Baltimore Police Receive Death Threats From Same Group Who Killed NYPD Cops…

Baltimore police are warning that there is a “credible threat” to “take-out” law enforcement officers, according to a press release from the Baltimore Police Department. The Black Guerilla Family is the same group who put out the call to assassinate police in New York City resulting in the death of NYPD officer Rafael Ramos and Officer Wenjian Liu.

Baltimore threat

The Black Guerilla Family group, formed in the 1960s in the California prison system, recently surfaced on the East Coast and Maryland, where members are at the heart of a drug-trafficking and corruption probe within the Baltimore prison system.

Baltimore bloods crips and noi

Members swear allegiance for life and sport “BGF” tattoos, as well as ink depicting a dragon surrounding a prison tower.

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70 Responses to Baltimore Police Receive Death Threats From Same Group Who Killed NYPD Cops…

  1. Father Paul Lemmen says:

    Reblogged this on A Conservative Christian Man.


  2. bofh says:

    This is a national problem, and would be difficult enough to deal with even if we had a government with the will and the intent to do the right thing, and was not hamstrung with PC-ness and wimpy ROE, and thoroughly infiltrated by SJWs. Instead, we’ve got Eric Holder and Eric Holder II, and entrenched leftoids throughout the system on down to mayors and police brass that are either cowards or traitors, or both.

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    • Blonde in Red says:

      Well, the 0bola administration has been gutting our military, so, I wouldn’t doubt that much of the police force has been having an ‘ethnic/political cleansing’ of sorts too over the past six years.

      (BTW, I had to giggle over the term ‘leftoids’. No amount of preparation H can help a bad case of leftoids, that’s for certain).

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  3. Cyber says:

    Wasn’t the shooter who killed the two NYC cops in December from Baltimore? I think he was if memory serves.


  4. fred says:

    What does our new AG Loretta think about these riots. I’d like to hear her comments very soon that a mayor of a big city gave criminals some space to destroy.

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  5. BobNoxious says:

    A majority of the lefties on other websites are dismissing this as a fake story police put out as a pretext to cracking down on protests… I guess they all slept through this weekend… What happened Sat. would give the police all the justification they need for cracking down. They certainly wouldn’t need to make up an additional reason for doing so. The fact that lefties think police need to make up a reason for enforcing the law is laughable enough.

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  6. partyzantski says:

    For all interested, the BGF is the org at the heart of the Baltimore jail scandal (pregnant guards, jail turned over to them, etc.)

    It is plain as day that the insurrection against the Baltimore PD is being run from within the walls of the city jail, which is in effect a romper room for BGI alcolytes. The threat is being housed within the structure and operating confines of the city itself.

    The shooter who murdered the 2 NYC PD Officers was from the Baltimore area. I don’t know his last address, but his ex-GF lived in a Baltimore suburb (Owings Mills). Unless he was exceptionally gifted, he likely was from/dwelt in the area as well.


    • sundance says:

      …”It is plain as day that the insurrection against the Baltimore PD is being run from within the walls of the city jail”…

      I tried to point this out last week to some people in advance of the Saturday night riots. Everyone thought I was nuts…. Oh well.

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  7. BobNoxious says:

    Some downtown Baltimore businesses are closing early due to these threats against law enforcement… That’s messed up and if true, indicates there might be more to these threats than what has initially been on reported- such as another “protest/shut-down the city” scheduled for later today.


    • joanfoster says:

      It is true, Bob. I talked to someone today whose business was shut down on the advice of the security forces working in their office building.


    • Les says:

      Those are middle school and high school kids throwing bricks at police. Where are their parents? God forbid something happen…

      POS parents.

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      • Les says:

        Ah, an adult speaks:

        And this from the mall where KIDS just got out of school:

        Scanner: Police deploying bearcat to top of the bus loop at Mondawmin for report of officer being assaulted

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      • Sandra says:

        There doesn’t seem to be a single adult out there on the feral side. Where are the adults while these feral teens tear up the neighborhood?


      • DT says:

        Watching this unfold on twitter and feeling ill. Ferguson was a lesson in what not to do and it appears it’s being repeated. I was glad to see teargas or smoke deployed. I am ready for some less than lethal rounds to be deployed. It’s ridiculous to have to stand and dodge bricks and cannot do anything but stand.


