Somewhat Odd Starbucks “Race Together Program” Tolerance Training Video(s) Released….

starbucks race relations 5By now everyone is familiar with the wonderful and progressive “Race Together” program put out by Starbucks Coffee Shops.  The basic idea was to have the Starbucks employees educate their customers on social tolerance, social justice, racism and how to avoid expressing micro-aggression while carrying around latte’s of various privilege.

Phase #1 was Starbucks employees handing out brochures informing coffee patrons of their unknown privileges; and also explaining what to expect, moving forward, from the college aged baristas’ majoring in advanced lesbian dance theory.


Phase #2 appears to be off to a splendid start as seen in this video showing how to communicate tolerance, respect and dignity toward all races.  The video focuses on #4: “members of different races on my block or apartment building”, and #9: “we have managers of different races”.  Starbucks 101 – How Asian and African Americans “Race Together”:

Also, “The Directors Cut” (ie. just another version).

starbucks race relations 5

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54 Responses to Somewhat Odd Starbucks “Race Together Program” Tolerance Training Video(s) Released….

  1. Totally Domestic says:

    Too much caffeine? Must be some good stuff! Starbucks rocket fuel.


    • Matt Musson says:

      Keeps people’s minds off the fact that their Starbucks card has been hacked and their Paypal and Checking accounts were emptied.


  2. auscitizenmom says:

    It appears she failed the class. 😯


    • BertDilbert says:

      No she passed with flying colors, that was probably the Baltimore edition. The mayor will be by shortly to explain that she needed space to vent and Starbucks is an avenue for that. The intellect disparity between black and Asians is a yet to be remedied social issue, but the government will addressing Asian privilege in due time.

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  3. Rurik says:

    That’s the wrong another race.

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  4. Sharon says:

    The professional racialists are no different than the professional homosexuals: everyone else is required to see all of life the same way they see it.

    When we let educated fools redefine a culture in general and in detail we become their prisoners.

    I don’t care to be their prisoner.

    So I’m not going to move.

    And I’m not going to make a point of seeking out an Asian person to make them be my friend.

    Progs are cultists.

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  5. czarowniczy says:

    During the last five years I (white) have been calle : honky, cracker, bacon bits, bai tou, baijo, big nose, farq, gabacho, galleta, honky maggot or any of a host of racist terms by friends of a different race.

    During the past two years I’ve suspected my house of being cased by friends of a different race

    During the past two years I’ve been stuck in traffic with someone playing obscene music at illegal volume levels by friends of a different race

    During the last five years I’ve had to suppress the urge to physically choke individuals carrying on loud conversations, around my grandchildren, consisting largely of every obscene word in the book – yep, those friends of a different race

    During the last two years I’ve read about local violent home invasions how many times by friends of a different race

    During the last ten years I’ve had how many cups of overpriced and pretentious coffee at a place that’s far too interested in my interactions with friends of a different race

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    • dalethorn says:



    • you have the WONG friends!

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    • Paladin13 says:

      We can learn a lot from our friends. Like those friends of ours burning down the businesses or throwing stores at the police in Baltimore.


      • czarowniczy says:

        Appears to me that not a lot of innercity families have had their kids watching Sesame Street over the last 40-or-so years.


        • Judgy says:

          Appears you’re probably right–even though their casting has almost always been quite pointedly minority/ majority (with blue, green & red monsters too!). They’ve even had a few of the Muppets rap! (What dyu call a hipster Muppet? A Hippet? A Mupster?). Maybe they should change the title to “MLK Boulevard”, or simply “Race Street”. Darn shame, cuz it’s a pretty good show–I used to catch my late dad watching it, when he was well into his late eighties. He really liked Oscar–who, come to think of it, might be the show’s only Conservative! I’m on the fence about Bert, & The Count. Too many of the other characters clearly present themselves as perpetual victims–Grover, Snuffleupagous, & Big Bird are always whining about being treated unfairly. And you just KNOW that Kermit falls into that category too–after all, his theme song is “It’s Not Easy Being Green”!

          (Btw, Czar–TY again for all your helpful info on the other thread. For some reason, it wouldn’t let me reply there). 🙂


          • czarowniczy says:

            It’s all progressive social engineering to one degree or another. There are the charters the kids have all come to love and trust, all dancing happily and safely in an innercity park with a retinue of inter-ethnic children all speaking standard English. It’s pre-school programming, turning the doctrinal heat up under the social engineering pot. Kids are already naively believing that ethnicity doesn’t matter, doesn’t play into the end-game and that if anything goes wrong it’s all their fault for being a member of the oppressive class.


