Russia Fills The Leadership Void – Russia’s Putin, Egypt’s Sisi say Both Committed to Fighting Terrorism…

Russia and Egypt are working on several strategic alliances. Russia has committed to assist in building Nuclear power plants, and interestingly both Egypt and Russia are negotiating plans to drop the dollar as their trade currency.

Russia's President Putin listens to his Egyptian counterpart Sisi at a news conference after their meeting in Cairo(Reuters) – United by a deep hostility toward Islamists, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and Russia’s Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday they were both committed to fighting the threat of terrorism.

The general and the former KGB officer found common ground on security at talks in Cairo that signaled a rapprochement between their two countries, at a time when relations between Egypt and the United States have cooled.

Sisi, who is fighting a raging Islamist insurgency in the Sinai region, said Putin had agreed with him that “the challenge of terrorism that faces Egypt, and which Russia also faces, does not stop at any borders”.

Putin, making his first state visit to Egypt in a decade, said they agreed on “reinforcing our efforts in combating terrorism”. He presented his host with a Russian-made Kalashnikov rifle, and Sisi handed him a plaque with a picture of Putin.

The Kremlin chief was the first leader of a major power to visit Egypt since former army chief Sisi became president in 2014, having toppled Islamist President Mohamed Mursi the previous year after mass protests against his rule.

putin and el sisi 2

Sisi has repeatedly called for concerted counter-terrorism efforts in the Middle East and the West. Egypt has fought Islamist militancy for decades, mostly through security crackdowns that have weakened, but failed to eliminate, radical groups.

Highlighting the challenge, security sources on Tuesday said 15 suspected Islamist militants had been killed in air raids in the Sinai Peninsula. The interior ministry said suspected Islamist militants bombed three police stations in Egypt’s second city Alexandria on Tuesday.

Putin has also resorted to force against Islamists, sending troops to quell a separatist rebellion in Chechnya, but still confronts insurgents in parts of the predominantly Muslim North Caucasus region.   (read more)

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51 Responses to Russia Fills The Leadership Void – Russia’s Putin, Egypt’s Sisi say Both Committed to Fighting Terrorism…

  1. zephyrbreeze says:

    Know how the Russians fight – anything. Ugly.


    • Col.(R) Ken says:

      Just ask the Chechen people, and those Chechens taught those conscripts a few lessons. It was the brutally of war.


      • mikeH says:

        The Chechens and the Russians are all good. The radical Islamists are almost entirely dead now. Think of what Syria would be if/when ISIS is gone.


        • Ghost of Gene DebsII says:

          A war-ravaged country still torn between a fascistic police state that will hold on to power by any means, competing jihadist factions, and the FSA, not to mention the people of Rojava fighting for their liberation?


      • Joe says:

        Strobe Talbott said there would be a third Chechen war which means the Neocons are promoting one. There are those who say that the US promoted the second Chechen war. We certainly dabbled in it. The Boston bombers were our reward.


    • JohnP says:

      Now, now what’s so ugly about finding dead terrorists with various body parts where they don’t belong?
      Boy are the terrorists going to miss Obama.


  2. doodahdaze says:

    Amazing. Russia fills the vacuum left by Obamasnoid.

    Someone (usually a man) who gets off by sniffing other people’s bicycle seats or chair bottoms.
    Did you see that creeptastic snoid sniffing around the bike racks after class?


  3. Rachelle says:

    If I were President Sisi I would trust Putin more than Obama. Though I never thought I would see the day that an ex-KGB thug would be more honest and reliable than a US president, that’s the case.

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  4. justfactsplz says:

    This news must have Stompy Feet pitching a tantrum. Somebody has to take Islamic terrorism serious and call it what it is. A strategy always comes in handy too. Obama doesn’t have a strategy to fight terrorism.

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  5. rashomon says:

    Maybe I’m very naive. But who would want to invest, risk money on an entity — company or country — that might go up in flames in the near future or, at least, until one could shift assets. Has risk management changed since we went to sleep last night? What is wrong with this picture.

    We have many very smart and experienced people on this site. Share. Please. Has the value of loaning money for warfare increased to the point that we ignore all our morals?


