That Didn’t Take Long – NY Mayor De Blasio Doesn’t Endorse Hillary Clinton – Immediate Threats Toward Him From Team Hillary…

The tone of the same old Hillary Clinton political outlook did not take long to surface. Today on Meet The Press New York Mayor Deblasio was given an opportunity to endorse Hillary 2016. De Blasio said he would not yet endorse her:

Immediately the Hillary Clinton attack machine jumped into action:

Hillary Rosen screen shot

A warning to all Democrats.  Hillary will not be denied !!  The White House is hers.




Hillary clinton queen


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46 Responses to That Didn’t Take Long – NY Mayor De Blasio Doesn’t Endorse Hillary Clinton – Immediate Threats Toward Him From Team Hillary…

  1. libby says:

    Elected monarchy


  2. lovely says:

    Disgusting that anyone would want De Blasio’s endorsement.

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  3. cohibadad says:

    One things clear from De Blasio, she doesn’t need to be vetted.


    • TRONGOD2000 says:

      Yeah he’s seen her birth certificate and knows she is a natural citizen. So am I does that make me a qualified candidate? Does having been the first Secretary of State to lose an ambassador make her vetted? Does sneaking around laws on keeping communications “on the record” make her vetted? How about FBI records being found in her closet? That does that count for being vetted?

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    • Sentient says:

      On the vetting – one thing that wasn’t in the public record in 2008 was the audio recording of her cackling about her client, Thomas Alfred Taylor, and his obvious guilt at raping a 12 year old girl. It wasn’t just that she defended a rapist, it was that she did so by smearing the 12 year old – insinuating in a brief to the court that she was from a bad family and had wanted it. Talk about your war on women.

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  4. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:

    Hail to the Queen


  5. Daniel says:

    “…doesn’t need to be vetted.” Really? That depends on what the definition of “vetted” is.

    Do they mean “investigated”? If so, she needs it more than anyone else in history.
    Do they mean “treated by an animal physician?” If so, I don’t think she can be helped — better taker her out back and put her out of her misery.

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  6. MaryfromMarin says:

    “There’s a better candidate over THERE” is what this logo says to me.

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  7. jwoop66 says:

    sounds like normal politics to me. It is the beginning of the 2016 process; diblasio will fully endorse her when the time comes, if she is still in it. This meant nothing. Her people probably planned this. This would be a good article if on mainstream media, but to us, the choir, is unnecessary. I don’t expect this to be posted.


    • TheLastDemocrat says:

      Crikey! -jwoop has it-

      This is what they have been up to.

      OMG I see how they will attempt the audaciously unbelievable. Maybe: they have already planned a set of democrats to heartily object, based on some specific weakness. One after the other. Each waiting to hear, “Loose the hounds!” Each has a great bark. The weaknesses get aired in the public sphere, and arrive at some point of “resolution,” AKA disinterest, AKA public fatigue.

      Here is the genius: when conservatives bring up these very same weaknesses, the complaints will fall on deaf ears, and will be met with talking points that have already been flayed about. And – no topic will be anything new; we have been yapping about Benghazi for two years, let’s move on. We have been yapping about the blanked home server for two years now – move on. The Justice Dept has not even made a move, so shut up.

      If jwoop is right, this will work if the condescension works. You raise the issue and you get ostracized or embarrassed. Conservatives get one treatment, and Faux-cahontas or whomever get another, party-specific treatment.

      As Hiraly’s weaknesses are hashed out in the media with progressives (seemingly in the spontaneous heat of the battle but actually well-planned), notes are taken. If a conservative brings up something later, the dems will say: one – we just ran over this topic pretty well two months ago; where were you, you slow-minded ignoramus? or two – here is our vetted answer: what matter does it make, Bush did it as well, etc.


    • dginga says:

      He said he’s not ready to endorse her YET. She hasn’t gone to his office and kissed his…ring and asked for his endorsement in return for whatever political favors he wants plus a first-round draft pick to be named later. That’s all that means. Besides, who cares what deBlasio thinks anyway? He has no political power.


  8. Lou says:

    why is DiBlasio even getting air time?


  9. Jay Rice says:

    She’s too far right for the dingbat Mayor


  10. Stormy says:

    Oh, the irony of De Blasio being chewed up and spit out by the very group he usually chews and spits with… hahaha 😆


  11. moe ham head says:

    he is waiting to endorse obozo for his 3rd term

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  12. Susan M. says:

    He probably wants to be promised the VP job first.


  13. beaujest says:

    Stinking Commie DeBlasio !


  14. The best scenario? She Vince Fosters him AND gets caught


  15. RJ says:

    My choice for first “woman” President…Bruce Jenner!

    As a former spear chucker (Javelin event) she/he knows about going the distance!

    As a former high jumper, he/she knows how to get over on others!

    As to our “new and improved” Wheaties spokeswoman, she knows what’s best for our kids!

    Plus, I love the new hair!


  16. peachteachr says:

    I just read in one of Drudge’s headlines that Chelsea will play a large part in Hillary’s White House. So is Chelsea the next president after Hillary? They also noted that Bill Clinton wasn’t mentioned anywhere in her roll out. Why Hillary? He’s the fun one when you are running.


  17. cali says:

    God in Heaven is still in charge – my faith lies with him in doing what de sees fit!
    The State Department IG has started an actual investigation of Huma Abedin – how she obtained the employment at the State Department while also working and collecting salary from Teneo as well her direct employment by the Clinton Initiative while at the same time working for Hillary in the state department and collecting salary there.
    Since Podesta invited all major players in the msn this past Friday and personally cooking lunch fr them – it was a strategy session in how to cover the Hillary campaign.
    Of course hllary will also drag Chelsia and her young baby along on many campaign trips – using it as a prop to introduce her as a doting grand mother.
    One months before Hillary stepped down from the SOS – she entered into a trade agreement with Marocco in lieu of a price tag of 100 million dollars paid to the Clinton foundation.

    Her recent meeting with Obama in the white was an agreement for Obama to support her campaign as long as she keeps the Iran deal and all other laws/policies enacted since 2008.

    The Clinton foundation is nothing more than a major money laundering operation and should or need to be audited. Too much money went there during her SOS stint and it needs to be known what favors she promised.

    In the end – I do not believe this woman to be the next president; she’s washed up and recycled once to many times – some young whippersnapper will appear and snatch it right from under her.


    • Mr. Izz says:

      I have a strong faith in God, but God does not control people.

      Hillary is one of the worst candidates in the history of the United States, but that doesn’t matter. The media sways people, low-information voters swing elections, and money buys votes and power. Hillary has all three.

      God has nothing to do with it.


  18. lisaginnz says:

    Prepare for Hillary #PreparationH


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