The White House Fear of Netanyahu Is at Fevered Pitch….

Everyone following the political dynamics of this administration knows their ‘poker tell’, it’s brutally obvious.

This administration shows their fear with the sheer rabidity of what they proclaim not to be doing.

Samantha Power - Susan Rice - President Obama

Today the White House, and every single senior official, is publically shouting about President Obama NOT going to watch the Benjamin Netanyahu speech to congress. A brutally transparent falsehood identified easily by the scope of the public protestations therein.

In order to fully understand what is at stake one only needs to accept the empirical reality that “control is a reaction to fear”. The absence of control breeds a fear that reaches fevered pitches when the causation is about to take stage. This is the sentiment echoing through the halls of the marbled executive branch and the offices at Foggy Bottom tonight as the professional political class try and cope with their fear.

But if control is the reaction to fear, and the lack of control stimulates a frenzied fear response, then what exactly is it that Team Obama fear so openly? As highlighted within this CNN presentation the answers are brutally obvious:

The White House doesn’t fear Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu contradicting President Obama per se’, that aspect they can deal with around a principle of disparate interests.   No, what the White House really fears is the exposure of their lies and falsehoods surrounding their claims of the actual construct of the Iranian deal itself.

The White House fears that Benjamin Netanyahu might specifically expose the fact that President Obama and Secretary Kerry have willfully lied to congress, and by extension the American electorate.

In a larger sense, this is EXACTLY the reason why Speaker Boehner has invited Netanyahu to speak.  Boehner knows the deceptive talking points involved.

With that in mind, last night (AIPAC) – Susan Rice began to construct the plausible deniability angle for the executive office with her presentation that “a bad deal is worse than no deal“. Rice even reiterated a point never stated before – that if a “bad deal” was the only option the White House would “walk away“.  This new claim is a failsafe position to fall back upon if Netanyahu openly exposes the dark underbelly of the Obama Iranian objective.

Barack Obama discusses IranRice doesn’t come by this Machiavellian maneuvering herself. These machinations are the result of Denis McDonough, Tony Blinkin, Ben Rhodes and Valerie Jarrett thinking though consequences and building escape hatches into the executive office strategy.

The current escape hatch is framed around being able to blame Netanyahu if Obama and Kerry need to back down from the deal. The Administration has painted themselves into a corner because they have espoused ad infinitum that an Iranian deal is a “must have”.

a-OBAMAIRAN-386x217The Iranians have used this weak U.S. position to their advantage because they have accepted the reality this U.S. administration is committed to some kind of deal, no matter what. Ultimately Iran is just leveraging their best possible outcome from any deal itself.

However, Netanyahu can be the escape hatch away from Obama’s painted corner. Yet, that escape route is dependent upon the scope of the delivery Netanyahu represents to Congress. Netanyahu understands this dynamic too, he’s too smart not to.

Netanyahu knows Team Obama has deceived the U.S. electorate. The question becomes does Bibi want to expose the deception, possibly undermine his own domestic political position, yet provide the escape route that might ultimately benefit Israel.

It is not difficult to see how this speech has wide ranging and consequential ramifications.

You can bet we’ll be watching, and you can bet the White House will be too – regardless of their contrary protestations.

netanyahu speech iran

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132 Responses to The White House Fear of Netanyahu Is at Fevered Pitch….

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    Heck. Not watch it??!!! They will probably have multiple recorders recording it so they can have a good copy to chop up and use later. {spit}

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  2. lastConservinIllinois? says:

    This is how cowards act.
    We are encountering the most dangerous threats in our country’s history and we have lying cowards at the helm.

    My only hope – when the SHTF – is that the “takers” get offed first.
    That would be poetic justice.

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  3. kinthenorthwest says:

    What is really weird though is how Obama is really in high gear on his speeches lately..
    Its like Obama don’t give a crap who knows where he stands anymore, and his True Colors are really showing. If Obama had been talking like he has been in the last couple of weeks in 2008, Obama would never have made it in any of the primaries. (Still wonder how many of them Obama actually won).

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    • Les says:

      I agree. Nothing is shocking anymore because of the constant flow of demoralizing tripe we have had heaped upon us by foreigners in our country. I don’t mean immigrants, I mean looney white people who have had enough sense to STHU before now. They are emboldened. Nothing is too low or too lame-brained or too shameful for them.

