Every Seat, Every Show, Every Theater: SOLD OUT – American Sniper – Record Breaking Box Office Smash Hit

movie 1Americans love God, are patriotic, love the military, and have been under increasing leftist assault for almost 6 years. This is why Clint Eastwood’s patriotic movie about U.S. hero sniper Chris Kyle has hit at exactly the right time for a confluence of success.

The Box Office Records are being obliterated so fast the predictions of the Hollywood types are having to be revised upward by the hour – and the progressive Left is apoplectic in rage.

They.Just.Can’t.Stand.It !!

Leftist movie types like Michael Moore, and those of similar disposition who hate America, are having meltdowns at the success of American Sniper. They are so wound up with hate, they just don’t know what to do.

And this one carries a double-whammy that only divinely ironic intervention could deliver.

This is MLK holiday weekend, and the MLK movie “Selma” is also playing in theaters, in empty theaters. The professional left in Hollywood produced Selma to further their political narrative, and they are failing miserably.

The extra day off work is only going to further aid the U.S. Patriotic Movie “American Sniper’s” success. Some predictions now have a box office ticket sale result over $150,000,000.00 anticipated.

hollywood - as - screenshot

Predictions now exceeding a hundred fifty millionthat’s MASSIVE $$.

American sniperHollywood – The Clint Eastwood and Bradley Cooper film not only picked up a bevy of Oscar nominations on Thursday, but it also destroyed several box office records with an estimated $90.2 million in ticket sales over the weekend.  [<– that was yesterday]

That early total gives “American Sniper” the largest-ever opening in January. And the number will likely grow even larger over the rest of the long weekend, because Monday is a holiday for many in the U.S.

The film’s true-life story of military sharpshooter Chris Kyle opened like a summer blockbuster for several reasons, according to Rentrak box office analyst Paul Dergarabedian. One was strong word-of-mouth due to the film’s limited release in December.

“By limiting the availability of ‘Sniper’ for the first three weekends, [the film’s studio, Warner Bros.] built up a demand that was fully manifested by this massive outpouring,” Dergarabedian said. (Warner Bros. is owned by Time Warner, which also owns this website.)

The last time a movie was this big in January was in 2010: “Avatar” brought in $68.5 million in its third weekend.

“American Sniper” is also a record breaker for both star Bradley Cooper and director Clint Eastwood.  (read more)

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208 Responses to Every Seat, Every Show, Every Theater: SOLD OUT – American Sniper – Record Breaking Box Office Smash Hit

  1. doodahdaze says:

    The BGI belongs in a museum. Ophray and her Selma reenactors belong there too. The whole country has black fatigue, muslim fatigue, PC fatigue, leftist media fatigue, and most of all Obama fatigue. A MLK Museum with reenactments every year of the marches and protests they just will not let go of.

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    • auscitizenmom says:



    • xschild says:

      Monday was Robert E. Lee’s birthday. Sons reminded me when they were here to discuss American Sniper. Going to see it, then all will buy DVD and pass it around. Me, well I’m still waiting for the last episode of “The Hobbit” to come out. Just a Hobbit at heart but sometimes I think of fighting a Dragon.


  2. D S Craft says:

    I wonder if Jabba the Moore realizes that the US military utilized the services of snipers during the second world war also. I wonder if he thinks they were cowards, too.


  3. czarowniczy says:

    Hate to be a downer, of sorts, but there is a helluva lotta folks that stand in a line waaaaaay behind the shooter. There’s our logistics train that is such a wonder the Chinese have been copying it since they saw it work in Desert Storm – try doing the paper/foot/leg work that it requires to get over a half-million troop into Saudi Arabia with only ‘war game’ prior experience inside of four-ish months, not forgetting everything it took to supply and resupply them on a daily basis without interruption and back home again in even less time.
    We had the experience for Iraq and Afghanistan but the accomplishments of keeping hundreds of thousands of troops in everything from beans to bullets on a daily basis for nearly 14 years without an interruption is too often ignored. That the stuff they need and use comes from all over the world and not just the US makes this more of an accomplishment than if it were a single-source support. We don’t see the massive effort that goes on to equip, support and supply these troops 24/7 – while combat troops may have ‘down time’ the support side has to go ‘full time’ – we don’t see or hear about their efforts as they aren’t though glamorous by the media. The truth is that were they to go down, and they are a prime target of the bad guys, that warfighter would be in deep trouble.
    full props to the gun-toters, I’m not taking away from them one bit, but when that active shooter goes into the arms room to pick up his weapon and ammo there was a huge, complex and dedicated train of support staff stretching from his arms room back to some receiving office in the US making sure that the bullet he is going to fire would be in his hand. So while we’re all patting the shooter on the back save a pat or two for the unsung supply/support folks who make sure the tip of the spear stays sharp.

