Jessica Lane Chambers – Day #49 Murder Case Update – ATF Increases Reward To $53,000

On Thursday evening, the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms put out a release announcing the addition of $10,000 to the $43,000 currently offered. That includes money from U.S. Marshals Service, FBI, Mississippi State Fire Marshal’s Office, CrimeStoppers, and private donations.

“We all have a vested interest in arresting and bringing to justice the person(s) responsible for this heinous crime,” said ATF Special Agent in Charge Phillip Durham. “Arson is a crime of violence leaving physical and emotional scars that last a lifetime. Only those victims who have survived understand the sheer terror of being attacked by fire. Unfortunately, Jessica Chambers’ life was cut short, as she did not survive.” (link)

jessica chambers selfieJessica Chamber’s car was doused from bumper to bumper with an accelerant, presumably gasoline.  Volunteer Fire Chief Cole Haley incident report notes upon arrival (8:13pm) “the car was engulfed in flame”.

Non-typical disposition – Upon inspection three vehicle tires were completely burned away, one was barely present.  Historical investigative presentations indicate during a “typical car fire”, the tires, along with the vehicle undercarriage, are the final elements to fully ignite.

The current pattern strongly suggests each wheel was doused, in addition to the exterior sheet metal, as gasoline was poured lengthwise around the circumference of the car.

Accepting the burn pattern as an indication of intent, the killers/arsonists appear to have wanted to torch every inch of the car, inside and out – and not just the victim herself.

Which brings particular aspects into focus.  The perpetrators used more than an easily transportable amount of gasoline.   The perpetrators used more gasoline than would have been needed to ignite the vehicle interior alone.   A small amount (less than 8 oz) would have been enough to turn the passenger compartment into an inferno – the extensive use of fuel quantity on the exterior suggests something else should be considered a motivating factor.

Following the vehicle burn pattern, and combining the statement of Chief Cole Haley, fire analyst estimations present accelerant quantity beyond a standard U.S. gallon of fuel.

Poured inside, outside and essentially bumper to bumper, both along the apex’s and parallels (sides) of the vehicle.

The arsonist(s) likely anticipated no expectation of an extended burn.  Given the known geographic proximity to the fire responders it is likely the perpetrator(s) held a disposition to insure the vehicle destroyed before the Fire Department had time to respond.

As a general guide it would customarily take 17 to 24 minutes for an unassisted fire pattern to find oil burn value within the tires.   Unless special attention was paid by the arsonist(s) to accelerate the pattern with accelerant directly on the tires, or secondarily upon the tires as a result of apex liquid fuel distribution.

Considering the vehicle was parked directly under an approximately 48-year-old pine brush tree, it cannot be ruled out that approximate disposition of vehicle was potentially an intentional factor adding to the elements of purposeful burn.

Accepting Intent – What was the disposition of arsonist(s) in relationship to the vehicles exterior.   Investigative inquiry should focus on suspect profile in relationship to car’s exterior and tires.

SUMMARY for INVESTIGATIVE VALUE – What primary or secondary considerations [evidence] did perpetrator(s) hope to destroy beyond the primary victim – profiling intent?

jessica chambers invest 14

Media photography during Mississippi Bureau of Investigation analysis of vehicle notes investigators intentionally peering under the front end.  This effort is atypical for fat people.  Thick thighs and calves coming together make leverage against the knee joint and instability is a result.  (If you had to squat with a pillow stuffed behind each knee)

2005 Kia Rio is front wheel drive.   Front wheel drive distributes surface material back and in an upward position toward the front quarter panels based on disposition of wheel direction.   While traversing non paved roadways it is also possible for the front end of vehicle to make surface contact (bottom out).

Suspect(s) hands may have made contact with vehicle surface area prior to final disposition.  Hand/Finger prints on vehicle, combined with possible damage to the rear of the vehicle may indicate need to thoroughly ignite entirety of vehicle exterior.

♦ Suggest review of prior North Mississippi arrest/conviction database reports comparing known current persons of interest to prior arrest and/or conviction reports using palm or print evidence as part of previous probable cause affidavit.

Burned substrate may indicate genetic profile of accelerant, however most organic material will have been consumed by the fire itself.

