Not Robbery, Execution ! – Saint Louis Hotel Manager Is 7th Murder In 24 Hour Span…

Saint Louis Missouri has encountered a massive spike in homicide violence since the Ferguson riots and protests began.  Last weekend 7 murders took place in a span of 24 hours, and this example below is reflective of how they are being reported.

However, something is just, well, there – visible, on the surface, yet not being discussed.  Take a look at this Daily Mail article and you’ll note the victim was shot twice, once in the chest and then again in the head.  It certainly sounds more like an execution within the motive.   And given the locale, along with the political/racial law enforcement sensitivities, well, you decide….

(Saint Louis) A man has been charged following the murder of a night manager at a Missouri hotel during a robbery attempt in the early hours of Thursday morning.

saint louis hotel murder victim Scott KnopfelSaint Louis hotel murder Joseph Bowens

Scott Knopfel, 50, (far left) was shot in the head at the Drury Inn in St. Louis just before 3 a.m. after he struggled with his assailant while opening a cash drawer.

Joseph Bowens, 43, (left) has been charged with first-degree murder, first-degree robbery and two counts of armed criminal action.

Surveillance video shows Bowens, whom the manager mistook for a patron, enter the hotel and leave less than 30 seconds later.  He can be seen pulling out a handgun and vaulting a counter, then leaving the hotel in the same manner.

saint louis hotel murder cctv

Knopfel was killed by two gunshots, one to the chest and one to the head. Police found him deceased behind the front desk of the hotel when they arrived on the scene.

Bowens was arrested in the city on Saturday night, reports CBS

Knopfel’s death was one of six homicides in St. Louis during a 12-hour span – an unusually high number for a city which has a population of about 320,000 people and recorded 159 homicides in 2014.

Police Chief Sam Dotson and Mayor Francis Slay have linked the violence to crime increases in the area documented since the fatal Ferguson police shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown more than five months ago in north St. Louis County.

‘To see this much violence going on in our city within such a short period of time, it is absolutely outrageous,’ Slay said. ‘It’s out of hand. It disgusts me.’ (read more)

Another local report here  And another including this:

Mayor Francis Slay applauded the police for nabbing Bowens.

“This was particularly bold and random crime,” he said. “This is someone from out of town. The fact that he left town and was apprehended was amazing.”  (link)

Remember this?

Saint Louis Mayor Slay

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55 Responses to Not Robbery, Execution ! – Saint Louis Hotel Manager Is 7th Murder In 24 Hour Span…

  1. Sharon says:

    Mayor Francis Slay applauded the police for nabbing Bowens.

    “This was particularly bold and random crime,” he said. “This is someone from out of town. The fact that he left town and was apprehended was amazing.

    The Mayor seems most eager to treat police actions (doing their job) as something near-miraculous.

    If it is “amazing” that he was apprehended after (wow) leaving town (!) – it must mean they got them new-fangled cell phones and two-way radios in.

    ….at least he’s in favor of police arresting criminals now. For now anyway. I guess.

    It sounds to me like he’s trying to repair his narrative after playing a mayor talking stupidly during the pre-Christmas Ferguson Festival.

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    • fire/medic says:

      Difference being this crime was in his district, Ferguson was another mayors problem. Someone shot a moviegoer outside a movie theatre in creve coure Mo. It’s a fairly upscale white neighborhood in a suburb of st Louis county. This happened last night. My first thought was payback for sniper smoking Selma at the box office. They haven’t released all details yet, Just that they’re looking for a black caddy.


    • BigMamaTEA says:

      Oh Sharon, you nailed it!


  2. LetJusticePrevail" says:

    Looks like Mayor Slay got more than he bargained for when he decided to allow “Disruption” in St Louis. He also got destruction… and murder.


  3. vonutley says:

    Lemme guess. He dinnit do nuffins!!! We always end up paying for these idiots one way or another whether it’s in welfare payments or prison.

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    • JudgyOnAWebsite says:

      Gee, if only he could have had two free years of community college, perhaps he wouldn’t have been so………murderous?

      When so-called “leaders” encourage displays of trumped-up anger by assuring the ticked-off lemmings that they are rightfully entitled to them, it can be tough to put the cows back in the barn. (Especially when said “cows” are criminally-minded sociopaths).

