Baltimore Proving There Are “Two Americas” – and One Is A Potemkin Village Supported By Media…

A Potemkin Village is a best described as: “an impressive façade or show designed to hide an undesirable fact or condition“.

The media narrative surrounding the Baltimore Riots is one such construct.

These undesirable facts and conditions the progressives desperately need to avoid are  being brutally spotlighted in Baltimore Maryland. A cultural petri dish of necessary avoidance to hide the reality of progressive racial failure.

baltimore mayor selfie

One easy to identify example of their efforts therein has recently surfaced.  It surrounds the media’s desperate desire to hide the violence within Baltimore.

The staff of the City Paper of Baltimore was challenged in their reporting. City Paper editors and writers framing the rioting masses as “peaceful protestors“, while the public at large sees “violent antagonists“.

baltimore freddie gray protest 1

One of the City Paper editors, Caitlin Goldblatt, was recently challenged over their peaceful protestor narrative with a picture of a young black male attempting to rob a white woman by snatching her purse. Stunningly Glodblatt responded by saying she was actually in the picture and what took place was factually divergent from the impression of the reader.

caitlin 3

As you can see Goldblatt claimed the woman was actually trying to rob the young black male.

Of course the progressive co-builders of the Potemkin Village were thrilled to have such a poignant reference to use in their arsenal of deflection – and they quickly dispatched themselves to dispel the story of white folks being attacked by young black males.

However, the claim of Ms. Goldblatt is 100% nonsense.  The factual reality of the situation is exactly what was initially put forth:  The black street thug was trying to rob the lady. (See Video of The Attempt Here and embed below)

A person is left to ask themselves why would a direct eye-witness lie so blatantly about was taking place? A secondary issue arrises when you think of the employ of Ms. Goldblatt as an “editor” for the media outlet in the city.

caitlin 1Obviously Caitlin Goldblatt knows she was lying. Obviously the entire construct of her lie held an agenda. And obviously Ms. Goldblatt is selling the lie to the consuming public with an intentional design to hide or conceal the undesirable facts and conditions around Baltimore.

That’s how Potemkin Villages are constructed by media -who are so entrenched with an ideological bias- they lose complete credibility to the larger audience.

However, it does allow the façade to remain – and, in a larger sense, that’s really the objective.

Unfortunately, these lies have real life consequences for those who are living in the village (Baltimore) and subject to the action, or lack thereof, of the public officials who are by condition and consequence forced to retain those lies.

That’s exactly why the Major of Baltimore, the Potemkin Village, can’t reach out to the Governor for help. Meanwhile the villagers are attacked by the real life mob they are not allowed to admit exists among them.

In a larger sense, and given the context being highlighted, perhaps for once Hillary Clinton was right.

It does take a village, a Potemkin Village, to raise a modern more progressive child like Caitlin Goldblatt who will simply choose to polish the façade and continue selling the moonbattery.

…. and so it goes!

baltimore hs kid 1baltimore hs kid 2

baltimore hs kid 5baltimore hs kid 4

Bethune Cookman University students

UPDATE: Following the exposure to sunlight the editor of the City Paper of Baltimore tries (miserably) to defend the lying of his reporters by calling it a “Dumb Distraction“. Rather than us dissecting the ridiculous obfuscations you should read the deconstruction HERE.

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180 Responses to Baltimore Proving There Are “Two Americas” – and One Is A Potemkin Village Supported By Media…

  1. Father Paul Lemmen says:

    Reblogged this on A Conservative Christian Man.


  2. Concerned says:

    Caitlin Goldblatt doesn’t seem to be too upset that drunk redhead succeeded in stealing that nice man’s purse. In fact, Goldblatt seems quite relieved.

    Sundance, I hope you responded to Goldblatt’s insane tweet, complete with link to video. And I hope you sent your response to City Paper too.

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  3. dsp says:

    This site needs to aggregate ALL of the pictures and video of blacks attacking whites and other non-blacks in one super-thread. God knows, no one else will do it.

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  4. Dixie says:

    What exactly is she trying to say with the black eye, the disgusting hairy yellow whatever-it-is and the “dig bourbon, boxing and babes” description of herself? She’s a victim of abuse or maybe the abuser?, she’s a lesbian? she’s been pulling her hair out? Wonder if she’s been cutting herself too? She must have forgotten the blood.

