Obama Administration: “The United States has great respect for the religious importance of a fatwa”…

The White House says they have respect for Islamic religious fatwa’s, yet the same White House is suing several Christian organizations who don’t comply with the various constructs of the Obama decrees.  Think about that for a moment.

I saved this picture from an Egyptian news outlet because the look on Jordan’s King Abdullah is priceless….

(Via New York Times) The United States has “great respect for the religious importance of a fatwa,” Mr. Kerry told reporters during a visit to Egypt on Saturday, alluding to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s much publicized edict against the development of nuclear weapons. But negotiators, Mr. Kerry said, needed an agreement that would “guarantee that Iran’s program will be peaceful now and peaceful forever.”

Kerry in egypt 3-14-15

In congressional testimony last week, Mr. Kerry acknowledged what 47 Republicans wrote in a letter to the Iranian leadership last week — that any “executive agreement” like this one, made without a vote in Congress, would not be legally binding on future presidents. But neither are other “executive agreements,” including the diplomatic opening to China and the accord that rid Syria of many of its chemical weapons. The White House and Mr. Kerry argue that any future president is highly unlikely to rescind the accord, particularly if Iran is complying with its terms.  (read more)

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55 Responses to Obama Administration: “The United States has great respect for the religious importance of a fatwa”…

  1. BertDilbert says:

    “the look on Jordan’s King Abdullah is priceless….”

    Kerry was probably telling him about the jobs for jihadist program.

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  2. RJ says:

    At some point in time one has to make a decision as to whether or not he/she is being conned by those who come before them and state they are looking out for them.

    I wouldn’t trust Kerry with a roll of my toilet paper, standing in my bathroom, saying he will provide me with the proper amount of paper as I may need it and as I may request it!

    Maybe he would offer me his “blue tie” if requested…


  3. cohibadad says:

    Not to defend them, but I think what they are saying is that a fatwa saying nukes aren’t allowed is all fine and dandy but they require a real agreement. So in effect, by saying they respect fatwas, they are really just saying a fatwa is meaningless to them. Standard political fluff.


  4. doodahdaze says:

    Unless he is stopped it may be time to start building fallout shelters again.


  5. ThankYou,Treepers says:

    The future can only belong to those with the clarity of thought, the courage of true faith and the passion for liberty to stand for the banishment of the treasonous criminal conspiracy that is the murderous hate cult of islam.

    islam is the devil’s major assault against the work of the Jew Jesus, Jesus being both God and The Son of God.

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  6. steffmckee says:

    Has Obozo ever heard of taqiyya?


  7. What does this new Orwellian Doublespeak mean? “The United States has great respect for the religious importance of a fatwa?” I don’t care about fatwas, at all. Does anyone else in the country care? Are we supposed to care about this as a matter or international law or something (I don’t care much for international law, either.)

    What on Earth is John Kerry talking about?

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  8. Father Paul Lemmen says:

    Reblogged this on A Conservative Christian Man.


  9. MaryfromMarin says:

    “Fatwas copacetic–check.”

    Scratch off one more obstacle to the full acceptance of Islamic governance in the US.


  10. jetstream says:

    Was Lurch leaking or was that seat a subtle insult?


  11. Dixie Darling says:

    Who is the guy on the right? Forgive my ignorance.


    • bofh says:

      The Paleostonian in cowboy boots? Abbas, I think…

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      • lastConservinIllinois? says:

        Comparing war stories, Theresa’s husband must be telling them about the time he got shot in the ass and was awarded a Purple Heart.


      • lastConservinIllinois? says:

        Yes, that is Abbas.

        He is Obama’s Muzz Bro’hood rep, making sure that James Taylor’s boyfriend us keeping true to the company line.


      • BigMamaTEA says:

        from the pic: (L-R) U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, Jordanian King Abdullah, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas meet on the sidelines of the Egypt Economic Development Conference in Sharm el-Sheikh March 13, 2015 (Photo: Reuters)


  12. EdWatts says:

    “Three Purple Hearts, eh?”


  13. F.D.R. in Hell says:

    It’s thread like this…
    about news like that…
    which leave me sad…
    and speechless.


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  15. allhail2 says:

    Dear Mr. Ketchup,

    You shut your clown whore mouth right now. You don’t speak for me. I don’t give a crap about their fatwa. So by definition, I really do not care about its religious importance either. Bring your whiny ass self down to the south and run that garbage up the flag pole at a meeting of true patriots and see how far it gets ya. You’ll be calling mommy VJ to get YOU down from the flag pole and have to explain to her that those are actually A-1 and mustard stains in your drawers.

    P.S. Tell Mrs. Marmalade to up your allowance so you can by a real bike for Pete’s sake, you sorry little girl man.

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  16. RadioMattM says:

    “Kerry argue that any future president is highly unlikely to rescind the accord, particularly if Iran is complying with its terms.”

    Nothing like a good dose of humor in the morning.

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