  6. MaryfromMarin says:

    “…interestingly both Egypt and Russia are negotiating plans to drop the dollar as their trade currency.”

    Very interesting indeed. I was wondering what else Putin would be looking for from this collaboration.

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  7. wanthetruth says:

    When enough drop the dollar ……..our country is toast!


  8. Brett says:

    How heartbreaking that this great nation of ours is ‘lead’ by a traitor, backed by an evil political party on one hand, and enabled by a spineless one on the other. Our country is being destroyed. What is at least as heartbreaking is the fact that if one is honest, they cannot help but admit that they admire Putin far more than obama, despite the fact that Putin is “ex?” KGB, and probably not a very nice guy.


    • PatriotUSA says:

      Putin has his very nasty, dark and knows who, what and where ‘evil’ must be taken out. Putin has a warrior’s mentality and already proven that he will not give mercy nor quarter. Anything that Putin/Russia can do to to fill the vacumn while obamanazi peddles major wussyitis is what Putin will do. Sisi will gladly take the aid of Russia. Who can blame him.

      Marines surrendering their weapons, then having them destroyed. What unsubtle message does that send to our drying up pool of ‘allies and friends?”

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      • smiley says:

        and what message does it send to our military.
        (whenever I look at our American flag these days, I am overcome with nostalgic sadness.)

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        • PatriotUSA says:

          Those I know in the military current and retired hate and loathe what is going. They hate John Kerry, they hate obamanazi, this regime and a few have left what they thought would be their career, to serve their country and give their all if called to do so. Others feel that they have no choice but to stay in and hope the country comes to it’s senses and ousts those who hate and want to kill the United States. The greatest fear many have is that they will be called upon to fire upon the likes of me or you. This also extends into many I know who are retired from law enforcement and again are current LEO.

          My nostalgic sadness is overcome by extreme anger which i have to work hard to keep a lid on.


  9. peppie says:

    Order out of chaos. The globalist hit a homerun with Barry. Sad state of affairs when you have more respect for the Russian Head of State than the POTUS. The Rockefellers and Rothschild’s must be dancing in the streets, my bad, they’re dancing in the dark.

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  10. Be Ge says:

    Very mixed feelings about Kaiser Waldemar here. Everything positive seems a bit like a piece of sympathy for Iblis. Putin is not a someone to trust as no agreement made with Putin is worth more than the paper and ink used to make the physical copy. A very important part of what mr. Putin considers to be “sovereignty” and “independence” is the capacity to no longer respect any agreement that at the moment happens to be uncomfortable at the moment — which he at times mentions explicitly in his speeches. In the meanwhile, Putin’s army occasionally strike cities like Mariupol, Ukraine or Kramatorsk, Ukraine with MRLS, leaving 10-15-20-30 dead civilians per strike. This does not even look like terrorism, more like a war crime. Yeah, at times I adore the way the Russians fight, ok, with 5-10x manpower advantage and a technology one as well, and you may at times wish this

    happen to the islamists. Problem is — he never won the Caucasus war chain. All he managed to do was putting a bloody terrorist (a bit like himself) who proudly killed his first Russian at the age of 16, “academician” Ramzan Kadyrov, in charge of little piece of land called Chechnya and tries to kill the fire of Islam-powered Chechen uprising with tons of money, making a lot of Russians actually say he is paying them the chechens in a way Germany was paying out funds after WW1. He will no longer have enough money due to low oil prices and international sanctions — and we will shortly see what happens. Besides, you don’t really know anything about a KGB old fox — even the degree of his true animosity towards radical Islam. See, Russia will, unless something happens, become an Islamic state in 60-80 years and Putin seems to do everything to encourage the process. A sympathy for Iblis, says /me…


    • Be Ge says:

      (brr…Sorry for poor quick editing in browser).

      Summing it all up — there’s almost no such thing as “absolute black” and “shiny white” but there are shades of grey. Too much dark notes in the “Putinist grey” for me, although I have to admit putting someone like Ramzan Kadyrov atop of the Arabs leaning towards terrorism (as in Palestine) would probably make sense for Israel and the rest of the civilized world. Other than that — Kaiser Waldemar is a complete flop whose signature on any serious agreement is worth about as much as the ink used in process.


