The Mississippi Burning – The Self-Inflicted Investigative Challenges Of The Jessica Lane Chambers Murder…

By now most people are aware of our decision to stop analyzing and researching the Jessica Chambers murder. If not, well now you are.  That said, and because of the exhaustive previous research by all of you genuinely good truth-seekers, an explanation is warranted and deserved.

jessica chambers angel image

My apologies in advance for any length of explanation – And prior to explaining, allow me to assert a belief that investigators probably know who did it.

The problem is proving it.

From day #1, when we became aware of this incident on December 7th,2014, we immediately noticed that not only did this story hold a series of various agenda items which might lead to a buried lede story (FTP and BLM protests);  but also the entire construct of the media reports themselves were indicating a very troubling beginning to what should normally be a serious murder investigation.

When you understand why, you understand the current dilemma.

On December 6th the crime scene itself, and all of the evidence therein, was horridly handled. Many speculated in the days and weeks that followed the Panola County Sheriff’s department might have done that intentionally. We can’t speak to why, indeed we don’t ever think anyone will admit why, but we can explain the outcome thereof.

Within an hour of the first responders arriving on the scene (8:13pm), a decision was made by someone (no-one will admit who – and no media has asked who) to remove the critical evidence, the vehicle Jessica was driving.

That vehicle was towed from the crime scene and showed up at M&M First Stop gas station at approximately 9:30pm.

jessica chambers 1

At 9:30pm, according to his own admissions, Ali Alsanai (aka: Ali Fadhel, Basem Alsanai) had unrestricted access to the burned vehicle and took pictures of it. Ali uploaded pictures to his Facebook page showing his followers  (see above and below).

helps 1

The vehicle was towed without police escort, left unattended, and transported without a chain of custody for it to be considered evidence.

After the tow truck driver stopped at the gas station, purchased cigarettes or a soda and allowed Ali access, he dropped it off in the Panola Sheriff outdoor impound lot.

emergency brakeAny evidentiary value held by the vehicle was lost as soon as it became compromised by a lack of security.

In essence, any value within it would be dismissed prior to a courtroom because of the sloppy handling. Any decent defense attorney could get it thrown out because there was no specific and protected chain of custody.

Anyone could have engaged the emergency brake, anyone could have opened the doors, anyone could have put the transmission in park etc.

Similarly the same can be said of the actual crime scene itself which was also left unprotected within hours of the event.

There were no access restrictions put on the crime scene, no-one securing it from compromise, and no effort made to protect it from the external elements of man, weather or nature.   No tarp was placed as ground cover, no physical security was in place, nothing. It was left completely unguarded.

Again, like the vehicle, this essentially removes any crime scene value from follow-up investigative inquiry. It didn’t matter if investigators returned sometime after sunrise for pictures or further review, because no-one secured the scene. It was stomped all over by first responders, media, and anyone who might be a curious onlooker.

Jessica chambers invest 1

Three days after the incident the media were even reporting about visibly seeing investigators returning to the scene to “pick stuff up” and “place in paper bags”.

Sometime around Tuesday 12/9/14 the scene was secured with perimeter tape, but that was about the extent of the effort. Just like the vehicle disposition, by 12/9 any courtroom value was again lost.  Heck, we even captured pictures of vehicle parts left laying in the mud a week later.

So you have to approach this case from District Attorney John Champion’s position of prosecutorial value. When you take that approach you begin to realize how and why John Champion is the lead investigator.

You also realize why Champion drove to Panola on Sunday 12/7/14 for the first media brief.

DA John Champion is not stupid. He might be annoying to listen to in repetition, and he might be covering for the botched prior decision making, but he’s not completely incompetent as a DA.

Champion had to know by the time he was involved, if the goal was a prosecution of a felonious murder, he was already in a weak position regarding the evidence.

If you remove physical evidence from the vehicle and you remove physical evidence from the crime scene from prosecutorial value, what is he left with?

Hopeful of forensics (via DNA or similar) from the victim? Hopeful that cell phone “ping logs” might provide circumstantial evidence? Or, hopeful that someone would either a.) admit to it, or, b.) admit to specific first-hand knowledge of who did it.

Not much else.

Social media might provide some clues of where to focus attention, but social media is useless in court for Capital Crime rules of evidence. Even if anyone admitted on social media to murdering Jessica they would also have to admit it in person. The social media value -in a capital crime- is nothing without a person admitting, in person, they did what is claimed to have been done.

There’s almost no way to prove a person wrote something just because it was written in their name. Anyone can claim a hacked or non-secure social media account and non-authorship. So social media might be useful as a mapping tool, but not much else.

Again, thinking in terms of prosecutorial value, if you remove 90% of the physical evidence due to probable inadmissibility, and forensic evidence is scarce to non-existent, where does that leave the investigation?

Yep, essentially walking around asking people to admit they did it, or know who did. The proverbial “word on the street“, which is, not coincidentally, exactly what John Champion keeps talking about in every interview.

How does Champion or Darby put themselves in a better position to get an admission by a witness? Yep, a reward – currently at $43,000.

Repeating, they (Champion/Darby) probably have a good idea who did it – but proving that is another process entirely, and they are not going to initiate an arrest without a foundation to be able to prove it.

And in the Darby/Champion collective quest to stretch out the process, and simultaneously cover their butt, they’ve even lied about their process of collecting evidence with regard to the CCTV recordings at Ali’s Gas Station.

Jessica chambers invest 23 keystone cops

jessica 7 DA John Champion

There’s plenty of “botch blame” to go around.

As if a proverbial cherry on the botched cake, there is also a severely dysfunctional family dynamic.  Both Lisa Chambers/Daugherty (mom), and Ben Chambers (dad), have stated their unequivocal trust in the local investigators, that would be Sheriff Dennis Darby and self-appointed lead investigator, DA John Champion.

Obviously such trust would appear misplaced.  However, when you accept at face value what has already been outlined in the town of Courtland – it becomes, well, apropos.

Strongly RecommendPLEASE WATCH VIDEO AGAIN and pay attention at 06:35 as Darby speaks – this interview was recorded 12/11/14.

In addition, both Lisa Daugherty and Ben Chambers continue to try and position themselves in the best possible light; the key word is “themselves“.

The past three media interviews with Lisa Daugherty have focused intensely on this effort, and apparently she plans to continue tonight.

We will continue to follow the case, and we’ll post any new information or insight found as a result of the media waking up and potentially asking real questions, but in the interim the daily discussion threads will discontinue.


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961 Responses to The Mississippi Burning – The Self-Inflicted Investigative Challenges Of The Jessica Lane Chambers Murder…

  1. whippet1 says:

    CTH exposed the truth about Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown. You have done the best with what little information you had to find justice for Jessica. No one, not the residents of Courtland, the media, or the investigators have dug as deeply as the CTH. They have probably been using CTH as unpaid investigators to do the work for them and in the end you gave the world the face of a tragic victim, Jessica. No matter how the investigation ends, CTH can stand proud for the work they have done and rest assured that regardless of the result there will certainly be a special place in hell for those that brutally killed her. Those who have their faith know there is always justice though we may never see it, but we know it’s coming. What mortals can’t do, God can.

    • Casper says:

      Looks to me if they have an eye witness and it is two of the last people she was seen with. I know who it is …why don’t the cops arrest them.. Maybe if we blow this story all over the internet the FBI or somebody will step in.

    • ShepherdDawg says:

      QUOTE: “Those who have their faith know there is always justice though we may never see it, but we know it’s coming. What mortals can’t do, God can.”


  2. vin1vid1vic1 says:

    It’s not all black and white. It’s not all “black” and “white”. It’s the gray area that is so difficult to steer through. As I happened on to this lively place some 30 something days ago, I discovered Alice might have been here along with the Queen and rabbit and some caterpillars. Through the looking glass things appear quite imaginative. “What ifs” and “I thinks” and” my opinions” were nourishing rabbit food to keep the bunnies nibbling away at fantasy food. (mine included)

    The imagination apple fell from the tree of Fantasy Land and rolled right down the hill to stop at a dead end sign. But was that sign too a fantasy painted with disappearing ink paint? Strangely me thinks Alice has not left the building nor the fair grounds.

    But there was no sign with wording “Leave Your Ego Outside” or “Hookah Special” and sliding down all those rabbit trails was quite a ride.

    Just remember what the dormouse said : Feed your head!

