Look, Squirrel !! – Senator Bob Menendez Charged Today – Same Day As Critical Iranian Nuclear Talks Peak…

Democrat Senator Bob Menendez was one of the more openly public critics of the Obama administration’s acquiescence toward Iran gaining a nuclear weapon.

The negotiations are at a critical point.  Growing numbers of both Democrats and Republicans are openly criticizing the Obama/Kerry weak and inept diplomatic stumbling toward an agreement that IS NOT in the national interests of the U.S. or Allies.

Obamabob menendez

How do Denis McDonough, Ben Rhodes, Valerie Jarrett and Tony Blinkin remove the oxygen from the media firestorm of criticism. Why, via Eric Holder of course.

WASHINGTON DC – Sen. Bob Menendez has been charged with using his office to improperly benefit a Florida eye doctor and political donor.

A federal grand jury on Wednesday indicted the New Jersey Democrat on charges including conspiracy to commit bribery and wire fraud.

Prosecutors had been investigating whether Menendez improperly advocated for the business interests of Dr. Salomon Melgen, including by intervening on the doctor’s behalf in a medical billing dispute.

Menendez has acknowledged that he flew on Melgen’s private plane to the Dominican Republic and failed at first to properly pay for the trips. He later made reimbursements.

Menendez, the top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, has previously said he’s done nothing wrong and that he and Melgen have been close friends for a long time. (link)

Menendez was indicted on a total of 14 charges: one count of conspiracy, one count of violating the Travel Act, eight counts of bribery, three counts of honest services fraud and one count of making a false statement.

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10 Responses to Look, Squirrel !! – Senator Bob Menendez Charged Today – Same Day As Critical Iranian Nuclear Talks Peak…

  1. janetsumr says:

    Notice that most of the media outlets don’t say DEMOCRATIC Senator. Now, if he was Republican…


  2. lilbirdee'12 says:

    Zero and Holder must be really pizzed off at Menendez….a Republican governor (is he really?) will likely fill his seat with a fellow Repub.!


  3. sundance says:

    Senator Menendez will give a public statement at 7:00pm tonight.


  4. rmnewt says:

    Menendez was the first Dem to stray from the Obama script in his criticism of O’s foreign policy. This indictment is a strong message to the rest of the flock.
    Would be nice to see the Republicans throw him a lifeline and open the door for others to speak the truth on everything from IRS to Iran to Benghazi.
    I’ll not hold my breadth.

    Liked by 1 person

    • auscitizenmom says:

      THIS is why so many of the Congress of the United States are not standing for for us. They have things like this hanging over their heads.


      • solomonpal says:

        Absolutely! Let’s not forget about every justice official, cabinet members, senior military and agency heads. The NSA has done a thorough job gathering the goods on all these corrupt elites. Meanwhile the army practices NDAA with the American public in Florida and Texas and they think it’s neat.


  5. John Galt says:

    Meanwhile, Obozo has drawn yet another red line.


  6. BitterC says:

    I remember when is story broke…about a week before 2012 elections. I had seen a heads up that Drudge was about to release a BIG story and I was hoping it would be about Obama.

    I am disgusted it’s been over 2 years since this info became public and is only being used now since Menendez is straying from the Obama script. Kinda like how Peace Prize held a sword over Petraeus’ head.

    We have far too many criminals in DC. Of course, it would look too partisan to go after them, since most are Dems…Reid,Lerner,Holder,Kennedy (Patrick-State Dept), Cheryl Mills, Hillary,Brennan, enough!


  7. cali says:

    Menendez is not one of my favorite politicians but I have to give him credit where credit is due because he fought a good fight regarding Iran which most likely set this charge against him into motion.
    I would also like to mention Weinstein – the Hollywood Producer; he used to be a big supporter of this current president; that is until he made a public statement last week regarding anti-Semitism and Israel. He said: “Everybody that is anti-Semitic and anti-Israel needs to be punished; go out there and if you see one of them – kick their a**es and kick them hard!”
    A few days later and out of the blue – a young woman claims that he ‘groped’ her. Weinstein’s publicist denies this charge.
    I do not believe this to be a co-incidence and just like Menendez – Weinstein and his defense of Israel and anti-Semitism calling on all supporters and jewish people in Hollywood to stand up for the Jews and Israel.
    This administration and their gang will not take any criticism of themselves or performance!


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