However, gravel would survive fire – and additionally gravel could be located in vehicle undercarriage as consequence of drive train transfer.   Gravel is ubiquitous to region; from common cheap river rock (half of the gravel cost of a typical 10 yard load load would be the delivery fee).   However, a premium uniform stone, distinctive in color or size, is customarily used on an upscale property (an extra 10 or 20 dollars a cubic yard for stone).

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jessica chambers invest 18 tow truck

emergency brake.

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  1. 2+2 says:

    These are just some thoughts and info on the Kentry Wright shooting of Dec 8 and how it might be related to Jessica’s murder. I believe LE knows who, what, when, where, why of the arson and murder. They may have at least one eyewitness, but dont have enough evidence to place perps at the car fire. They have some physical evidence and forensic evidence, probably DNA. All the local male suspects have been questioned and swabbed, but no arrests made. Either there hasn’t been enough time to run all the DNA for a match, or it has been run and there is no match. Which could mean the gangbangers had help from outside the area.

    1. Shooting occurred on Herron Rd, same road as Jessica’s murder.
    2. Motive: It was known from social media that the scene of Jessica’s murder was not secured. Physical evidence was still scattered about. Perps returned to collect anything that might have prints, such as cell phone & battery and scrub the scene, but were interrupted by Kentry Wright.

    3. Road was blocked by car with Ohio plates. (questions: what is the color, make and model of the car? Does the victim remember any of the plate #?)

    4. Driver/Shooter had “baby face” – directing suspicion at Bryan Rudd. He has an alibi and was questioned but not arrested. (question: what is the color, make and model of his car? What is his plate #? Is the car or plate a partial match with the shooters?)

    5. We don’t know if the shooter was alone or if there was a 2nd person in the car or present but concealed by shrubbery. IMO two were present, one looking for evidence, one as lookout (shooter).


    1. Robert Reco Holmes broke out of Iowa jail 12/5. He was apprehended 1/5 in Forrest City Ark. Incarcerated in Blackhawk Co Iowa.
      Robert Reco Holmes
      Felony Warrant:
      Parole Violation
      Carries Weapons
      Assaults Officers
      Captured 09/15/2014 by Waterloo PD

    1. IMO has “baby face” Same age as Bryan Rudd. Could be mistaken for Bryan Rudd at a distance.
  2. Has connections to Panola/Batesville/Courtland. FB friends with Jessica n Bryan, Bryan Rudd, most of the others before they scrubbed pages. This is not lilrobert holmes.

  3. Robert Reco – Another “ric” sounding name. Also Robert, one of the names mentioned as being present.

  4. Jessica’s mouth and tongue were burned. Try saying Terry without using your tongue. “erry” …eric? Or use your tongue and say Terry, then Derrick. Sound similar.

  5. Lorice Mister and Melvin Holmes announce the birth of their son, Dontavian Jamaal Holmes, born April 24, 2004. Grandparents are Hazel Kyles and George Mister Sr., both of Batesville and the late Hettie and Melvin Holmes.

  6. I don’t know if these Holmes are related to Robert Reco Holmes. If they are, it establishes a link to the Mister/Mista clan. George Mister/Mista is the reputed leader of the Mafia Vice Lords in the Batesville area.

    1. Krystal Mister of Pope and Connie Shegog Batesville announce the birth of their daughter, Taniyah Brenae Shegog, born Aug. 18, 2004. Grandparents are Juanita Mister, George Mister, both of Pope, Brenda Norris of Batesville and the late Connie Mack Shegog. Great-grandparents are Theresta Flowers of Pope, Queen E. Norwood of Sardis, William E. Thompson of Des Moines, Iowa, Ruthie J. Shegog of Batesville and the late John A. Shegog.

    I don’t know if Queen E. Norwoood is related to Michael Norwood (of Sardis) who was arrested with Bryan Rudd and Breanna Rudd in 2013. If she is, that establishes a link to George Mister. Note the Des Moines, IA connection.

    See day 33 thread for discussion on Robert Reco Holmes.

    1. Possible 2nd person (if any) with shooter is Terry Maurice Young. Escaped Iowa jail 05/2014. Believed to have fled state. Local LE alerted that he returned to Des Moines LATE DECEMBER, asked for assist from USMS. Arrested 1/7/2015 in Des Moines, just 2 days after Robert Reco Holmes was captured in Arkansas. Incarcerated in Polk Co. jail.

    2. Has Panola Co/Batesville/Courtland connections. FB friends with some of the Sanfords, scrubbed.

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