Memphis Tennessee Church Hides Arrest Of Violent Sex Offender Until Media Was Going To Report…

He exposed himself to a student/volunteer.  I wonder why the church was so reluctant to tell their membership about his, well, ‘history’?  

memphis sex offenderMEMPHIS, Tennessee — A violent sex offender is now facing charges after police say he exposed himself in a church soup kitchen.

Willie Edwards is listed as a violent sex offender on the Tennessee Sex Offender Registry for offenses dating back to 1989.

Edwards was working in the kitchen at St. John’s United Methodist Church when he exposed himself to a female worker January 27.

Edwards is charged with violation of community supervision for life.

The following alert was sent to church members several weeks after the incident and after the church learned a news outlet was going to report what happened:


We are writing to share some timely and upsetting news.

An unfortunate incident occurred at St. John’s involving our member, Willie Edwards. Willie has been a member of our church since October, and he has helped in both our Saturday soup kitchen and on Tuesdays when Rhodes College hosts soup kitchen. It was reported to us a couple of weeks ago that Willie was at the Tuesday soup kitchen and exposed his penis to one of the female students.

Renee met with the student and the Rhodes Chaplain to hear her story. The student courageously agreed to report the incident to the police.

Willie failed to self-report his status to the church, but because of this incident, we discovered that Willie was on the sex offender registry and is still on parole for past offenses. His probation officer was contacted and pursued an affidavit for his arrest. (read more)

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21 Responses to Memphis Tennessee Church Hides Arrest Of Violent Sex Offender Until Media Was Going To Report…

  1. angie says:

    Willie Edwards is vile and I hope he gets sent back to prison for the rest of his life. Shame on Church officials for not bringing it forward sooner. St. John’s was more worried about CYA than about the poor girl who as the victim- at least it seems that way to me.

    Curious to see if this will hit the MSM. If this had been a Catholic priest, it would probably lead the broadcast news.

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    • the police in the town have no excuse for this….I have been reporting these crimes to police for years….and yet another dead rape victim here in VA – Hanna Graham

      Police don’t get interested in child sex abuse, unless they can pick deep pockets like the Archdiocese, that is why police let priest rape kids
      11 million dollars on Robert Brennan alone, and the priest is not in prison yet.

      People should sue the State over cases like this, (it gets victim abusive) but the police and courts are charged with putting child sex predators to prison, because felony rape is against the law…and the police very well knew this guy was a predator.
      So why they let him get near kids in church???

      no case money in this one, Police have no excuse for this


  2. freepetta says:

    Disgusting POS, I’ll bet the food he prepared wasn’t free of body fluids.


  3. happypappies says:

    How sad

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  4. Be Ge says:

    Just following up today’s large discussion about mr. Bloomberg’s idea of a gun-grab away from minority youths — what would mr. Bloomberg say about minority sex offenders and those who cover them? I am still digesting the fact that somebody with some degree of public popularity said-out-load the idea that some groups cannot live or are best off not living according to the same law as everybody else….so…given the fact certain group (less than a half of infamous 12.5% or something like 4-5% of the total population) makes about 1/3 (4811 / 14611 as of Y2011) of total number of people arrested and prosecuted for rape….what would be the right Bloomberg-style thing to do?

    Trolling mode off — may G-d comfort those who suffered from the actions of the offender.


  5. Chip Bennett says:

    “…failed to self-report”? As if that exonerates the church?

    Every church I’ve been involved with in at least the past decade (or more) does routine background checks on all church ministry volunteers. (it used to be any ministries that could have any involvement with children; lately, it’s been all ministries.)

    And why wasn’t this disclosed immediately? Would looking up the doctrine statement of this particular church shed some light? Or perhaps that one of the head pastors is named “Renee”? It boggles the mind, it does…


    • cajunkelly says:

      Brings to mind that lady “pastor” so involved in the Fergistan riots. She had quite the potty mouth. But to quote basshat, when she was being harassed in the early days of the riots: ya’ll leave her alone, she’s G, she’s totally G y’all!

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  6. The people that run this church are cowards and fail to realize that while we should, to some degree, be our brothers’ keeper, that does not charge us with endangering the innocent in the process. I find it difficult to believe they had NO knowledge of his prior offenses.

    I’m with Walt Whitman on this one: Fences make good neighbors. It’s all about the boundaries. I’d be putting one up between myself and that church.

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    • cajunkelly says:

      Oh but you must consider that this regime wants to make it illegal to check a potential employee’s background for criminal history.

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      • And isn’t that so special for the child molesters, rapists, and general sexual perverts that are our invaders? I predict more juries will be finding vengeful parents not guilty in the near future, as well
        The thing that really sucks about that, cajun, is that because of the networking illegals can do they can commit crimes repeatedly then move somewhere else to avoid prosecution, too. No background to prove it, I didn’t do it. The Obama-ized version of If you didn’t see it, I didn’t do it.


        • Jury? How about a set of handcuffs, felony rape is against the law
          Did you ever tell a cop things like that??? Police should put this king of guy in the landfill not a church
          case closed and no more victims
          Do you remember when police knew it was against the law to rape kids at church??
          Even poor churches that the State does not wish to sue….
          You would be surprised how much money police are making on felony rape
          and deliberate victim abuse for the “case money


      • Roy says:

        The way around that is don’t hire them if you’re an employer.
        Don’t support them or shop in stores that hire by affirmative action rules if you’re a consumer.

        I wonder how many years it will take the black apologists to skew FBI statistics so they’ll show whites as the majority percentage of criminals while blacks are “excused” from criminal behavior.


  7. cajunkelly says:

    Very unfortunate lead-in to the notification as well, IYKWIMAITYD.

    An unfortunate incident occurred at St. John’s involving our member,

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  8. toomuchlaundry says:

    Because blacks are particularly protective of their race, no matter what the guilty act is, and it’s even worse in black churches. They will never out each other to “the man”.

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