      Possibly the sickest part about all of this is that the entire, drawn-out Ferguson debacle is based on a LIE. Granted, most of these bad actors weren’t exactly likely to be spending their nights singing showtunes & knitting sweaters for alopecia-addled kittens, but aren’t many of us wondering just how much of this “special strain” of violence is happening now b/c the perpetrators of it feel entirely JUSTIFIED??

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      • benzy says:

        Not only do they feel “justified”, they have also been told, both directly and indirectly that they have a right and a DUTY to act out in order to “correct” any real or perceived injustice they might think they (or even someone they don’t know and had never heard of prior to the news reports) might have suffered.

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    • annieoakley says:

      And they come out converted to islam.

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  4. News flash to Mayor Slay – You reap what you sow. YOU, sir, allowed these animals to rampage with impunity and now you are reaping the rewards of your efforts. They were allowed, for a window of time, to be lawless. Remember, we’re talking about people with an entitlement mindset. You can’t give them something and then expect them to give it up. YOU sent the message that they are “owed” something by society. You, sir. How do you like the outcome?

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    • bofh says:

      No mask – high quality security camera pictures. No gloves – fingerprints galore. No real attempt to not be caught. Bowens seems to have believed that he was entitled to this one. Now where could he have gotten that impression?

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    • I can’t stand it anymore….I wanted to “like” Sharon’s comment and yours too, txmom, because they are both outstanding, but wordpress won’t let me until I sign in to comment so I’m commenting so I can “like”.
      Boo Hiss.


    • lou says:

      you know, these flakey elites will only reap what they sow when their types get murdered, instead of some poor guy working the night shift at a hotel… long as its just the rabble getting killed, they just don’t care…not really….


  5. taqiyyologist says:

    Random, my butt.


  6. AdukeLAXobserver says:

    The death penalty is the only fitting penalty for someone that kills someone that makes so little at their job.

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  7. RJ says:

    You talk about criminals being stupid…well, look at this murderer/robber. Got a very good, clear picture from the security camera. Nice hat, cool watch, sharp coat, big ole’ meany smile, and what looks like a Saturday night special weapon.

    High IQ thug for sure! Age given as 43…suggesting a lifetime loser or a desperate mid life crisis event…lawyers lining up with tortured defenses at the ready, beginning with a rotten childhood.

    We’ve seen this movie many times. It’s all about him, our sad and injured man who came from slavery lineage many many years ago. Not like our native down trodden residents who have now found riches in gambling and soon raising the best pot money will buy!

    Luke, the Dark Side is real and it’s here in spades (that’s a gambling reference for the pc crowd).

    I suggest the Mayor bring in James Taylor–our newly minted ambassador for healing, while we demand Rev. Al Shapton be in charge for passing around the donation plate in between songs and those sure to be–short sermons about white privilege.

    I suspect a really good and bloody fight is coming to your neighborhood, perhaps with a Clinton chiming in with the line “sooner, rather than later for what difference, at this point, does it matter?”

    My God is the only God, your god is a false god…the games have already begun!

    Discrimination is all about who’s side you’re on, right?


    • Dixie Darling says:

      My whole neighborhood is going for ccl’s so I’mma gonna have to git with the program.

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      • mike86682 says:

        It WILL enlighten you. Your situational awareness will be heightened multifold….When I first got my mine, I really started paying more attention to my surroundings and running scenarios through my mind. I guess having the ability to protect yourself and fight back leads to you being prepared where you are in the event it is needed. I was in the same situations(stores, streets, restaurants) as before I had my CCW but I was more aware. I watched where I was seated(back to corner, watching door) Aware of cover and concealment close to where I was and just more observant of other people’s actions and behaviors. May we never need to use it, but …..


  8. auscitizenmom says:

    You give a cookie to a kid throwing a tantrum for a cookie, and you get more tantrums. PERIOD

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    • Sharon says:

      ….more tantrums and skyrocketing cookie expenditures.

