Strong Cotton – Senator Tom Cotton Discusses The Political Decision To Reveal Military Plans To The Enemy…

Senator Cotton is really making a name for himself as an individual thinker, strong conservative, and articulate voice amid the chaos that is Obama’s ‘Hoax and Chains’. Well done sir, well done.

“It’s very mystifying why this administration would reveal potential plans to retake Mosul.”

[…] “If a private in Iraq had revealed this kind of planning inadvertently by leaving a plan in the channel hall of the gym, he might have faced a court-martial, but now it’s now become a matter of policy this administration is going to announce war plans in advance, it only increases risks.”

[…] “when president holds such an event and they talk about social workers and the fact that we won’t name their enemy and then right on the heels of that, they reveal very sensitive war plans that are going to put our troops and Iraqi troops at greater risk, it invites that kind of analysis.”

[…]  “It’s essential if you want to defeat an enemy, to name with that enemy, yes, and our enemy is not some kind of undefined violent extremist, it’s a strain of radical Islam, that is trying to kill us here in the United States and to kill Americans and our allies all around the world.”

[…] “many reports from military leaders and active-duty troops that the White House is micromanaging this war to a degree that they have never seen before.”

eagle stare

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41 Responses to Strong Cotton – Senator Tom Cotton Discusses The Political Decision To Reveal Military Plans To The Enemy…

  1. jett black says:

    Do we seriously need to ask, Why? <0, his handlers and cadres are traitors and have consistently made every effort, short of dirtying their hands by killing them personally, to kill and demoralize our soldiers. Pray for our military and supporting personnel and for <0 and his scum to be laid low, to crawl with the snakes and slugs that they really are.

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    • Roy says:

      No, and I don’t believe the Senator has to ask why either. He sure made some excellent points that can only draw one conclusion: BO is a traitor and is deliberately trying to kill American troops.

      He’s trying to kill our troops.
      He’s trying to take Federal control of local law enforcement.
      He’s trying to take Federal control of the states National Guard.
      He’s trying to disarm the American people.
      In other words, he’s trying to make sure Americans have no defense when ISIS comes calling.

      Let’s hope Senator Cotton is not a lone voice.

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    • seeingeye2 says:

      I can’t imagine how there is even one person who has not recognized that Obama’s allegiance is with our enemies.

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  2. auscitizenmom says:

    Traitors, all.

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  3. John Galt says:

    I don’t know if these battle hardened decorated military officers are qualified to comment on Obozo’s war plans. Did they go to hash tag college?

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  4. FlatFoot says:

    It’s a perfectly logical thing to do when the Commander-in-Chief has absolutely no intention of ever stopping ISIS… or anyone else threatening Israel’s very existence.

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  5. waltherppk says:

    A commander unfit for command should be relieved of command, not given more authority to do more stupid things.

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  6. Rurik says:

    When you elect someone it becomes an act of fealty, he becomes your sovereign lord and master, regardless of what he does. Or of the honesty of the election. Because after all the Constitution IS a suicide pact, and so are national elections. /sarc.


  7. lilbirdee'12 says:

    Senator Cotton exudes confidence, clarity and conviction in his speak ! I am very, very impressed with this young man! If only we could clone about 100 of him, we could fix this mess we are in and send these demorats back to their hole in the wall !

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  8. fred says:

    Too bad he’s in such bad company with that really spineless corrupt betraying group we elected called the GOP. A useless endeavor to continue supporting this group.

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  9. Sharon says:

    “It’s very mystifying why this administration would reveal potential plans to retake Mosul.”

    Mystifying to who? Not me. Maybe Cotton is just trying to get a conversation going…..

    […] “If a private in Iraq had revealed this kind of planning inadvertently by leaving a plan in the channel hall of the gym, he might have faced a court-martial….

    One of my grandsons was due to return from Iraq/Kuwait duty soon. I found out yesterday that the unit’s return has been delayed two weeks because some stupid fellow Army dude in his unit put the flight #s and departure times on his face book page. So yes, indeed – the “privates in Iraq” will have their butts in a sling if they reveal anything.

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  10. doodahdaze says:

    Obama and Company are traitors. They have betrayed America. They are the enemy of America and not only do they not love America, they hate America.

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  11. doodahdaze says:

    It is insane. A city of 2 million being controlled by 2,000 terrorists. We are going to attack in May with 25k Iraqi Troops. If this is not lunacy nothing is.


    • JohnP says:

      Urban street fighting is the worst possible scenario for any military operation. That’s why it sounds like overkill. The whole district of Mosul had a population of 2,000,000, the city itself had a population of 660,000. Many have left the city. The city of Mosul still has 200 to 300 thousand civilians stuck in the city. IS now won’t let anyone leave unless they can get someone to be held as a hostage until they return. So the population are now all hostages.

      Stripes had a great article that confirms why the plan was made public.

      “An American intelligence official said the briefing, which officials knew would be widely reported in Iraq and reach Islamic State-controlled Mosul via social media, also was an effort to reassure people in the city that relief is coming.

      In a telephone interview, Rayan Salahudin, a resident of Mosul, said Friday that 95 percent of the population would welcome liberation by ground troops. He said life has become a nightmare even for those who initially supported Islamic State.

      The American intelligence official said news of an impending military action might encourage some residents to continue to resist the extremists’ harsh brand of Islamic rule — and perhaps prompt a few to provide information on militant positions, equipment, weapons caches and defenses.

      Salahudin said Islamic State fighters in Mosul have stopped using military vehicles and switched to civilian cars to avoid being targeted by airstrikes and plan to impose a curfew when fighting on the ground starts. The extremists are preventing anyone from leaving the city, which he said has become “a huge prison.”


  12. wanthetruth says:

    Where do the players in power see this going? Not of course referring to the top guy or others of his persuasion – but the rest of them, those WE elected. Perhaps they’re getting money. Perhaps they’re giddy with power. Perhaps they feel in control a bit now. But how can they not see the void of the future before them (and theirs) when this evil is done.

    Maybe they are coerced by threats – of livelihood, of family, of security……..but come on you fidiots! You trust this man to carry through on anything promised when he’s gotten what he’s going for? Maybe they’re waking up now that the feces is about to hit the rotating device – and it’s just too late. I believe steps cannot be taken to save us now. They are too late and will not be allowed. What is in control is too powerful …..and it’s not the one with the selfish stick.


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