CNN’s Dana Bash Berates Representative Jim Jordan For Being Principled…

I’m not exactly sure why these guys put themselves through this insanity. CNN’s Dana Bash showcases her exceptional bias and puts Jim Jordan through the pretzel logic of modern media punditry….

….It’s not the scale of the mountain in front of you that represents the greatest challenge to your success, it’s the pebble in your shoe !…

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25 Responses to CNN’s Dana Bash Berates Representative Jim Jordan For Being Principled…

  1. Father Paul Lemmen says:

    Reblogged this on A Conservative Christian Man.


  2. yakmaster2 says:

    Wow. Bash was being a self-righteous smart-ass. Loved it when she threw out “civics class” trying to berate Jordan and he jumped on that by schooling her on the process. I also really liked him reminding her the deadlock is because Dems are insistent on funding Obama’s illegal actions on illegal immigration and that elections have consequences. Bet that bit of irony wasn’t lost on Ms. Talking Points!

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  3. rsmith1776 says:

    For those of us even vaguely familiar with the propaganda tactics of Stalinist regimes, Dana Bash fits the modus operandi to a “t” (of course, without – yet – the mass violence following similar propaganda in said regimes). The way she repeats her imbecilic talking points while being deaf to argument, the way she pretends she’s a journalist while behaving like a mindless B.O. minion… disgusting.

    In the Stalinist regimes, the most severe allegation was that you’re “not allowing the Party to work” and you’re a “destabilizing influence” which needs to be annihilated for the sake of social justice and harmony.

    Sounds familiar?


    • doodahdaze says:

      Obama and the media are One World Wonders. The considers themselves “citizens of the world” first, and Americans second. Their mission is the clip the American Eagles wings. Submit to the one world socialist system. America must be weakened and the American Spirit deflated first. The fact pattern shows this clearly. A submissive America is required for their dreams to become reality.


    • RJ says:

      It’s good to know that I am not alone in my thinking, that others share many of my thoughts and passions.

      Don’t forget this “cutting edge” journalist wears an ear piece microphone where others can whisper commands, etc. for her to follow.

      Living one’s life as a puppet sure is fun! Mommy, watch me dance…


    • Daniel says:

      As B.O. loses public support, the media is getting louder and louder. Have you noticed? When it is asserted that the president doesn’t love this country or its people, does the president say anything? Does he even issue a statement? No, the press does all the yelling, crying and defending for him. When anything Obama says in public, especially moments that allow for press questions, he is silent. He can’t speak on anything at the moment and the press is filling in the gaps.

      I think it’s pretty obvious. Obama’s Islamic backers will not tolerate him saying that he loves America even if it’s “Taqiyya” it will not be tolerated. What he won’t say is at least as important as what he does say and lately, it seems even more significant.

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      • RJ says:

        Excellent…well done, a sharp observation.

        Will the mask come off in time? With so many having hitched their wagons to B. Hussein’s, I don’t think it will be that easy to dethrone this evil man-boy.

        Obama intends to “flame out” just like his daddy…only he doesn’t see it, never will and couldn’t care less.

        So much so for “buying a book based on it’s cover” wouldn’t you say?

        Even Ben Stein has come out of his dumb funk to realize how dangerous Obama truly is and has been. Too little too late.


  4. conservalicious says:

    Kudos on Jim Jordan being able to keep his cool with the Bimbette. I don’t know how he did it because my head was about to explode half way through!

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  5. justfactsplz says:

    The more I see conservatives like Jordan and Walker go toe to toe with these liberal media jerks, the more I say, WINNING!

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  6. bob e says:

    please put ever last immigrant next door to her. every one of them in her city, town wherever..
    love to see it .. all 11 million new “dreamers” with their families on the way. let’s see how sympathetic she is .. these people are incredibly stupid ..


  7. No Agenda says:

    I noticed no mention of how the public feels about all of this from Dana. Wonder why? Jim may have seemed defensive but Dana seemed desperate. The tide is turning 🙂


    • canadacan says:

      The kings of cool remember when Ted Cruz had to put up with Madame Feinstein on a second Amendment debate.
      She was desperate ,hysterical and he was blase-sang froid at its best.

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      • canadacan says:

        Another dimwit journalist so-called who has to be schooled on the correct process of governing. This is where the similarity comes in with Dianne Feinstein and Cruz “debate”


  8. QuadGMoto says:

    Question for this … person …

    How is breaking the law “good governance”?

    Bonus question: If government says breaking the law is fine, why should anyone obey the law?


  9. tappin52 says:

    I got the impression that Mr. Jordan didn’t even break a sweat in this debate. When you have the facts and the law on your side your argument is much easier to present.


  10. jwoop66 says:

    He had the perfect opportunity to point out her bias. He could ask her why she is advocating for the dems in the senate and their unconstitutional legislation. If these “r’s” keep playing the media’s game, they will always be on defense.


  11. shirley49 says:

    Why do the Conservative Republicans even bother with these Liberal shows? All they try to do is berate and mock Conservatives. What a bimbo Democrat a** kisser. We have no more journalist in this Country.


  12. beaujest says:

    This woman uses the Nancy Pelosi hand movements ! The face lift comes later !


  13. myopiafree says:

    Media Bias? Washington Post – front page. Long article about a female taxi driver in Kabul. No real news.


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