School Principal Supports Racist Anti-Cop Student Poster: “We Can’t Let Whites Win” – Then Becomes Angry When Questioned About The Inherent Message…

An anti-cop racist poster hangs in the school with the full approval of the Principal stating “students need to be able to express their feelings” and calling the poster an “expression of free speech”. Compare and contrast this example to a Georgia Teacher who was suspended for writing “all lives matter” on a facebook post.

image.jpgNEW YORK POST – A city high-school principal allowed a racially charged, anti-police poster to hang in the hallway — even after the December execution of two officers, The Post has learned.

The sign was made by a student at Frederick Douglass Academy in The Bronx — among several posters protesting the deaths of Mike Brown and Eric Garner that were put up in early December.

“We need justice for Mike Brown and Eric Garner. We can’t let these whites win. Let’s fight for what’s right, because if we don’t, no one will,” reads the poster, which was signed by the student.

NYPD school-safety agents from the 42nd Precinct were stunned when they spotted the hostile message while walking the fourth-floor hallway shortly after the Dec. 20 assassinations of Officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, sources said.

A principal noticed the agents zeroing in on the poster and stopped to ask, “Do you have a problem with that?” according to a source.

“No, we were just admiring the artwork,” one officer said sarcastically.

They complained to the school’s safety director, who forwarded a photo of the poster to a Department of Education supervisor.

The principal called the agents’ boss at the 42nd Precinct station house, telling him the poster is a freedom-of-speech matter and that she got a “racist vibe” from the officers, the sources said.

On Tuesday, she amped up her efforts to get the agents to back off, setting up a meeting with the head of the 42nd Precinct. (read more)

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48 Responses to School Principal Supports Racist Anti-Cop Student Poster: “We Can’t Let Whites Win” – Then Becomes Angry When Questioned About The Inherent Message…

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    I wonder what else they teach in this school.

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    • Roy says:

      The Audacity of Hope.

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    • Common Core and how to safely have kinky sex with other children.


      • zephyrbreeze says:

        Here is advice by a “therapist” when a mother discovered her 15-year old son was obsessing over violent porn – with her permission to watch it in the first place.

        “It seems to me that these fantasies might persist into adulthood—they’ve been going on intensely for two years, and this is consistent with the developmental trajectories of many BDSM practitioners (whether fetishists, masochists, sadists, etc.) whose strong urges for these activities emerged soon after they hit puberty, if not earlier. (It’s kind of like sexual orientation for men—you hear very similar stories, and often these people will think of their kink as their primary sexual orientation.)

        “If so, the only way to deal with them constructively is to slowly and carefully introduce this kid to the BDSM world, where he can learn how to be a sadist and engage in gang bangs, play rape, and consensual non-consent scenarios to his heart’s content, but in a way that’s consensual and respectful to his partners. It doesn’t sound like his desires stem from misogyny, hostility/anger toward women, or more general psychopathy (which is good), so I think channeling them in socially appropriate ways is possible for him.”


        • auscitizenmom says:

          “socially appropriate ways” ???


          • Like there is one for this kid. Kinky consensual sex between adults that has rules, respects limits, is concerned with partners’ safety is one thing, but the violent predatory nature of this overactive – libidoed teenager will most certainly not be swayed by “socially appropriate ways”. As described, this kid is at the very least a budding psychopath and his parents are culpable for his future. That kid needs a couch for a long duration before he hurts a lot of people. Socially acceptable ways? For him? Oh, hell no.


        • taqiyyologist says:

          Dear God in Heaven.

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        • I’ve written three responses to this all trying to get to the same place. This Dr. Cantor should be stripped of his medical license and he should be kept far, far away from adolescents. What mom is saying – in the far worse confessions by the son you didn’t quote – absolutely does NOT warrant the not-to-worry response he gives mom. This kid is going to be a sexual predator by the time he gets out of high school.
          Doc was using this plea from a frightened mom to bloviate about what he thinks he knows about and how much he knows. He’s an arrogant enabler and his payoff is to be able to crow about himself and troll for new patients on the internet. At best he’s incompetent.

