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Too Funny – The Latest Brian Williams Tale: “I Stared Down A Thug’s Snub-Nosed .38 While Selling Christmas Trees Out Of The Back Of A Truck” – 2005 interview with Esquire magazine

Perhaps we’ve finally figured out why Brian Williams loves President Obama so much. They both are notorious liars, and stretchers of truth…. I wonder if they drink Dos Equis? (New York) Long before Brian Williams was caught lying about his … Continue reading

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Remember Those Democrats Nancy Pelosi Said Were Too Busy Right Now?

A few days ago Nancy Pelosi responded to a question about why Democrats were boycotting the speech by Benjamin Netanyahu. Pelosi responded by saying that Democrats are very busy right now, “too busy to engage with foreign leaders“. Well,…. “@ditzkoff: … Continue reading

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Astroturf, Psy-Ops, and The Manipulation of Reality for Purpose….

We were fortunate enough today to find a great presentation by Sharyl Attkisson who explains the subject of “Astroturf to Manipulate Opinion. In this eye-opening talk, veteran investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson shows how astroturf, or fake grassroots movements funded by … Continue reading

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Investigation Going Nowhere – FBI Puts Jessica Chambers Billboards In Three States – Mississippi, Tennessee and Arkansas….

The investigation is going nowhere because Panola County officials, specifically Sheriff Dennis Darby and District Attorney John Champion, want it to go nowhere. In addition, the severely dysfunctional family of Jessica Chambers, lead mainly by her mom Lisa Daugherty, hold … Continue reading

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Former Defense Intelligence Chief: U.S. Strategy to Fight Terrorism “Clearly Not Working”….

When you won’t admit you have an enemy, and you won’t admit who the enemy is, it goes without saying – You don’t have a “Strategy”, let alone have a possibility of success:

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U.S. Hostage Kayla Mueller’s Parents Did Not Want Rescue Effort – Wanted Obama Administration To Negotiate With Terrorists….

(New York Post) There wasn’t going to be any rescue mission for ISIS hostage Kayla Mueller. Mueller’s parents asked the Obama administration to negotiate her release instead, Foreign Policy magazine reported, citing a military official familiar with the discussions. Their … Continue reading

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REPOST: “The Benghazi Brief” – With Additional Research and Source Vetting

Against the newly released secret Hillary Clinton tapes of Libya found by, and reported by, The Washington Times, we can review the material within The Benghazi Brief for context. What we find is the brief is factually affirmed with the … Continue reading

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