Selma 50th Anniversary – Where Was Bill and Hillary Clinton ? – UPDATE: New York Times Crops Picture To Remove President George W Bush

Yesterday Debbie Wasserman Schultz cropped a picture of President Obama on stage to remove the image of President George W Bush also being present. The first reason was obvious, bias. However, the second reason was more subtle – the absence of President Clinton and Hillary.

Today the New York Times cropped out President Bush for the same reason.

NYT crops bush

NYT not cropped


selma 4

Where was Bill and Hillary Clinton ?

Oh yeah, that’s right

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11 Responses to Selma 50th Anniversary – Where Was Bill and Hillary Clinton ? – UPDATE: New York Times Crops Picture To Remove President George W Bush

  1. happypappies says:

    Her head was exploding


  2. benzy says:

    Have you also noticed that Hillary’s name no longer appears in the title of the foundation? It is now known as the Bill and Chelsea Clinton Foundation. See? No more problem taking foreign donations, Hillary isn’t named

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  3. aprilyn43 says:

    Bill and Hillary are a self-centered, selfish, amoral couple… People! They don’t care about each other much less “other” people. People are just stepping stones to their success, and they walk, climb and use people as they wish. Oh, they discard them even faster.
    “People” serve one purpose to the “Clinton’s” – POWER!


  4. Move to the left, honkeys.

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  5. Robert Brown says:

    Americans are looking for true Conservative Heavy Hitters to lead and organize Patriots!

    We are at a point in our country that we have to do more than write and talk about our problems. It is time to take action and stop this president and his team from walking all over our freedom.

    I read and view videos on facebook and other sources and the producers are not happy with the condition of our country and who is running the show.

    We are losing the battle on several fronts because we just sit on our hands. A lot of us are tired of the griping by people and no action! I am extremely disappointed because I worked my rear off to try to get people active and off of their rumps and came up empty handed.

    My problem is I am just a little guy from Missouri with a tough bark. I feel like a small cocky beagle that does not back down but cant whip the Big Dog on the block! We are in a need for a Big Dog and when the Big Dog gets off the porch, other Big Dogs will join the pack!

    When the Big Dog pack gets active, this will bring other dogs to the battle.

    Freedom lovers of America need to work to get the Conservative Heavy Hitters active for America. This is a must and we all need to work to get them to use their computer, TV and radio shows to organize Americans. They have the ability to reach out to millions of concerned people and to put a stop to this nonsense.

    Our conservative politicians will take notice and will know we mean business!

    There are three things we can do to stop this runaway train. I will explain one of them and the other two I would like to discuss with our Big Dogs.

    We need to have thousands of people at the White House every Saturday protesting this administration. It is important to have our signs and also flyers to hand out to onlookers. We will get the facts and truth out to America. We will hit Obama and his minions with a vocal and strong push to expose the corruption and deceit of his leadership!

    Billboards in this area will have facts about what this corrupt person is doing to our country! They will be surrounding the White House and will be seen by millions!

    It is a must to have at minimum one Heavy Hitter at each protest! This person will be at the front speaking and rallying the Patriots! We can chant our views and make sure America and Obama sees and hears us!

    The media will report this news or we will go to their business and protest them for a lack of proper coverage! The failure to report the news is another reason we are in this mess.

    This action will take all of us working together to put a stop to this nonsense! We will do this with action and spreading the word all over the country! We are united and will defeat this evil that is working hard to destroy our Great Country!

    This is a call out for Rush, Mark Levin, The Donald, Sarah Palin, Michelle Malkin, Sean Hannity, Charles Krauthammer, Thomas Sowell, and etc. America needs you to step up to the plate and swing the bat! This is an urgent call to take action for the future of our country!

    Thank you

    Bob Brown

    Conservative Wisdom United

    Date: Sun, 8 Mar 2015 07:51:18 +0000 To:


  6. peachteachr says:

    I’m sure Hillary’s answer would be, “…and we ain’t in no ways tired.” They must be incensed. And, the Bushes were there. OMGosh! The democrats appear to be eating their own so I think I’ll just watch for a while.
    A big hat tip to Sen. Cruz for calling out the Melendez investigation as a political event. Let’s keep them on their heels and pray that there are still conservatives in the House and Senate.


  7. Moishe Pipik says:

    African Americans, by any measure, did better under the Bushes and the Clintons!

    Shame on the NYTimes for cropping out former President Bush.


  8. Michael Dixon says:

    Robert Brown speaks truth. All of our preaching to the choir on the Internet and on talk shows won’t get it. America is undergoing a revolution right now; only a counter-revolution has any chance of slowing down the movement to the left, much less reversing it.

    Re: the photo of the larger crowd at the Edmund Pettus Bridge, to my eye there’s a sea of light skinned faces with some black ones sprinkled in. Nothing wrong with that, just saying.


    • auscitizenmom says:

      No, there is nothing wrong with that. But, cropping the light skinned faces out to change the message certainly is. I remember an actress making the statement that no white person was ever involved in the Civil Rights Movement.


  9. cpa treaty says:

    George Bush is hero in south sudan for helpign end genocide and slavery


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