Prayers For Nepal – Thousands Killed During 7.8 Magnitude Earthquake…

• Thousands of people are reported dead, many more still trapped under the rubble.
• The quake, measured 7.8 in magnitude, struck at around noon local time.
• Epicenter was an area between the Nepalese capital Kathmandu close to the city of Pokhara.
• Violent tremors triggered a massive avalanche in Mount Everest. While packed with climbers and local villagers

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Cecilia Keizer, Oxfam country director in Nepal said:

“Communication is currently very difficult. Telephone lines are down and the electricity has been cut off, making charging mobile phones difficult. The water is also cut off. The number of people killed is continuing to rise. Many of the old houses have been destroyed and at least one large apartment block has come down in Kathmandu. Given the closeness to the epicenter, Pokhara must also be badly affected. Oxfam is preparing to help provide clean water and emergency food. People are gathered in their thousands in open spaces and are scared as there have been several aftershocks.”

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(Via New York Times) Officials in Nepal put the preliminary death toll at 1,157, nearly all of them in the valley around Katmandu. But it was an event that touched a vast swath of the subcontinent. The quake set off avalanches around Mount Everest, where several hikers were reported to have died. At least 34 deaths occurred in northern India. Buildings swayed in Tibet and Bangladesh.

The earthquake, with an estimated magnitude of 7.8, struck shortly before noon, and residents of Katmandu ran into the streets and other open spaces as buildings fell, throwing up clouds of dust. Wide cracks opened on paved streets and in the walls of city buildings. Motorcycles tipped over on their sides and slid off the edge of a highway. (read more)

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17 Responses to Prayers For Nepal – Thousands Killed During 7.8 Magnitude Earthquake…

  1. czarowniczy says:

    Horrible, but when you live smack on top of the joint where the Eurasian and Indian plates collide this is expected. Can’t help but wonder if those 80 or so Chinese dams being built on and around the subduction zone, designed to cut off India’s and a goodly part of SEA’s water, are built to withstand the prospective earthquakes that will hit the area? That adds another perspective to the area’s potential problems.

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    • Be Ge says:

      As I’ve said quite a few times, there are no or almost no natural disasters at this stage of human development. Rather, there are social disasters. A similar magnitude earthquake is not a rarity in a similarly positioned country of Chile. By “similar” I mean the following: Chile is a country with young (from a geological perspective) mountains — the Andes — running across all of the country, volcano eruptions are not unheard of, and significant part of the country is located in a risk zone well above the what is considered “high” for most of us (as in “mile high city”). Yet and still, Chileans do not get 4 or, G-d forbid, 5-digit body counts from M7+ quakes. By “not a rarity” I mean the list at

      which is quite large. A properly organized/functioning society can cope with most of nature’s tantrums, as visible in say, the Chileans or the Japanese — also living in an seismically unstable area which regularly suffers from earthquakes. On the other side of the spectrum, there is Haiti, where a recent earthquake ended in a disaster. Apparently, Nepal is closer to Haiti than it is to Japan or Chile…

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      • czarowniczy says:

        ‘Natural disaster’ is a fungible term – one could even go so far as to say that a man-made situation made worse by some natural occurrence is a natural disaster. I think what’s made them more of a personal event is the ability for anyone with a smartphone to get the situation right out there immediately, no need to wait for a news service filtering.
        I guess we can ‘cope’ as there’s really no other alternative other than to roll over and be dead. Katrina was thought to be neigh on to unrecoverable but thanks to the deep pockets of the Us taxpayers most people were made whole and one helluva lotta pols and connected folks became much more richerer than they were on August 28th.
        As for Haiti, in my opinion that country’s an endless series of man-made disasters compounded by infrequent natural ones.
        That Indian plate ain’t finished with that Eurasian plate and those Himalayan mountains are still creeping up. Even the younger or ‘extinct’ volcanoes can surprise us as can faults. It was thought that the New Orleans area was sorta quiet until, a few years back, we had a flurry of minor quakes in the area. Some pundits remarked that the seismographs were probably measuring Huey Long rolling over in his grave but geologists said it was more likely some very deep fault lines moving around. As for us – we have earthquake insurance on both houses.


        • Be Ge says:

          “Coping” includes many things — including 911/first response system, disaster prediction/tracking, proper building standards, and first of all, attitude of the people (very visible in how the Japanese treated each other after, say, the Fukushima daichi disaster — nothing but calm, respect, mutual help and cooperation — a sharp contrast with, say, looting and conflicts that took place after hurricane Katrina). Chile is kinda in Nepalese shoes in terms of geology — the Andes are still growing, Nazca plate is not done yet with the South American plate, volcanoes are erupting and the quakes regularly shake the ground with some super-quake (M8+) occurring once or twice per century. I’d say Chile is worse off vs Nepal in terms of violent shaking — as the highest energy output earthquake (M9.5) in the recorded human history occurred in Chile about half a century ago (, 4-digit death toll of a quake about fifty times more powerful vs the current Nepalese one). The last big quake in Chile (2010, M8.8, at least 10 times more powerful vs the current Nepalese one) did yield a 3-digit death toll — but it is less than what we already know about the current Nepalese quake. So Chile is coping, very much unlike Haiti — whereby an M7 quake (6 times less powerful than the Nepalese quake) claimed in between 100 and 300 thousand lives (oh yeah, black lives matter so much that they still cannot come up with a count). Nepal is doing much better than Haiti, though.


          • czarowniczy says:

            I would hazard a guess that countries with a more homogenous culture than the US has does better than we do in coping – and I don’t consider Katrina coping, not even the part where so many just sat down at the Dome and I-10 interchange waiting for their rides. People in Chile are used to having to pick up after themselves when a disaster strikes while so many in the US just sit and wait for some level(s) of government to pick up for them.
            We have that New Madrid fault system that might well test our abilities to really pick up after ourselves sans government largesse. Add that to the faults that crisscross the West and we have a number of chances to see what happens when sociology runs smack into geology.


  2. lovely says:

    Prayers being said.

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  3. Be Ge says:

    Dear G-d — please help the living, and rest in Your peace the dead. And please, give a little more wisdom to people around the Earth.

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  4. moogey says:

    I’m a visual person and I sometimes need comparisons in order to visualize.

    Game three of the 1989 World Series. The Earthquake in the San Francisco/Oakland area that demolished freeways was a 6.9.
    The earthquake in Haiti in 2010 that created funds, foundations and international assistance was 7.0.
    This earthquake is listed as a 7.8. It will be interesting to learn if any damage was caused to the Chinese engineered massive dams. If there has been damage to the dams, the devastation in the area may have only just begun..

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  5. amwick says:

    I don’t pray often, but Lord please help these people. Bring some comfort to the survivors, and eternal peace to the victims. Thank you for my many blessings. Amen.

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  6. labrat says:

    Some local video.


  7. Sharon says:

    Busiest time of the year for Mt. Everest foot traffic –


  8. WeeWeed says:

    Clinton Foundation on scene, yet?


  9. LEE JAN says:

    Prayers for those affected by this disaster. Just made a donation to the Salvation Army Nepal effort.


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