Take Them At Their Word: Iran Might Destroy Us | Bill Whittle

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49 Responses to Take Them At Their Word: Iran Might Destroy Us | Bill Whittle

  1. georgiafl says:

    Year after year, since even before Obama, Iranians, Somalis, Sudanese, Malaysians, Syrians, Chechens, Romanians, Iraqis, etc. have poured into the USA – either as ‘students’ ‘refugees’ or by way of our intentionally porous borders. We have opened our doors to trouble, hatred, disease, crime, sedition.

    Year by year, our elected officials have become more brazenly traitorous, dishonest, unscrupulous, ignoring the law when it suits them, enforcing it unevenly.

    Illegals are now given more preference than taxpayers/citizens.

    Our leaders are allowing them to vote, drive, and even become law enforcement.


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    • Michael Dixon says:

      Yes, thanks to the naive, superficial, shallow, gullible and just plain stupid Democrat voters in 2008 and 2012. They ushered in the twilight zone. They elected a man about whom they knew practically nothing, a man devoid of any significant accomplishment that would qualify him for any high office, much less the highest in the land.

      They voted for a cool rock-star kind of guy with stage presence and the ability to read teleprompters and mesmerize his devotees. They bought it, including the fainting women at his speeches, until that ruse began to wear thin. Fainting women, more than any other gaggle of voters, epitomize Obama voters: dazed and unconscious worshipers.

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    • albee says:

      Same up here with some accuracy regarding our inability to find the so called “refugees and oppressed” who some how made it past our immigration board
      However at least our Prime Minister has the balls to say we will “not give one ounce of comfort to those who wish to come and kill us”
      Our jets are now comrades with yours to bombard the terrorist shi*t in their bases

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  2. georgiafl says:

    As a child, I well remember Kruschev’s words, “We will bury you.”

    It wouldn’t be that hard to do these days. Many have grown up not to value freedom and truth.

    Mohammedans, Communists and Fascists may conquer us, but they will only create their usual hell-holes, and systems of corruption, elitism, cronyism, oligarchy. That is because their systems are flawed and evil. They ignore and counterfeit GOD at their peril.

    Here is the result of Obama’s community organizing handiwork in Chicago:

    Here is Kruschev’s and Company’s handiwork in East Germany – before and after it has been liberated. http://www.spiegel.de/fotostrecke/photo-gallery-east-germany-s-transformation-fotostrecke-59943.html

    East Germany’s economy is still not healthy. Russia and its satellites may never recover from their evil communist systems.

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  3. F.D.R. in Hell says:

    My bad.

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  4. John Galt says:

    Nice historical perspective, but I think Obozo goes beyond stupid and naive, all the way to evil. I think destruction of the US and Israel are on his bucket list.

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  5. joe says:

    Nemesis will not bother Obama. He follows Lenin’s prescription — worse is better.


  6. smiley says:

    I wonder who listens to history much anymore.
    those who remember WW2 or its aftermath, and who remember Kennedy, Kruschev and Castro, and The Cold War…and even Vietnam, Red China…and then the fall of The Shah of Iran and the slow rise of the Islamic threat…can recognize the signs of history repeating itself.
    for those who can’t or don’t or won’t remember, and who are ignorant of history, there are the lone voices like Churchill in his day, and now Netanyahu and others, to WARN us, based on past performance , who is to be trusted and who is to be considered an enemy.
    how can we have gotten to this point, again?
    answer : the pervasiveness of evil intent, and the false, presumptive arrogance that “it” will never happen again.

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  7. Be Ge says:

    With all due respect, there is no real way for Iran to bomb the US flat to the ground. The only entity with realistic capacities of turning the US or parts thereof into radioactive ashes (and yes, take their word for it, it is exactly what the russian propagandists are saying on their TV, which most Americans, obviously, cannot appreciate, knowing little foreign languages in general and Russian in particular) is the Commie/KGB run Russia with crazy Waldemar Putler in uncle Joe’s throne. Apparently, Barry’s nameset does not include Gaius Julius, he cannot multitask and take on both Russia and Iran at the same time. I do not fully understand this part of the game by the current administration, but I do not pretend I do or that I know better. Economically weakening Russia (which is easy to do the Reagan way by keeping the oil/gas prices low, given it is still a hydrocarbon-powered cleptocracy or gas station on drugs, as per Senator McCain) to the point they will not be able to sustain and recreate their nuclear arsenals (which is closer than you might imagine) is in the best interests of the United States of America.