    Jessica’s story will be told all it’s different versions. It will be a reminder of a spot on the side of a highway where a young and fair child of wonder exited in phoenix-like fire and ash to soar among stars and celestial infinity into unimaginable peace and unconditional love. Pure love, as pure as gold refined from fire of trials and tribulations of this fleeting life.

    Commendations to all the good and caring souls who put heart and minds into this rubik’s cube in search of “Truth” and “justice” and lucky are those who found personal truths in the process.

    It was a great pleasure and mind expanding adventure having been among so many invisible warriors! God be with everyone. Including the imperfect “gray” people swept into the aftermath of the free bird’s ashes.

  3. Les says:

    There’s a story in the Treehouse somewhere about a beautiful girl who was shot and killed over a road rage incident. I loved that girl, watched her and her sisters grow up. It broke my heart. She was the kindest girl, not a mean bone in her body, and very intelligent. She lived a good life, had some things thrown at her that she dealt with gracefully, and always remained faithful to her beliefs. I can still see her blue, blue eyes and freckles. They caught the “person” who shot her. They charged the “person” with malice murder, aggravated murder, aggravated assault, and gun charges. I didn’t feel any triumph.

    There really isn’t justice when you do something horrible to another person. I’d like to see the monsters who murdered Jessica taken off the streets for good and hear them explain why they would do such a thing, but they did it nonetheless. There is no fate on Earth the monsters can suffer that will ever come near to the pain they inflicted on Jessica. There isn’t going to be any satisfaction in this case. There can’t be.

    They better have the death penalty on the table when they finally get around to charging someone.

    • vin1vid1vic1 says:

      It only takes a second to end a life but a lifetime of accumulated events and caring, sharing invested in a human being. A split second and all that investment evaporates, leaving residual anguish and an invisible niche etched by the memories that cling like cotton candy. “life is but a vapor”.

      Charging someone will not return the life that was taken. Prison will not return the life that was extinguished. The greatest prison is in the mind of a guilty person. All the prisons in the world will not change a mind or a depraved spiritual condition. Prisons for profit will make great strides in accommodating the convicted but will not bring back a life nor will it change one who is not ready or willing to change.

      In this day and time we are all being made into prisoners of one kind or another. Taking a human life is like taking a walk to many with no conscience or remorse. As a society we are spiraling down a dark, mindless vortex. In wishing a “death” penalty, do we not become a part of the mind set of a killer?

      The statements made by Jessica Chambers’ grandmother Willie Beardain no doubt struck many as strange when she wished not to see an eye for an eye “justice” for whoever took Jessica’s life. She didn’t want to have that hate in her heart. She was correct.

      Jessica or the blue eyed, freckled girl will not be brought back,nor any who have crossed
      over to the greater life. I remember when the Pope was shot by an assailant. What an example he was in showing public forgiveness to that person.
      There are many lessons to be gleaned from Jessica’s life and death. In the history of mankind violence is a common theme. Until, if ever, we reach spiritual enlightenment, there will always be evil and evil seeks destruction. What seems senseless is in fact, evil. Evil wears many faces and hides in darkness.

      • Truth Seeker says:

        Yes evil is that took the life of this dear young girl whom God had found. A lost sheep who had stayed from the fold and the Good Shepherd, the Lord Jesus looked down from heaven and shined His holy light in her heart while she was at Leah’s House and saved her soul.

      • lou says:

        you presuppose that whoever did this act has enough intelligence and enough conscience to actually feel bad about it……I assure you, in the mind of such inhumanness and evil there is no angst, no worry, no second thoughts….infact, that heathen has already settled on “it was her fault” ala Simpson……who claims that he was actually the battered victim of his petite ex wife…
        NOT BUYING IT……

        which leads to the other major point in putting this evil monster behind bars…… prevent him from doing it again, and again…

        we do live in a world full of evil……ultimately, love can overcome hate, but love and those that love need the chance to survive and thrive and they can not withstand whole scale slaughter… thinking the slaughtered victims of BokoHarum if they could talk, would agree.

        we MUST resist…..

    • fire/medic says:

      Just read that someone walked in and robbed a Drury Inn in Missouri last night. Shot the night manager in the head. What can you say to that? There can be no justice for that man, he’s not coming back. He wasn’t hanging with the wrong crowd, wasn’t looking to get high, was just trying to earn a living. Now’s he’s just dead, and tonight, like this case the murderer still roams free. That happens way to often, the media gives them a two minute blip on the local news and it’s over. Just isn’t right.

      • John says:

        Where, other than here and a couple of other blogs…is the outrage for this? Did the Greatest Generation pull themselves out of the Great Depression, died by the millions fighting WWII ….only to have a sick American society.

        I am so glad most of that generation is not around to witness what their sacrifices for this country has come to.

        • lou says:

          something to be said for my parents, both WW2 vets being with Jesus right now….how this culture, this govt would sadden them so much..

          • cajunkelly says:

            YES, THIS ^^^^ While my Mom’s passing still grieves me 5 years later, I am thankful that she is not here to see the free fall our country and society is now engaged in.

  4. troy says:

    Keep this thread going, we dont have another source to read and study. Please let it continue in some manner. Please

    • Casper says:

      Both of these guys were two of the first ones they interviewed and I bet a bunch of them around town know.

  5. vin1vid1vic1 says:

    People die every day, some at the hands of others. Justice would be for that person to fall down a large sink hole. Live by the sword, die by the sword. Life is not always fair and it’s not is life..which ends with death. The good, the bad, and the in between all have to take the journey. Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die. Death is a transition.

  6. Mudbug says:

    Sundance, there are several posters besides me that live in MS. I can only speak for myself, but anything I hear from the Clarion-Liar, er – Ledger or other souces I’ll use the email addy you provide. I still think Gov. Bryant will inform folks of progress or what the problem might be in the coming days/weeks.

  7. Southern_Belle says:

    Donald Joy just posted an article that had my eyebrows up into my hairline. But it will not let me post the link to it here. Must be sending it to spam. This is the title. JESSICA CHAMBERS UPDATE: Told Mother Before Murder, “The Bitches Think I’m Snitching”

    • John says:

      Thanks, Southern_Belle.

    • flyonthewall1 says:

      I’ve said numerous times on here that I thought when Jessica wasn’t prosecuted for assault & went to Leah’s House that they probably thought she snitched to get out of the assault charges. They probably thought it was due to Ben working for the sheriff’s department.
      But, I don’t understand why Sundance had Donald to write about the witness rather than post it on here. Some legal reason I suppose.

    • jakeandcrew says:

      Wow! You aren’t kidding about the eyebrows – mine are going up, too!

        • lou says:

          that is really amazing….hotel rooms are paid for…..they keep lists….they have video…’s your chance Champion….here’s your big fat chance….

          • Eskie Mom says:

            And here is the biggest tell of all, imho.

            Now that we know (to some extent) the details of what Sundance’s witness had to say, it was practically giving the Panola County LE the perps on a silver platter.

            • Casper says:

              Think of how many others will go to jail for not telling the truth and lying to investigators.

            • ShepherdDawg says:

              QUOTE: “Now that we know (to some extent) the details of what Sundance’s witness had to say, it was practically giving the Panola County LE the perps on a silver platter.”

              Exactly, Eskie Mom.

              I don’t understand why the four men who raped Jessica at the motel haven’t been arrested yet.

              We can only hope that LE is dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s and tying off loose ends, and that arrests are on the horizon.

              For some reason, I don’t have a whole lot of confidence in the local LE though.

              I am optimistic that Sundance’s witness contacting the FBI will lead to more pressure from the feds on the locals to arrest the perps.

              The fact that the FBI added 25K to the reward money is a good sign.

          • Tempets says:


            Of all the overnight stay places in the Batesville area, only one calls itself a motel.

            lou is correct. There is a real chance for video footage here.

            • Casper says:

              Well, looks like that one girl told the truth the other day when she told that guy on face book he was about to get 25. Looks like she is another witness. Can’t remember her name.

          • waltherppk says:

            Hmmmm….now what kind of “lure” would have successfully tempted Jessica to go to that motel where misfortune awaited her? Could it have been perhaps an opportunity for a lucrative “party” as in a quick and easy high rolling trick ? I don’t want to be “insulting of the legacy” of the dead girl but this was absolutely my FIRST thought about part of the scheme of what could have happened, and I have explicitly said that overlooking this prostitution related possibility as a scenario could prevent finding a killer. Hate to say I told you so if it turns out to be just that way, and certainly I don’t “relish” the idea of it being like that if that is what occurred.

