New York City (Via De Blasio) Re-Enters Race For “Most Dangerous City” Status – 20 Weekend Shootings…

No longer willing to play second fiddle to Chicago, New York has re-entered the race to sit atop the infamous list of most dangerous cities.

NEW YORK, New York — Twenty people have been shot and one victim has died after shootings in NYC since Friday.


While it is still too early to tell how successful Mayor De Blasio will be in his quest to retake the mantle from Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel, it appears his policies to remove law and order are unleashing the strongest villains amid his societal construct.

[…]   More than a dozen people were wounded Saturday night alone in NYC.

The rise in violence comes as Mayor de Blasio ends ‘stop and frisk’ practices, others blame warmer weather.

According to CBS New York, Saturday’s shootings wounded eight people in the Bronx, three in Brooklyn and one in Manhattan. (link)

rahm-emanuel-6deblasio murderer

However, “not so fast” says the windy city, due to a late day surge of violence on Sunday – Mayor Emanuel was able to nip the fast-approaching team De Blasio as the “Gun Free Zone” challenge continues: 

CHICAGO (Sun-Times Media Wire) –  Three people were killed 21 others wounded in shootings across Chicago since late Friday afternoon, police said.

The most recent fatal shooting happened early Sunday in the Belmont Cragin neighborhood on the Northwest Side.

About 6:30 a.m., a 34-year-old woman and a man thought to be in his 20s were walking in the 2700 block of North Lavergne when a someone with a gun got out of a car and opened fire. The woman was struck in the head and the man was shot repeatedly, police said. (read more)


new york vs chicago

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59 Responses to New York City (Via De Blasio) Re-Enters Race For “Most Dangerous City” Status – 20 Weekend Shootings…

  1. sundance says:


  2. doodahdaze says:

    Jus having a little fun out there in NYC. They should make it a longer distance race. Like the whole month. I am sure NYC can come back in the long run.


  3. zephyrbreeze says:

    David Mamet, Pulitzer Prize winning playwright, author of the book, The Secret Knowledge: The Dismantling of American Culture, and the famous article in the Village Voice, “Why I’m No Longer a Brain-Dead Liberal,” says: “Liberals pretend not to understand.”

    How can they not see the obvious that anywhere guns are restricted under Democrat rule, gun-crime flourishes? They see.

    My favorite quote from his book:

    I examined my Liberalism and found it like an addiction to roulette. Here, though the odds are plain, and the certainty of loss apparent to anyone with a knowledge of arithmetic, the addict, failing time and again, is convinced he yet is graced with the power to contravene natural laws. The roulette addict, when he invariably comes to grief, does not examine either the nature of roulette, or of his delusion, but retires to develop a new system, and to scheme for more funds.”
    ― David Mamet, The Secret Knowledge: On the Dismantling of American Culture

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  4. allhail2 says:

    “The Gun Free Zone Challenge”

    Got a good laugh out of that one. Sounds like a Monday morning running scoreboard is in the making.


    • RJ says:

      Have a short laugh for if you look close enough at the city of Trenton, New Jersey you will see Detroit #2, meaning the end is near for this state capital. New York and Chicago can hide out longer due to their population densities: However, the rot still expands in both those places, only Trenton is out way ahead with this rot of culture, etc.

      Guess who has been running this city, Trenton, for years? Yea, democrats.

      Keep your citizens for most of their lives on the government teat and watch how they live out their meager lives…violence directed at others! So much for hidden anger at being a “government slave” so to speak.


      • Millwright says:

        My eldest pays regular visit to Trenton in the course of his professional med transport duties. The only thing “good” I’ve heard from him is some barbecue joint near Trenton Psych. Even there they call in orders in advance and only stop long enough to dash in and out. They also don’t stop for anything going in or out. Says something (at least to me) when an ambulance crew won’t stop anywhere in Trenton without a police presence.


