Iowa Caucus Concern: Is Scott Walker the Real Deal? | Trifecta

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35 Responses to Iowa Caucus Concern: Is Scott Walker the Real Deal? | Trifecta

  1. davidfarrar says:

    One thing I haven’t heard Gov. Walker talk about is Rep. Steve King’s H.R. 140 bill, entitled: `Birthright Citizenship Act of 2015′, a bill that puts an end birthright citizenship to the offspring born in this country of illegal aliens, or why removing incentives for those who would cross our borders illegally is the only real way to secure our borders. How about it Gov Walker; care to comment?


  2. smarty says:

    What will President WALKER due about the islamization issue we are facing? Actually all immigration legal and illegal and its impact on our pocketbooks and security. Bobbi Jindal spoke out very clearly on the grave concerns we face with non assimilation of immigrants. Grassroots responded to that with gusto.


  3. Jim says:

    Isn’t this the same Scott Walker who voted FOR Obamacare while in Massachusetts? the same one who was supposed to be the vote to stop it? If it is…another self-serving liar.


  4. doodahdaze says:

    But Crown Prince Jeb said today in Detroit he is going to create a lot of new conservatives there. Bwahahahahabwahahaha.


  5. Much more to learn, but Walker looks like a peach right now, I hope he gets traction.


  6. doodahdaze says:

    I am for a path to citizenship. It starts in Mexico City.


  7. I can’t get over this feeling I get about Scott Walker – its like he always has this air about him like “how the hell did I get here”.


  8. Steele81 says:

    I could vote for him. Not voting for Jeb, Crispie, huckabee, or Lindsey Graham. That much I know.

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  9. Eskie Mom says:

    I could, too, Steele, based on what we know now. And this is a survivor. I suspect he can take anything the left throws at him & win. (We sure need secured elections. Badly.)

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    • justfactsplz says:

      We need to end voter fraud. No I.D. no vote, pure and simple. Vote once and once only.

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      • whippet1 says:

        This’s for damn sure!

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      • lovelyd24 says:

        Walker got voter ID passed in WI. It was “postponed” for the last election because the ruling elites said Wisconsinites were too stupid, moronic, dumb, and ignorant to figure out what “Voter ID” meant before the election but it is set for the next presidential election.

        When they asked me my name/address on election day I handed them my ID, the lady pushed it back and said no. I just need your name, I remained mute and pushed my ID back at her, she said no, we just need your name, I made a confused look on my face and pushed my ID back at her. I think she thought I could’t communicate so she looked at my ID checked me off and had me sign.

        I then said “thank you” peeled two “I voted” stickers off their coveted sticker roll and went to the voting both, it think like I ruined her day 🙂

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