    Apparently nobody ever taught her that “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

    Weird, just weird.

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  5. Jett Black says:

    Wow, just wow. Ms. Goldblatt has a lot of ‘splainin’ to do and some big apologies and maybe some slander damages (false accusation of a crime–attempted robbery–is slander per se) to pay the poor redheaded woman who was trying to calm things down and stop a thug from snatching her purse. But then, what are we to believe? The prognazis’ agitprop or our lying, video-enhanced eyes?

    BTW, City Paper is a weekly, mostly entertainment oriented tabloid. Now even more poignantly than before, like a provincial Baltimoron version of Rolling Stone. Don’t attribute too much significance to it. The Sun is the real newspaper in B’more, though it may not be a whole lot better.


    • 2x4x8 says:

      Liberals when caught don’t have to explain, they take care of the system and the system takes care of them, Lois Lerner? There is selective prosecution, like Bob Menendez, yes, but Harry reid, No. There is the chance that a few have to answer before a Judge, like Jesse Jackson Jr, so it not 100% guaranteed. Obama biggest push back hasn’t been the Republican Congress, but the Courts. Harry Reid went with the nuclear option to get Obama’s Court nominees appointed. The Courts will stop Obama’s Immigration Reform, not Congress withholding money from the DHS, same with ObamaCare Exchanges Tax Deduction.


  6. screwauger says:

    SD, you’re amazing!

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  7. JohnP says:

    Humm, from the evidence that Sundance has put together, the “drunk redhead” could make the case that Caitlin Goldblatt was active participant in the robbery. So many lies, so little time.

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  8. James F says:

    Another “witness” from the same propoganda rag tries to explain the incident but it is so convoluted and poorly written I can’t make much sense of it. One thing is clear though. The thug purse snatcher had looted vodka in that large bag.

    The pleading woman followed the protesters up to the bar Frank & Nic’s. She was reaching out at people and yelling. I stopped her from walking toward a protester who was throwing a chair at a window, and that’s when the picture was taken. City Paper contributors Caitlin Goldblatt and Gianna DeCarlo were also talking to the woman at this point and a protester with a big bag and a bottle of vodka that he clearly stole from one of the bars (it has a pourer on it) approached her. That’s where we got the image of a protester, who was most certainly looting, who looks like he’s stealing a purse, but I was there and I’m really not sure if that’s what is happening.


    • nimrodman says:

      “… looks like he’s stealing a purse, but I was there and I’m really not sure if that’s what is happening.”

      Oh for Pete’s sake, he’s got her purse strap gripped in his hand and is dragging it away from her.

      “not sure” my a$$

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  9. justfactsplz says:

    And another one bites the dust. Great work, S.D.

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  10. Sharon says:

    Sheriff Clark from Milwaukie on Sean Hannitty right now….good interview. He’s saying things like “when my officers are facing this kind of threat, I want them to win” – not interested in PC stuff.

    He has Mark Fuhrmann on as well, who has struck me over the years as being slightly opportunistic but he just made a good honest reference when he spoke of the rioters as “the enemy” and said, “The enemy is determining the ROE here…..” and made comments along those lines.

    Hannitty often sounds like an antagonistic adolescent goofball but he gets some good interviews and these today are that.

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    • lovely says:

      Tuesday morning, Sheriff Clarke fighting the good fight;

      *Clarke said it was clear to him that the mayor failed to have an operational plan or anticipate the riots and looting. 

      “To have called for a curfew tomorrow is malfeasance. To have called for a curfew tomorrow is misconduct in public office.”
      “One of the things I hate to see, as this city is being consumed by all this rioting and violence, is the police in retreat. I never want to see the police in retreat in this kind of situation,”

      “I’m tired of seeing our nation’s finest being put into these situations with no way to be able to defend themselves. You cannot put law enforcement officers into a riot situation and tie one hand behind their back with a main goal of not being able to escalate things. You meet force with force. That’s the only thing that these rioters understand. There were 15 casualties on the police side and I haven’t heard of one casualty on the side of the rioters,”

      “Those were pieces of concrete being thrown, which I think in some circumstances, a deadly force response is justifiable. I’m not saying to fully unload. But at the same time, when I see cops getting bricks and pieces of concrete thrown at them and all they can do is ward it off? They’re in a losing situation,”

      This is sub-human behavior. This is a subculture of the black community in Baltimore and it has to be crushed.*

      On an aside it is funny that Fox News calls Sheriff Clarke’s statement’s of fact about Mayor Rawlings-Blake “lashing out.”

