Inconvenient Truths From Jeanine Pirro…

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16 Responses to Inconvenient Truths From Jeanine Pirro…

  1. LEE JAN says:

    Shapiro???????? Her name is Pirro.

    Correction made. -Admin


  2. Michael Dixon says:

    Does any thinking person think we, the United States, can dictate to Iran whether or not it can have the same things we and several other countries have: nuclear weapons? What hubris, and what stupidity. As Judge Jeanine names the other accomplishments of the Obamao regime, this “deal” is simply the latest. A country that can’t control its southern border is hardly a country that can control another country’s nuclear development. How the Iranians (and their friends, the Russians) must be laughing.

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    • doodahdaze says:

      Now Bozo is flying them in on taxpayer money and offering free benefits to boot. He will get worse. Nobody is trying to stop him. We are going past decline and in to the actual fall of the country.

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      • smiley says:

        the little window of “payback” opportunity is closing.
        the world knows it.
        enemies take advantage of it.
        former allies re-align.
        Americans are caught in the headlights.

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      • Michael Dixon says:

        Right. If he flies them in, the border becomes irrelevant. Fly them in directly from Central America and Mexico becomes irrelevant. The coyotes and human smugglers become irrelevant. Get them set up with housing and welfare, and eventually bring more family members. A few voices like ours are the only ones expressing concern about this influx of immigrants. The vast majority of Americans are fine with it, or so it seems.


      • bitterlyclinging says:

        “The Fundamental Transformation Of America” like the caissons “Just keeps rolling along”. The people had no idea what Obama meant when he said it, but his eyes were always fixed on the prize, The Mahdi’s seat in the Mosque Of The Hidden Imam. And you thought Andreas Lubitz was fiendish?


    • RJ says:

      Laughing? Who’s laughing here?

      This is tragedy, tragedy for America and it’s allies (many now becoming “former” in reality) beyond belief.

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    • This day, this sad day, will live in infamy. This is the day the American people surrendered their pride, their culture, their freedom and their empire to Iran. America voted for Teheran’s servant twice, and would do so again if they could.


  3. cali says:

    When Iranian leadership tells everyone who listens that Obama is lying to us – we should take heart!
    I do not belief anything coming from this president due to his repeated duplicity and outright lies – once a liar – always a liar!
    The Iranian leadership said loudly after Obama’s statement that he was lying; the defector who was present in these ‘capitulation negotiations’ also said that Kerry was doing Iran’s bidding – now who to belief?
    As Mrs. Pirro stated although in a question: “Are we sleeping with the enemy?” The answer is clearly – ‘Yes’!

    On a side note: The Koran recommends that any lie to advance islam is supported and preferred!

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  4. John Galt says:

    Jeanine Pirro – Easter bunny


  5. Anton says:

    Hey Rupert…Who do you think America trusts? Jeanine Pirro or Chris Wallace ??? Hands down Pirro –so why have Wallace lie to us on Sunday morning?

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