      This is just a bad spell. The truly weak in spirit never prosper for long. Nature will take care of it soon. The global warming folks are buried in snow and cold with the rest of us…

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    • Roy says:

      Agree with you 100%. I half expect him to admit he’s a Moslem.

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      • kinthenorthwest says:

        Roy i don’t think it will be long before we hear him on some platform declaring his Allegiance to the Koran and the Islamic religion.


  4. Plain Jane says:

    Another way to put their fear and hostility is, the guilty flee (panic) where no man pursues. Unless they are totally fearful of being pursued by truth.

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  5. lilbirdee'12 says:

    Zero is now saying he will talk to Bibi IF Bibi wins re-election. Zero best be realizing he is messing with a man of God who cherishes Israel and millions of American citizens who do also.

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  6. thesouthwasrght says:

    Said it before will say it again, much to the chagrin of sadly too many: do….not….screw….with…….God’s people.

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  7. TexasRanger says:

    Unbelievable –

    This is what Obama’s planning to do using his Immigration Reform by Executicve Action.! What’s Obama’s Plan For Us in his Deals With Iran and Cuba.? Obama’s Lies Are Never Ending.!

    Mark Levin’s Interview With Sue Payne – Immigration Feb-26-2015.!.

    Obama‘s Secret Plan – Immigration Reform “Task Force of New Americans”….

    Barack Obama and his administration appear to be social engineering us into a new America.

    Obama’s Immigration Reform does not just cover those who receive amnesty, it’s all the immigrants he is transporting from the all over the Middle East-Se, Africa, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Haiti, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Eritrea, Congo, Cuba and so on.

    Listen to this shocking and frightening interview:

    Full Story and Details:

    Immigration Reform Muslim Barack Hussein Obama Executive Action Order Islamic State Terrorist Extremist Jihad Muslim Brotherhood ISIS ISIL Takfiri ideology Jihadist. ISIS stands for The Islamic group of Iraq and Syria. ISIS is also known in Middle East circles as Da’ish. Iran Nuclear Talks Deal.

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    • wanthetruth says:

      Sounds as though satan is calling his people home. Unfortunately he’s turning / has turned America into that home. Stealing our birthright through deception, underhandedness, and pure evil.

      God and prayer is our only chance. Whatever does come though, we know God is in control. We can’t count on what we want to happen happening, but we can rest in His arms knowing He’s got us covered. One way or another.


  8. Sharon says:

    obama has no capacity for bluff and hasn’t had for a long time (except with the clumsy RINOs). He’s outmatched by reality when he wakes up every morning and it’s really stunning that they just keep on insisting 1) how smart they are, 2) how in control they are, and 3) how everybody else is wrong about everything.

    So much like three-year-olds with hands over eyes, saying, “You can’t see me!” who then start crying when someone does the old, “Gotcher nose -” and shows them a thumb that is now the child’s nose.

    There is a point where there really is no particular pleasure/schadenfreude in watching alleged adults publicly wetting their pants as they still peer at us snobbishly. What a piece of work they are.

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    • michellc says:

      Yep, they smirk at us just like Rice smirked at the AIPAC audience. Parents used to tell children that they would slap the smirk off their face, it’s past time an adult does more than threaten to slap the smirk off their faces.
      That’s what has them worried imho, it’s not what Congress learns or the American people learn, it’s more about what the world learns. Can’t have too many in on the loop too soon or their plan falls apart.

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    • taqiyyologist says:

      There is a point where there really is no particular pleasure/schadenfreude in watching alleged adults publicly wetting their pants as they still peer at us snobbishly.

      Sometimes I wish I were on Twitter.


    • 7delta says:

      He’s outmatched by reality

      I think they truly believe the strategy that “if you tell a lie often enough, people will believe it” will always work. However, a lie works only until people can see for themselves the lie is a lie. The narrative makers don’t seem to grasp Part B. It’s inconceivable to them that it’s not working, so they keep believing the lie that if they tell a lie often enough… If reality can’t be molded to fit the lie, then reality is the lie and they will insist you believe it too.

      These people really do have psychopathological disorders and have mistaken bad wiring for brilliance. Normal people see the problem with lying, avoid it, and correct it themselves when necessary. The more outrageous and obvious the lie, the more desperate the liar. Protecting the lie has caused governments to kill millions of their own people. That’s reality.


  9. ThankYou,Treepers says:

    Totally believable, actually predictable, that BHO won’t watch Bibi speech. Two reasons, one general, the other specific to this event.

