The Best TV Interview In Months – Bret Baier Interviews Former CIA Head Mike Morell…

If, like many of us, you are deep in the weeds in your understanding of the issues around Benghazi, the 2010 Arab Spring (Tunis, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Bahrain, Yemen), or the CIA operation “Zero Footprint” in Libya and the follow-up operation in Syria, you will enjoy this interview with former Panetta/Petraeus replacement Mike Morell.

Or, if you have a cursory understanding of events, this interview might spur you toward further research.  “The Benghazi Brief” – Regardless of your current level of understanding behind events of the past 7+ years, this interview is well constructed.

Bret Baier has done his homework, and in a refreshing and surprising manner you can see how Baier is able to cut through the distracting ‘talking points’ (no pun intended), and draw out the reality of what lies behind Morell and his foundational motives.

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44 Responses to The Best TV Interview In Months – Bret Baier Interviews Former CIA Head Mike Morell…

  1. agent provocateur says:

    Reblogged this on Nevada State Personnel Watch.


  2. Have gun will travel says:

    Bret Baier is probably the best journalist on TV (and he’s a good Joe too). Try to catch his news show whenever possible. A great interview with morell – shed some light.

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  3. RJ says:

    For me Morell comes across as a snake, a snake who presently is on board the Clinton team.

    I do not, nor will I trust what comes out of his mouth. He can try to walk away from responsibility relative to the events that occurred in Bengazi, but he can’t move that fast!

    He reminds me of those little, very sadistic German SS officers who just loved to make the Jews suffer anyway they could imagine. Never have met him, only watched him on television. I could be wrong, but until more information comes from this weasel, I’ll hold onto my view.

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  4. Don G says:

    He is a spook. Nothing he says is unintentional, no matter how it might appear. I wouldn’t trust him at all.

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  5. texan59 says:

    Interesting interview. I don’t trust this man 100%, but then again, there are none who get into a political position, that I do. He seems to be a tad more straightforward in his answers today than he was a couple years ago. I would love to hear what the czar might have to say about this.

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  6. Totally Domestic says:

    Morell =Lying Weasel

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  7. doodahdaze says:

    You know we are in trouble if that guy is in charge of anything at all.

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  8. Kin Mapper says:

    Morell is a lying snake and we need to get Petraeus in safe space some day and have Petraeus tell us all of which Petraeus is aware of the cover-up on Benghazi cover-up done by Morell. Some of what I heard Morell claim seems quite confabulated.

    [When will Hillary’s carefree attitude with all of her classified stuff as well as concealment of it from FOIA and congressional requests be used to indict and convict her of the clear violations?’ (Morell wants the top position a spook can get from Hillary as POTUS is under her aegis since leaving the CIA.)]

    As you all indulge in censorship I will copy this and post it elsewhere when it does not appear.


  9. peachteachr says:

    I heard the interview. I feel like Mike Morrell told a lot of truth. I was so hoping we would talk @ this here at the tree. Off to read what y’all think.


  10. peachteachr says:

    Does Morrell cut the rug from under Hillary’s Benghazi story? He also claims that the charges State and the WH drew were based on false information. It was almost like he was saying, y’all ain’t dropping all this mess on the CIA. He strongly denied that he would work on the Clinton team.
    The worst part to me is that I’m use to good ole Georgia boys talking about being safe. Somehow Morrell’s delivery made me those men from Ga. Very interesting. 🙂


  11. Kin Mapper says:

    Just to remind tonight’s monitor:

    “Fox’s Catherine Herridge goes on to report some speculate Morell may have higher political ambitions considering his employment at Beacon Global Strategies, a government relations firm founded by close Hillary Clinton confidante Philippe I. Reines. ”
    (he is a mere aide and surrogate)

    Brett Baier probably did not read that.


  12. Baier got Morrell to admit that what the WH did with Benghazi was the worst politicization of national security he’d seen. And he got Morrell to admit what the Senate Dems did with their torture report was just as bad.

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    • RJ says:

      The “admission” you speak of was there in the interview, but it was an admission that one such as Morell could either take back, whitewash, or denounce on other merits he was unaware of at the time in question….oh geez, he can dance on the head of a pin if he wants, look at some of his earlier presentations on YouTube.

