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American Sniper – Warner Bros Exec: “It just keeps breaking records on top of records, truly spectacular”…

Love, love, love, this little insider peek: [Warner Bros. Distribution President Dan Fellman] joyfully recounted the phone call he placed to Eastwood last weekend, when he said “Clint, this is your biggest [opening] weekend ever.” How’d he respond? “He’s the … Continue reading

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What Do The Enterovirus D-68 and A New Measles Outbreak Have In Common?…

If you are willing to accept the world as it is, rather than as you might wish it to be, the answer is obvious. ♦  Tens of thousands of non-inoculated Mexican/South American children, and their families, have been using Obama’s open border … Continue reading

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UPDATE: E-Mail Reveals The Origin of The Political Ferguson Scheme – State and Federal Officials Conspired To Fire/Pressure Police Chief Jackson…

The actual email (HatTip Gateway Pundit) from Saint Louis Police Chief Jon Belmar to the conspiring political scheme team adds more sunlight toward their endeavors.  What a slimy crew: Some of the behind-the-scene details are quite revealing.  Including Belmar specifically stating the … Continue reading

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Al Gore Wants $90 TRILLION To Spend On Cities So They Can Ban Cars Worldwide….

It takes a liberal to envision removing money from the economy so they can spend it on their quirky pet programs.   It takes a massive liberal to envision removing $90,000,000,000,000.00 from the pockets of the production class to advance their globalist … Continue reading

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John Kerry Today: “Against This Enemy [ISIS] We Have to Keep Our Heads”…

Yes, yes he actually said that – today. Beyond the insufferable willful blindness to avoid calling Radical Islam “violent extremism”, and against the backdrop of ISIS today holding two Japanese hostages under specific threat of beheading, our Secretary of State: … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

Keep an eye on Venezuela…

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NBC’s Richard Engel: “King Abdullah could not stand President Obama.”

It’s always cute when the media thinks they are telling us something we don’t know because they’ve hidden the truth for so long… (Via MediaIte) NBC’s chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel said on Friday that President Barack Obama‘s statement on … Continue reading

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