    BHO does zero work other than publicly reading the teleprompter. That’s not meant as humor or insult. It is in fact all he does. In a sane world absent the Affirmative Action premium that’s floated him to the top, he is at best a major market 11p.m. news anchor. He couldn’t even do sports because those readers have to ad lib with the flow of games and he’d come across too stiff and repetitive trying to doing it.

    As to this specific, BHO will be Clarence Thomas to Bibi’s Anita Hill testimony. No white person could get away with it in either case, but it’s an effective self-serving tactic when one can.


  10. Wakeupcall says:

    It is to bad government no longer fears the citizens. That was the only thing keeping the criminal politicians in line with our constitution.

    The people no longer have the guts to take charge of their government.


    • michellc says:

      Every time I turn around I discover another person who I am surprised is lining up for some type of government handout.
      With my daughter having a new baby I hear of all these people who tell her to sign up for WIC and when she tells them they make too much for one and for two they don’t need it, they tell her how they’re getting it. I’m talking about professional people with good jobs and they’re somehow getting WIC. It’s so bad I’ve contacted several reps pleading with them to check into these WIC offices. Someone is fudging the books and I know it’s coming from them because many of these people tell how they can move numbers if they’re close.
      That imo plays a huge part into why the people have no guts.

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      • rashomon says:

        Once on the feed bucket, always on the feed bucket. And so the feeder doesn’t feel guilty, (s)he has to entrap all friends, colleagues and acquaintances as well. Nasty web they weave, isn’t it? Soon there’s no one left to provide the oats.


        • michellc says:

          My daughter has started telling them that she and her husband are raising their child not the government.

          I think that is a perfect reply, not sure how many get it, but maybe a few will think about it.


        • TheLastDemocrat says:

          My wife made a great decision and ditched her ne’er-do-well husband by the time their child was one year old. My wife spent a couple years with the food stamps and section-8, but strove to get off of those assistance programs.

          She did.

          Shame is normal in that situation. It drives you to find a better way. It did.

          –The Marxists went to the aggrieved communities, and added a new dimension:
          They owe you
          You are oppressed
          You cannot succeed
          You deserve compensation for these wrongs.

          So, there is not shame for the year or two you humble yourself and accept your church’s charity; there is no shame in accepting the government’s welfare.

          So, no one get off the welfare. And everyone looks for a way to get a slice of the pie. We all love pie.

          Myself: she makes me mad when she brings up anything having to do with a coupon. No one ever got rich by surfing the coupons.


      • tappin52 says:

        My daughter used to work for WIC ( she is a SAH mom now). The stories she used to tell about fraudulent paperwork would blow your blood pressure to the moon. When she brought some of it to the attention of supervisors they told her just to process it because TPTB in Albany would never cause trouble for the protected group of guaranteed, block-voting usurpers.


    • justfactsplz says:

      Well they better wake up and muster some guts and take charge of their government or every freedom they enjoy will be stripped from them. They will have to fight for America or lose it.


    • deqwik2 says:

      After watching Watter’s World, I don’t think half of our population even know what a government is.

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  11. leeteam says:

    My prayers are with Bibi. May God Bless him.

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  12. Nomadic100 says:

    That is a pathetic photo that accompanies this post. There are Samantha Power and Susan Rice looking with awed expectation for the next words to emerge from Obozo’s mouth while he appears to be “deep in thought.”

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  13. Brett says:

    Maybe, just maybe, it will be Netanyahu that rids us of this filth by sparking a backlash against obama and his America haters.

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  14. taqiyyologist says:

    In other words, it is the perfect photo to accompany this post.

    I see the photo differently. I see two puppeteers looking at their puppet, waiting for him to say what they (and theirs) have programmed him to say.

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  15. yakmaster2 says:

    This is maybe a dumb question, but how would it hurt Bibi’s domestic political position to “expose the deception”? Wouldn’t that make him look like more of an honest courageous leader to Israelis? Or is there such a big faction of peace-now-through-any-acquiescence-hope-for-the-best crowd in Israel that he might be seen as a war monger at home? I’m asking seriously here.


    • taqiyyologist says:

      Me too. Israel is a very free, vibrant, first world country.

      Which means SJWs and what we in the USA call “Progs”.

      Israel is not unilateral on much. Except survival.

      There are Goyim in their Knesset. Probably a couple of gays too.

