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President Obama State of Union Preview – “Tax The Rich” !!


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Armed Women and Mothers Drive Back Boko Haram Attack…

These villagers refused to be the next victims of religious genocide – they fought back and won – unlike the recent village where 2,500 were killed. AFRICA – Several Nigerian media outlets have been reporting on local women in the villages of … Continue reading

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Europe Twitchy – Report: On Edge Of Terror Rampage With 180 Activated Islamic Terrorists…

When Belgium police stopped the terror threat two days ago they discovered the suspects held police uniforms at their hideout, along with a cache of assault rifles, knives and explosives. Now reports are surfacing that sleeper cells in England, France, … Continue reading

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Wow Cool, and Yet, Wow Creepy – Technological Image Extraction From Reflected Eyeball Imaging Yields Ability of 80% Human ID Accuracy…

This is an amazing and profoundly creepy technological study of human capability when aligned with image capture advancement. In essence photo scientists are able to retrieve the mirrored images from the eyeballs human subjects being photographed. When these images are … Continue reading

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Box Office Success – American Sniper Easily Number One This Weekend Brings In $29M In First Day

(Via Deadline) American Sniper is huge. So huge that the Clint Eastwood-directed film could, by sunrise, make more in one day than any one of his films ever made in a weekend. Per late night industry estimates, the Warner Bros./Village … Continue reading

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Jessica Lane Chambers – Day #42 Murder Investigation – Recent Updates, Reward Increase, and FBI Alert

While we are no longer presenting daily information, we have committed to continuing research and highlighting story updates. Here is a summary of recent activity surrounding the case to include: Lisa Daugherty interview, FBI Bulletin, reward increase and Donald Joy … Continue reading

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The Road To Hell

Not only the road to hell, but the road to heck.

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