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    • xschild says:

      czar says “Hate to be a downer’

      AGREE WITH YOU 100%. Had family in Wars going back to Civil War. WWI WWII Korea and Nam, just keep going with war and not quite wars. Gave two boys to military and thank you Lord they came home

      This movie is about one man. Look behind this man to all that follow. All from Boot Camp to put them all in place to every base and every country until our boys decide enough is enough. In every war this country has ever been involved in

      “a huge, complex and dedicated train of support staff stretching from his arms room back to some receiving office in the US making sure that the bullet he is going to fire would be in his hand”.

      Go USA Military guys. Every faction of military deserves our support. They are your children and my children. They are our children. Protected them on playgrounds when they were small. Stand up and cheer them all on battlegrounds.

      Really have been excited about movie “American Sniper”. Will it take Eastwood and his troops to wake up this country and take it back.
      We no longer have draft, these are volunteer troops. And all our current troops and vets deserve much, much, more.

      Next movie Eastwood does needs to be about giving Gitmo guys enemas. Make Michael the STAR. Looks like he could use some washing out. Bring in DI Fi from Cali with some depends on. Oops!

      War is Hell. But today I am smiling for the greatest generation that I came from. The greatest generation sacrificed much for us all. My family is now in their 90’s.
      Tough bunch of people. I could go on and on about the articles on The Tree House.
      But today I will smile. Bless everyone involved in making this movie.

      Happy MLK Day

      Thanks Czar.


      • czarowniczy says:

        I wasn’t trying to take away from anyone – I know a few snipers and I’m jealous of their abilities – especially now that I’m at that age where it takes me a canoe paddle to hit a cow in the a** at ten feet.
        I hav relatives who were on lal sides in WWII in Europe and the stories about how the German supply lines broke down, the retreat westward and heroic actions by German resupply troops to keep as many retreating Wehrmacht alive as they could rival those of out guys on the Western Front during D-Day or the Battle of the Bulge. All hail to the 1st line shooter but it takes about ten support folks for each shooter – and how about those military medical folks? How many lives are they saving today that would have been lost just fifteen years ago? There’s a movie – and I don’t mean a MAS*H redux.

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        • xschild says:

          From xschild to czar. You did not take away from anyone. You included all that support military from lowest (my boys called them Grunts) to the Big Heros. Matter of fact I personally think you are a hero. Just for your post. Matter of fact all of America have been heroes in every war. Sent our military and our resources into all nations at war. Rebuilt Europe twice. Not only rebuilt after the wars we fed them. Look up history. USA lived on rations and (as Ron White says) Coop puns, to help Europe out.
          The Czar knows what he speaks of. He is eloquent enough and nice enough to remind us gently. Just call me Military friendly. Czar is now officially a ***** star Bird. Think Czar knows what that means.


          • czarowniczy says:

            Must…go…outside…quickly…head…swelling. It’s just a statement of fact, we’ve become a nation of ‘information that’s over 140 characters isn’t relevant’ and almost no history over two days old. Between 1945 and today we’ve won exactly one war – Desert Storm, and though we did some 90% of the leg work in it we called it an ‘international effort’ even though if we hadn’t declared war and dragged unwilling allies with us Kuwait would have been an Iraqi state. From Korea to today it’s been one long Korean armistice in war after war in country after country while whining anti-American Americans continue to forbid us to win anything.
            I prepared and watched my soldiers go off to every
            ‘peacekeeping’ operation from Vietnam to the (can we still call it) The Global War on Terrorism only to come home with the job half done. People back home suffer (to one degree or another) yet largely ignore what’s being done for any number of irrelevant reasons – let’s see what they do when the Forces of Darkness are swarming down their block. Wii a nice ‘Sorry, sir/mam, we can only push them back to the last cross street and then we’ll have to leave’ do for them then?


    • Anne says:

      Thank you for mentioning all those not on front lines. All service members are vital to the efforts. They may not be infantry or sniper, they may be pushing paper, making arrangements, monitoring perimeters, or out on the streets showing a presence in a certain city. They are well trained and issued arms just in case.


      • czarowniczy says:

        They are a team. I can well remember being at the point at some place where I had to ration one thing or another and feeling like a box of whatever being landed under fire by a plane/helicopter/truck load of not-really-combatants was the moist bestest present I ever had,

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      • czarowniczy says:

        BTW, some of those people (as the wreckage around Khe Sahn can testify, were not traditional ‘combatants’ when their aircraft were hit and they were maimed or died. Let’s also not forget the ultimate non-combatants, the Chaplains, who now are specifically targeted by the Religion of Peace.

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  4. mojitomom says:

    We’ve got tickets to see it during the State of the Union address. Most patriotic way to spend two hours!

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  5. art tart says:

    Seth Rogen: ‘American Sniper’ Is Like A Fake Nazi Propaganda Movie’

    Rogen:”American Sniper” is nothing more than a right wing propaganda film for the Iraq War …


    Seth Rogen is STILL smarting from the disastrous movie he wrote/starred in, ‘The Interview.” Sony is still out 60 million from the hacking even though they released it on the internet & claimed it was successful, apparently word leaked on social networks it wasn’t a good movie & isn’t getting viewed by many at this point.

