal. However, they somewhat bury the lede regarding the impression that Blumenthal was leveraging Hillary for … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

From the Washington Examiner.

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The “JV Team” (ISIS) Have Taken Ramadi, Thousands Flee, Jails Opened, Hundreds Slaughtered – But Do They Have A New Cool Twitter Account ?

IRAQ – The Iraqi city of Ramadi has fallen to Islamic State (IS) after government forces abandoned their positions, officials say. The police and military made a chaotic retreat after days of intense fighting.  Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi had ordered … Continue reading

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FOX Report Today: Documents Reveal Benghazi Libya Weapons (Provided by U.S. and NATO) Shipped To Syria…

Today Fox News is reporting confirmation that weapons from Benghazi were shipped to Syria. This affirms one of the essential elements outlined in our Benghazi Brief. Documents Reveal Obama Admin Knew Terrorists Had Planned #Benghazi Attack 10 Days in Advance: … Continue reading

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Boyhood Under Attack: Why Boys Can’t Just Be Boys Anymore

From our friends at PJMedia, first in a series about the War on Men.

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