      We have a similar dynamic, with Muslims in our Congress.

      Freedom is good, until it’s taken advantage of.

      I wonder if Israel, tiny as it is, has Jamaat ul Fuqra compounds like we do?

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      • taqiyyologist says:

        My second sentence, incomplete:

        “Which means SJWs and what we in the USA call “Progs” are free to do what they do.”


  16. skeptiktank says:

    I have spent some time now thinking about why Boehner invited Netanyahu. He knew it was a breach of protocol, but did it anyway. He has never shown that kind of rebel spirit in the past. In fact, just the opposite, he’s been very straight arrow up to now. So what gives? I can only surmise that Bibi may have contacted him, and told him he had some info that he would be very interested in knowing. This is a big gamble for Boehner, and I don’t think he would have had the guts to climb out on this limb without assurance that Bibi had the goods. I think Obama knows this. I think Obama knows what Bibi is going to divulge, and is already into damage control mode.

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  17. zephyrbreeze says:

    From Richard Fernandez. Obama’s already made a deal with the devils.

    “One of the reasons why president Obama can’t let Benjamin Netanyahu stand in the way of Iran’s nuclear ambitions is because he needs Tehran’s troops to fight ISIS. Today the long awaited offensive against ISIS in Tikrit reeled off with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in the lead, if not in actual command. Julian Barnes of the Wall Street Journal explains that Iran will be supplying the men and leadership. The US will be waiting by the phone to supply air support if requested. The phone has not rung.”…

    “But as the Daily Beast notes the price will be steep. “The bargain for making a deal with Iran, these critics say, has allowed Iran a free hand to assert dominance in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen.” Having spent years campaigning against American military action Obama has essentially left himself no other choice but to rely on someone else. ”Such an approach is also politically unfeasible due to American war weariness and scepticism of any mission with shifting goalposts.

    “And Iran is charging him an arm and a leg for yanking him out of the hole. Yemen, next-door-neighbor to Saudi Arabia has now been partitioned between an Iranian client state which has as its capital Sana’a — from which the GCC embassies have evacuated — and Aden, to which they will be moving as the new capital of Sunni recognized Yemen.”…..

    “All hope of independent action is fading fast. Micah Zenko at Foreign Policy is calling the debacle Obama’s Bay of Pigs in the Desert. The Obama administration has effectively destroyed its own credibility, by the ample display of stupidity, possibly past the point of recovery. As a Brookings Institution article puts it “If America leads, will anyone follow?””

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  18. lilbirdee'12 says:

    Mr. Weisel~~ “To be Jewish in this world, is to always be concerned”. Truth !

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  19. lovelyd24 says:

    Obama’s disdain for Netanyahu is personal, Obama is man who was schooled for at least part of his life at a Madarsa, Obama said he will stand with the Muslims. Obama even made the error of referring to his own “Muslim faith”, only to be corrected that he, Obama, is a Christian.

    Funny mistake.

    Netanyahu represents to Obama everything that Obama is not.

    Netanyahu is a man who is self assured due to his real life experience and accomplishments, he is certain of who he is and he is not defined by what anyone but God thinks of him. Netanyahu does not need a coalition to justify him, he doesn’t hope people will love him, he isn’t defined by an ignorant unexplored ideology, Netanyahu is defined by his convictions, any of which he could well articulate and defend, Netanyahu lives in reality.

    Netanyahu is confident, because he is everything that Obama is not, Netanyahu is genuine. Netanyahu is a nightmare for Obama because Obama is unsure through the core of his soul of who Obama is, and Obama is shaken by a man who stands certain in his convictions.

    Will Obama watch the speech? I don’t really know, I personally think Obama thinks he is above watching Netanyahu’s speech. He will probably read a transcript of it so he can try put some words together so in his mind he can dismiss it. Team Obama will have him covered.

    I don’t think Obama has the gonads to face all that he is not by watching Netanyahu speak.

    Reality creeps into the soul regardless of how narcissistic an individual is.

    God’s peace to Netanyahu and may Angels surround him.


    • auscitizenmom says:

      “God’s peace to Netanyahu and may Angels surround him.” AMEN

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    • lovelyd24 says:

      I forgot to mention that it would also make Obama uncomfortable to watch his deal with the devil revealed to the world, but not because Obama will have a moment of revelation but because Obama will not be able to immediately start hoodwinking his audience.