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    • mikayla825 says:

      I agree Hannity can get a bit antagonistic, but he has a talent of getting the idiots to show everyone what they’re made of.


      • auscitizenmom says:

        I happened to see Geraldo R. (yes I can’t stand him, too, but what caught my eye was the protestors) trying to do an interview in the middle of the demonstration and he was being interupted by several protestors. One of the females kept yelling, over and over, that he was just using them to make money, or some such nonsense. It was ridiculous. They were complaining that the reporters were there. Get it? They are demonstrating, but they object to reporters being there to record it. Who do they think they are protesting to and for? Bunch of low IQ idiots.

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  11. Thought Police says:

    Ha ha! Steve Sailer or one of his commentariat (can’t remember whom) had that exact same photo of the girl being assaulted with the caption “white woman steals man’s bag”

    I’m pretty sure the comment was meant as humor.

    Further, has anyone else noticed how the MSM camera angles ALWAYS miss trouble? The helicopters can zoom in but don’t, the cameramen on the street are always focused at the police? We see them being hit, but NOT who is doing the hitting? Has anyone noticed how the left MSM doesn’t even bother reporting (CNN) or report on something else? or, if they do report, the reporting is generally of the bleeding heart variety: “the Church” and “the community leaders” “coming together”… that kinda thing?
    Or did anyone notice the woman on WBAL constantly freudian slipping: “some POLICE are currently throwing stones”, or “a handful of POLICE rioting down here”

    While correlation isn’t causation, has anyone noticed the complete and utter impotence of western civilization lately?

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    • Sharon says:

      The Treehouse was established in 2011 because some people had been noticing for some time. 😉

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      • Thought Police says:

        Go Treehouse.
        2011 was literally the last year i watched any MSM news outlet, so i was a little weirded out (but not surprised) to see just how low the MSM can go. Glad for the Treehouse. Long may she continue to notice.

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    • bofh says:

      Also notice last night that as one camera swung from the police line to pan across the crowd it dipped, and displayed nothing but belts, legs, and shoes. Then it rose again when pointed back at the police. This happened over and over again. Great care was taken to not show any faces in the crowd. Actually, probably would have gotten themselves beaten up rather quickly if they’d showed crowd faces.


      • rashomon says:

        Excellent point. I am stunned (yah, right) how the info is tailored to each market. The media COULD assist a peaceful resolution if they selected the right people to relay and organize such. They don’t. They just want conflict.

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    • dginga says:

      Seriously? The local station says it’s the POLICE who are rioting?


      • Thought Police says:

        Yeah, it was a Freudian slip on behalf of the white presenter. But she kept doing it. She couldn’t even say ‘youths’. She seemed annoyed at her black male co-presenter who kept pushing the Bleeding Heart Church and Community narrative. It looked like she wanted to deck him at times. Hence she repressed her anger so well that she literally couldn’t say ‘youths’. (another dirty word)


    • Lars says:

      MSM cameras don’t have the ability to provide the money shots, only the prop shots.


  12. ThankYou,Treepers says:

    Racism Still Alive Only In Black People – James David Manning:

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  13. Mr. Frosty says:

    Goldblatt, not surprised. You know, blacks didn’t start the grievance industry or even the NAACP. They learned everything from another, much smarter group of “perpetual victims”, 75% of which voted for Obama.

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  14. TKim says:

    Sunny Hostin really hates the word “thug.” Calls it “racialized.” A Sunny word. Too bad she doesn’t know THUG stands for The Helpless Underrepresented Goodboys. I think I will send CNN an email.

    Liked by 1 person

    • James F says:

      Both the Mayor of Baltimore and the POTUSA have publicly used the term “thug” to accurately describe these violent criminals. (One of the few things I agree with them on.)

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      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        Don’t trust that mayor – she’s another Obama shape-shifter. She was part of Obama’s task force on federalizing the police, before this incident “happened”. She used “thugs” to cover her butt, as her little gift to Obama got out of hand. IMO, she just earned her spot at the Democrat National Convention in 2016.


