Garry Kasparov Discusses President Obama Foreign Policy: “I think we are now facing disaster beyond belief”…

Garry Kasparov: Negative impact. I think we are now facing disaster beyond belief. Obama should understand that normalization of relations with any country means a two-way street. And now we can see it in only one way. The deal with Iran, we hear two opposite stories. And not just about little things here or there; not commas and a couple letters.

You know, the fundamental differences in most of the substantial points in the deal. Then he shakes hands with Raul Castro. Shaking hands with a dictator, you know a hand covered in blood. You have to get something in exchange. There are still hundreds and hundreds of political prisoners in Cuba. It seems Obama wants his PR opportunities and he’s furiously defending his policy attacking GOP, attacking… while offering an olive branch to those who are attacking the values of the free world around the globe.

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17 Responses to Garry Kasparov Discusses President Obama Foreign Policy: “I think we are now facing disaster beyond belief”…

  1. Jeffrey says:

    One more voice shouting in the gale… How the GOP can sit and do nothing only makes sense in one scenario. Obama, Jarrett and Clinton could easily be convicted of TREASON.

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  2. Centinel2012 says:

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    I, for one, am very concerned that this is moving toward WW III and not something simple like the last 14 years.

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  3. justfactsplz says:

    If Obama is allowed to complete his term in office much destruction is coming our way. Impeach him already.

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  4. Jett Black says:

    For a viable charge of treason, we would have to have a preceding legal declaration of war against some entity. I’ve always thought it disingenuous when, immediately post-9/11, people said we couldn’t declare war against a non-state actor. Yet we knew then and know today who the organizations are who should be declared enemies of this nation and of our allies (I would include the Demonrats, RINOs, and La Raza in that list, but I digress). There was and is no reason not to declare war on Al Qaeda, ISIS, Iran, Boko Haram, and identifiable groups in Yemen. Turkey is on the verge b/c of its depradations against the Kurds and support of ISIS. Then, when an American gives them aid and comfort or leaks information affecting our efforts to defeat those actors, they can be charged with and punished (executed) for treason. A declaration of war carries another positive attribute–a majority in congress must “declare war,” signaling dedication of the nation to the cause of defeating the enemy. There have only been 5 formally declared wars in our nation’s history–none since WWII.

    What <0, Holder, and behind them, Jarrett, Shrillery, and Fauxcahontas, et al. are doing is blatant “sedition.” Their immigration policy (words and actions), alone, is sufficient to convict.


  5. John Galt says:

    Kasparov: 1st or 2nd best chess player EVER. 194 IQ, extraordinary memory.

    Obozo: affirmative action choom ganger

    It is extremely likely that Kasparov has 80+ IQ points over Obozo. Kasparov discussing Obozo’s foreign policy “strategy” is like Kasparov analyzing a pigeon’s chess game.

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  6. lovely says:

    Raul Castro is no different than the other dictators and dictator wannabes who Obama idolized as a youth and bows to as a man.


  7. manickernel says:

    …and so it begins. Russia uses interim to re-establish trade.


  8. lisaginnz says:

    Wise up Garry – this is EXACTLY how Valerie wants it. O-golfer-in-chief was just hired to act the role of potus…. perfect for his narcissistic personality. Good for USA? Left is AGAINST. Pro Islam? You BETCHA…. and so forth


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