Russian Media Report A Few People Showed Up For A Boris Nemtsov Unity Rally….

According to State Media a few people showed up for a rally in Moscow to reflect unity toward the assassinated opposition leader Boris Nemtsov….. or something:

Russia 1

I have a feeling they might be underestimating the crowd a little.

russia 2

russia 3

Sure does seem like a few people might have called a few friends.

Russia 4


russia 6

Rut Roh…. Methinks we’re gonna need a bigger gulag !

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22 Responses to Russian Media Report A Few People Showed Up For A Boris Nemtsov Unity Rally….

  1. WeeWeed says:

    Gee. Kinda sounds like that 9/12 rally awhile back that maybe 900 peeps showed up for.

     photo 09089d3b-4649-4e3b-bde9-498005c4c25a.png

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  2. omanuel says:

    May the few spread into a worldwide rejuvenation of libertarianism.


    • omanuel says:

      Thank you for helping me realize that lock-step, totalitarian “consensus science” in the West is part of the global problem of totalitarian rule after the UN formed in OCT 1945.

      If you study the paper, “Solar energy” carefully – including the references – you will know Stalin’s troops captured:

      Japan’s atomic bomb plant at Konan, Korea in AUG 1945;
      The crew of an American B-29 bomber in AUG 1945; and
      Held them for negotiations in SEPT 1945; leading to
      Formation of the UN in OCT 1945; followed by
      Seventy years (1945-2015 = 70 yrs) of lies disguised as “consensus science” to move society toward UN’s Agenda 21.

      See: “Solar energy”


  3. taqiyyologist says:

    See, folks. This is what a people who DON’T WANT a totalitarian dictatorship do.

    We sit down and play video games. Or take the kids to soccer. Or cook a burger.

    Even as a totalitarian dictatorship rises here.

    I guess it must be what we want.

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    • smiley says:

      he advocated for democracy and accountability.
      wondering if anyone will be held “accountable” for this…3…2…1…?


  4. RJ says:

    It is a great time for psychopaths to reach for political power! While the struggle continues for one world order…”we are the world”….political systems try to play catch up with such technological inventions as the “cell phone” and unmanned aircraft. Pity the poor Polar Bears, they don’t even get to understand how so many women weep for their survival while standing in line for an abortion or to sign up for the next PETA ad campaign!

    Where is the national character of Russia? Who controls it? Does Putin really think he is the savior…like Obama does? Note how we hear little coming from the Chinese as they build a monstrous military machine while Japan goes to bed remembering those two nuclear bombs of decades past.

    As for Kerry, he sold out his brothers forty years ago. What makes you think he still doesn’t operate that way today? Obama lies every chance he gets: Would you have sex with him without asking if he is disease free…and then believe him no matter what he says?

    He is having sex with America…more like a raping if you ask me, down and very dirty! I think he and Putin really get along on many fronts. Well, it’s a case of top and bottom as some would say.

    Sadism and masochism are at play here on a grand scale for all to see if they know what to look for and have the right questions to ask. Libidos gone wild…not so sure. Rampant testosterone? I don’t think so.

    More like screwed up childhoods, broken families, poor mentors, super weak family structures, you name it, these boys have lived it and are intent on making you pay for their pain.

    You always hurt the ones you love!

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    • taqiyyologist says:

      More like screwed up childhoods, broken families, poor mentors, super weak family structures, you name it, these boys have lived it and are intent on making you pay for their pain.

      You always hurt the ones you love!

      Not always. Some of us had all or most of that, and don’t do that as a recourse.

      Some of us love the people who hurt us. All day. Heap burning coals on their heads.

      Their heads. In the Bible, which is anti-Science, the head is the center of the mind.



  5. mikeH says:

    Russian media reported up to 50k in Moscow, 6k in St Pete and many other cities. Here is the link:

    I am not sure the picture you are painting is accurate.


    • polk8dot says:

      According to several Russian and European news sites, the Russian state TV announced the figure of 21K ‘marchers’ in Moscow’ (official police estimate) and about 6K in St. Petersburg. The latest objective estimates came in at over 70K, and 9K, respectively.


  6. vibligen says:

    This started as a protest rally for the 5% that still like America and became a day of morning. Remember Martin Van Buren’s reelection campaign” (Van, Van is a used up man!) Nemtsov was politically used up. It probably wasn’t Washington but few in Russia will believe that.

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    • WeeWeed says:

      Interesting. I’m not as up to snuff on Russian politics as I used to be…but this administration is too inept to have pulled off anything that they’d consider “helpful.”
      They’d have hashtagged the man to death had it been their call.

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    • Dixie Darling says:

      Some really strange comments at that link.

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    • nyetneetot says:

      My wife mentioned that the accusation of our administration assassinating him being floated around over there. From what she’s said, nobody in Russia outside of his circles knew much about the guy or paid attention to him so people are surprised he’s in our news media as much as he is.


  7. yakmaster2 says:

    I think the Soviet government permanently silenced this outspoken critic. Putin seems to be a very direct sort.
    Our current government is not so blatant in targeting its opposition. Here the preferred method is character assassination.


    • Roy says:

      “Our current government is not so blatant in targeting its opposition.”

      Oh, I don’t know. I guess it depends on what one thinks happened to Andrew Breitbart and Michael Hastings, among others.


  8. shirley49 says:

    Sounds like our Media. We all have something in common. Corrupt, murdering politicians and corrupt lying media


  9. skeptiktank says:

    Itar-Tass reported that Moscow security estimated the crowd to be about 21,000. I read that yesterday, but didn’t save the link. It looks like more than that from the pics, but without knowing the dimensions of the area it’s hard to tell.


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