    • LEE JAN says:

      New description for thugs………..MISDIRECTED YOUTS.


  15. Concerned says:

    Idiots are going to try to have a Chicago protest today at 6pm CDT at a police station. I hope they got advanced permission for a rally, otherwise they might be sad to find themselves shut down rather quickly.


  16. Data digger says:

    Goldblatt, eh? That’s not a progressive name, “Caitlin” notwithstanding.

    Here is her work on legalizing pot in MD:

    And TX:


    “I don’t like jokes, I don’t think they’re funny.”

    Her book reviews:

    She was a “literary and cultural studies major” at William and Mary (Web site given over entirely to Diversivibrants) and got quoted in the WaPo for knowing a dead kid.

    She ran for student body president and was noted for trying to turn student government into an activist organization.

    She’s got something to do with this Ph.D. graduate of U of VA’s Germanic language and literature department.
    Caitlin and I
    Caitlin and I

    She’s Fighting for Poor Freddie Gray.

    She’s scrubbing the hell out of her FB and Twitter pages.

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    • dginga says:

      She looks a lot like a young Millennial hipster acquaintance of mine who also professes to be a “journalist,” complete with a Masters in Journalism from Columbia. My acquaintance, like Caitlin apparently, tells me that she learned in her vaunted Ivy League J-school that there is no objective standard of truth. We all have our own truth, and her job as a journalist is to report her truth to the masses in order to broaden our perspectives and help us to think what we SHOULD think, as opposed to what we WOULD think if there were somehow an OBJECTIVE standard of truth and someone accidentally reported it.

      She actually said this to me in all of her earnest, passionate millennial seriousness. I told her that I hated to disappoint her, but there IS an objective standard of truth. That she is entitled to her own OPINION, but not her own FACTS.

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  17. Brett says:

    Escape from New York, a film that starred The Computer that Wore Tennis Shoes,is where we are heading. Build a wall around the cities, after the whites, the merchants, the ‘Makers’ leave. Turn it over to the wild animals and ensure that none escape. You think that this is far fetched, racist? See what happens when insurers raise premiums so high that no one can afford them. See what happens when people get tired, actually fearful to even stay in their houses and apartments, and flee to non-black areas. Watch as the government, from the national level down, continues to allow feral animals space to ‘protest and destroy’. What is next, the freedom and space to ‘assault and rape’ ? The freedom to ‘rob and murder’? Just wait for it…

    Liked by 1 person

    • froggielegs says:

      You’re in my head LOL I have been saying this for over a year now. I say give them 1 state, build a wall around it, give them their own currency. No one enters, no one leaves, They can educate themselves, raise their own crops and cattle. Build their own companies and hire themselves. Give it a year and they will all be dead.


  18. labrat says:

    My my rabidly progressive friend lives in Baltimore. The following are a sampling of her most recent posts.:

    Be outraged at the right things. And for God’s sake, don’t listen to the media. Because what you’re fed isn’t always what’s really happening or the truth of the matter.

    One Tweet Shows the Hypocrisy of the Media’s Reaction to Riots in Baltimore
    Baltimore’s residents deserve better than this.
    Fortunately for me, my part of Baltimore has been quiet the last few hours. While leaving work as late as I did was probably not my brightest move, everything’s okay and I’m headed home.

    I’m home. My job is on the east side of Baltimore; a lot of what’s going on is on the west side. Which truth be told, doesn’t mean much, since Balmer is a small city.

    I didn’t know that things had gone bad as I was wrapped up in work, or I wouldn’t have left so late. There were very few people on my shuttle for this time of night…

    It’ll be OK. National guard is coming out, people here are more balanced than you think. Some of this is – like in many things of this nature – there are some people who are opportunistic and using it as a reason to do bad things.


    • hoosiergranny says:

      Stay safe and keep your powder dry. Living through a riot situation is a real eye opener.

      Liked by 1 person

    • manickernel says:

      For those not real familiar with Baltimore the graph below should help. As for veterans being in the crowd of rioters last night, no way. They would have realized they had an immensely superior tactical position and coordinated movements.


  19. yakmaster2 says:

    CNN reported that the results of the investigation scheduled to be turned over to the State’s Attorney General this Friday will NOT be made public on Friday. That’s going to wind people up even further. Perhaps someone from that office will leak to the press, depending on his/her agenda.