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    • lovelyd24 says:

      And you get the cookie industry encouraging and supporting the “cookies for tantrums system” until the tantrum throwers have control over the cookie owners. And anyone who opposes the “Great Cookie Redistribution” is considered a terrible person.

      Sounds familiar.

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      • auscitizenmom says:

        ROTFLMAO I nominate lovelyd24 for Secretary of the Treasury, she gets it. 🙂

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      • JudgyOnAWebsite says:

        You guys are cracking me up!

        One caveat though–I’m afraid “C” no longer is for Cookie.

        It’s for Community College.

        (Sing it, Comrades!).

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        • Les says:

          Most of these folks already get free community college tuition, housing, and books. They just can’t keep their grade averages up and/or finish classes to keep the funding. Obama just wants to abolish the rules that govern wise educational investments to include the people who aren’t smart enough to get a two year/certificate.

          Community colleges that are tied to a 4 year as a feeder school have to instruct at the same level and cover the same material as the 4 year if they want the students to matriculate to the university. Obama is just trying to dumb down colleges and universities so his people can graduate. Already effed up k-12, this is the next natural step. And the states will have to bear most of the cost like the primary and secondary schools do now.


  9. What we are experiencing is a BSM (black suprimicy movement) that is what’s behind the BGI.

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  10. Moishe Pipik says:

    It was an execution. The victim was giving him the money and he still shot him.

    He is part of a terror-cell, acting on instructions from Obama and Holder to kill white people.

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  11. ty says:

    I’m sure plans are well underway to lower this spike in homicides. Next thing you know St. Louis will be expanding it’s city to include safe neighborhoods. These safe neighborhoods taken in by the violent city will lower St. Louis crime stats. All will be well again at least in appearance.


  12. czarowniczy says:

    “Geez, I wonder how this could have happened..” he mutters to himself as he leaves to spread fertilizer in his garden. No problem, I’m sure that Al and his traveling clown-car entourage will be there any minute to tell the Usual Suspects that acting like this is a big no-no.


  13. TheFightingMan says:

    Poplar Bluff PD is hanging around the murderer’s neck. PB is on the river in the Boot Heel. The killer got a hella long way from SL.


  14. realitycheck says:

    Looks like he had on a pair of $250+ Nike Air Jordans along with his Chicago Bulls hat. Probably either Vice Lords from Chicago or Crips

    Liked by 1 person

    • vonutley says:

      Yeah, they can afford 300 dollar shoes, but they can’t seem to afford rent, sail phones, or feeding their illegitimate bay-bay kids.


  15. justfactsplz says:

    I have just about had it with these mayors who contribute to the racial tensions. The mayors of Sanford, NYC. and St. Louis are all of the same mindset. It is sickening.


  16. manickernel says:

    Welcome to the Jungle.


  17. doodahdaze says:

    The Founding Fathers of the Black Nation. Mike Brown and Trevon Martin. Hero’s of the State. What could go wrong? The blacks think they are the cream of the crop.


  18. BigMamaTEA says:

    Great article:

    apparently even this last weekend Louis Gutierrez (D-IL) and Andre Carson (D-IN) “linked the protests in Ferguson, Mo. to the civil rights movement of the 1960s during a visit to the Missouri city on Sunday.”


  19. beth60497 says:

    FYI… Protestors forced out of official MLK rally at Harris Stowe University in STL. Our traditionally black university. They are MAD.
    Then tonight at canfield. Shots fired at them. A car with a child inside was hit with back window blown out and one protestor grazed.
    SO>>> anyone think there’s any correlation there?


    • beth60497 says:

      “they” are blaming 2 white gunmen on roof of building. Saying that they were shooting at Mike Mobile, which is where woman who was grazed was sitting.


  20. whodoneit says:

    The fact is the that the politically correct black ass kissing politicians have created a monster by handing these subhuman thugs the right to loot, pillage and kill without fear of retaliation on a silver platter. And white lives are being senselessly lost because it. They are all complicit in the outrage that’s taking place and need to be held accountable for blatantly not only allowing but encouraging the law to be broken for the sheer reason of placating a “race”. Enough! People are dying.


  21. Pingback: Black Suspect Shoots White Hotel Clerk For No Apparent Reason (VIDEO) | Wounded American Warrior

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