Religious Crime: Muslim Man Stabs Bystanders In Detroit – After Asking If They Were Muslim….

detroit stabberMost of the media seem to be avoiding another example of an Islam-based attack in Detroit Michigan. According to local police and media reports a self identified Muslim, named Terrence Lavaron Thomas, walked up to some “random folks” at a bus station outside of Detroit and asked “are you Muslim”?

When the two people said they were not, Thomas took out a knife and attacked. According to the Washington Post he stabbed two people, both in their 50’s. One person was stabbed five times, the other was stabbed in the hand trying to protect the first victim.

Both victims were transported to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries where they were treated and released. The case was then shared with federal law enforcement who are evaluating the attack as a potential religion based hate crime.

(full story here)

…. Nothing to see here “random folks”, move along…. move along.

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25 Responses to Religious Crime: Muslim Man Stabs Bystanders In Detroit – After Asking If They Were Muslim….

  1. MaryfromMarin says:

    Coming to a neighborhood near you. Not sarc.


  2. benzy says:

    I can see it now… the Holder DOJ won’t file religious hate crime charges as Terrence Lavaron Thomas is clearly not a Muslim name and appears more likely to be a Christian given name. Move along, nothing to see here either


  3. TKim says:

    Mmmmm…no, this can’t be. As relatives of the North Carolina students who were shot said,” In America it is open season on Muslims.” The attacker, and his victims, have to be members of The Church of The Random Folks. (Reformed Congregation).

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  4. John Denney says:

    How ’bout WE start quizzing people?

    “Do you support my right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?”

    If the answer is anything short of, “Well, of course!”, he’s either clueless or an enemy of Liberty.


  5. Aslan's Girl says:

    Did you see the original headline? It was:

    “Police: Man stabs two after asking if they are Muslim”

    Which of course implies that the man was targeting MUSLIMS not NON-Muslims!

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  6. Horsesoldier says:

    Sometimes you’re the bug, sometimes, you’re the windshield.


  7. Kitty Smith says:

    As if there wasn’t already good reason to stay out of Detroit………….


  8. taqiyyologist says:


    I think you need a new category tag.

    “Progs This Is Your Baby”

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  9. Ziiggii says:

    Just a random crime thats all


  10. gena says:

    Boy, we whites are so paranoid. SARC


  11. Shipwreck says:

    He looks dumber than a box of purple cat poop. I’m sure that will be his defense.


  12. manickernel says:



  13. bofh says:

    WaPo article at the link has this “More Reading” list of links following it. Look at the titles of the FIRST TWO items that WaPo suggests relate to this incident (If they haven’t yet been sanitized. Again.):

    Anti-Muslim hate crimes are still five times more common today than before 9/11
    For Muslim Americans, N.C. shooting brings fear of discrimination into open
    Fearing violence, U.S. Jewish groups create security infrastructure
    Chicago Islamic school leader Mohammed Abdullah Saleem charged with sexual abuse


  14. Roy says:

    The excuses to avoid charging blacks and Moslems with hate crimes are ludicrous. What I continue asking myself is does this country have just ONE prosecutor who has the courage to do the obvious?


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