    Guess Seth Rogen couldn’t resist projecting his incompetence in attacking American Sniper as he didn’t even seem to know the movie was based on Chris Kyle’s NY Times Best Sellers list & that Chris Kyle was a real person. Bradley Cooper/Clint Eastwood are laughing their butts off at the whiners, the box office sells are by Americans supporting AS.


    • art tart says:

      2X4X8 ~ did you know Piers Moran is the Editor at Large for the Daily Mail now?

      Daily Mail, imo, has always leaned conservative & maybe that was a condition that PM leave the BS behind upon his hiring.

      Interesting today Michael Moore says he “liked American Sniper & was NOT talking about Chris Kyle yesterday, he stated he only disagreed w/Eastwood about Iraq & the way it was portrayed.” Eastwood, imo, likely doesn’t give a rat’s behind what Moore thinks nor does he need Moore’s approval.

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  6. Nycgal says:

    In my neighborhood theater here in NYC today, the audience cheered. Then everyone sat quietly in respect as the credits rolled.


  7. Plain Jane says:

    Update of yesterday’s comment: DH and I just returned from viewing the movie and grabbing a quick dinner (where I had the opportunity to thank three of our finest LEOs for their service and protection).
    AS was shown at three theaters in the two multi screen/movie complexes. Someone must have a sense of humor because Selma was right next door to AS in the complex we were in. We had late afternoon tickets and managed to be first in line to wait till the previous screening let out. Everyone filed out almost totally in silence for both the previous screening and the one we attended.
    Some people were in line behind us who came for the earlier screening, but it was sold out so they opted for the next screening. These viewing rooms each hold 300 people. I’m sure glad we purchased our tickets on line yesterday.

    Needless to say the movie was more than what we expected.


  8. Aciduous says:

    Michael Moore doesn’t have to worry. The military doesn’t use elephant guns.


  9. Brett says:

    Watched it just today. Sold out, and people applauded at the end. I had tears at the end, wishing I had traveled to Texas…even if I could have only been on an overpass.


  10. Alaskagurl says:

    LMAO at the coward remarks Seth Rogen and Michael Moore made about Chris Kyle, this coming from two of Hollywood’s biggest COWARDS having round the clock security and bodyguards! You fatties just need to stick to pretending and let the real heroes receive the credit thats due them!

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  11. Alaskagurl says:

    Oh and PS, Loved the movie!


  12. dean says:

    If Hollywood is so “liberal” then why did American Sniper (haven’t seen it yet) get 6 nominations? And as far as Eastwood being “snubbed” (ie by the liberal Academy) the director of Selma didn’t get a nod either. That argument just doesn’t hold water. Did the sniper find any WMD BYW?


  13. CarolinaCowboy says:

    Who was this uncle killed by a sniper? Does he have a name, has anyone checked to see if he really had an uncle who was killed in WWII, and how he found out how he was killed if he did. I would lays odds that there is no such uncle who was killed in WWII, someone should ask him for details like his uncle’s name, the unit he served with, in what battle was he killed, how his family was notified of his death, how they learned he was killed by a sniper? I don’t believe he is anything more that a creation of Moore’s imagination created to make this statement.

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  14. HistoryBuff says:

    Here’s Michael Moore’s father’s obituary…I have no idea how he wasn’t completely ashamed of his son. http://www.allenfuneralhomeinc.com/fh/obituaries/obituary.cfm?o_id=2488341&fh_id=13002

    There’s also a picture circulating of Herbert Moore, whether or not this is the another uncle of Michael Moore’s is unclear, but the 1930 Genesee, Michigan census put together with Francis Richard Moore’s obituatary make it clear that in Michael Moore’s family Herbert and Lornie are not the same person. Francis’s obituary refers to his brothers who have predeceased him, “dear brothers Lornie (killed in WWII) and Herbie”. In the 1930 Census you find Laurance T Moore age 7 and Herbert G Moore age 5.

    So you’d need to find Laurance T aka Lornie’s military records. For reference, in early March 1945 on Luzon most of the fighting was on the Southern part of the island.

    A Herbert T Moore born 1922 enlisted in 1943 and was from Genesee Michigan. Herbert G Moore would have been 18 in 1943 so it seems unlikely he would have needed to lie to increase his age.

    A Lawrence T Moore born 1922 enlisted in 1942 from Pennsylvania.

    I cannot find the enlistment papers of Francis Richard Moore, Michael Moore’s father, who is said to have enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1942, to see where he enlisted from to see if the Lawrence T Moore enlisting from Pennsylvania would make sense as his brother.

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  15. Michael Moore, my uncle was an American sniper in WW2.
    That is all I have to say about Moore’s stupid remarks.

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