Scott Walker Surges To The Front In New Hampshire…

NEW HAMPSHIRE – Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) holds a big lead among New Hampshire Republicans in the early primary state, drawing 21 percent support among likely voters in a poll by news network NH1 released Wednesday.

Scott Walker Vs. Code Pink

The governor is the biggest beneficiary of 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney’s decision to sit out 2016. Two weeks ago, when Romney was flirting with a bid, Walker won 8 percent of the vote. Romney led that poll with 29 percent.

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is second, with 14 percent, followed by Sen. Rand Paul (Ky.) and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, each at 8 percent. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee follow, at 6 percent, with Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.) at 5 percent.

Still, with almost 19 percent of respondents undecided or choosing someone not listed in the poll, there’s ample room for candidates to gain ground or widen leads. (read more)


AFL CIO - Wisconsin

Rat effect

Rat effect


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39 Responses to Scott Walker Surges To The Front In New Hampshire…

  1. taqiyyologist says:

    Question: Is the GOP going to continue the practice of allowing Democrats to vote in GOP primaries?

    If yes: then what the F’s the point? We’ll get whomever the Democrats want to run against.

    I’m going to enter a chess championship and demand to play against Corky from “Life Goes On”.

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    • auscitizenmom says:

      Hey, careful there. He might be a really good player. 🙂


      • taqiyyologist says:

        Oh, trust me. I want him in. With West as Veep.

        But we’ll get “Corky” instead, (whoever that may be, probably either Jeb or Krispy.

        Just as the sun rose again in the East today, and will set again in the West tonight. we’ll be gifted another GOP candidate that doesn’t want to win. Despite who we wanted.

        Because the GOP lets Dems decide who they want to be the GOP contender, by allowing them to vote in GOP primaries.

        Where’s my UKIP?


        • ShepherdDawg says:

          The closest we Americans have to UKIP is the Tea Party.

          Unlike the UK, at least in America we can exercise a certain amount of control over our elected officials through the primary process.

          We need to vote for Tea Party affiliated candidates.


          • We need to vote for Republicans, you mean.

            Who are not Tea Party, but rather G.O.P.

            Not exactly a novel idea, Shep. We keep trying that one.

            That idea will fail again.


            • taqiyyologist says:

              How many times does that idea have to fail before we realize that we need to try another idea?

              Five? Ten?


              • taqiyyologist says:

                Trying to change the GOP from the inside is just as asinine as trying to change Planned Parenthood by lobbying for Conservatives to be their leaders.

                And by asinine, I mean idiotic.


    • Chip Bennett says:

      It’s not always GOP rules; it is sometimes state law.

      But in all cases, I agree: only registered party members should be able to participate in a given party’s primary. Otherwise, you can wait and cast your vote during the general election.


  2. auscitizenmom says:

    I’m afraid with him becoming the front runner this early, he will be torn to shreds by election time.


  3. doodahdaze says:

    If he wins they will force him to push bush in as vp.


  4. justfactsplz says:

    I wish I knew what the conversation was between Romney and Walker the other day. I think it was Walker that Romney was thinking about when he talked about the “Newbies” in the Republican party. Walker can get votes from Tea Partiers, the Republican base, some liberals, and Independents. I love Ted Cruz but many any the party hate him. Walker may be our best chance to win. Bush isn’t as popular as they had hoped for Thank God. We need a governor with experience running a state more than a senator imo.

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  5. justfactsplz says:

    I would so love to know the conversation between Romney and Walker the other day. I think when Romney was talking about “Newbie” Republicans he was thinking of Walker. Walker can get votes from the base, the tea party, independents, and some liberals. He may be our best chance to win. I love Cruz but the base hates him.


  6. justfactsplz says:

    My posts are not showing up. TEST.


  7. justfactsplz says:

    Okay, try again. I would love to know the conversation between Romney and Walker the other day. I think Romney was thinking about Walker when he was talking about “Newbie” republicans.