  20. JenNJ says:

    It looks like Freddie Gray had spinal surgery the week before his arrest. It seems he was receiving a payout from Allstate as well.

    Liked by 5 people

  21. Wow, straight up busted 😮

    I heard yesterday a woman was yanked out of her car and beaten, wonder if she was white. I’d like to know if the owners of other vehicles that were stolen and set on fire were white, as well as other assaults unreported.

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  22. Director says:

    This was was a Goldblatt Village.

    A Goldblatt will Goldblatt until the Goldblatts come home.


  23. agent provocateur says:

    Reblogged this on Nevada State Personnel Watch.


  24. ar10308 says:

    In the words of Vox Day:
    “SJWs always LIE”

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  25. doodahdaze says:

    The liberal media is trying to cover up the total failure of liberalism. They have to cover it up or they will be done for. More liberalism must be applied to liberal failure.


  26. realitycheck says:

    Maybe Freddy’s prior injury was the cause of the severity of the broken neck :


  27. Phae says:

    The “drunk redhead” posted her story on reddit:

    She says she was NOT stealing that man’s purse and she proves her identity too.


    • Phae says:

      …because it was HER purse HE was trying to steal.


    • Concerned says:

      This is great. She’s getting lots of support and people are encouraging her to file a defamation suit. I’m not an attorney, I think a lawsuit is premature, I’m assuming a retraction is in order though.


      • John Galt says:

        It might be too unbelievable for a defamation suit. It’s like a spoof out of The Onion. White chick out on a mission to steal a black dude’s purse in the middle of a Baltimore riot.

        Liked by 2 people

        • Concerned says:

          Reports also said she threw a chair or stool, which she denies. That was published in City Paper. She deserves a retraction and apology.


        • nivico says:

          I was just about to agree with ya, john… but come to think of it, they maliciously accused her of committing a crime.

          That’s libel per se, and against a private citizen no less… the bar is much lower.

          I doubt that she has suffered any damages or injury from the paper’s accusing her of theft, but under libel per se, she doesn’t have to prove that she suffered any damages at all.


      • James F says:

        She should also file assault charges against Soderberg the “fact checker” because he grabbed her and pushed her. It was all caught on video.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Jett Black says:

      Yep, that’s the best reddit thread I’ve ever seen. People may be liberal, but even they are disgusted by the outright vicious lying of City Paper’s Goldblatt and Soderberg.


      • manickernel says:

        I noticed Ginger self-identified herself as an idiot for trying to stop some of the rioters to begin with. I think this experience was her epiphany.

        Bet her hair will not be only thing about her that is Red now. Might even see her hereabouts. 🙂


  28. moogey says:

    Directly from the Mayor’s website:

    “Innovative Government – Mayor Rawlings-Blake has worked to turn Baltimore’s narrative from a story of decline to a story of growth. Rather than waiting for a crisis to occur before taking action, the mayor worked to put the city on sound footing—ahead of many other cities in America.”

    Can we say “Ruh-Roh”?


  29. Nation says:

    Here is some pre-Freddy Gray black on white mob violence in Baltimore.


  30. Nation says:

    Disturbing video from the ballpark riot a couple days ago…


  31. Nation says:

    Baltimore city councilman shamelessly admits that they gave police the stand down order last night.


    • Phae says:

      “Yeah, what you’re doing, you know, asking the right questions and holding us accountable….I’m a need you to stop.” lol


  32. labrat says:

    OMG – Did anyone else just hear the police chief state that the cops didn’t interfere with the looting at the mall because they were “just kids”?????

    So yesterday was just “kids being kids” and we don’t want to ruin the rest of their lives or anything by preventing them from committing crimes?



  33. mickie says:

    Wow, Just wow. If that’s true about prior surgery shortly before breaking his back, you would think his family would have known. The fact that they have kept silent, just shows they were waiting for the big payout.Shame on them! I wonder how the protesters will re-direct their anger when that becomes public.