    I do not know if this is a well-known fact, but nukes are not like, say, tanks or guns in that there do exist natural / physics mandated limits in their stockpiling. Imagine you have a perfectly working freshly produced SS-18 “Satan” with 10x1MT warheads. Dream of Kim the Heir, huh. Remember you do not really wager real wars with nukes, only psychological ones. So, “Satan” is there, you can threaten the Western world all you want for all eternity due to high price of a human live here, but the problem is plutonium, being radioactive, decays with time. While you can stockpile energy-grade plutonium easily, bomb-grade plutonium is different. In 15 years from now, your 1MT warheads left at their virgin state will blow only @ 50kt or may not even blow properly at all (ok, for us even a dirty bomb with a conventional HE or a mini-Abomb of 1kT TNT in the Big Apple is unacceptable damage). In 25 years (which could be 5 years or 35 years depending on the tech of the bomb and a gozilion of other circumstances) your bomb is no good. You need a whole expensive industry of uranium enrichment, plutonium production, plutonium extraction/enrichment and bomb repacking to really maintain your huge nuclear em…fist. In fact, this is one of the factors behind countries like Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan yielded to Kremlin and Whitehouse combined blackmail to give up their nukes in exchange for phony “security assurances” (grave mistake) — as they did not have anything like a complete cycle as described above. Russia’s last plutonium plant has been shut down in 2011. In some time, provided the Russkies are put in an economic arse-of-the-world position, Russian “nuclear fist” will stop being one. In the meanwhile, weakening is not destruction and you don’t want to really destroy Russia, as the only party to fully benefit from that weakening is China, another global player with capacity or aspirations of reaching the capacity of really destroying the US. Mind you, PPPA-GDP-wise the Chinese are already ahead of us, and it will not be long before it is an absolute figure advantage.
    Geopolitical chess is a complicated matter. I will not be surprised if Obozo screws it up, but the Iranian “deal” is not, JIMHO, a fatal screwup, as crazy as it may sound.

    Take a look at mr. Kim and his nuke, which he has 1 or 2 of. One may think the fact that he has those nukes enables him to exist the way he does and do all sorts of nasty things with the Western (Japan and South Korea are “the West”, just in case) leaders embracing the suck — because of the fear of Kim bombing the civilized world. I tend to not see it this way. I can fairly well see South Korea, esp. with some US help, destroying the north korean military and preventing the primitive a-bomb powered Taepodongs from even taking off. I can also see why no South Korean leader will seriously consider this or any other form of “merging” the countries (although he or she would be in trouble publicly admitting his or her #1 goal was not to unite the country). There are very few remaining people who remember how it was before the 1950s. These elderly people are the only thing in the entire world that keeps the word “Korea” meaning the whole peninsula alive. Apart from them — those are two different nations, one living in the 21st (or 22nd? go figure) century, and another one — living in a mix of middle ages and commie gulag. Read stories about hardships of integrating North-Korean defectors/escapees into South Korean society. Hell yeah, the Germans are still fighting off differences between Ossies and Wessies (both being civilized and industrialized powers with no gulag or holodomor ever taking place) — what d’ya think it will take the Koreans to pot-melt 20+M braindamaged commies? Hence, mr. Kim.

    If you turn Iran into consumer society — they will not really be enemies of the civilized world. Enjoying civilization is an infectious disease of a sort. I don’t know if Barry (or anyone, for that matter) can succeed in this inoculation, but I can well see the attempt.

    That said, I’d begin putting the best anti-missile weapon systems in Israel. You don’t let down your friends who did not cheat upon you, you don’t weasel out of your deals/treaties when you feel like (Waldemar Putin idea of being sovereign is like that — you follow your treaties when you want or withdraw when you want) and you keep the train of civilization going forward. The White Man’s Burden….


