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Walter Scott Video Witness Now Charging Media $10,000 For Use of Video….

Feidin Santana’s attorney Todd Rutherford says: “The search for justice is served by turning the video over to law enforcement.  The news media, appeared to be in the ‘search for revenue’”… Which makes you wonder why Todd Rutherford sent the video … Continue reading

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Police Officer Ambush – Shot Three Times While Directing Traffic In School Zone…

…”[Officer] Hazeltine was shot in an “apparent ambush” Thursday (April 16) around 8:30 a.m. while directing traffic in a Paradis school zone”… …”Other deputies were in the area and responded to the shooting, Champagne said. They took the man, whose name has not … Continue reading

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Black Lies Shatter – Two J’s Arrives In North Charleston – Trash Can Fundraiser For “F**k The Police” Civilian Cameras…

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) – The Rev. Jesse Jackson was in downtown Charleston Thursday evening where he said a special prosecutor was needed in the Walter Scott shooting case. Jackson spoke at the International Longshoremen’s Association Hall on Morrison Drive for … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

From ThePeoplesCube.com.

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ISIS Attacking Ramadi – Thousands Flee, No Help From Baghdad…

Ramadi is a city in central Iraq, about 68 miles west of Baghdad. It is the capital of Al Anbar Governorate (Anbar Province). The city extends along the Euphrates and is the largest city in Al-Anbar. Over the weekend ISIS … Continue reading

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Al Qaeda Takes Control of Major Airport In Yemen…

In September of 2012 President Obama declared “al-Qaeda on the run”, Last month al-Qaeda fueled the collapse of the government in Yemen. Today, continuing the advance, AQAP takes control of a major airport in in Yemen. Next Up, move into Saudi Arabia…. … Continue reading

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Immigration Customs Enforcement Director Sarah R. Saldana Tells Congressman: We Follow Obama Rules, Not The Law…

Those following the Obama Immigration Executive Action legal battles will note yesterday Congressman Young  was asking Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director Saldana the exact same point outlined in Judge Hanen’s rebuke of the White House. From the ruling: [Judge Hanen continues…] The President’s message, … Continue reading

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Should We Stop Following Laws?

The Trifecta crew (PJTV) brings some interesting ideas to the table:

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FAKE – Hillary Busted Astroturfin’ Her “Random” Meet and Greets….

Nothing from a Clinton is ever unscripted. Nothing is ever coincidental. Nothing is ever accidental.   …. And this is funny. (Via Daily Mail)  Hillary Clinton’s astroturf candidacy is in full swing in Iowa. Her Tuesday morning visit to a coffee … Continue reading

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Ridin’ Dirty – The Curious Case of Walter and Pierre’s Big Adventure….

We said last week – in retrospect the Walter Scott Scheme Team 2015′ would regret hiring image consultant Ryan Julison to represent their interests and develop their chosen narrative. As research continues this opinion solidifies. Ryan Julison (w/ Matt Lauer) … Continue reading

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