      I would “water board” Morell first, then ask him some questions. I would have that former Hispanic spook do the work because he should know when he hears the truth.

      Wait a minute, why just “water board” Morell without also adding Brennan? Let’s do Brennan first, on television too!

      I am starting to go over the edge due to all the lying our national politicians have chosen to present to we citizens, the ones who voted their leader into office twice!

      I guess truth no longer matters. Nor justice, perhaps honor too!

      Maybe Michelle will show up with a new hairdo and make all of us forget such hard realities!

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  13. rashomon says:

    He’s cutting through the PR pathway to selling his book. What a sellout. How do you spell R-E-S-P-E-C-T? Kindergarten 101.


  14. Anton says:

    Watch Morell’s hands…the man is scared to death.


    • RJ says:

      Of what is he “scared to death” might I ask?


      • auscitizenmom says:

        Maybe he is afraid he will shoot himself in the back of the head twice, thereby committing suicide.

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        • RJ says:

          He does not impress me as the kind of person who likes to get his hands dirty, not even his fingernails. I would put him in a room where the walls are screens upon which only Beyonce videos are played at super high levels of sound…he’ll sing like a bird after less than 15 minutes!


  15. Bowe says:

    Morrell – the CIA had nothing to do with weapons transfer in Libya. The who was running the operation? Another agency?


    • Crystal says:

      I remember he said “we” and I assumed he meant there was no gunrunning out of the CIA compound in Benghazi, which I find hard to believe as his body language during that instance told otherwise (at least to me). Perhaps he was sloughing off culpability for the gunrunning to the nearby State Dept. compound instead.

      Woods et al were in Benghazi at the CIA compound allegedly to buy back the missing weapons, including SAM’s and others, stolen during the invasion. The blog Lame Cherry claimed within weeks of the attacks that only the unusable weapons were being repurchased, but those usable ones were being shipped out of Benghazi on a Turkish freighter to AQ-types across the Turkish border from Syria. This was also mentioned on The Blaze a short time later. LC also claimed that Vlad P., through satellite surveillance, had discovered a pocket of AQ just across the border from Syria who were being trained to use chem weapons against Syrian citizens, which would then be blamed on Assad. The goal would be to get NATO to pull Assad out as leader. Would Vlad expose the operation?

      LC also mentioned a pre-planned kidnapping of the ambassador to exchange for the blind sheik. One of the attack leaders confirmed the kidnapping attempt and Morsi, after discovering that Stevens had died, once again demanded the return of the sheik. If you will remember, in the months preceding the attacks, negotiations between Morsi and Bari regarding the release of the sheik had broken down as US polling was adamantly opposed. Was this another case of never letting a crisis go to waste (even if you have to create it yourself in order to impose your desired solution)?


      • Crystal says:

        Forgot to mention. On another board way back when, someone had mentioned reading that Stevens had been requested to be in Benghazi on the anniversary of 9/11 to attend the opening of a reading school in the interests of improving community relations with the locals. Allegedly, this request came from the State Dept. Can anyone with investigative abilities (Sundance et al) confirm this? I thought it odd because Muslims celebrate the anniversaries of what they consider to be “conquests” and it would be an especially dangerous time for Stevens to be in Benghazi. He allegedly denied added security for that trip as he didn’t want to bring attention to himself as traveling there that day.

        Lame Cherry claimed that Stevens met with the Turkish envoy that night at the State Dept. compound (this has been confirmed) and right after the envoy left, the crowd that had gathered went on the attack. Almost as if his departure was the signal to “go in”. Stevens might have been set up here and Woods may have been told to stand down to allow the “kidnapping” to play itself out. The attempt was botched as Woods et all came to rescue over 30 people and perhaps the attackers felt they were being set up themselves? Just speculation. The knowledge that Vlad had discovered the gunrunning might have also given added impetus to a planned attack to use as an excuse for the stolen weapons making their way to the Syrian border rather than it being exposed that the US and Turkey were involved in a gunrunning operation. Again, speculation.


