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Report: White House Strategy Team Terrified Of Netanyahu Speech – Plotting Ways To “Alinsky” Israeli Leader – “Isolate, Ridicule and Marginalization” Top List

The Associate Press is revealing a very concerned White House fearful of Benjamin Netanyahu telling the U.S. and global audience about the risk from Iran gaining nuclear weapons. Apparently, as we have previously outlined, the White House is essentially resigned … Continue reading

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Jessica Lane Chambers Murder – Day #85 – “Who’s Playing Who”?

Prior Thread – Day #83 HERE  Something not adding up. Previously DA Champion gave a timeline for Jessica’s activity on the day she was murdered.   The activity he outlined was based on CCTV capturing her movements, interviews with people who talked to … Continue reading

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A Hero’s Send-Off ? – Hundreds Of Muslims Grieve The Loss Of Copenhagen Terrorist At Funeral…

The following is a translated version of Denmark Media Report. If I have made any errors in the translation please point them out: – DENMARK – Several hundred people were in the afternoon taken to the mosque on Dortheavej in … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

Unless #hashtagdiplomacy is a “strategy”. H/t: WeeWeed.

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Strong Cotton – Senator Tom Cotton Discusses The Political Decision To Reveal Military Plans To The Enemy…

Senator Cotton is really making a name for himself as an individual thinker, strong conservative, and articulate voice amid the chaos that is Obama’s ‘Hoax and Chains’. Well done sir, well done. “It’s very mystifying why this administration would reveal … Continue reading

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White House Announces: President Obama Will Seek “Emergency Court Order” To Restart Immigration Usurpation…

Details of the “emergency order” filing are not actually provided in the announcement. Most likely this is because the substantive portion of the blocked presidential action is not anticipated to be a winning argument which would allow a restart. Any aspect … Continue reading

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Hillary’s “Rebels” Slaughter 40 Innocents – Islamic Loyalists Use Car Bombs To Kill Libyan Civillians…

In 2011 Ansar al-Sharia was one of the al-Qaeda organizations in Libya who benefited from the weapons given by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, U.N Ambassador Susan Rice, and White House advisor Samantha Power. Clinton, Rice and Power convinced President … Continue reading

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