            • Judgy says:

              “…..all dancing happily and safely in an inner-city park”. I’m half-surprised that the MSM showed any of the recent riot footage w/o first supplanting the sound with happy, peppy, “we-all-LOVE-each-other!” music. You’re right; the message MUST succeed uber alles!

              I have fun envisioning an all-conservative cable channel, complete w/ truth-telling children’s shows, but realize there’s a better chance of an all-panda-porn channel succeeding before that would ever be allowed. It may have taken me a while to realize that even YouTube takes down video they deem to be too “divisive”, but I DO get it. Convincing others, especially where I live, is much harder.

              The future looks dismal. I’m not sure if the best approach is for the supposed “privileged” to continue reproducing at smaller rates, for fear of what their offspring may be doomed to experience, or to reverse the trend & go ham, poppin’ out “privileged” progeny left and right….? What say you?

              They just put in a “Chavez Supermarket” next to the Starbucks several streets away from me. Let’s just say, it ain’t Safeway–especially when foul-mouthed Latina mami’s give you the finger merely for daring to try to drive through the parking lot. They’ll push their strollers even MORE slowly, if they don’t elect to stop altogether, & have an entire conversation right in front of your blocked car. I’m not even sure WHY they’re so mad? Gracias, Obama! Viva Aztlan y el senor Schulz!!


              • czarowniczy says:

                :… an all-conservative cable channel, complete w/ truth-telling children’s shows…”OK, so you live in Colorado or in CA and have one of those fancy medical cards? I’m getting my jollies watching the liberal news networks try, within their liberal paradigm, twist and squeal about how badly the march of progressive journalism’s gone. They can’t admit they screwed up so they wince in pain and drive on hoping if the push the agenda hard enough the train will jump back onto the tracks.
                I tend to see a gradual and unstoppable slide down the slippery slope into our becoming a third worldish nation where German and Chinese tourists come to watch the happy natives tap dance in the streets for pennies while a diminishing cadre of educated pump out the last technological gains we’re known for so that foreign enterprise can manufacture and distribute it.
                I can see us becoming a north-of-the-border mega Cancun where everyone speak, well, Spanish. We’ll feed, entertain, pleasure and otherwise wait on the world who’ll come here to see in real time how Rome and Greece fell. Best thing is the Goths and Vandals will still be here to wear funny hats and park their cars.


                • Judgy says:

                  Ya, me too. Saw a PBS show about rounding up horses in Iceland last night. Everyone there seemed so NICE. Made me want to check their immigration policies, & buy lots of sweaters.

                  I’d heard Louisiana got quite an influx of Brown Pride after Katrina. You DEFINITELY sound like you can take care of yourself, but stay safe anyway. Always value your commendable input!


                • Judgy says:

                  By the way, no–I don’t toke, but am finding hilarity in the doctrines of “White Privilege”, and,especially, “Microaggressions”. I realize some people don’t dig, but there are two pretty funny articles on that kind of Newspeak up on there now. Just FYI. You’ve been so kind to me!


                • czarowniczy says:

                  The influx on Latino workers was due to the problems with getting local workers to do the dirty work, especially putting the blue tarps on roofs. It was clear and hotter’ than the hinges of hell for months after Katrina and even at $30 an hour there was a lack of workers. Convoys of Latinos came to NOLA to do the dirty work (OK, there was a lot of looting post-flood but we don’t talk about that, that’s gone down the historical rabbit hole) and take the ridiculous amounts of taxpayer cash being thrown about like rice at a drunken wedding party. They did bust their asses, I’ll give ’em that, but the shortages of local workers willing to take the money for real sweat-producing work was noticeable. We had that also-down-the-rabbit-hole episode of a noted black social crusader bringing a bus full of NOLA residents back to work who were refused work only to find that only a small handful of those on the bus were from NOLA and they really preferred not to crawl up on roofs in blazing sun to nail tarps on – even at $30-or-mpore an hour. Yeah, we got a lot of Latinos and most stayed and, it seems, invited friends and family. We got some dedicated workers though who really want to work.
                  People up here are really largely self-reliant, nowhere near as dependent upon the ‘State’ for their every service. The cities north and south of us have a lot of NOLA emigrants and are getting less and less self-reliant but outside of the city limits people tend to be ready for just about anything – more fatalistic than prepper. The influx of people from NOLA of Katrina folks who’d evacuated with one tank of gas, parked in local parking lots and expected the cities here to take care of them was a major wake-up call that will never be forgotten, probably good training for a meltdown.


  6. True Colors says:

    The executive management at Starbucks is almost entirely white.

