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Manhunt Continues At Valdosta State University – Eric Sheppard Jr Flees Capture By Federal Authorities…

The VSU Flag stomping protest has brought sunlight upon a series of events on the VSU campus that has now expanded in an alarming manner.  This is no longer even remotely related to disrespecting or burning a flag. VALDOSTA, Ga. … Continue reading

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Baltimore Maryland – Context For Freddie Gray Story…

Protesters have been going strong for the last 3 hours moving through the streets of #Baltimore – @BrianToddCNN pic.twitter.com/mzBgOEida3 — Anderson Cooper 360° (@AC360) April 23, 2015 Baltimore Maryland – Hometown for Reverend Jamal Bryant and AME Empowerment Temple.  There’s … Continue reading

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Death For Kindness – Man Killed By Police For Refusing To Give ID To Animal Shelter….

This didn’t make the CNN breaking news scroll because the victim was non-black. However, the circumstances are not disputed. Man who works in cat and dog insurance decides to be a good Samaritan and takes a stray cat to the animal … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

Earth Day Reminder: What ‘The Warmest Year On Record’ Really Means

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For Love of The Game….

(USA Today) Tim Tebow’s contract with the Philadelphia Eagles includes no guarantees. It’s a typical, one-year, $660,000 deal that comes without a signing bonus or other guaranteed money, according to contract details obtained by USA TODAY Sports on Wednesday. The … Continue reading

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Rachel Carson and the banning of DDT, and … A story about the co-founder of Earth Day

And in case you didn’t know about it, here is a story about the co-founder of Earth Day:

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The Dangers of Being a Conservative in Wisconsin

Adding to my post about Bill Penzey, Jr., I read this article from National Review titled: Wisconsin’s Shame: ‘I Thought It Was a Home Invasion’ I thought I had read all there was to read about Democrat political tactics against … Continue reading

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Earth Day & Bill Penzey

UPDATE: Treeper Tourets writes – I wrote to Spice House to suggest that some of Mr. Penzy’s customers were unhappy about his behavior. She wrote: “No kidding. What business owner who really likes his customers would care so little about … Continue reading

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Open Letter To Obama From Nephew of Iranian Ayatollah Khamenei – Stop The Deal…

Several outlets are now reporting on an open letter to President Obama supposedly from the nephew of Iran’s Supreme Leader.  The letter was posted on an Iranian website (khodnevis.org) today from Dr. Mahmoud Moradkhani — the nephew of Iranian Supreme … Continue reading

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President Obama Refuses To Use Term “Genocide” To Describe 100 Year Anniversary of 1.5 Million Armenians Slaughtered…

WASHINGTON DC – President Barack Obama will not use the word “genocide” to describe the massacre of up to 1.5 million Armenians in his annual statement commemorating the historic atrocity later this month. White House chief of staff Denis McDonough … Continue reading

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