Scott Walker Today – Face The Nation…

*Side Note* – It’s more than a little annoying, albeit profoundly predictable, that MSM leftist punditry ask the question “what are your foreign policy credentials?”

I would hope that sooner or later a direct and well spoken candidate would specifically say:

“Credentials?  First, I’m an American; I grew up an American; I learned, live, eat, breathe, and love America; I’m proud of America; I believe America is the greatest free societal and free-market construct ever created in the history of all modern nations….

…..and as a direct consequence I’m an expert in evaluating all foreign influences against what is in the best interests of freedom generally, and our American best interests specifically’….

…..perhaps you have a question about a substantive foreign issue I might be able to answer for you from this perspective?” !!

There would be splodey heads.

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24 Responses to Scott Walker Today – Face The Nation…

  1. goodoldboy66 says:

    Bob Seatsniffer needs to trip into traffic already.


  2. No Agenda says:

    I thought Governor Walker did very well on Face The Nation. I thought he had announced already? 🙂


  3. Monroe says:

    The foreign policy experience is a set up for Hillary to be able to tout all of her trips as SOS. Actually her notable foreign policy experience was brokering peace in Ireland. But the media silenced that story within an hour.


    • TRONGOD2000 says:

      When asked this question, Republicans should say my experience has been the same as yours. I’ve watched Hillary Clinton and Secretary Kerry botch everything they do and learned how not to execute America’s foreign policy.


  4. 2x4x8 says:

    Good interview, Walker handled everything real well, smooth

    the “foreign policy” jab, also means these individuals are not “in the club”, as in CFR, would like to see a come back like “I have a lot of Foreign Policy experience, I’m in the club, Club Med” 😎


    • Crystal says:

      I worked for Club Med for much of 3 years. Who knew I could claim foreign policy experience? Hmmm. Perhaps a career as a professional grifter is on the horizon.


      • joanfoster says:

        I am certain you met so many foreign dignitaries there that you would qualify as Hillary’s Sec. of State unless of course you had knowledge of Bill’s indiscretions and could broker a VP job in exchange for keeping your mouth shut.


  5. manickernel says:

    I really like Walker. This was a good interview. I also am wondering when he will announce.
    His only real issue, is when he is speaking. Does he ever show emotion? Needs to polish his delivery.

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    • justfactsplz says:

      He said in the above video he would announce after he finishes his state budget in June.


    • lovely says:

      Scott does not generally show emotion unless it is a big event such as winning the governorship (3 times), he has a laid back personality and he genuinely is taken aback by people who are disingenuous but he learned a lot about the phony intentions of people during the union fiasco in WI.

      Scott doesn’t have the same charm as Reagan but he does have the same optimism and earnestness. I thought he did well in putting it right back in Bob’s face that a certain senator from IL is a lousy president. Bob and Scott both know that Bob never asked the Senator form IL the same question about foreign policy.

      Scott IMO has learned to read people very well.

      Another opinion, Scott will be underestimated by the left because he is so laid back. He terrifies them after the Left used everything in their arsenal during the recall, only to have Scott re-elected but the Left has got to believe that WI is an anomaly and that there is no way the country would elect a person who the elites consider a simple Bumpkin to be be the POTUS.

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      • PatriotUSA says:

        Exactly and I like Walker, A LOT!!!! He has more experience across the board than the regime mongrel now in the White House. Look where community activism has gotten us.

        I hope Walker gets the nomination and wins in 2016. Long shot but the best of all running so far.

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  6. Judgy says:

    At this point, simply NOT being a stubbornly pigheaded Muslim-superfan who refuses to listen to others, and/ or learn from mistakes should be a huge plus. They act as if the Communist Organizer, whoops, I mean COMMUNITY Organizer, actually had some knowledge of history (or even knew how many States there are!).

    I’d settle for a leader w/ strong morals who will listen to more experienced military & advisers w/ equally strong morals, though God knows it may take miracles to get us out of this Obama-flavored Soup.

    A leader who doesn’t erase their emails & then hide from the press would be a good start too.

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  7. franker01 says:

    –It’s more than a little annoying, albeit profoundly predictable, that MSM leftist punditry ask the question “what are your foreign policy credentials?”–

    Maybe the Repubs could remind that Barry had no foreign policy experience whatsoever and yet even after he has totally screwed things up they don’t hold his feet to the fire over that?


  8. justfactsplz says:

    I really really like Scott Walker. I would vote for him in a heartbeat. The G.O.P won’t give me a chance though. They are going to cram Jeb Bush down our throats.

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  9. joshua says:

    and don’t we ALL remember that when Obama was finally “vetted” as having little to no foreign policy experience….that the DEMS hauled out ole Joe Biden and put him on the ticket “to provide the foreign policy experience to the administration” under candidate Obama……and how has Ole Joe done with all HIS experience? Highlight was his eating all the dip at the famous Cambridge policeman “beer summit” at the white house…..


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