Environmentalists Celebrate “Earth Day” On The National Mall…


None of this should come as a surprise. Typical liberalism on display:

Democrat Voter - Typical Progressive


…. I happen to agree with

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25 Responses to Environmentalists Celebrate “Earth Day” On The National Mall…

  1. Serpentor says:

    The picture and headline are so humorous, this could become the next internet meme.

    RIDICULOUS (and hypocritical, as they usually are)

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  2. rashomon says:

    Remember when Occupy gathered there? vs. The Tea Party?

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    • Blonde in Red says:

      rashomon, the filthy, littering, sloppy rabbit hole goes back further than that, my friend:

      You’d think the people voting for Barack in 2008 were worse than third worlders…


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  3. lovely says:

    You all should have seen the Capital Building in Madison when the loons were through with it 😦

    Hypocrites and litterers and slobs, Oh My!

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    • Blonde in Red says:

      “Hypocrites and litterers and slobs, Oh My!”–<–about sums it up, lovely.

      Kinda like AlGore owning multiple houses and jets whilst reprimanding middle-class first worlders over their carbon footprints.

      Or, ‘greenie’ idiots building expensive windmills that kill endangered birds.

      Or, Liberals who insist on section 8 housing in safe neighborhoods whilst they live in their lofty, gated ones far removed from the riff-raff.

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      • lovely says:

        Remember on “Lights Out Day” (or something like that, an event promoted by Al to save the earth and turn off the lights in an effort to highlight what a wasteful society we are) good ole AL didn’t even bother to turn the lights off that illuminate the trees on his estate.

        No joke.

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        • Blonde in Red says:

          Seriously, lovely. The blatant hypocrisy is beyond obvious except to the most brain-dead, moronic lunatics.

          The self-righteous ‘humans off this earth’ type of people are never suicidal. EVER. Hmm.


  4. Lou says:

    at least it’s near the garbage can. great start for libs. maybe next time they’ll take the trash home and throw it in their garbage can. too much work, and now it looks like the majority of neighborhoods run by AA. don’t ever tell an AA to throw their garbage in a garbage can. those are fighting words. I found this out once.


    • JT says:

      Same thing happened to me, but at least there was some sweet justice that came out of the situation. The young AA male cussed me out and I went into the pizza place to pick up my order. The manager was at the front counter looking at what appeared to be a job application. I asked him if the guy who just left had dropped that off. He said yes and I told him about what had just happened. He tore up the guy’s job application.


  5. The Tea party packed extra garbage bags and made sure all the trash was picked up and bagged before they left.

    So which of these groups are the good stewards of the Earth again?

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    • Blonde in Red says:

      Picking up litter and cleaning up after oneself is a ‘white thing’. How dare you insist people pick up after themselves, raaaaaaaaaaaaaacist!!!!!!!


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  6. Annie says:

    This looks like a redux of Obama’s first inaugural. Privileged people don’t have to pick up after themselves.


  7. Roy says:

    Their inability to recognize hypocrisy makes them dangerous, actually.

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