            • JohnP says:

              Waltherppk, you really aren’t going to be happy until somebody has to pull one of the ladies off of you. Yes, it is entirely possible that Sha Sha could have tempted Jessica with a “fake” party for cash. There are also several other other enticements. Drugs, a real party, hanging out with people she thought were her friends. How about the opportunity to explain to the “bitches” that she wasn’t a snitch?

              After looking at a recent image of the Skyline Motel on Google Maps and not the 1960’s picture on the internet I can only respond with, “Poor little mixed up Jessica, with hell did you go there”.

              • waltherppk says:

                Ladies all love me can’t you tell? 🙂 I sure stepped in it huh?

              • Eskie Mom says:

                She sure wasn’t dressed for it, but I did have an afterthought. Bryan Rudd. If he was in town unexpectedly & she felt some kind of need/ desire/ whatever (not “old times sake”) to make her peace with him because she was moving forward with her life & foolishly believed that she safely could.

                That relationship had to be “serious” on some level (as serious as those kind of relationships & at that age, get) because it lasted so long & he does have her name tattooed up his arm in hardly a subtle or unobtrusive place. You know every girl he hits on asks him “Who’s Jessica?”.

              • waiting1979 says:

                A prostitution party in sweatpants? Unusual. I don’t think that’s what a young petite female wear to clean out her car either. I don’t think it’s what she wears for any kind of impersonal social engagement. That’s what you wear to the gas station and the Sonic drive thru. I can build a timeline with ALi or with Lisa, not both.

            • wanthetruth says:

              Funny, I don’t get the impression these four were high rollers.

              • waltherppk says:

                I didn’t have one thought she was knowing who she was going to meet there, but it was a special surprise just for her.

            • goodoldboy66 says:

              Waylon Jennings lyric – those who don’t know me don’t like me and those that do sometimes don’t know how to take me. Or some Tom Perry -Damn the Torpedoes. keep it coming brother.

          • joshua says:

            Skyline Motel
            200 Highway 51 South
            Batesville, MS 38606 –

            Short Description 43 rooms
            Main room type Single Room

            A privately held company in Batesville, MS

            Our records show it was established in 1992 and incorporated in Mississippi. Current estimates show this company has an annual revenue of less than $500,000 and employs a staff of approximately 1 to 4.

            Fudge Management Inc
            200 Highway 51 South
            Batesville, MS 38606

            Categorized under Candy. Our records show it was established in 2001 and incorporated in Mississippi. Current estimates show this company has an annual revenue of 82000 and employs a staff of approximately 2.

            Fudge Management, Inc is a Mississippi Domestic Business Corporation filed on January 3, 1995. The company’s filing status is listed as Good Standing and its File Number is 613771.

            The Registered Agent on file for this company is Michael W Fudge and is located at 200 Hwy 51s Batesville, MS 38606. The company’s principal address is 200 Hwy 51 S Batesville, MS 38606.


            The company has 2 principals on record. The principals are Michael Wayne Fudge from Batesville MS and Mike Fudge from Batesville MS.

            Paolian: 2010 police report article … BPD
            5/25/2010 Just before noon Sunday Patrolman Maples reported investigating a call concerning an open door at Discount Tobacco and Liquor Store.
            “The owner (Mike Fudge) checked the building and did not see anything that was out of place,” Maples’ report stated.

            Patrolman Lott’s report timed at 8:23 p.m. revealed he answered a call to Skyline Motel in reference to someone trying to run over a subject with a car. Shortly after 9 p.m., a suspect was arrested for DUI-first and switched tag
            Batesville Mother Charged With Child Neglect
            Posted 6:22 pm, May 31, 2012
            A Batesville, MS, mother was arrested and charged with Child Neglect after she allegedly left her six-month-old daughter in the car while she went in to get groceries.
            Luckily, the six-month-old child in this case was not injured, but the mother, Maria Fudge, was arrested and charged with child neglect. This incident allegedly happened at Piggly Wiggly in Batesville, MS.
            Maria was unavailable to talk to News Channel 3 on Thursday, but her husband, Mike, said he believes his wife never should have been arrested
            Fudge said his wife is not from this country. He says she’s been here for two years and is still learning the laws.

            Panola County Arrest Log 01-04-11

            December 30
            Michael Wayne Fudge, 598 East Lee St., Sardis, was arrested and charged with simple assault. The case will be heard in Sardis Municipal Court.

            • ShepherdDawg says:

              I wonder if Fudge is either running, or turning a blind eye to, a prostitution ring operating out of his motel.

        • JohnP says:

          Sundance, the Clash gave out way too much information about the witness in their story. Is the witness protected?.

          • Casper says:

            Sure they are.

          • Eskie Mom says:

            It depends. If the witness is within the gangbanger circle, that should be a concern (Hopefully, they are, very much, protected- regardless.)

            It is possible (however remotely) that this person is not known to them (White) & that there are several people in their vantage point who could be the witness. Are they going to just take out every possible one? I guess they could.

    • Nycgal says:

      This article is shocking. The eyewitness credits this very forum with its in depth analysis as the reason for coming forward. Which is exactly why Jessica’s story must continue here. I implore you to re-think this Sundance. The information you have been able to unearth with your exhaustive commitment was doing its job. You inspired others to research and question and take action. I have never seen anything like it.

      It appears that this case might just break wide open and I pray that you change your mind to see it through. But if not, thank you for all that you have done.

    • WAYNE HANSEN says:

      no eyebrow raising here. Donald’s article fits hard into Scenario Two for me and looking to see positive ID of individuals from the Gas station video and the Motel if that is legit. that should be enough to get some folks behind bars…it does not matter what you have Sheriff Darby, it matters what they think you have…Get someone besides who you think committed the murder and step on them until they crow…This would be worth my job in a heartbeat. And if you want Jessica’s life to mean something then go get the guns, drugs, and human traffickers. What no one to vote for you after that. Too bad, why did you sign on to this gig in the first place? Sheriff Darby, your career will be summed up in the next five minutes, how do you want the storyline to go? Time to make lemonade and squeeze away!

  8. wanthetruth says:

    I woke today thinking of a case study from my nursing classes that didn’t deal with healing per se, but with ethical and legal choices in health care. This was in the 70’s and before the time of living wills.

    There is no intended message to you from what I am sharing here. It’s just a story of a burn victim, not from a crime but from a propane accident. Take what you will from it. Perhaps you’ve heard of it before.

    I am technically challenged and can’t post links but simply search for
    “dax burn victim “. Grrrr – auto correct – that is D ax, (not FAX). If it does it again when posting.

  9. Southern_Belle says:

    All of my posts are being sent to spam apparently.

  10. Sean Williams says:

    Amazing column on Clash…Wow!!

  11. Janice says:

    perhaps this new information is one reason the investigation threads have ceased. The witness situation must be handled very delicately. I always thought the black women were perhaps jealous of jessica and urged their men to do her harm….what better way than encourage paranoia than mention the book jessica wanted to write.

    • 2+2 says:

      Referring to Rev. Green’s statements in the article. IMO it’s odd, too much of a coincidence, that Rev. Green should come forward with this now after Lisa’s latest interview and TCH and other posters evident (and justified) distrust of the family and friends. Rev. Greens statements about what Lisa told him contradict nearly everything Lisa and the other family and friends have put out on social media and the interviews up to now. They said Jessica wasn’t scared, he says Lisa told him she was; Lisa avoided all mention of Jessicas gang involvement but admitted she dated blacks but “wasn’t in no gangs”; he says Lisa told him Jessica talked to her about it and being scared. Lisa says Jessica had anger issues etc. and she had a problem with her smart mouth and the way she acted (to the point of calling the cops as we now know), now she says Jessica confided her fears to her. I’m sure Lisa and the rest of the family and friends have read all the comments, doubts and questions about everything in all the social media, now they are trying to backtrack, cover up, make it all jive and look like they knew about and were involved in Jessica’s life. I’m remembering that Lisa is a minister(of what?) so Rev Green cooperating with them on this propaganda party is no surprise. Lies and coverups. If I had the slightest inkling my child was dating known gang members I would take action. If that child confided her fears to me, I would get her the heck out of dodge and away from it immediately. Jessicas family could have sent her to her sister in TX. This all stinks.

