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Manhunt Continues At Valdosta State University – Eric Sheppard Jr Flees Capture By Federal Authorities…

The VSU Flag stomping protest has brought sunlight upon a series of events on the VSU campus that has now expanded in an alarming manner.  This is no longer even remotely related to disrespecting or burning a flag. VALDOSTA, Ga. … Continue reading

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Baltimore Maryland – Context For Freddie Gray Story…

Protesters have been going strong for the last 3 hours moving through the streets of #Baltimore – @BrianToddCNN pic.twitter.com/mzBgOEida3 — Anderson Cooper 360° (@AC360) April 23, 2015 Baltimore Maryland – Hometown for Reverend Jamal Bryant and AME Empowerment Temple.  There’s … Continue reading

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Death For Kindness – Man Killed By Police For Refusing To Give ID To Animal Shelter….

This didn’t make the CNN breaking news scroll because the victim was non-black. However, the circumstances are not disputed. Man who works in cat and dog insurance decides to be a good Samaritan and takes a stray cat to the animal … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

Earth Day Reminder: What ‘The Warmest Year On Record’ Really Means

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For Love of The Game….

(USA Today) Tim Tebow’s contract with the Philadelphia Eagles includes no guarantees. It’s a typical, one-year, $660,000 deal that comes without a signing bonus or other guaranteed money, according to contract details obtained by USA TODAY Sports on Wednesday. The … Continue reading

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Rachel Carson and the banning of DDT, and … A story about the co-founder of Earth Day

And in case you didn’t know about it, here is a story about the co-founder of Earth Day:

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The Dangers of Being a Conservative in Wisconsin

Adding to my post about Bill Penzey, Jr., I read this article from National Review titled: Wisconsin’s Shame: ‘I Thought It Was a Home Invasion’ I thought I had read all there was to read about Democrat political tactics against … Continue reading

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