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The Ever Rabid Leftist Ideology Of The Media Exemplified Through Israeli Election (Video)…

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Farewell Dear Friend…

Treepers, it is with a heavy heart we note the passing of a long time Treeper Jordan2222 (formerly Jordan2). We recently found out our cyber friend passed away last month. Originally joining the CTH community as “Jordan2” (in April 2012 … Continue reading

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The Latest “#F**k The Police” Cause Celeb: Martese Johnson, Virginia – But Is He Hashtag Worthy?…

Several elements are needed to qualify as #hashtag worthy for the #F**kThePolice and “Black Lives Matter” movement.   At 4:21 am today the qualifications were once again met. √ A liberal geography. √ A professional victim class. √ A community infected with political … Continue reading

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The Criminal Arrogance Of Hillary Clinton

Also available, with text and comments, at Truth Revolt

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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The Soccer Ball and Teddy Bear Provider Says He’s Frustrated About GOP Position on Illegal Aliens and Obamacare…

Seeing this bantered about via various sites is laughable. Glenn Beck announces he’s done with the GOP because they’ve lied about enforcing laws on illegal immigration and removing Obamacare constructs. Or something. Beck is one of those financially dependent logic … Continue reading

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Associated Press: Obama Administration Sets Record For Censoring / Hiding Government Information….

The AP reports on what is already well known and accepted. The Obama administration is the least transparent administration ever evaluated. WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration set a record again for censoring government files or outright denying access to … Continue reading

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President Stompy Feet Didn’t Want To Congratulate Netanyahu on Election – Told Secretary Kerry To Call…

After the White House and State Dept. did everything legally possible, and some things potentially illegal too, to see Benjamin Netanyahu lose election – President Obama did not want to call Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to congratulate him on … Continue reading

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19 Tourists Killed By ISIS Aligned Jihadists In Tunisia – Former Epicenter of Islamist Spring…

Tunisia was the original economic and cultural tinderbox that ignited the 2010 “Islamist Spring” – as the Tunisian economy could not support the seemingly endless flow of N African nationals trying to reach Europe. When Tunisia’s Ben Ali and Libya’s … Continue reading

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The Islamic Infiltration of our Government

This video is five years old, but as relevant as it was in 2010.

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