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President Obama To Meet With Saeed Abedini, Wife of Jailed Christian Pastor Held in Iran Charged With Apostasy…

Given the current corner the administration has painted themselves in to…. This little non-reported side story around Iran holds all the customary predicative elements of Team Obama constructing a White House photo-op. Watch carefully and let’s see if Abedini is … Continue reading

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I Watched The Tom Brady Presser Today…

Just sayin’… UPDATE 1/23/15 2:45pm NFL On Deflate-Gate — WE HAVE VIDEO EVIDENCE … Experts Reviewing the Tape http://t.co/HFwUqBo3Xd — TMZ (@TMZ) January 23, 2015

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Tenuous Times – Saudi King Abdullah Has Died

Tenuous Times – The entire Yemeni government apparatus collapses. Saudi King Abdullah dies. President Obama is interviewed by a lady who eats cereal in a bathtub…. It will be interesting to watch political reactions from Qatar, Turkey and King Abdullah’s … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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The Imperial Presidency Continues – White House Claims They Don’t Need The Senate To Approve Any Deal With Iran…

It is with a profound sense of concern and fear, we share a documented belief President Obama is intent on allowing Iran to fulfill its nuclear ambitions. [The President] shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, … Continue reading

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Netanyahu Accepts John Boehner Invitation To Speak To Congress – White House Refuses Visit, State Dept. Ignores Visit…

Benjamin Netanyahu has accepted Speaker John Boehner’s invitation. President Stompy Feet says he will not host a visit; John Kerry follow’s Stompy’s lead. (Reuters) – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced on Thursday he would address the U.S. Congress in … Continue reading

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Dover Police DashCam Now With 22 Million Views…

The best parts are when he encounters people while on routine patrol and straightens up momentarily.

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