  16. I felt like he had answers and was waiting for Bret to ask the right questions.


  17. Chewbarkah says:

    Spooks are going to hedge and lie and play games; it’s part of the job. But this guy would be a weasel if mowing lawns. He does make it “clear” (within weasel limits) that the CIA was not conducting, but only monitoring arms shipments to Syria. This begs the question, “who exactly were they monitoring?”, which I wish Baier had asked in that way so we could watch Morrell dodge.

    From Morrell’s comments and recent history, CIA “analysis” seems to be consistently wrong. I hate to cut any slack for Obama, but no wonder he ignores these people.

    Baier deserves credit for a superior job with the questions. Most journalists, congressional committeepersons, et al., emulate those hard-hitting interviews of DA Champion of Panola.


  18. jakeandcrew says:

    Possible good news:

    A judicial watch case to get access to Hillary’s emails has been re-opened. Judge Napolitano says the case is before one of the last apolitical judges left in DC – Reggie Walton, a “tough cookie”.

    Good! May all of Hillary’s dirty laundry be hung out for all to see.


  19. Richard_Iowa says:

    Very good interview. I thought that Morell came across as “reasonable,” except when he spoke about Benghazi. That being said, I weigh his comments in the context that Obama and Hillary are serial liars, and he is a Democratic operative.


  20. mcfyre2012 says:

    Good interview by Bret. I wasn’t impressed with Morell. He dodged answers and puts too much faith in the analysts, most of whom are only book smart experts, versus actual field-experienced personnel. That is the current problem with the CIA…too few actual spies in the field.

    Having read books on the rivalries of America’s various espionage groups, it wouldn’t surprise me if the CIA did not run the gun business between Libya and Syria. The State Department may have been doing their own operation.


  21. Horsesoldier says:

    Indeed, ‘snake’ is a most fitting description for this guy (as many have also commented). What bothered me most was how his speech was affected by dry mouth, and when your mouth is dry like that, it usually means lying. Too bad Bret didn’t have jumper cables and a truck battery attached to Morell’s family jewels. We might have learned the real truth. He’s a perfect fit for Team Hillary and lies like a rug.


  22. shipley130 says:

    I wonder how many weapons were taken out of Libya and was it worth the cost of getting an ambassador and several other Americans killed over it. If the state department was organizing some sort of training to take Assad out, that sure was a waste of American tax dollars. What business was it of ours to decide to take Assad out, anyway?


  23. Anton says:

    Sundance I ask…answer a question for me
    The night of Benghazi Obama called Netanyahu…Obama likes to rub things in people face..he hadn’t talked to Netanyahu for months–so what was going on that he called Netanyahu during the Benghazi attack? Was it his success in transferring arms? With Egyot in power did he think the rest of the ME would now take down Israel? He was with the King of Jordan when the video of the burning of his Pilot video was released…

    …..what was connected to killing NO one in Abbattobad… A fake distraction…KABUKI 24/7..just more lies…technology transfer…like the drone in Iran…

    ….had Stevens talked to some he shouldn’t have? Inhoef and Rogers…

    We know Kristi Clemmons Rogers was the US CEO for Aegis @ $10 million salary …Why didn’t she provide proper security?
    Stevens asked repeatedly for more security and didn’t get it…

    …Mike Morell of the CIA said the proper security was provided to his CIA compound by the CIA…

    ….Why was poor security insisted upon by the State Department? –that Hillary refused to provide proper security that repeatedly requested..means something. She wasn’t just drunk at home–letters were sent, security refused…WhY?

    Why the Stand Down Order.?

    Extortion 17 ?

    Removal of Gouiette…removal of Ham??

    Was this a setup to hand over the Blind Sheik? Or more…weapons and info transfer??

    Was it a hit for talking to the Intel Committee?

    Why did Mike Rogers refuse to do a proper investigation…WHY did Mike Rogers, head of the Intel Committee leave Congress for a radio gig?? Very very odd…complicit or compromised?

    ..and WHY —the day before Benghazi happened…did someone leak…from the WH…to Marc Theissen at WashPo…That the President DID NOT read his Daily Security Breifing???

    WHY from a WH that leaks NOTHING

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