          Yes. The Internet and Porn. A whole generation or three irreversibly degraded by “morally relative” rot from within.


  2. JohnP says:

    Easy solution, no police for that school. Done. Let the idiot principal deal with the next student altercation. Evidently some adult at the Department of Education got involved because the poster has been removed.

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  3. Chip Bennett says:

    I’m sure a competing “artwork” that said “All Lives Matter” would be given a similar, first-amendment treatment?

    Maybe one that says “We can’t let these thugs win”?

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  4. gena says:

    Gee, I wonder what color the principal was. I fear what the schools are teaching my school aged grandkids. Pathetic.

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  5. James F says:

    As if all cops are white. That is very racist itself. If a white person were to infer or express the assumption that all cops are white they would be crucified and fired.

    If I a not mistaken two of the three cops involved with the shooting of the white teen girl with a knife at the police station are black.

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  6. dean says:

    Once again this has not one thing to do with justice (or the facts of any particular case)–this is about pure white hatred that is disgracefully sanctioned by the administration–whom I have no doubt agree with this poster. In MY school–we are required as faculty to put in a blank calendar what we are planning on doing for “Black History Month”. Every year I just make up a whole bunch of stuff–I get away with it too!!

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  7. texan59 says:

    I may have bought a lot of tin-foil over the years, but I am getting a real bad feeling about what’s coming in a lot of the major cities of this Country. I’m so glad I’m out’a there and living in a nice little conservative county out in the country. 😯

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    • michellc says:

      They don’t even attempt to hide their hatred for a certain skin color anymore.

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      • David In TN says:

        An acquaintance of men calls himself a “party man,” meaning the Democratic party. When I last say him, he ranted “I hate white guys. I hate white guys.” This is now standard boilerplate for his party.

        By the way, this character is a retired college professor and is a 68-year old white guy. Naturally he lives in an affluent nearly all-white neighborhood.

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        • michellc says:

          Is he blind?lol


          • doodahdaze says:

            Just resorting to his training. The blacks are trained to hate the white man and blame him for any and all difficulties they face.


        • doodahdaze says:

          Good. The truth comes out. They hate white people. Whites look on with amazement and wonder what in the world is wrong with them.


        • dginga says:

          Yes, it’s funny how “down with the struggle” white people who live in gated communities can be.

          I know a young Millennial female who decided to buy a house in Atlanta. In order to focus her search, she drove around the area within a five mile radius of her office and made notes about which neighborhoods looked desirable (clean, well-kept homes, people walking around outdoors, shops and restaurants nearby that were open and looked inviting, etc. She also made note of areas she would want to avoid. Then she mapped these areas and googled the demographics for each of these neighborhoods. She was STUNNED to discover that the neighborhoods she found desirable were predominantly white and Asian. The areas that looked sketchy were mostly black, not unusual in a city that is about 60% black. Her conclusion? That she must be harboring a deep-seated sense of white privilege that led her to prefer areas that were mostly white, even though at the time she did not know that. She concluded that it must be some kind of secret “white radar” or something. Since she seemed so upset about discovering her own “latent racism” I asked her if she would consider buying a home in one of the sketchier neighborhoods. She said no, that she would stick to the nice white and Asian neighborhoods, but she would feel really bad about it. Liberals…

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    • justfactsplz says:

      Me too, there’s nothing better. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. If I had to move back in town I think I would be depressed watching all of the moonbat activity there.


  8. Les says:

    All the words are spelled correctly, most of the grammar is correct, looks to be the same handwriting.

    Scary part: A teacher probably wrote that as a class activity then hung it in the hallway.

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  9. doodahdaze says:

    Amazing. they are smoking themselves out. White flight will be a factor in the next elections unless they can tamp down the black racists extremists.


  10. Murse says:

    I am so sick of it all. I am getting closer to going off grid and completely shutting out the world.