    • Michael Dixon says:

      Your words could easily have come from Rand Paul or another libertarian regarding foreign policy: engage in commerce and cultural exchange with foreign countries, not war.

      “If you turn Iran into consumer society — they will not really be enemies of the civilized world. Enjoying civilization is an infectious disease of a sort. I don’t know if Barry (or anyone, for that matter) can succeed in this inoculation, but I can well see the attempt.”

      For that matter, the United States is supposed to be a consumer society, but that can happen again only when we go back to work and are making money. That’s not the intention of the current Marxist regime.


      • Be Ge says:

        Yet and still, the only guy with red button large enough for us to be anyhow scared is crazy kaiser Waldemar Putin, not the ayatollah. Even if the ayatollah gets a mini-one of his own, the massive industry (missing now) and undownable delivery systems (missing now and likely missing in the future) are not there and will not be there for him to make us radioactive ashes. Unlike mr. Putin, though.

        One of the more innocent videos. Caps are translatable into English with good enough a quality to understand what needs to be understood.


        • smiley says:

          with due respect ( you’re very knowledgeable), you might be missing one other point in this.
          its not just “the bomb”.
          The Corker Bill.
          O has to certify to Congress that Iran is not engaging in acts of war against us.
          how can he do that ?
          he can’t.
          Iran has been and is as we speak linked to and sponsors of virulent anti-American, anti Israel terrorism.
          Netanyahu has been trying to make this point.
          this admin intends to strike a “deal” w/ such a known venal enemy as Iran.
          this is WORSE than the circumstances surrounding The Munich Agreement, imo.


          • Be Ge says:

            You may remember I said it here multiple times amidst the hype — Ebola, being a glorified bloody virus-bourne diarrhea on steroids it is, cannot really harm the developed world, US inclusive. Sh*t-touch/corpse-touch spread does not work in the “white” part of the world in the 21st century. Were is Ebola hype now? Remember what I was called?

            Likewise I believe Iran, let’s just face it, cannot be a viable military threat to the mainland US — neither now, nor in 10/20 or even 30 years, no matter what the crazy ayatollah may say or do. Being one, a viable threat that is, requires a huge and a very specialized nuclear industry, proper missile tech and at least a triade of delivery means. Russkies, on the other hand, have everything, including a leader who cannot be dealt with. I frankly do not know who’s worse – 0bozo or Putler. In Putler’s own words, Russian sovereignty equals the possibility of withdrawal from any deal or treaty without notice once Kaiser Waldemar / other Tzar believes the said deal is no longer a good deal for Russia. So fck Budapest, fck bilateral agreements with places (by no means nations/states) like Ukraine or Georgia, f*ck Soviet hydrocarbon agreements with Europe ’cause if I want to use gas pipes as a weapon I will, and so on. If you think Putler is doing something good for the Russian people — think again. He is not even a Russian nationalist (traded ethnic Russians for gas in Turkmenistan back in 2004), and the only place were Russia seems to care about Russians are its neighboring countries (never anything inside Russia) — to justify aggression. That said mister Putler near-openly threatens nuclear strikes if the West attempts to say, help Ukraine with restoration of its territorial integrity and Putler’s propagandists, worth at least 1G$/year for outside-of-Russia part of the machine, keep reminding _urbi et orbi_ Russia still has what it takes to make the US a radioactive desert. There sure are coordinate system(s), if you will, whereby acts of mr. Putin make perfect sense. There probably exists one making 0bozo perfectly explainable. I just do not happen to live in either one, sorry, and for that reason, cannot determine “who’s more logical”.

            That said, I would’ve taken certain steps to protect Israel who is a legitimate target for the crazy Ayatollah if he gets the nukes — something 0bozo does not seem to be doing. Well, the burden of the white man is a hard one, and mr. Zero has the race card to opt out of it anyway.


          • Be Ge says:

            As far as picking up the modern version of Munich-1938 crisis goes, I’d still have Russia in place of the Nazi Germany, not Iran. The sheer power compares that way. Giving the West all it can handle with numerous civilian victims and possibly (like I said, nukes degrade and I don’t have realistic data on how much have the Russian nukes degraded) an apocalypse of a planetary scale — in case of a serious military conflict — sounds more like Russia, much more than it does Iran.