  34. chick20112011 says:

    Here comes the “misguided” verbiage again. The city paper calls the drunk redhead a “dumb distraction” and at the bottom of the screed, “misguided” (I think he meant the drunk red head?) Soderberg also sent over this rough video from that moment with the following note:

    During reporting, I occasionally shoot video, usually to capture moments or stray audio and to get a sense of the timeline of events rarely to use for anything other than as a reminder of the evening. I was recording when I saw and heard the confrontation and kept recording so you get this video from my perspective. You will see some of the violence of the evening and I think you’ll see me trying to help two people that I thought were in danger. One of them is struck with a bag of peanuts and falls to the crown and you can hear me try to explain to her that I’m with the protestors but I am trying to help her out. You’ll also hear me attempt to reason with the woman from the widely-shared images, trying to explain to her that she needed to get inside and that her being out there and walking towards the protestors was not helping. You also hear me screaming like a loud asshole at her and I regret that. I was trying to help and I could’ve done better. I was arguably, as misguided as she was in trying to intervene and prevent bad things from happening.,0,3455147.story

    These miscreants that think it’s “cool” to be: anarchists, socialists, communists, have no idea what the real world is like.

    Liked by 1 person

    • manickernel says:

      I liked the Reddit comment about feral white girls in heels terrorizing the black rioters.

      Liked by 1 person

    • DiceGreed says:

      Look at what he originally said:

      Then what he edited it to later:

      Here are his original tweets:

      He specially says that he was NOT protecting her in that image because she was the one stealing and provoking.


  35. partyzantski says:

    Drunk redhead robs black man? Happens EVERY DAY (roll mah eyes)
    Seriously, though… where da drunk redheads at?


  36. lovely says:

    Has anyone heard any updates on the police officer who was unresponsive?


    • wondering999 says:

      Would also like to know if that man’s condition has improved. Earlier there were public reports that he was “badly injured”. Prayers for his recovery and for his family and friends.

      Liked by 3 people

  37. carterzest says:

    I love this place. Such bright and sharp posters, not afraid to dig and expose blatant mistruths and injustices.


    Liked by 1 person

  38. jlspyder says:

    I had to watch the video a few times. I saw that the thug had the pink bag beforehand. Then I saw that he was snatching a different one.
    I guess my phone was not the best way to view the clip.


    • nimrodman says:

      The woman’s purse is a black leather purse with a thin strap. Mr Thug has grabbed the thin black strap in his fist and is attempting to drag the purse away from her. Look at the still photo later on a larger computer monitor.


  39. manickernel says:

    At this point I wouldn’t be surprised with some of the left wingers staging an “attempt” on zero to further their cause.


  40. This goes into more detail. Share this as well as this treeper article so people open their eyes.

    Got it from the reddit thread. It is insane…

    Liked by 1 person

  41. DiceGreed says:

    Here’s how the outbreak of violence started:

    You can see it was fairly loud but no panic or violence until after this incident with the car. Certainly wasn’t the sports fans.

    Liked by 1 person

    • DiceGreed says:

      “Black lives matter” guy with a knife. This is the same guy that opened the car door in the video above and arguably started this whole thing off by doing so. It looks like he stole something from the car.


  42. DiceGreed says:

    Here’s another angle of the beginning of the riot:

    You can see the redhead, Brandon running around, and the girl that supposedly threw a stool at Brandon @ 00:28 seconds (lower right). She’s using the stool to defend herself from projectiles and Brandon comes running at her. It’s hard to see what happens but it doesn’t look like she threw the stool at Brandon at all. It looks more like he knocked it out of her hands to me.

    Liked by 1 person

    • DiceGreed says:

      This is a good vid of the action @ 7:45. Based on this video and the one below @ 2:22, I think the blonde girl did throw the stool, though both videos pan away during the actual throw. The stool is definitely further forward on the curb by the time the camera pans back though, and she could be said to be making a ‘come at me bro’ stance.

      I think where the blonde girl got hit with peanuts can be seen on the overhead ‘Chaos in Baltimore’ video above @ 2:05. The lamppost is obscuring the view, but it does look like Brandon could be helping her up off the floor and then she gets escorted away by somebody else. It’s hard to see because of the lamppost in the way though.


  43. mpmp2015 says:

    This is not a “dumb distraction” that the City Paper claims. Whether you see the video or still shots of it, it is pretty clear to any reasonable person, within the context of the looting and rioting, that she is being robbed of her purse. Why is a woman wearing high heels want to rob a black man’s “purse.”? C’mon. Really???


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