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One Can Only Imagine…

We have a story we’re going to release this coming week and I've never thought about this before but I am afraid for my life on this one. — James O'Keefe (@JamesOKeefeIII) February 21, 2015

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West Virginia Pharmacist, Protects Lives, Shoots and Kills Armed Robber…

HatTip WeaselZippers – Incredible Story:

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Opportunity Missed – Secretary Jeh Johnson Appeared On Four Networks, Not One Asked Him About His Involvement In Libya 2011…

Annoying does not seem to adequately identify the frustration projected toward the U.S. media anymore. “Willfully Blind” seemingly seems entirely more appropriate. Back in 2011 when Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Samantha Power and eventually President Obama, engaged in a decision … Continue reading

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Epic Video: 12-Year-Old Agrees With Rudy Giuilani…

(Via American Mirror) President Obama may enjoy the approval of 84% of blacks, but don’t count CJ Pearson among them. Pearson, a 12-year-old middle school student in Georgia, has more informed opinions than many adults. The student posted a YouTube … Continue reading

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Secret Phone Taps Reveal Turkish Military Aiding ISIS In Northern Iraq and Syria…..

It has been outlined by independent journalists that Turkey has been aiding ISIS in various conflicts around Turkish border region. There was video smuggled out of Turkey which showed ISIS members meeting with Turkish Police. An American journalist, Serena Shim, who … Continue reading

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The U.S. and Great Britain Block Egypt’s Requests For Military Intervention in Libya…

It should not come as a surprise to followers of the U.S. position in Libya to discover that both the U.S. and British political apparatus are trying to block Egypt’s request to the Security Council for intervention in Libya. What … Continue reading

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Bill Whittle Firewall: Brass Tacks On Immigration

Guaranteed “Rights” of Illegal Aliens?  Apparently, Up is Down, and Down is Up.  

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