            Hey, it may not be as bad as it seems. Just came across this twitter post:


            Hours after the #talks, Americans offered a fact sheet that most of it was contrary to what was agreed.They always deceive and #breach promises.

            Well said about the 0bozo regime, mr. Ayatollah.


        • Michael Dixon says:

          From what I can tell, Putin acts much more rationally than does Obama. The major threat of nuclear deployment is from the neo-cons in this country who aren’t satisfied unless we are in a perpetual state of war. These people truly are insane, and they are in control of their puppet president Obama and of the Pentagon. It is their red button that we should fear.


      • smiley says:

        and its not all there is to this.
        The Corker Bill.
        big problem for O b/c he can’t certify to Congress that Iran is not involved in “acts of war against The USA”….Iran is connected to and has ties to anti-US terror.
        it serves Iran ideologically and strategically.
        so why are we even considering ANY “deal” with such a known and proven enemy ?
        its the PRINCIPLE of this, imo.
        not to mention the sly deceitful manner in which this is being pulled on us, if we’re not paying attention, or even listening.


    • yankeeintx says:

      “If you turn Iran into a consumer society”, isn’t that what they once were?


      • Be Ge says:

        yes and no, Iran was always a relatively trade-friendly society, and yes, zealots/fascists sometimes take over even pretty reasonable societies like, say, Germans, but 21st century consumerism is a whole different animal in terms of sweet vs whip thing, esp. after a good whipping with sanctions. I guess the younger generation of Persians is a bit tired of endless allakhuakbar insanity, and the very fact that there exists someone to talk to from the other side (unthinkable under Akhmadinejad) does mean something. I cannot really tell how much that something is — the global chess game has become a bit too complicated for part-time observers like myself.


  8. Tristan says:

    Here is my take
    I was a police officer during the San Francisco Zebra killings It was not just the murders of about 15 White San Franciscans by well organized black muslims . There were about 225 Whites murdered by black Muslims all over the state
    Things have not changed since 1975

    I don’t think any locals are involved It’s my opinion that there is a group of Memphis blacks driving around randomly killing any vulnerable White the come across It happens much more than the general public knows Even killing Whites during robberies is about the killing the White and the 40 dollars in the wallet is just incidental

    I think they were driving around looking for a victim rear ended her and set the fire.


  9. auscitizenmom says:

    Yikes! Scary video.


  10. Lorra B. says:

    Reblogged this on The Silent Soldier and commented:

    As ‘Georgiafl’ pointed out and in the words of Kruschev’s, “We will bury you.”


  11. John Galt says:

    The Iranians must think we’re a nation of wimps. I wonder what gave them that impression?



  12. czarowniczy says:

    Iran’s destruction of the would be piecemeal. Go back to 2005ish when (and I’m rep[eating myself) Iran tried to start an oil bourse that would value Mideast (i.e. ‘most’) international oil sales in a market basket of currencies, replacing the US dollar as the defacto tool of valuation. That didn’t go far but now Russia’s adding it’s 2-cents worth and floating the same idea.
    We have Russia calling the shots in the Med, Mideast and SW Asia now, with Iran and Turkey as its proxies. In the next month or so Iran will control ALL of the choke-points for the transshipment of oil and cargo through the Persian Gulf and Red Sea – that includes the Suez Canal where Russia’s climbing back into bed with Egypt. Russia will have naval control of the eastern Med west to Italy and eventually I expect to see Russian ground and air assets in the area.
    Russia now controls, and looks to increase its strangle hold, on European energy, expanding its control to Latin and South America use while the Dork in Chief pushes wind, sunshine and magic leprechaun power here – abandoning our commitments to protecting US energy access to the Mideast.
    It’s not so much Iran and Russia actively attacking the US but using the same economic warfare against us we used against them – while the POtuS et al sit back and pick their noses. Might want to start putting that periodic ‘survivalist’ post thread up again.

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