      • smiley says:

        and if Jessica had been that fearful, why would she have gone (willingly?) to the “party” that night ?
        wondering who, if anyone, is now trying to cover their tracks.

        • 2+2 says:

          not just the party…why would she have gone to M&M where she knows they hang out? It might be the closest gas station, but if she was fearful, she would have gone someplace else – or if i was the mother, I would have taken care of it myself.

          • smiley says:

            exactly 2+2.

            • Eskie Mom says:

              If her spunky attitude is to be believed (I can see it- “Im not afraid of you.”), M&M isn’t that big a reach. This “party”, she did not go to willingly. How they got her there, IDK, but it wasn’t to party.
              Remember: “they lured you out”, “something went wrong”.

              • 2+2 says:

                it’s just that in earlier comments and interviews, everyone said she hadn’t talked to anyone about being afraid of anything etc. Now all of a sudden, they say the exact opposite.

                • Eskie Mom says:

                  I’m not sure I believe that Miss Chambers did say that to her mother.

                  People who prevaricate never (or seldom) consider that the person they’re speaking to will actually think about what they’ve said or put it together with anything they’ve said previously & say “What?”. They expect (or assume that) the listener will just take it as “new information” & accept it at face value.

                • ShepherdDawg says:

                  I don’t trust anything Lisa Chambers says.

                  I also don’t understand why Lisa would want Jessica to leave Leah’s House.

                  She was not a positive influence on Jessica, and I don’t believe her stories about Jessica having a “smart mouth” or “needing to act more like a lady.”

              • frangelica1 says:

                I agree with you – Jessica did not go willingly.

                • wanthetruth says:

                  All they had to do is get her car stopped somewhere. Block her in. It would be a tough to decide in the few seconds before it was too late to try to tough it out, or to make a dramatic escape attempt. I think if she did speak of being killed to her mom, it would be on some level hard to accept it could actually happen. She grew up with these people. Hard to accept that this would be a moment of life or death I would imagine.

                • ShepherdDawg says:

                  If the blocked her in with their vehicles, it could explain the damage to the back of her Kia.

          • John says:

            Once in high school, I was on a gang’s radar. I was scared, but I thought it important then to act like a ‘tough’ guy and carry on with my normal after school routine. I didn’t want to show them that they had somehow got the better of me by altering my normal activities and staying away from my usual after-school haunts.

            My family knew NONE of what was going to transpire…it never even occurred to me to stay away from the usual places where some of the members might show up after I heard a member was going to ‘cut’ me. I WAS scared, however.

            The day I got confronted/jumped …a person far tougher than me had my back. After that day, not only did the gang leave me alone, the main perp actually started to treat me like a human being.

            Maybe Jessica was scared of the “bitches” but socially, didn’t want to show that.

            • 2+2 says:

              I’m not sure if I’m getting my point across that her family is once again contradicting themselves, perhaps to put themselves in a better light. Up to now they have said she hadn’t talked to anyone about being afraid of anything. Now they say she DID, on several occasions.

              • Eskie Mom says:

                The family is changing their story all of a sudden, maybe even as much as 180 degrees.
                Why are they doing that?

                • smiley says:

                  and Jessica’s not here anymore to confirm anything she said/didn’t say..including what she supposedly uttered/whispered just before she died.

                • frangelica1 says:

                  I am thinking that Jessica’s mother finally found her backbone! I believe her coming forward on the talk radio program was her first step and she heard from the person hosting the talk: Have you talked with this person? Have the sheriff’s office given you any updates on the case? She said no and the host of the show said, “Maybe you should go to them and ask them”.

                  I think this finally sunk in that you cannot place all your faith in the Sheriff’s office and wait for the answers. I think this may have helped open the communication between the family members and some of the people that knew Jessica. At least I am hopeful of that!

                • 2+2 says:

                  Isn’t it true that in some cases family members are told not to talk to or ask questions of any persons of interest or the media so as not to jeopardize the investigation? They might inadvertently say something to tip off a perp. It seems that suddenly after the reward has been increased by the FBI, the gag is off.

                • frangelica1 says:

                  Actually, Lisa appeared not in the know at all or pretended not to be in the know during her talk radio interview. It sure seems that people like the minister and Jessica’s friends decided to stop the silence after the radio interview with Lisa’s blessing.

                  This info, along with the info from the witness that came forward, finally is providing some more direction to help flesh out more details of Jessica’s life in the last few months and help narrow the scenarios of what transpired before Jessica’s murder that night,

                • 2+2 says:

                  I can think of a few reasons, but these are the top two. One, to make it seem that they were more involved in her life. Two, to keep the suspicion on black gangs. Jessica’s involvement with them is known, but there has been some recent social media speculation/talk about the family being connected to white gangs. There was an article about LE suspecting white gang rather than black gang members being the perps.

                  Regarding Roscoe, IF Roscoe proposed I don’t think he proposed marriage, not as we know it anyway. Jessica was unclaimed property, and he most likely wanted her to be his “bitch” or babymama. At 19 she’s still childless, unusual for one of their girls. She refused. I’m so glad she’s out of that and at peace. Sad and horrified at how, and at the loss of a life that was on a better path, but thankful she’s in the best possible company now.

                • smiley says:

                  its looking like Jessica might have been leading a double life.
                  which could create VERY conflicted emotions (denial/guilt/anger/confusion/twisted loyalties etc ) w/in her immediate family.

              • John says:

                Oh…point taken re: Lisa and backtracking.

            • smiley says:

              who knows, really, if she actually did say all that ?
              it just seems odd that a statement as seemingly significant as that comes out now, six weeks after this incident.

          • rhobin8301 says:

            According to the interview with crime radio, she was buying cigarettes for her mom….I don’t know how to post links, sorry. But in listening to that, Lisa said she gave her money to buy HER cigarettes, she was gonna eat and clean the car while she was out.

          • cajunkelly says:

            What if someone other than the woman who asked to bum a smoke was standing in that area off camera and simply asked for a ride to that mythical party? A person she trusted? What would be the harm (in her mind) in just dropping a friend off at the party? And it’s possible she was headed in that direction anyway to the carwash that is out that way?

            • Eskie Mom says:

              This is a very plausible scenario. Real plausible.

            • closerlook41 says:

              this makes so much sense. I will say one thing I have said before, and that is this… Jessica on camera was not all lovey dovey with the thugs.. and they were apparently all over that surveillance video. She was totally keeping to herself. Some kind of party girl as she has been made out by some to be would surely not have been as reticent about making her presence known. It seems to me that she didn’t want anything to DO with those there. Surely she knew Kedrick Turner.. she apparently made no overtures nor acknowledgement of him. Don’t you know that when she pulled in, she at various times either knew or was made aware of Brejuan, Teapooh, Sandy Rudd, et al. She did not make any apparent overtures or even glances in their directions until she was apparently brought up short by the people out of camera range: even then, she seemed not really all that thrilled at having to go over there. She was not an unrestrained partier with these people. Maybe she HAD been… but no more.

      • waltherppk says:

        What we have seen is a bunch of people more interested in whitewashing Jessica’s “memory” than in catching her killer.

        • smiley says:

          the cast of characters with her @ motel might not have been with her in the car/at the road/burn site,.
          depends on how ironclad the alibies are for the 2-4 “guys” at motel & who supposedly left with her/she drove home etc.
          maybe she really did drive them home…?
          if so, then …who killed her ?
          if not, then….why no arrests?
          I don’t get it.

          • waltherppk says:

            Good questions. I think the police already have enough for making some or all 4 arrests if this is good information, and they are probably gathering more information for a successful prosecution or narrowing the murder aspect to only 2, unless there are others they need to put in the net.

            • 2+2 says:

              especially if there was a rape and there is DNA evidence. But they would still have to place the rapists at the scene of the burn, not just at a rape. And that crime scene evidence is compromised.

              • waltherppk says:

                The continuity of events in the time frame would implicitly connect the rape and murder. Nobody would believe there is any reasonable doubt a girl endures a gang rape and just by chance less than an hour later is murdered by different actors.

                • JohnP says:

                  Don’t count on DNA evidence from the Skyline Motel. If they luminol that room it’s going to look like a Pollack painting.