    • wanthetruth says:

      IMO Obama is very sure of who he is. His uncertainty comes from not being able to share it openly with everyone. Although he’s been exposing himself more and more lately. He knows the point of no return for the recovery of our country is close. It’s the final test right here. If this visit, this information Bibi supplies, this truthful fact stating mission of a statesman true Americans trust doesn’t effect a change – everything Obama’s handlers want is theirs. There will be no real hope for America and for the Americans who truly love her.


      • lovelyd24 says:

        Obama is very sure of who he should be very sure of who nursed him, who raised him, who influenced him, who enlightened him, made him to be. Obama is certain of who he believes himself to be, of the truths he discovered about the world as he sees it, but because all of that is built on a lie, a grotesque and hateful ideology, Obama must perpetually lie to himself and others to push his agenda, to promote the man that he is, that is why I say fundamentally at his core, Obama has no idea who he is. Obama eats, sleeps, drinks, lives and plays on shifting sands 24 hours a day.

        That has to be discombobulating to the soul. No wonder liberals are perpetually angry and unhappy.

        Give me a child until he is seven and i will show you the man Aristotle


        • wanthetruth says:

          Isn’t that a part of their ideology? Lying and deceiving infidels is a code of honor, is it not? I don’t think Obama’s lies to anyone bother him at all. Raised to view all others as unworthy of living wouldn’t leave one with a conscience.

          Think of the leftys who can advocate for cutting fully formed babies out of the womb and multiply that by………well, who would know how much it would take to hit pure evil. Point is, none of those people’s sleep is bothered at night. For Obama his only worry is getting stopped IMO.


    • joesbabygirl says:

      Netanyahu is on a mission, let’s pray that his mission is completed, and successful. God Bless America and God Bless Israel.

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    • pspsst says:

      Every word you wrote rings true about Sippy Cup. I call him that because he requires a porcelain god rimmed coffee cup with his lol, saran covered crystal Planters Peanuts and Raisins champagne cup (for fear of being poisoned, or somthiing) in the Situation Room discussing the terror act of Bengazi. Mommy Valerie Jarrett sits behind him and you can see her reflection is in his precious leather shined shoes.

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      • pspsst says:


        He has to drink from special china from the cupboard in the War Room and have his own crystal snack bowls to differentiate himself.


        • Judgy says:

          Maybe that’s his version of a Pimp Cup (that’s a “crunk” thing. I used to teach voice lessons in Oakland).

          Dear Leader’s ego terrifies me.


    • Judgy says:

      Excellent summation! I’d tried to write something along similar lines earlier today, but you NAILED it!


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  20. Jeffrey says:

    Just hoping some convenient “event” doesn’t cause the cancellation of this speech…

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  21. taqiyyologist says:


  22. texan59 says:

    “President Obama NOT going to watch the Benjamin Netanyahu speech”

    Probably the only thing I’ve ever believed that’s come out of their mouths. Gotta be some college hoops on somewhere. 👿

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  23. standingpat says:

    I’ll take a man with balls in place of a man with nobels at all.

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  24. doodahdaze says:

    Good Grief. We had the Manhattan Project and no one knew. It is much easier today to make the bomb.


  25. Plain Jane says:

    I hope he does stay away from the PM’s speech. But if he does show up, I sure hope SS frisks him prior to letting him near the PM. (sarc – somewhat)

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  26. Plain Jane says:

    Something a bit interesting. The Feast of Purim and Netanyahu’s speech are converging in the same week.

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    • wanthetruth says:

      That is a great article. Thanks.


    • deqwik2 says:

      Something to think about. I pray Bibi will have the spirit of Esther & tell Congress All that he knows but now Obama has threatened him so wonder how this will go. Obama wants Bibi to feel egg shells under his feet but God is greater.
      I did read on NRG news that the agreement was to be called a “common plan” to avoid having to have approval of Congress. If this is true, it could be Obama’s plot against Congress & like Esther, Bibi will reveal it. We will soon find out.


  27. mcfyre2012 says:

    Wow. Oblah-blah more than ever looks like a petulant child….as in, “If I just ignore him, he’ll go away.”

    “President Stompy Feet” is an appropriate moniker.


    • wanthetruth says:

      My first impression looked like he was going to cry. They both look like they’re watching to see if they have to run over to comfort him. It’s a stomach turning photo all the way around. Does that look like a a competent leader with competent staff? No! It looks like a little boy and his nannies.


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