  11. BertDilbert says:

    Putin is kicking Obama’s butt in the ME and Europe. I think Germany has woken up that US intentions are not in their best interest. A big shift is about to happen.


  12. Ghost of Gene DebsII says:

    Vladimir I and Pharaoh Sisi are committed to authoritarian rule, oligarchy, and the steady dissolution of civil liberties, but I suppose that’s fine and dandy here so long as they kill terrorists and Islamists.


    • smiley says:

      compared to what, exactly ?


    • John Galt says:

      A ruthless dictator’s foot on the necks of Islamists is a very good thing.


      • Ghost of Gene DebsII says:

        I have four questions for you then. First, is it a very good thing even if those Islamists aren’t terrorists, or indeed guilty of any crime? Second, do you honestly believe Putin and Sisi only target Islamists? Last of all, would you support their American equivalent, or are dictatorships something that only foreigners have to accept?


        • John Galt says:

          “First, is it a very good thing even if those Islamists aren’t terrorists, or indeed guilty of any crime?”

          All Islamists are terrorists. Islam practiced pursuant to the Quran is criminal.

          “Second, do you honestly believe Putin and Sisi only target Islamists?”

          Putin targets terrorists and anybody he thinks he can push around. Sisi only targets terrorists, AFAIK.

          “Last of all, would you support their American equivalent, or are dictatorships something that only foreigners have to accept?”

          I prefer a constitutional republic for the USA. Hopefully something we can get back to someday. Dictators are good for controlling Islamists. Gadaffi was preferable to Islamist Libya. Sadaam Hussein was preferable to Islamist Iraq. Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was preferable to Islamist Iran. Sisi is preferable to Islamist Egypt. Bashar al-Assad is preferable to Islamist Syria.


          • Ghost of Gene DebsII says:

            No, no they’re not, and I say that as an atheist who prefers politics as secular as water is wet. There are Islamists who believe that their ideology should be enforced through violence, and there are Islamists who believe in expressing it through peaceful, democratic processes. If you believe Islam is inherently criminal, here’s an experiment for you: try living your life in complete obedience to the Bible. Follow all the arcane laws and all the archaic rituals, no matter how awful or absurd they are. Go all the way, leave no stone unturned or unthrown. See how long it takes for you to get tossed into jail or a mental asylum. Most of humanity’s foundational religious texts were written centuries or millennia ago, devised by vastly different people in vastly different environments than our own. Most sane modern believers, whether they’re Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, or whatever else, know you don’t practice religion in its original, unadulterated form.

            Since overthrowing Morsi, Sisi and the military have cracked down on anyone and everyone that doesn’t toe the regime’s repressive line, including the “liberal” and secular elements who supported the coup in the first place. The once-respected Egyptian judiciary has been transformed into a legal farce straight out of Kafka or Lewis Carrol. Journalists, government critics, and peaceful activists have been persecuted, imprisoned, and worse on a systematic basis, and thousands of people have been jailed on spurious charges. Popular protest has been all but criminalized, and any dissenters run the risk of being designated supporters of the Brotherhood-terrorists. The Egyptian deep-state is back in the saddle, and it’s doing all that it can to stamp out the flame of the people’s revolution. It’s a damn horror show.

            The choice between secular dictatorship and religious ones/complete chaos is a false one. In all the cases you mentioned, the rise/triumph of Islamist politics were never foregone conclusions, and in most of them, the dictators in question either coddled Islamists when it suited them or murdered their most influential rivals, the radical left.


    • BertDilbert says:

      “Vladimir I and Pharaoh Sisi are committed to authoritarian rule, oligarchy, and the steady dissolution of civil liberties”

      Which is different from the US how exactly?


      • Ghost of Gene DebsII says:

        Only by a matter of degree. The United States ruling class likes to maintain the facade of liberal democracy, but their Egyptian and Russian counterparts are less coy about their preferences. Perhaps more honest, you might say.


  13. Mscynlynn says:

    That should’ve been a US President in the picture with al-Sisi. Putin is stepping in where Obama has left a void.

    Our military has been downsized to the point where it is stressed. There is no “bench” to go to for another mission.

    We have fallen in world politics with our weak leader. We are falling in world strength with our weakening military.

    Sorry guys, but this isn’t looking good.


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