                • waltherppk says:

                  Whole lot of “afterglow” at that real estate huh.

                • angie says:

                  Ewww, ewww,x 100000000000
                  How can I unsee this image? LOL

                • Eskie Mom says:

                  (no reply link for you, Angie) Focus on the Pollack painting ONLY. Not how it got that way. If that doesn’t work think about squeezing paint between a canvas & a sheet of plastic.

                  (Suppressing a gag, too. I had already thought “well, we’re never staying there, that’s for sure!” way back.)

                • Starkey Morgan says:

                  Thank you for making me laugh..I needed that:)

                • wanthetruth says:

                  I wouldn’t think there should be that much blood on the walls “and as that is all luminol would show – although I guess it will show bleach cleaned places to. Sometimes that can pick up the light so it almost looks like blood I’ve heard.

                • smiley says:

                  ok….unless it wasn’t “just by chance “.
                  this “White Gang” theory/ suspicion put out by LE (we’ve all read about that, here & elsewhere)..has that now been debunked, or is it still a possibility here?
                  if its a possibility, HOW would that/they enter into this ?
                  as “different actors”?
                  IOW..Jessica was somehow set-up?

                • waltherppk says:

                  IMO that “white perpetrator” story was CRS disinformation, and they knew all along blacks did this crime. It never needed debunking because it was so lame. If there was any “snitching” involved then law enforcement already knows who would have arranged any “set up” and they may be investigating such a conspiracy. But I still think the obvious “lure” was a “party” that nver was any party except a going away party for Jessica.

                • waltherppk says:

                  Who arranged the “party” invitation for Jessica? Ask Auntie Sha Sha.

                • 2+2 says:

                  Wppk, I agree. But would they be able to prove that it was rape and not consensual, since they could say she went to the party willingly? You know how they tear victims to pieces at rape trials, make it the victims fault and that they were “asking for it.”

                • waltherppk says:

                  If it was not a case where the alleged willing participant in “consensual sex” with hopefully DNA of 4 men had not been murdered as part of the “proceedings” then a rape charge might be a stretch for any white girl with a history of “promiscuity”, unless of course she was a black girl stripper / prostitute entertaining white Duke La Crosse players then her innocence would be a given and she would have doubtlessly been raped, even though the statistical chance for that is zero. See how that works.

                • ShepherdDawg says:

                  QUOTE: “IMO that “white perpetrator” story was CRS disinformation, and they knew all along blacks did this crime. It never needed debunking because it was so lame.”

                  This. I am having a hard time seeing how the existence of the CRS is remotely constitutional.

                  The mission of the CRS (pushing a politically correct Marxist narrative) is mutually exclusive with the mission of “justice” that the Department of Justice is supposed to stand for.

            • smiley says:

              very good, concise reply, thank you…I might venture a guess : you are an attorney, yes?
              I’ve been following your put things together as if from a legal perspective.IMHO.:)

        • lou says:

          whitewashing her memory or destroying her memory?…….we have no way of knowing what was in that girls mind…that girl of the dysfunctional family, of the meth cooking daddy and the multiple married parents, and living in that hole that is infested with black gangsters, drugs, funny little Yemen creeps….yep, lets jump on Jessica…..

          we do know that she thought of God….”with God all things are possible”….really hateful creature….NOT!

          • waltherppk says:

            People keep going way further than what I have said trying to extrapolate and put more into what I have said than is there while missing the entire point of what I did say. Read whatever more into it that pleases you. I give up trying to get through this wall of stupid excessive “sensitivity”. What do we know for sure…really? All that goodie goodie stuff people want to believe ….good for them. None of it is relevant to solving a murder if it rules out the first thing that should be eliminated as a possibility.

            If after catching a murderer there needs to be a rehabilitation of the legacy later, fine, take care of that then, not let it stonewall and roadblock a murder investigation.

            • 2+2 says:

              wppk I agree about the oversensitivity, it doesn’t help. You have to consider everything, good and bad. I tried to say the same thing about Jessicas family and friends posts. At first it was all “good angel jessica” and they got a lot of flack about whitewashing. The past few days they have been more forthcoming with Jessicas negative aspects such as the assault and anger issues, and they got flack about that too “you don’t speak ill of the dead.” So they’re damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

              I take everything that family says with a grain of salt, there is probably some truth to it. Jessica wasn’t all good or all bad, she came from a dysfunctional family. She had an older brother she adored who was her protector. When he died, she lost her anchor. That doesn’t excuse poor parenting, or the choices she made for herself. She could have reached out to her older sister, an aunt, a teacher, a minister, anyone but gang members. Yes she is the victim, but she didn’t have to be.

              • waltherppk says:

                Yeah I think her death gave them all a big “Oh shit” kind of moment because of realizing late there probably were things could have been done to prevent this, and hindsight is always 20-20. That is a tough pill to swallow and easier to be in denial and say it’s all a big mystery, and ask how could this happen, when really the truth is they already know. It takes awhile to sink in and it can’t be easy dealing with that.

          • waltherppk says:

            FYI there are quite few men in this world who have dearly loved quite a few women who may have been less than ideal ladies, and I’m one of those men.

          • ShepherdDawg says:

            QUOTE: “we do know that she thought of God….”with God all things are possible”!”

            Yep. Jessica was born again, and is completely pure and untainted in God’s sight. She has washed herself in the Blood of the Lamb.

            • 2+2 says:

              So true! And we know that she did finally find someone she could reach out to on this earth, albeit too late. Linda Oliver. I do hope she has some protection, because those thugs know Jessica talked to her.

            • MsSmallTown2 says:

              You have a lot of opinions… based on those, who do you think did it?

              • 2+2 says:

                I’m hesitant to say at this point. I’ve been rewatching the videos, cars and people coming and going and the activities. I don’t have enough info to point fingers, especially as I just found out about the rumor of a JC-Mista hookup.
                Treepers, I’m new to blogging, so if I’m posting too much again please tell me and I’ll go back to lurking. I don’t want to be disruptive. 🙂

                • MsSmallTown2 says:

                  2+2, sorry, that was suppose to be a reply to Shepard Dawg, Not sure why it ended under yours 🙂

                • 2+2 says:

                  oh i see! It actually is in line with mine not indented, my bad for reading as a response to my post. mea culpa…I’ll learn how this blogging works soon! 🙂

                • Sharon says:

                  Yours (MsSmallTown2) was the second reply to ShepardDawg’s comment:check the indentation. Both of the comments in reply to him are indented the same.

  12. wanthetruth says:

    This has to kick them into action, doesn’t it? I can’t help but believe they had some idea of exactly what went down before they destroyed that crime scene.

    They may not have known who exactly, but they knew what they were dealing with. I don’t doubt mom is in fear also. I hope those monsters are watching for the justice that is looking for them, and I don’t mean Darby.

    • pspinach says:

      Officials already KNOW who did it, thus they speak and act with impunity. Barry’s got their back. The perps will drop like flies one day, but unfortunately new ones will take their place. Barry will be swatting the perps like flies just to keep a lid on it all. 2 years. That’s a lot of flies. Americans like Jessica need to really get their act together to not become a victim. Perhaps then, the perps can just turn on each other.

    • wanthetruth says:

      I wonder if the number of single car accident fatalities are going to go drastically down with the sunlight focusing around that area.
      Drug or alcohol abuse notwithstanding, for population vs the number of occurrences it seems oddly skewed. /

    • Eskie Mom says:

      Maybe just the opposite.
      IF it is true that escorts are being run out of the Skyline Motel.
      IF Darby &/ or Champion, or some person(s) they do serve are frequenters of said escort service, would it be so far fetched to wonder if Darby &/ or Champion are trying to keep a lid on this so that it isn’t disturbed & certain people exposed?

      People are funny. It may be common knowledge in a community that illegal/ immoral activity is taking place- & it may be a common pastime for certain “respectable citizens” to indulge in that activity at any given time, but nobody says it out loud. Ever. That is a greater social faux pas than the illegal/ immoral activity, itself. Prostitutes & drug use.
      Personal motivation (literally or for social status) can trump everything.

      Why would Darby/ Champion protect gangbangers when it’s in their power to haul em in & have them put away for a long time? The law is on their side. It would make their job & their life easier if they did. And yet. they don’t. Nobody’s that lazy.
      Gangbangers aren’t who they’re “protecting” (if they’re protecting anyone at all.)

