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Russia Fills The Leadership Void – Russia’s Putin, Egypt’s Sisi say Both Committed to Fighting Terrorism…

Russia and Egypt are working on several strategic alliances. Russia has committed to assist in building Nuclear power plants, and interestingly both Egypt and Russia are negotiating plans to drop the dollar as their trade currency. (Reuters) – United by … Continue reading

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UAE Back In The Fight – United Arab Emirates Launches From Jordan….

JORDAN – United Arab Emirates fighter planes roared out of an air base in Jordan on Tuesday to pound Islamic State militant positions, marking a return to combat operations by one of the United States’ closest Arab allies in the … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

    From cartoonist A.F. Branco at ComicallyIncorrect.com.

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To Defend Obama’s Honor Charlie Rangel Wants To Fight Benjamin Netanyahu – Literally FIGHT Benjamin Netanyahu…

Keep in mind that the White House manufactured the entire Netanyahu controversy. Bibi: If you have a problem with our POTUS's foreign policy meet me at AIPAC but not on the House floor. pic.twitter.com/HN7eLaIbg1 — Charles Rangel (@cbrangel) February 11, … Continue reading

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School Principal Supports Racist Anti-Cop Student Poster: “We Can’t Let Whites Win” – Then Becomes Angry When Questioned About The Inherent Message…

An anti-cop racist poster hangs in the school with the full approval of the Principal stating “students need to be able to express their feelings” and calling the poster an “expression of free speech”. Compare and contrast this example to … Continue reading

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Ben Shapiro: Why Jews Vote Leftist?

It’s too bad that they don’t realize that anti-semites will hate them just as much as if they were observant Jews.  

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Grouchy Boehner – Tells Senate Democrats “Get Off Your Ass”….

WASHINGTON DC – House Speaker John Boehner called on Senate Democrats on Wednesday to “get off their ass” and take up a $40 billion Homeland Security funding measure before a Feb. 27 deadline. The House-passed measure has been stalled in … Continue reading

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