  5. Daniel says:

    New York did something “unconstitutional” with their stop and frisk activity. I agree it is unconstitutional and it would be an outrage in civilized society. But civilized society doesn’t need it. The problem of a certain demographic isn’t at all or in the least bit new. In fact, centuries and millennia old writings have recorded the very same issues with that demographic.

    It amazes me how handily people are willing to disregard all of that as baseless.


    • Roy says:

      “centuries and millennia old writings have recorded the very same issues with that demographic.”

      Yes, that’s true and not pointed out often enough. Which is why I don’t personally believe the problem is environmental.


  6. Be Ge says:

    The Big Apple is still a far cry from the champions of violence such as

    Detroit, Michigan @ 54.6 murders per 100k per annum
    New Orlean, Louisiana @ 53.2 murders per 100k per annum
    St. Louis , Missouri @35.5 murders per 100k per annum
    Baltimore, Maryland @34.9 murders per 100k per annum
    Newark, New Jersey @34.4 murders per 100k per annum
    Oakland, California @31.8 murders per 100k per annum

    But the progdems/socialists/communists can do miracles, can’t they?

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  7. georgiafl says:

    NYC will need another Guiliani to clean up the mess after DeBlasio is voted out. The police hate DeBlasio for good reason.

    Communism is such a sorry ideology and only creates decay, misery, corruption and chaos.

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    • Lou says:

      I was watching a documentary about how Guiliami made unemployed work for their checks, and the moochers were saying “I’m working so hard, I’m better off getting a real job”. I was thinking to myself, that’s the point. At that time, New York was clean and much safer. If New York goes back to the way it was before Guiliani, it will be a real travesty. Stop and frisk was a good thing. Pick up your pants, stop drawing attention to yourself and most likely you won’t be profiled by the Police.


    • Roy says:

      “Communism is such a sorry ideology and only creates decay, misery, corruption and chaos.”

      Communism is an ideology for elites.


      • Dixie says:

        That Utopia picture comes to mind……again…….


      • Blonde in Red says:

        Communism is an ideology for elites.

        Exactly right, Roy. Which is why the ruling class will always vote for more oppressive government to line their own catbird seats and continue to crush the educated, independent, upwardly lower/middle/middle-upper class who are a threat to their lofty goals of complete control over a slave-class of peons.


    • Tracer Round says:

      Unfortunately it will take a tourist getting murdered for something significant to change.

      Once the city starts losing the hundreds of millions in tourist dollars, the wheels will become very squeeky. Sad, but probably true.


  8. cosmo24 says:

    Tourism money will decline once the esculating crime stats go viral which effects the service industry employment.


  9. shirley49 says:

    Keep voting liberals in. Elections have consequences.

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    • Blonde in Red says:

      The ‘Liberals’ of today are not the ‘Liberals’ of yesterday. They Democrat party has been infiltrated by the Progressives aka Communist Party and the Libertarians are now the Liberals of yesterday and the Rinos are just Democrat-lite and the Tea Party/Conservatives are considered ‘racists/terrorists’. eye-roll


  10. thesouthwasrght says:

    We were up in NY a few years ago and there were NYPD EVERYWHERE. I so wanted to ask them why they found it necessary to have to pack the unnecessary weight of a handgun since guns were illegal and all. Never got around to it b/c the idea of getting clubbed, beaten, and then having a kilo magically discovered in my pants wasn’t on my to-do list.

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    • amwick says:

      Ridiculous! A kilo would never fit in your pants. I lived in NYC for 17 years and never once had any issue at all with LEO. One time they stopped my on the way to work because my tire had a bad spot and it had bulged out. They actually were doing me a favor because it could have burst on the Grand Central Parkway.


    • Concerned says:

      Nonsensical comment, thesouthwasright. The NYPD cops wouldn’t have clubbed you, but they might have rolled their eyes at your question. Don’t forget, they had to deal with the Occupy dimwits for an extended period of time. They know your type.


    • PatriotUSA says:

      You must wear extra jumbo pants if you can fit a kilo in them. PMSL and really a ditwad comment.