  8. Col.(R) Ken says:

    Oh yeah, Walker put the slam on Trumka, I remember when Trumka was UMW2 local president in the early ’70s when the coal miners threatening to strike in WPA. I believe Trumka, yes strongly believe, he order the burning of coal companies lawyers houses, who were conducting Union negotiations.


    • Col.(R) Ken says:

      Forgot to add this, those protesters, behind Walker, or the ones John ” Hanoi Jane” McCain, told to leave, please correct me if I’m wrong on this, you have to request seats in these hearing rooms from your congressman or senator. If this is true, what congressman/senator gave passes to these protesters?

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      • lovelyd24 says:

        If that picture is from the state capital, the answer is no, any old nutter was let in, and when they finally shagged them all out to try and clean up their filth the thugs broke down a door and had to be escorted out again.

        By the way the guy in the yellow union shirt is one of the more sane looking provocateurs. I will have a look for some of the nuttier ones tomorrow. There was one group who was going to sing until Walker repented and revoked act ten, and then one singing woman, I think the last footage of her is her chasing the last CNN News truck down the street, she was crying and screaming about folks abandoning the fight. Terribly amusing if not for the sad reality of it all.


  9. GoneWithTheWind says:

    I see the Democrat machine, Code Pink, is after Walker. I wouldn’t be supprised if the SPLC labeled him a racist or white supremist. The Left wing operatives hide behind their tax exempt personas and only attack Republicans.


  10. kathyca says:

    Check the blond idiot in pink turtleneck, etc. in the back row left (as you look at it). Tell me she’s not the same idiot in front of the fountain in the post about the Georgia teacher today.

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    • Yes, her name is Medea Benjamin, the “leader” of Code Pink.

      Good eye, Kathy.


      • kathyca says:

        Well, if I were half as knowledgeable as you, it would have been obvious and made perfect sense. D’oh. Thanks, Taqiy. Was just reading about her since I (obviously) haven’t followed Code Pink. She was aptly named.


        • taqiyyologist says:

          Oh, I didn’t even remember her name until you pointed her out, and I recognized her, and googled “Code Pink leader” and was then reminded of her name after clicking “search”.

          Just doing my part.


          • rashomon says:

            Maybe we should drop the GOP label and rename the conservatives — the REAL conservatives; i.e. not Jeb — UKIP-USA. Would that make you happy, Taqi?

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          • Mist'ears Mom says:

            She’s (idiot code pink medusa) been everywhere the last couple of days. I wish her ugly mug would disappear don’t these people have jobs? She and her group are such idiot pacifists that’s don’t have a clue. Such nonsense.
            I like Scott Walker a lot and Ted Cruz it’s awful early to be prognosticating about the who will be our candidates. But I do like the rumblings and hoping they can gain traction.


  11. Nomadic100 says:

    I’m not a native of Wisconsin but have lived here for 16 years – that includes all of Walker’s governorship. He is truly a decent man with fundamentally conservative values and, more importantly, conservative policies. He will win if nominated. We need to make sure that happens.

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  12. georgiafl says:

    RINO = Socialist PARTY = Communist Lite

    We are going to have to return to our roots and freedoms or become a Socialist State, probably Islamo-nazi if the black muslims have anything to do with it.

    This lawless administration would have been prosecuted and a special election called if it had
    not been led by a black/muslim.


  13. lovelyd24 says:

    For anyone who has any doubt about how much the Left hates Scott;

    I know that some don’t have a FB I’m out the door so maybe someone will post some of the more colorful comments or pictures.

    And some wit and wisdom from posters

    Garden variety American fascist with a swath of sociopathic mentality

    Before this begins, I would just like to remind everyone that talking point of the week should be that a zero dollar increase to public education is a cut. Costs go up every year. Failure to adjust for inflation is insult to injury

    And insinuating that low incomed people aren’t working. Somebody thought it would be a great idea to pay us $2.33 an hour. But that’s one of those minimum wage thingies that he thinks people ought to be able to live on

    Flat out nutters.


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