      What would tie Ali, gangbangers, their White wigger molls, & Panola County LE together? Was this “the bonding” that was referred to in Darby/ Champion’s press conference? Is the answer to that question “chickens”?

      (I’m not going to bring Lisa Chambers/ Hudson/ Daugherty’s motivation into this, but think about her angle. Why give an interview now? And say the things she did in that interview? “Jessica was afraid & thought she would be killed.” And she did nothing?
      Is it because the money is drying up? Mods, feel free to delete this if it is too much off color.)

      • smiley says:

        well….the money-making “ventures” that supported the gangs ? the money-making, gang-related subculture there ?
        wild guess.

      • ShepherdDawg says:

        QUOTE: “IF Darby &/ or Champion, or some person(s) they do serve are frequenters of said escort service, would it be so far fetched to wonder if Darby &/ or Champion are trying to keep a lid on this so that it isn’t disturbed & certain people exposed.”

        Yep, I definitely think Darby and/or Champion and/or other influential people in Panola County have something to hide. Maybe the gangs have footage of them consorting with the “escorts”?

        • wanthetruth says:

          That’s a good point ShepherdDawg, doing anything illegal actually, but if they got someone with underage prostitutes that would be a huge threat.
          Makes me think of Jessica’s MySpace page and her big change in personality at 13 or 14.

        • Eskie Mom says:

          Well, they’d definitely know about it (IF, of course, it exists & if it exists, they’ll be ones running the enterprise.). Lou made a great point about a security camera. In that secluded a location, they are bound to have one or several. (You know? Another thing that speaks to a gang presence at the Skyline is that you’d think they’d be getting robbed pretty frequently. Interesting if they aren’t. Esp if not at all, ever.)

  13. pspinach says:

    Lisa now says it may have been 5 or 5:30 pm when Jessica left the house. The Sky Hotel is back in play. SMH. No wonder we were stymied. 4 black males. Witness discredited by investigators . No wonder SD had to end the thread and had us review the Darby video. Upping the $43K reward is just a ruse to make us believe authorities are serious and committed, after our petition to the governor. No one will ever collect until long after the evil residing in the WH is gone. Two more years and 4 days counting. God help us. Pray like you have never before and pull others in to do so. Then act with His Guidance and safety with boots on the ground.

    • jewelsc6 says:

      I wonder how many local authorities stayed at the skyline motel??

    • lou says:

      he’s never leaving….

    • ShepherdDawg says:

      It seems clear to me that there is a prostitution ring in the Panola County / North Mississippi area targetting vulnerable white girls.

      I really hope that as a result of the sunlight shined on this area due to Jessica’s death, this prostitution ring will be smashed, the perps arrested, and the victimized and exploited white girls freed.

      Maybe Jessica’s legacy will be that numerous women and girls are rescued from prostitution and exploitation.

      Please LORD Jesus, free the girls and women who are victims of prostitution and give them a new and renewed sense of self worth and value and dignity in You.

  14. J.Friday says:

    I was brought to the Refuge a number of months ago because of my outrage of what is going on in our country. I stayed because of the views of the people here. As I drove the 45 minutes to work yesterday morning, I listened to the same radio talk show (metro area talk show, but I live in rural area a state away) that I have listened to for the last 14 years. Although I don’t “know” the radio personalities I listen to, they have become part of my life and it feels like I know everything about them and have become “friends” of mine. I have even called in and emailed a couple of times on certain topics I felt compelled to add to.
    When Jessica’s story was brought to light on your site, it was a very similar thing. The more I read, the more it drew me in. It became all consuming. I found myself reading and re-reading every post. Sitting and reading every new observation until all hours of the night and then checking in again when I woke up. The more I read, the more it felt like listening to my radio show. You start to get a feel for personalities simply from reading hundreds of their posts and they become part of your life. The more you do it, the more you feel that way.
    My degree is in mechanical engineering. We are taught logical problem solving and to think differently. What you don’t know, you research until you do. This made my “trip” in your threads even more consuming. The regular treepers seem to be a very well rounded group of people, bringing different aspects from different walks of life. I admired that and sat back and watched you do your work, trying to absorb and follow the directions given by your crew. Like listening to my radio station and calling in a couple of times, I decided to do the same on 2 separate occasions on your threads. On my last posting, I got my “hands slapped by the ruler” of a regular for “muddying the water or changing direction.” I apologized because that certainly was not my intent and went back to simply reading.
    This morning on my drive, I shut my radio off and thought about this site. It dawned on me what has happened in the past 38 days. A young life was lost and she inadvertently has become a beacon of light for many Americans. I have been drawn into 2 communities in the past 38 days that I never thought I would. The strange thing is the two communities have many similarities. They each are tight. They each have their own vocabulary. They each have “law enforcement” which have become overwhelmed in the past 38 days. They each have leaders that give them direction. And they each get annoyed by having outsiders coming in and messing with their tight community. Which end of a spectrum you choose to compare these communities, is of personal and moral choice.
    Much like listening to the radio every day and feeling part of that family, I read every day here and “feel” like a part of this community. I now will go back to my reading chair and hope you will jump back in at some point. Good luck for Jessica’s sake.

    • pspinach says:

      The regulars on the Jessica thread are not the regulars of the site. When the regulars arrive, which is not every day, it’s mighty powerful. As for moderators, unless you’ve been here for years, yes you will get your hands slapped because the standards are high. Think of it as growth. After 3 years if you make it, one should get an exam and if pass, an honorary degree. But then, it wouldn’t be fun anymore. TCTH is addictive for the learning, not just this thread.

      • mscynlynn says:

        I remember when the threads were short and Sundance was a cracker. LOL I’m a rare commentor on hear except for the Zimmerman case and the Jessica murder. I might ping in on the other threads but not near as much as the “regulars”. They have a great banter. I hope that others that have viewed these threads think that the regulars act like some of these recent posters.

        I recognize your name from the past but not sure when I first saw it. I’ve changed my name once since the Zimmerman case. I obtained a “stalker” who would find my posts and always have to contradict me. Made it no fun!

        I’ll see you in the branches.

      • cajunkelly says:

        errrr I’m a regular, and I’ve participated here as well as other threads. The daily open thread is a HOOT! 😛

        • pspinach says:

          We’re all OWLS there, yes, lol!!

          • joshua says:

            If you expect to soar with the eagles during the day, you can’t hoot with the owls at night.

            “A wise old owl sat on an oak; The more he saw the less he spoke; The less he spoke the more he heard; Why aren’t we like that wise old bird?”

            “The crow wished everything was black, the owl, that every thing was white.”

            “A serious writer is not to be confounded with a solemn writer. A serious writer may be a hawk or a buzzard or even a popinjay, but a solemn writer is always a bloody owl.”

      • pspinach says:

        The thread was irregular more than regular. The weird vibe was not the norm for obvo reasons. How can it be, right? It did have its normal -Oh look, I’m a bird again! sane moments too :>

    • Eskie Mom says:

      🙂 Don’t take it too hard. Everybody is a “newbie” once & everybody has to figure out where the boundaries are. Every place is a little different.
      How will you know if no one tells you?
      On any given day, a moderator (or even just a fellow poster) has had a great day or had to put up with a lot of stuff. They’re human. These last few days have really been lulus.

  15. twoeyes1947 says:

    I really feel sorry for these young white girls who get caught up in the gang lifestyle in rebellion of their parents or whomever. It may be done on a whim or weak moment but ends up with the loss of a good life. Also, the world is becoming more and more dangerous, which will require more closeness and bonding within families just to survive. BHO, along with his henchmen, is taking us down this path and only by the grace of God will we overcome what we are soon to endure. IMO.

  16. Kerri says:

    Hopefully these guys get picked up soon so they don’t skip town like Denise did.

    • oldiadguy says:

      Yes, if these guys are known, they will go down, I’ve seen it before. Bad guys will always be bad guys and will continue to commit crimes. There are still a lot of old school federal agents and prosecutors out there. These suspects may not be charged with Jessica’s murder because of evidentiary problems, but they will be hunted down, lawfully and legitimately charged for other crimes and convicted. When the judge pronounces their long prison sentences, these agents and prosecutors will silently say, ‘ This is for you Jessica.”

      • waltherppk says:


        • JohnP says:

          By splitting up they gave LE a major hammer during questioning. The two who didn’t leave the motel with Jessica have about 20 years worth of reasons to roll on their friends.