  11. francesmuldoon says:

    Nobody will ever top Chicago. As of 4/17/15…a person gets shot in Chicago every 4 1/2 hours.
    A person gets murdered in Chicago every 24 1/2 hours.
    And that is only the ones they count. The real numbers are probably half of these.

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    • 2x4x8 says:

      at least one of the shootings was of interest to me, an Uber Driver was waiting in Logan Square for a fare, when some low-life scumbag started shooting across the street, but after 9 shots didn’t hit anyone, probably drunk and stoopid illegal alien on Friday night, the Uber Driver pulled out his conceal carry, and shot 6 times hitting the gunman 4 times, too bad he survived, minimal charges, WTF send him back to Mexico, Uber Driver was thanked by the police and sent home……actually, the Uber Driver committed a weapons crime, conceal carry is legal in Chicago, but when you are driving, the gun is supposed to be in the trunk, unloaded and separate from the ammunition, don’t need to go into road rage incidents


  12. Nycgal says:

    All over our local news this morning, a top political reporter is saying that DeBlasio is hoping there’s a grassroots campaign to put him on the presidential ballot! We are collectively chuckling from the east side to the west. Even we New Yorkers think the guy is a joke.


  13. Frank St. Clair says:

    Apparently not enough New Yorkers thought he was a joker.

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  14. Sandra says:

    The warm weather is a cause. Isn’t that insane? Normal people react to warm weather by riding bikes or going for walks, planting flowers and veggies, cleaning their houses, etc. In the vast ghetto wastelands they love to shoot at each other. Honestly, I wish the cops would just abandon those areas. Let the the wasteland dwellers kill themselves off.

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  15. True Colors says:

    Big cities love to brag about how they are reducing crime.

    However, are they really? Or do they just manipulate things to make the statistics look better?

    If someone commits a violent crime, and the judge reduces the charge so some lesser offense, then voila! A crime did occur, but it was no longer a violent one.

    Or, if someone commits a violent crime, and the judge dismisses it altogether, then voila! On paper, no crime occurred at all.

    The passenger in Walter Scott’s car had lots of charges dismissed. Was that for the purpose of that?

    Trayvon Martin was a criminal in real life, but his school swept his charges under the rug so that they could take credit for falling crime rates.

    There are plenty of other examples of real world crime being doctored in such a way that, on paper, it is not so bad.


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  16. annieoakley says:

    I was going to say that Warner Wilhelm aka Bill DeBlasio wants to be President. Can you imagine that group in the WH?


  17. Janice Woods says:

    DeBlasio an Emanuel can work on other bragging rights such as the wounding to kill ratio in their left wing paradises..


  18. John Galt says:

    FTP policy increasing crime? Nah, must be global warming.


    • Be Ge says:

      Which is caused by evil rich over-consuming. More taxing of the rich needed to lower their consumption and save us all from global warming.


  19. czarowniczy says:

    Welllll, the NYC plutocrats have been a bit busy lately, regaining the title of ‘Cultural Wellspring of America’. Was looking ;like Hollywood might retain its grasp but with some last minute media quislings rolling over, it’s back. Now we can go to trying to blame the guns bought outside of NYC and the criminal elements of non-Gotham origin for all of the troubles in the concrete utopia. Administrative corruption? Rubbish, fabrications of whiners who just wish they were important poobahs in Hong Kong on the Hudson.
    Police just surfing the obvious crest of the city’s crime wave? Pish tosh, just naysayers trying to tarnish the luster and appeal of The Center of the Universe.
    Eat kreplach and die, wannabes, the Modern Sodom is the DemocRATic icon of diversity, the Five Boroughs has a more diverse criminal structure than any two other cities in the US – that’s change you can believe in!

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  20. cosmo24 says:

    Many years ago I read that some countries count homicides stats only after apprehension and conviction leaving the misguided appearance of a low crime statistic.


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