    But yet, these people still have the nerve to lecture the rest of the world about racial diversity.

    “Racial diversity for thee but not for me.”


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  7. anniemae says:

    That aggressive, dismissive “Bye Bye Bye” she was yelling at one point seems very familiar. I am sure I have seen other videos of girls doing this. How in the world is she a manager?


  8. jsjavascript says:

    you could expect that to come from Corporate sometime soon, a big fat resounding “bye Felicia..”

    this made my day

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  9. anniemae says:

    It is too bad that the other customers just ignored the situation. It would have been great to see other customers asking for their money back (if they already paid), walking out, or telling the manager that her yelling was not appropriate. But everyone just stood around.

    I could not make out what the guy was saying at the end.

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    • bofh says:

      That is what impressed me the most – that all of the other moron droids just stood around waiting for their chance to overpay for uber-pretentious coffee. I’ve seen herds of cows that had more sense than that.

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      • littlelaughters says:

        Okay, after I found and read the most recent article on the matter, I learned that people were in fact taking up for the customer. That’s when you see the supervisor mouthing off to other people to her right, telling them she wasn’t talking to them and they could leave, filled by more of her “Bye. Bye. Bye”
        She has been fired.


        • pspsst says:

          Makes you wonder how this woman got hired in the first place as supervisor. Any guesses? Reminds me of Mosby. Something is wrong at Starbucks and they’d better stop BOSSING people around with their brand. The woman was just doing their bidding.

          Also this leniency and enabling of violent words and actions by BGI sends wrong message that aggression in public areas, and incidently schools, is now acceptable.


        • auscitizenmom says:

          Think she’ll sue? For them firing her for acting black?


  10. Bob says:

    Obama & Starbucks working to bring racism to new heights to avoid people from looking at the incompetence of Obama & Starbuck at least at Starbucks for $6.00 you get a mediocre coffee. Obama all you get is lies and incompetence in dark packaging


  11. Father Paul Lemmen says:

    Reblogged this on A Conservative Christian Man.


  12. Piggs says:

    The new way where rudeness is sadly mistaken for empowerment. So shut up stupid and make me a darn coffee!


  13. thefirstab says:

    All I could think of after watching that was “Coffee Nazi” ala Seinfeld.

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  14. stella says:

    This whole “racial” thing is just a way to divide people for political purposes. Divide and conquer. I don’t care what race a person is. I know that we have people of different races here, but only because they have said so, and that’s the way I like it.

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    • TwoLaine says:

      I see people for the content of their character.

      This campaign of Starbucks just reeks of Big Brothers Invasion of Privacy. What business is it of Starbucks, or anyone else, what happens in my life, my home, my parents life, their home, my circle, etc.?

      NONE! ZIP! NADA!

      They seem to expect self reporting, and if you won’t self report, we’ll get your doctor, the neighbors, your children, their teachers, or the local Starbucks barista to tell on you.

      P.S. Where’s their full disclosure on how much thy donated to The Ohs? and the Clinton Cash Machine?


  15. partyzantski says:

    Market forces would snuff that company in a heart beat. Too bad market forces no longer apply to special friends/co-conspirators with the “thought leading” party in power, helped by gobs of damn hipsters.


  16. pspsst says:

    That woman wouldn’t shut up and kept yelling for no good reason. Her private agend was to yell and be aggressive.

    These signs should start going up in your places of businesses and stores. It’s time to stop open shouting, rudeness from clients and from businesses. That woman should be fired, but of course, she won’t be because Starbucks and businesses in America are afraid of firing ‘persons of protected class’ even when their natural tendency in families and on the streets is to be rude and violent. The protected class is also overtly racist in the way they are attacking white, asian or other cultures. I’m sick of this. I’m sick of America turning into South Africa or African countries. Why are we turning civilized countries into middle eastern and african destitute countries?

    This has to stop, and this is how.

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  17. littlelaughters says:
    Glad they fired her, but I still won’t spend one thin dime of my money at Starbucks. Haven’t for years.


  18. peppie says:

    People need to disengage from purchasing any products that Starbucks offers, period.


  19. dsp says:

    Howard Schultz has a lot of nerve complaining about ethnic separatism. Schultz is a big supporter of Israel, which, say what you want about Israel’s policies good or bad, is an entire nation defined around differentiation from non-Jews.


  20. Sandra says:

    The manager sounds totally Puerto Rican to me, and she’s acting in a totally stereotypical Puerto Rican manner. All loud and proud, aggressive, argumentative. Can’t even shut it off to be a decent and respectable employee and save her job. What an idiot.


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