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Smidgen Alert – IRS Withheld Document From Inspector General Showing Existence Of IRS Email Tapes….

Oh, what a tangled web is weaved…. The IRS inspector general, tasked with the internal IRS investigation, reveals to House Oversight Committee that the IRS withheld the documents showing the existence of the back-up tapes which contain internal IRS email … Continue reading

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DHS Head Jeh Johnson Can’t Name Law Authorizing Obama Admin To Issue Social Security Numbers To Illegal Aliens…

The absolute number one reason the Obama “executive action” will fail in court is the issuance of, and creation of, an entirely new classification of “Illegal Alien”. The classification is being created through the issuance of Social Security numbers and … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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Report: Russian Opposition Politician Boris Nemtsov Killed In Moscow…

RUSSIA – Russian news agencies say prominent opposition politician and former Deputy Prime Minister Boris Nemtsov has been shot dead in Moscow. The Interfax news agency cited a law enforcement source as saying that Nemtsov was shot four times by … Continue reading

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The “Random Folks” Weren’t So “Random” – Paris Details Reveal Islamist Gunman Asked Religion Of Hostages Then Killed The Jews….

Obviously President Obama looked like a fool when he proclaimed the victims of the Kosher market killings were just a bunch “of random folks” because he wanted desperately to remain willfully blind and disconnect the hateful ideology of the Islamist … Continue reading

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James O’Keefe Follows Up On Al Sharpton Story….

(Via Project Veritas) Following the negative comments directed at the Reverend Al Sharpton by the family and representatives of Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, and Michael Brown, James O’Keefe went to Al Sharpton’s weekly National Action Network to question the Reverend. … Continue reading

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Attorney General Eric Holder: “Lets Lower Standard Of Proof” To Bring Federal Civil Rights Charges….

Channeling the same ideology of Al Sharpton, and ending his term as the nation’s top LEO, AG Holder gives an extensive interview to Politico outlining his desire to lower the standard of proof to bring federal civil rights charges. Eric … Continue reading

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