A Town Bids Farewell To Zeus – He Served With Honor and Distinction…


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An 11-year-old retired K-9 officer took his last ride in a squad car in a heartwarming farewell held by fellow officers and residents celebrating his time on the force.

Zeus, a German Shepherd, was honored in a grand procession in Connecticut on Wednesday before he was put down because of a severe degenerative hip disorder and declining health.

The tribute for the police dog, who worked with the Ridgefield Police Department for eight years as a K-9 officer, began around 4.45pm and ended at the Ridgefield Veterinary Hospital  (read more)

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35 Responses to A Town Bids Farewell To Zeus – He Served With Honor and Distinction…

  1. Lou says:


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  2. Dixie says:

    I can handle most things fairly well, but when it comes to an animal, I am putty in their paws. And the waterworks turn on…..Zeus, say hello to my friend, Buck, on the rainbow bridge…..

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    • Col.(R) Ken says:

      Know what you mean, got a few waiting for me to cross the rainbow bridge.

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    • kathyca says:

      same, geeze …RIP Zeus. What a great way to honor his service. :::sniff:::

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      • Dixie says:

        Me too. Can’t seem to turn off the tears….but I’ve got two standing here in the kitchen with me waiting for me to feed them and all I can do is think about the one who is….on the rainbow bridge…the one in the picture…but I still love the ones here with me too. If all else fails, we’ve got our loyal loving dogs.

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        • kaiserzose says:

          Dixie, the photo beside your name looks a lot like my beloved Samson, who died at midnite, in our living room lying between me and my wife, a week after surgery to remove a tumor from his liver. We tried to keep him alive but failed. He was 14 or 15. I spend 2-4 hours a day in the woods with him for about 12 years. Like you, It’s hard for me turn off the tears. Like you, I’ve got another dog looking at me, wanting to head for the woods. I do believe that dogs are one of God’s gifts to us humans.


    • Me, too, Dixie. I just had to have one of my babies put down a couple of months ago. We are “failed fosters” and I love my furry babies – all 6 of them!


  3. amwick says:

    This was especially poingant for me because I grew up in Ridgefied, Ct. I never had the heart to go back once my Mother sold her house. So strange to see it again after decades. Rip Zeus.

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  4. Margaret-Ann says:

    Heartbreaking and I’ve never understood how their owners deal with it. My love and admiration for K-9 cannot be defined. He was a gorgeous German Shepherd. “Goosebumps” looking at the vid & photos.

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  5. amwick says:

    By the way, that white building in the background of the video was the police station, which had been a private house, a big house. Funny what you remember.

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  6. lilbirdee'12 says:

    RIP Zeus. I have a black and tan GS. They are amazing animals, very smart, loyal and loving.

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  7. rightie says:

    Oh man. I can’t handle this.

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  8. Sharon says:

    RIP Zeus.

    Sniff hello to Sierra King, Miss Daisy/alias Rose, Lady Charcoal Charmagne (she was an abused, throwaway that our son rescued from the street so we gave her a great big fancy name to boost her self image), and Bear.

    Bear (a pitbull/GS mix) had no self image problems so it was just – Bear.

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  9. Akela says:

    Just, Damn. Hand Salute.

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  10. Nancy Moreno says:

    Zeus will be there at Rainbow Bridge, not only able to Protect and Serve, but also, to run and play again with his loyal and loving humans, when they arrive. I believe this with all my heart and soul. Dogs add much to our lives…

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  11. Ursula says:

    He’s beautiful, loyal and so much more— I’m so sad about this and I don’t even live there.
    Just finished Solidier Dogs and these friends of ours will be in heaven.
    A Monsignour from St. John’s U in Jamaica N.Y even said so.


  12. Jim Stupple says:

    I lost my friend recently , the one that rode with me on my bike , on the tractor and in the ute.
    He was a constant companion for seventeen years. You know , I miss him more than any human.
    God Speed Zeus.

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  13. Bob Stone says:

    The dog poem that made Johnny Carson cry

    Plucked from the TV archives: Watch as actor Jimmy Stewart shares a poem about his beloved dog, Beau.

    Text and story behind the poem here:


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  14. Eskie Mom says:

    God Bless his caretakers & Give them comfort soon. Looking at Zeus, I can tell you they held on as long as they could (the very last stage, they require constant care & have to be picked up & held up in order to be on their feet at all. I can’t imagine being able to do this with a larger breed). It is slow & cruel. We lost our Gypsy, & are losing Mia to degenerative neuropathy (Eskies, not GSDs).

    Find Gyspy the Eskie, Officer Zeus. I guarantee she can tell you where the treats & the (fun) mischief are. She’ll be delighted to share.


  15. ctdar says:

    Zeus gave his service to all neighboring towns of Ridgefield, he had the best sniffer for miles.
    Rest in peace brave one.


  16. janc1955 says:



  17. Roy says:

    The intelligence and loyalty of these dogs is humbling. They are superior beings in many ways.

    I cannot imagine life without a dog and have never been without at least one.


  18. DT says:

    These stories are always extra poignant to me. Where most can go to work and set aside their grief for a few minutes to hours, climbing back into a car set up for your K9 partner, without them just rips at you. No hiding from the grief when you can still smell your partner, knowing you will never ride with them again, 😥 /sap


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