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Brian Williams Admits He Lied About Being Under Fire, In A Helicopter Crash, In Iraq 2003… (W/ Video)

After you read the media report of Brian Williams lying, and his admission, it’s important to watch the video of how he made the claim. This is NOT some simple case of “misremembering”…. This is intentional and deceptive lying. [Make … Continue reading

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Georgia Schoolteacher Labeled “Racist” and Suspended For Saying “All Lives Matter”…

Blasphemy  ….will not be tolerated !!  GEORGIA – A Georgia middle school teacher has been suspended for 10 days after she responded to a “Black Lives Matter” Facebook photo by saying, “All lives matter.” Eighth Street Middle School teacher Kelly Tucker … Continue reading

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Jeb Bush and President Obama Agree – Illegal Alien Children Should Be Given Citizenship Status…

Jeb Bush says “it’s ridiculous not to give the illegal ‘Dreamers’ citizenship” ! WASHINGTON DC – In a newly released video, GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush says he supports amnesty for children and that the border can never be totally … Continue reading

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Vice-President Biden and Numerous Democrats Considering Boycott of Benjamin Netanyahu Speech To Congress…

Netanyahu should bring a tennis racket ! (Via Politico) Vice President Joe Biden won’t commit to attending Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to a joint session of Congress next month. He’s not the only one. Dozens of House Democrats are privately threatening … Continue reading

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Scott Walker Surges To The Front In New Hampshire…

NEW HAMPSHIRE – Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) holds a big lead among New Hampshire Republicans in the early primary state, drawing 21 percent support among likely voters in a poll by news network NH1 released Wednesday. The governor is … Continue reading

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Iowa Caucus Concern: Is Scott Walker the Real Deal? | Trifecta

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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