D’oh – Smartest President Ever Calls Afghanistan President Ghani, The Wrong Name: “President Karzai” (video)….

Despite frequent indications to the contrary, leftists continue to proclaim the intellect of President Obama. However, during a press conference today the real intellect surfaces.

In a press conference to announce that there will be no troop drawdown in Afghanistan this year, Obama referred to Afghan President Ashraf Ghani as “President Karzai” while he was standing right next to him. (read more)

A little more than a month ago Dear Leader referred to James Franco as “James Flacco” while talking about Sony’s decision to pull “The Interview” from theaters over a hacking scandal at the hands of North Korea.

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27 Responses to D’oh – Smartest President Ever Calls Afghanistan President Ghani, The Wrong Name: “President Karzai” (video)….

  1. Tracer Round says:

    Good thing they were not at a state dinner, President Ghani might have choked and needed a corpseman……..

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  2. John Galt says:

    They must have really good weed in Pakistan. Crappy pot head student with crappy grades and crappy SAT scores goes to crappy college, then takes mysterious trip to Pakistan and returns as genius.

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  3. Linda says:

    and becomes a crappy president.

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  4. rsmith1776 says:

    A relevant quote from the master of British wit, P. G. Wodehouse:

    He had been looking like a dead fish. He now looked like a deader fish, one of last year’s, cast up on some lonely beach and left there at the mercy of the wind and tides.

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  5. texan59 says:

    Can we all just agree on the fact that the dim’s POtuS is a dum-bass. ‘Nuf said. 🙄

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  6. aprilyn43 says:

    Obama is such an embarrassment – I am so embarrassed by Obama ! A no nothing, do nothing, idiot!

    Jimmy Carter should be praising and thanking God that “Jimmy” will no longer be known as America’s worst president.

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  7. joanfoster says:

    Had George Bush done this the MSM would be lit up like the fourth of July fireworks all week pontificating on Bush’s ignorance and embarrassment to the country.


  8. Must have been a fly on the teleprompter.


  9. EdWatts says:

    He sure stammers a LOT without his TelePrompTer. And, yes, it did appear that he was a bit “stoned”! The funny thing is that he doesn’t really get any dumber when he’s high; he just looks sleepy and makes that same stupid gesture with his hands, no matter the subject.


  10. watcher says:

    How many states am I representing ?

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