          • waltherppk says:

            Yeah they could play ’em against each other.

            • JohnP says:

              Not a wise move on their part. Bros are bros but the difference between a sentence for rape and sentence murder one is huge. I believe your prediction about Sha Sha is going to come true. She is the one person who would know exactly what would entice Jessica to go to the motel.

              • waltherppk says:

                She was made within days of the murder.

                • JohnP says:

                  She did it to herself but she did put the first cracks in the wall of silence. I don’t think she had an inkling that Jessica was going to die. She felt betrayed, she was OK with a little gang “correction”, but didn’t sign up for murder. If she’s lucky and cuts a deal maybe she’ll get off lightly.

              • waltherppk says:

                Party? What party? How you know about a party?

                • JohnP says:

                  OK smarty pants, who do you think tricked, conned, or convinced Sha Sha into setting up Jessica? It wasn’t the brain trust that raped and killed her, collectively they don’t have the IQ to set up a tent. That leaves us the Misters, the Rudds, or ?????

                • waltherppk says:

                  I expect the request likely came through the existing “escort service” hotline or text messaging, as request for service provider to supply services for client with possibly a specific working name girl requested, and Sha Sha may have just passed along the usual message not really knowing anything out of the ordinary was in play. Or she may have been part of the setup. Who knows?

                • fire/medic says:

                  “That leaves us the Misters, the Rudds, or ?????”

                  Maybe both.

                • waltherppk says:

                  Ask Sha Sha how it went down. She’s already told half the story. Now ask her for the rest of it.

                • ShepherdDawg says:

                  Waltherppk, I don’t think Jessica had any interest in working as a prostitute, especially after Leah’s House.

                  She was born again there (she created a new Facebook account with the date she was born again as her birthday).

                  The photo of her at Leah’s House shows a girl who had been through a lot, but had a new sense of worth, confidence, value, and faith.

      • ShepherdDawg says:

        GREAT post, oldiadguy!

  17. Kerri says:

    Not my posts but one or some of the Treepers research found on FB: “Charlotte Wilkerson used to work at a place called the Skyline Motel located at 200 Highway #51, Batesville, MS.
    – Jessica was “raped by 4 males” at this party. The names given were: Eric, Roscoe, Bryan, Robert. Two of the four are rumored to have left “the party” with Jessica: “Eric and Roscoe”.

    • Casper says:

      Yep you got it and Eric was the name she told authorities. Roscoe had asked her to marry him and she flat turned him down. I guess the other two are Bryan Rudd and Robert Reco Holmes Jr from Waterloo, Iowa. What a tangled web we weave……

    • Casper says:

      They all put everything on Face Book. Eric and Roscoe told authorities she gave them a ride home so now that we know this they are toast. Bryan and Robert are from Waterloo Iowa and one guy got shot by a guy that was in a car from Iowa over Christmas so their story of being in Iowa will not hold water. Need to arrest the thugs and send them to solitary confinement.

      • 2+2 says:

        If you’re looking at FB again, y’all might want to go back and look at Denise Tutor’s Dec 7. It’s said at least twice by different people that they have the perp in custody and Pat Mista even comments on it. Names are given of who else they are looking for. At that point Denise seems to care about Jessica, and she and Rebecca seem to be friends. Now Rebecca says Denise is the “questionable person,” and she and Charlotte were Jessicas “guardians” (for lack of a better word). I thought Charlotte was the one Denise was mad at about sleeping with her man months ago. This is the first time I’ve heard anyone say that it was Jessica. It’s all too confusing and IMHO most of what’s posted after they became aware that their social media postings were being watched is for entertainment/shock value. The initial postings during the first 24 hours might have been of value but most have been scrubbed. I do remember seeing on Denise’s page that she was leaving town (went to Houston MO in Oct I think) but I also think I saw that she came back before Christmas. I haven’t looked for that again.

      • almostHOME says:

        eric and roscoe told authorties she gave them a ride home?

        where is this proof? link?

    • Eskie Mom says:

      I still haven’t found the Skyline Motel on google maps, but there is a carwash at 236 Hwy 51 (if google maps is to be believed. They’ve been really wonky for me lately).

      Nevermind. Found it. (hidden behind trees/ small green belt) There is a strip center across the street with 10 signs on it, indicating separate businesses. A couple of these may be vacant. Can’t tell. It looks like a veterinary office next door. (highly doubtful the witness came from there. No vantage point & it looks like the motel office is the closest thing to the vet.)

      (Looks like the perfect place for a tryst. Maybe it’s just Texas, but our motels are usually right on the highway & highly visible.)

      • JohnP says:

        I have never before seen a motel that is trying not to get drive in customers. Their sign is broken and hidden by trees and the berm in front of the motel is so over grown it can’t be seen from the road. I’m guessing most of their rooms are rented by the hour.

        • Eskie Mom says:

          I wouldn’t bet against you.

        • ShepherdDawg says:

          Yeah, I’m guessing the main source of income for that “motel” is prostitution.

          The FBI / USMS need to raid that motel, and the owner (Mike Fudge) should be taken in for questioning. Running a prostitution ring is a felony.

          • 2+2 says:

            hes probably not the man in charge, just gets a cut of the action. Another one LE could turn for evidence.

      • joshua says:

        Paolian: 2010 police report article … BPD
        5/25/2010 Just before noon Sunday Patrolman Maples reported investigating a call concerning an open door at Discount Tobacco and Liquor Store.
        “The owner (Mike Fudge) checked the building and did not see anything that was out of place,” Maples’ report stated.
        Patrolman Lott’s report timed at 8:23 p.m. revealed he answered a call to Skyline Motel in reference to someone trying to run over a subject with a car. Shortly after 9 p.m., a suspect was arrested for DUI-first and switched tag.

      • jewelsc6 says:

        I just typed in “Skyline Motel” Courtland Ms. and it came up on Google Earth. There are trees in front of it so you really can not see it.

  18. lastConservinIllinois? says:

    so if she was taken after the assault to the crime scene near Boone Mister’s house (as per an early facebook or twitter post by a local), was that a signal to the Mister family of “mission accomplished”?
    or was it that Jessica was served up on a silver platter to Denise Tutor – who was/is with Boone, correct? so Denise would have only had to walk over to the murder scene, then walk home again?

    • Eskie Mom says:

      brrr that’s a gruesome thought. (walking over)

    • 2+2 says:

      Boone is George Mista JR. Denise’s man is Pat Mista (Mister), his brother or uncle. She is pictured in one of the interviews with George Sr according to the caption. I gave up trying do trees on all these people.

      • 2+2 says:

        There is also a white guy nicknamed Boone, but I can’t remember his real name. It’s been mentioned on the FB’s and Jessica threads. Hard to keep all these names straight, and they keep making up new ones! Sandy Rudd aka Cassandra Market…I think she did that to protect herself AND to get back at the real Cassandra Market. Which is suspicious itself, why give someone else’s name if you dindu nuffin, unless you DID and want that person to get blamed?

        • goodoldboy66 says:

          “White Boone” is a fireman who’s house was mistakenly thought to be where something happened – this was confirmed not true per his wife. Denise T is married to a Mista, I believe Pat Mista who is (George JR/Boone Mista’s) brother. She still is married to him and her friend admonished her on her own FB string for cheating. Also believe that Sha Sha got with Boone Mista in the past resulting in Sha Sha and DT ending their friendship. More recently it has been rumored that JC and Boone Mista were together. As a result, DT tuned up JC a week prior to the final incident.

          • goodoldboy66 says:

            Correction per Rebecca’s FB post – DT assulted JC in the Fall before DT went North and stated ‘this isn’t over’. Not a week prior to Dec 6/ My apologies.

            • ShepherdDawg says:

              I’m not sure if I believe Rebecca Wright’s Facebook posts.

              • wanthetruth says:

                Ibelieve Wright was a last name thrown out there for Roscoe at one time. Don’t remember if much came up for him.

                Jakeandcrew, mentioned that Rebecca Wright new friended Denise earlier in the day on December 6. Coincidence?

