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Marine Le Pen (NYT Op-Ed) – Don’t Play Word Games – Call This Threat By Its Name…

The French Nationalist Party ascended in political influence almost simultaneously with the U.S. “tea party movement”.   However the FNP is an actual political party in France.  The Tea Party rose up in reaction to ridiculous spending and financial policies of both … Continue reading

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Another Homeless Man Set On Fire – This Type Of Sick Crime is Trending….

This must be about the sixth or seventh time in the past month we have noticed the same type of crime. A person -usually homeless- who is doused with gas or lighter fluid then set on fire.  This happened three times in Saint Louis … Continue reading

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CBS Interview With One of The Kids Running The White House….

Waaaay back in 2009 when the official policy and advisory team of President Obama was introduced to the world there were a few people who said, essentially: “wow, look at this group, he’s putting kids in charge“; because he was. While … Continue reading

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Every Seat, Every Show, Every Theater: SOLD OUT – American Sniper – Record Breaking Box Office Smash Hit

Americans love God, are patriotic, love the military, and have been under increasing leftist assault for almost 6 years. This is why Clint Eastwood’s patriotic movie about U.S. hero sniper Chris Kyle has hit at exactly the right time for … Continue reading

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Obamanomics – President Obama Wants to Pay For His “Free” Community College Scheme By Double-Taxing College Savings Plans…

Schemes, Gimmicks and Tricks…. WASHINGTON – On Saturday night the White House leaked the major tax hike details of the president’s upcoming budget. The common theme is higher taxes on savings and investment, totaling $320 billion over the next ten … Continue reading

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NYC Liberal Politicians Use Anti-Terror Police Squad As Chauffeurs To Drive Them Around…

NEW YORK – Anti-terror cops are still chauffeuring around New York City bureaucrats, even on the heels of terror ­attacks in France. The offices of Public Advocate Letitia James and City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito could not come up with … Continue reading

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BO Knows Bowe – President Obama Hiding The Bowe Bergdahl Report?

The Bowe Bergdahl investigation has been complete since last fall.   Back in September of 2014 the first media reports surfaced stating the Army investigation was finished and pending White House review.   In mid-December Chuck Hagel was briefed. (Fox News) Last Sunday, the … Continue reading

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