        • Les says:

          They are kids. Not sure what I think about the teargas, maybe smoke.

          Maybe the parents will come get them soon? LMAO.

          Can they send out an alert that the mall-babysitter is closed?


          • janc1955 says:

            “Kids” = Mike Brown, Dorian Johnson, the Sandwich Shooter, Trayvon Martin types. I think in the ‘hood, “kids” are a whole different animal than we’re used to, gnome sayin?


  8. Stephen says:

    Baltimore police are warning that there is a “credible threat” to “take-out” law enforcement officers…

    It’s become standard practice to meet credible threats by appeasing, cajoling, praising, and rewarding those who’re doing the threatening.

    Sure, that makes things worse, but why change tactics now?


  9. partyzantski says:

    How is the “Mayor” not a co-conspirator in this?
    Wheelmen for robbers are chargeable just as if they pulled the trigger, why not the so-called mayor?
    She enabled the destruction. She is as responsible as the window breakers, the car smashers, the looters and the burning trash can hurlers.


  10. Sharon says:

    Harvest time.

    Unchecked, lawlessness feeds on itself.

    The lawless will be useful idiots for stronger groups, thus becoming somebody else’s army.

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    • Blonde in Red says:

      0bola’s ‘civilian security force‘ sucketh a much too muchly.

      That is, unless being ‘lawless‘ is the new law of the land.

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      • Sharon says:

        Lawlessness has been the law of the land for some time now.

        See Eric Holder’s refusal to comply with Congressional subpoenas/contempt of Congress citations.

        See Lois Lerner’s refusal to answer questions having to do with her acts of lawlessness and no consequence for her.

        See berryobama’s refusal to uphold the Constitution of the United States.

        See Law Enforcement officers who do enforce the law being placed under arrest and charged with breaking the law.

        Again, lawless has been the law of the land for some time. And obama’s civilian security force has nothing to do with law enforcement. Nothing at all.

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      • Breogan says:

        @ “That is, unless being ‘lawless‘ is the new law of the land.”

        link –


        • Blonde in Red says:

          Wow. That’s just embarrassingly pathetic, Breogan.

          Don’t they fathom how stupid and crazy they look?

          (rhetorical quesion, I know).


  11. Time for a “White Out” or “Blue Out” – let’s see how the hood likes policing themselves.


  12. Stephen says:

    Baltimore might well out-riot Ferguson. The opening days of the festivities in the former are coming earlier in the warm-weather season than those in the latter. Also, there are several hundred thousand more blacks in Baltimore.

    It’s likely to be an ugly, dark summer.

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  13. James F says:

    Just “staying the course” as Obama requested.


  14. doodahdaze says:

    Send in the Ghurka’s.


  15. TKim says:

    Absolute anarchy in Baltimore.


  16. Robbie Jay says:

    Is Fruit Martin still an active Crip?


  17. mazziflol says:

    Baltimore Mayor on Riots: We Gave “Gangs Who Wished to murder Police,, SPACE TO DO THAT”

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  18. Sandra says:

    Feral teen disturbance is good practice for the cops.

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  19. rashomon says:

    Egad, Sharpton just announced he’s coming to Baltimore. Jessie and the Islam Brotherhood aren’t sufficient.


  20. yakmaster2 says:

    Elijah Cummings at the funeral was practically foaming at the mouth. It’s disgusting that old Black Congress members are so irresponsible that they actually pump up Black youth to go out and tear up their own city. No wonder those politicians who advocate destructive behavior are considered by intelligent reasonable adults to be akin to malevolent children. They’re not even self-aware enough to feel shame!!


    • Elspeth says:

      The black upper middle class is furious that the white upper middle class doesn’t consider them equals, in the same way that the WASP upper class never accepted wealthy Jews as their equals. Upper middle class blacks encourage the lower black classes to riot as a way of taking out their anger against the white upper middle classes. The working class whites and blacks (and asians) get caught in the crossfire.


  21. mazziflol says:

    Loved the Mayor’s back pedal…ya know about not giving them permission to destroy. Also while showing video feeds of looting while stating that acts of violence and looting will not be tolerated.


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