ISIS Inspired Twitter Account Creating Bomb Threat Havoc On U.S. Airline Carriers….

Via WeaselZippers – The name on the Twitter account threatening the Dallas plane is “Junaid Hussain”. That is the name of the man who claimed to be behind the cyber attack on the Centcom twitter feed. Hussain claims to be in charge of the Cyber Caliphate for ISIS.

It is not clear yet if this account is truly related to him or ISIS, but it is clear whoever it is wants people to think it is.

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Two planes have been evacuated on arrival at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport due to what a spokesman called a “security concern.”

Airport spokesman Perry Cooper says a JetBlue flight from Long Beach, California, and a regional SkyWest jet from Phoenix were the planes involved. The flights arrived late Sunday afternoon.

Cooper said that out of an abundance of caution, passengers were bused to their gates from the airport’s third runway. He said the matter was under investigation and he did not have further details.

Additionally, a Delta Air Lines spokesman says a flight from Los Angeles to Orlando was diverted to Dallas Sunday afternoon due to “a security concern.”

Spokesman Morgan Durrant did not give specifics about the nature of the concern on Flight 1061, saying the company would defer to authorities on providing further details. He says passengers exited the Boeing 737-900, which was being examined by authorities.

The airline plans to continue the flight when authorities determine it is safe to do so.

Dallas-Fort Worth Airport spokesman David Magana told KXAS-TV that “the airport is responding per protocol.”

The evacuations come a day after bomb threats targeted two jets bound for Atlanta, prompting F-16 fighter jets to escort the planes. Saturday’s threats targeted Southwest Airlines Flight 2492, which arrived at Atlanta from Milwaukee; and Delta Air Lines Flight 1156, which arrived from Portland, Oregon. (read more)

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20 Responses to ISIS Inspired Twitter Account Creating Bomb Threat Havoc On U.S. Airline Carriers….

  1. Les says:

    I just guessed “Anonymous” in another thread. This guy is a hacker:

    Abu Hussain al-Britani, 20, whose real name is Junaid Hussain, was jailed for stealing personal information from Tony Blair. He left Birmingham for Syria and is reportedly launching cyber attacks on the West.

    Seems too easy.

    Good read, though!


  2. Eskie Mom says:

    test (getting an error message to enter a valid email grrr)


  3. justfactsplz says:

    This makes my heart skip a beat. The L.A. to Orlando is too close. They are stepping up their game. Pray that everything and every job put in place to thwart these threats are successful. Americans’ safety are at risk. It was just on the news this week about all of the guns that TSA have caught this past year in carry on luggage. Orlando was at the top of the list.


  4. Roy says:

    Not too long ago, I posted about all these strange bomb threats on a Sunday Open Thread. About primarily Delta planes and a gentleman named Les added some information pertaining to ISIS. I hope I got the cut and paste link right for where our posts start. (Keeping my fingers crossed)

    I recall some months back reading articles suggesting there may be civilian commercial flights targeted and another article where the airlines names were listed. Delta was one of the names, American and United were also mentioned, but I forgot the name of the fourth company.

    It’s unnerving, to say the least. I almost feel a palpable sense of something terrible occurring this year.


    • Les says:

      That article was from August. I guess that’s why they thought the threats was “credible.” They already know who these people are. Not sure why we don’t go get them. I understood Ronnie and I understood Bush 1 and 2 and even ol’ Bill when he was leading our military. I don’t “get” this new sissyboy wetpants we have in the White House now. I can’t tell which side he’s on. I say that in all seriousness. He isn’t one of us. He isn’t American.

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  5. Mike says:

    Good Lord! Just think of the danger they would pose if they ever figured out how to create a hash-tag campaign! Hopefully the State Department and The White House keep close tabs on that knowledge.

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  6. carterzest says:

    Help me out here(read three times), LAX to ORLANDO diverting to SEA-TAC?

    I understand several different events over the weekend.


  7. cg says:

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  8. Paul H. Lemmen says:

    Reblogged this on A Conservative Christian Man.


  9. Mudbug says:

    Meh. I ain’t worried and I log between 135,000 and 200,000 air miles every year – domestic and long haul to Europe and Africa. The only place that causes me concern is leaving airports in Africa. Let’s just say, securité isn’t……much. After doing this for >23 years I’ve become a pure fatalist: if God the Father wants me/us to come home, he’ll take us. Miz Mudbug on the other hand, doesn’t care much for my attitude on that.


    • auscitizenmom says:

      I have said for many years, if it is your time to go, you will go. If you opt out of the plane trip you were supposed to be on, then the plane will fall on you. No, I can’t explain how that is supposed to work, but I just have the feeling that we all have an end time.


  10. 180daysofkindergarten says:

    Our family flies a ton right now,and we have a relative who works for one of the airlines targeted. This has been going on for a while but, I think, at first is was mainly Delta targeted and mainly Atlanta. They seem to know the threats are not credible BUT they are deplaning and diverting flights. What a PITA to travelers. This hacker/terrorist troll sitting in some sandbox is p…ing me off. Why in the hell are we so impotent? Oh……..yeah. I know why.
    Stay safe. Getting ready to make an airport run right now.


  11. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:
    The use of social media for almost untraceable terror attacks, a new twist but certainly one that should have been seen.


  12. JohnP says:

    Terror is their only effective weapon. That’s why lead their attacks with truck bombs and like to dance around with human heads. Accepting that and learning to ignore it makes them weaker. Learn from the Kurds, they sing even at funerals.

    IS today lost the city of Kobane, in Deir ez-Zur the Syrian Army is pushing them out of al-Jafra, the Iraqi Army launched an offensive west of Ramadi, and last week the Peshmerga cut off Mosul. Their thugs are panicking, so they are ratcheting up their propaganda.

    The last IS radio transmissions in Kobane were about nothing but tears, frustration and desertions, it was very satisfying.

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