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    • bleep21k says:

      Be careful….sounds a bit “extreme”…I mean your NOT gonna have guns out there right?…NOT gonna PLOT terrorist activity… right? Your NOT gonna home school your kids…your still gonna pay your TAXES right?…I mean how can I be sure your still gonna be a safe citizen of the USA – IF the government cannot keep an eye on you…??!…!!! I’m already scared of YOU! I NEED to know what YOU are REALLY PLANNING ON DOING out there!

      Oh well – guess I’ll read about your cache of weapons and your ties to ISIS and your three under aged wives, and your tax liens after the FBI and ATF burn you out for going “off grid”.


  11. Eric says:

    The only one in the group that I felt pity for was Garner. The guy was done wrong. Mike Brown sealed his own fate. I actually got into an argument about a month or two ago with a family member who is a former state trooper/city policeman about the whole situation. He’ll openly say that racism does exist through the Obama administration (He voted for him), and both Garner, Brown, Martin deserved it all. When you take and show the facts towards all 3, the only one he gets really heated about is when you call corrupt…corrupt (Eric Garner). He never could find a way to debate back. If you ban something from being used, it’s banned. Plain and simple.


  12. gena says:

    Murse, I’m with you!


  13. justfactsplz says:

    Cops lives matter. All lives matter. I’m sick of their racial hatred and their “black lives matter” banter. If they believe this banter then they should educate the communities on how to raise respectful, law abiding children who become lives that are worthy to living in communities and contributing to society.


  14. no2pencil says:

    What do I get if we win?


  15. Mr. Izz says:

    “We can’t let these whites win.”

    And therein lies the problem. It’s the “us against them” mentality. Yet, for some odd reason, these same people will march, praise, and honor MLK, Jr. for his efforts.

    Lies and hypocrisy are in great supply.

    As a side note: This article makes me incredibly angry.


  16. SukieTawdry says:

    Oh, I’m detecting a “racist vibe” all right.


  17. Not Chicken Little says:

    I have the feeling that Frederick Douglass would not be proud or approve of the actions taken in this school and thus associated with his good name.


  18. Quiet Observer says:

    Instead of indoctrinating their students in the destructive culture of victimhood (aka the deification of thugs and demonization of law enforcement, particularly WHITE law enforcement) that Obama, Holder, Sharpton and the rest of the racial grievance industry promulgate in a perverse effort to hold on to power; these educators (and I use that term loosely) should try teaching their students some of the most basic rules of a civil society. Rules such as:
    1. Always obey the law.
    2. Never participate in unlawful acts (joy riding, drug use, underage drinking, petty theft, vandalism, etc.).
    3. If you see people – even your friends – breaking the law, leave the premises/area immediately (if weapons or other dangers are involved, protect yourself and leave when you can do so safely) and report the unlawful activity to the police.
    4. If you see the same law enforcement officers in your neighborhood often, they are probably assigned to your community. Be friendly to them; smile, wave, or say “Hi” when you see them. If they are not too busy, take time to chat and get to know them. That’s what good, law-abiding citizens do. Once the officers see that you act like a law-abiding citizen, they will be far less likely to view you with suspicion under other circumstances.
    5. In any encounter with law enforcement – regardless of the circumstances:
    • Be polite and respectful to the officers – not surly, argumentative, disrespectful or confrontational. Your attitude can significantly affect the outcome;
    • If they approach you (or stop you) in the performance of their duties, listen to the officers and do exactly what they tell or ask you to do, right from the start. Do it immediately and without protest or questions. This is especially true if they are trying to handcuff or restrain you. If you try to pull away from them or are not 100% cooperative, the law gives them the right to increase the amount of force they use. Under certain (extreme) circumstances, they could have the right to use of lethal (deadly) force;
    • Answer every question that the officers ask you and answer them promptly, truthfully, and in a straightforward manner. Lying to them, answering them evasively or defensively, refusing to answer, demanding a lawyer, or anything else that the officers might perceive to be stalling tactics will increase their suspicion of you and make things worse.
    6. And, for crying out loud, pull your damn pants up! If you look like a thug, the police are far more likely to treat you like a thug.

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