          • 2+2 says:

            thank you for the clarification about white Boone gob66. IIRC Pat cheated on DT with Sha Sha, so DT cheated on him with Boone Mista in retaliation. Her friends admonished her 2 wrongs dont make a right especially with your bro-in-law. I still had not heard the rumors about JC and a Mista until today. I don’t know why DT would be on JC about Boone though, Pat is DT’s husband. Unless she’s proprietary about both of them. ewww

        • goodoldboy66 says:

          Cassandra and Sandra are derivative names. She did it for welfare scamming purposes coupled with an address change – IMHO.

          • 2+2 says:

            There’s a Cynthia Market in Batesville and there was a Cassandra Market on her friends list, gone now. I think Sandy Rudd might have an axe to grind with Cassandra Market so gave her name just in case any blame was coming.

          • reconcharlie76 says:

            I think she couldn’t make it on her own, she is an emotional one, just look at her FB , its all feely feely stuff, deep depressing stuff. Money, no husband, bad choices, makes one run home

  19. coeurdaleneman says:

    How did the witness know all of what was written, if only a detached bystander? Grain of salt, imo.

    However, there have been other developments are more settled truth, now. Yes, Jessica was spending a great deal of time over at CWilk’s place. That alone meant that she had not left her old life behind. In addition, there is no indication that Mom was averse to it happening.

    Once that more hard information about the inner working of that trio becomes exposed, then there will be a clearer picture of who JLC was (and what she likely was doing) on the night of the murder. Imo, her initial activity was voluntary–no sign of a 9-1-1 call from her about a kidnap in progress. No, it suggests that she likely met with shady people on purpose.

    • sundance says:

      Important to remember it was Jessica committing “simple assault” on Lisa Daugherty on June 2nd 2014, which led to the forced attendance at Leah’s House in order to avoid prosecution at the mom’s command.

      Though they (the family) are trying to cloud over this simple truth – it will not annoyingly go away. It is, what it is.

      The new FB page on 8/25/14 and the first friending of “Black Randy” reflects the proposition that what Jessica felt, prior to entering Leah’s House, was still present upon exit.

      So would a disconnected Daughter be truthful about her plans for the night in question?

      Leaves home at 5:00 to 5:30 to gas up, clean car, and grab a bite to eat, as mom says “grab me a pack of smokes at the store” while you’re out – and then at 6:48pm a 20 minute phone call FROM Lisa to Jessica. Think it through.

      That call was more than likely a “where the fuck are you”? conversation…. Jessica had been gone for 2 hours…. Again, think it through.

      And Lisa doesn’t know Charlotte aka “Auntie Sha-Sha” well enough to knock on her door? And doesn’t know her phone number? And she lives two doors down?… Again, think it through.

      It is more prudent to believe little to nothing from Lisa that describes Jessica because for all intents and purposes Lisa didn’t really know what Jessica was all about. Not out of some nefarious agenda to lie, but just out of a prideful embarrassment that people would grow a larger understanding of exactly what the nature of their dysfunctional relationship was all about.

      • reconcharlie76 says:

        Can so see this playing out, makes the most sense out of this whole fiasco
        1.So would a disconnected Daughter be truthful about her plans for the night in question?
        2.That call was more than likely a “where the fuck are you”? conversation…. Jessica had been gone for 2 hours…. Again, think it through.

        out of a prideful embarrassment that people would grow a larger understanding of exactly what the nature of their dysfunctional relationship was all about.

        • wanthetruth says:

          What makes it feel off about this being Jessica going out to “party ” in whatever shape or form, is her obvious disconnect from everybody inside and outside the M&m. She didn’t look like “hippy skippy, I’m out of the house. “She seemed uncommunicative and just getting business done.

          • 2+2 says:

            I noticed the same thing. IMO she threw a coat on to run out and do errands, didn’t even bother to change into jeans. She was surprised by the person who called her off camera, looked up, waved, and walked over – reluctantly it seemed to me, just being polite – to whoever beckoned. Finished w/e there, went in the store and ignored and was ignored by everyone, took care of business and left. It did seem to me that Ali called her back to the counter a couple of times when she was leaving…an attempt to delay her, or did she forget her change? Someone asked days ago why isn’t a camera focused on the register? I find this odd. EVERY store I’ve been in has cameras on the registers. If there usually is one focused on the register at M&M, why not that night? Did Ali turn it off when she walked in? So many unanswered questions about that store!

            • justfactsplz says:

              Ali probably did turn off the camera on the register if he indeed did sell a blunt to Jessica.

          • reconcharlie76 says:

            yes but she could of felt like she could not separate out of retaliation, and fear. Parties could of been her lure, not actual party.

      • thatcatdownthestreet says:

        “The new FB page on 8/25/14 and the first friending of “Black Randy” reflects the proposition that what Jessica felt, prior to entering Leah’s House, was still present upon exit.”

        Maybe Jessica was surprised and curious as to why the notorious Black Randy was friending her only to find out he was accusing her of snitching. The timing fits.

        Pastor Green says another person whom Jessica trusted (and with whom Jessica discussed having been gang-raped) also told him that about three months ago, Jessica was showing severe emotional distress, and expressed fear that certain people might be planning to kill her.

        • 2+2 says:

          so why has the good pastor waited until NOW to come forward with this information? Or maybe he told LE about it weeks ago and they gagged everyone until now to shield potential witnesses and not tip off the perps? Or maybe it’s just so much propaganda.

          • justfactsplz says:

            I have a problem with that too. You would think a pastor would take that kind of information to the police.

      • wanthetruth says:

        If she wasn’t serious about leaving the life, Sundance, why did they kill her. Just Roscoe being po’d. That she turned his “proposal ” down? If she wasn’t separating from them then why would they think she’d snitch? Or was Bryan the instigator in revenge payback if we can’t trust the snitch info from mom.

        Not knowing if mom can be trusted kind of leaves you flailing – don’t know which trail to go down.

        • JohnP says:

          I think she was trying to preserve her life by keeping the channel open with Black Randy. He was probably the only one who could keep the boys under control.

      • flyonthewall1 says:

        I agree, Sundance. As I said earlier in the thread, I have thought all along the trip to Leah’s house was to avoid the second simple assault charge.

        I can see her crowd thinking she was snitching. I can see her mother calling wanting to know where she was and wanting her to come home.

        If they thought she was a snitch, then all the FB comments about “they went to far” come into context.

        According to all the stories told, Jessica has been raped by four guys three times in the last three years or so. I’m not buying that. However, the story of four guys raping Jessica has an origin. I don’t think Bryan Rudd was the originator. I think he just repeated and embellished on the story. So….where did the story originate? Did this tale begin immediately after Jessica’s death?

        I still can’t get completely on board with Jessica going willingly to the “Bates Motel”, or whatever it is for a party. Nor can I quite believe anyone took her to Batesville to a motel. Why take her that far & bring her back to Main St. (Herron Rd) Courtland to kill her? That rushes the timeline. They would have had to hurry with their rapes. If she was raped, that doesn’t make sense.

        I hate to make this generalization. But, I guess I will. From what I have seen young guys of that ilk never hurry, unless they are running with someone’s purse. They would have been drinking & smoking “blunts” taking their time to enjoy themselves.

        I still tend to think she was lured by one or two people to smoke a joint or something similar. Then whatever else happened.

        • closerlook41 says:

          What if she WAS an informer? I wonder if she was wearing a “wire”? It gets used a lot around here, and one boy I know very well was charged in a drug bust with several other people, all because of a conversation to an informant wearing a microphone. He was eventually set free after being in jail for several weeks because it was determined that of all those involved in the transaction, he had not actually spoken on the recording. He was guilty, and I heard it from his own mouth. He was just gloating because they had to let him go. As a disclaimer, I did not hang out with this punk by choice. A family member brought him into proximity for a time.

          • wanthetruth says:

            i don’t necessarily accept that theory – what were they (LE) going toffy to get them on – but… if she was planning a buy, being wired, and they were planning a discipline by rape, once a wire was exposed that would be the end of her.

          • flyonthewall1 says:

            Good point. I don’t think anyone has discussed that possibility. I hadn’t thought of it. Loose clothing to hide a wire. If she was and someone found it that could explain some things.

      • goodoldboy66 says:

        On a tangent – Lisa would definitely not have been a happy camper after reading Jessica’s book/ journal account of her ‘maternal’ capabilities.

      • fire/medic says:

        I believe she was “lured out and killed”..

      • Totally Domestic says:

        Another question: It has been stated that Ben wanted Jessica to stay at Leah’s house.
        By everyone’s account, Jessica was doing very well there. A changed person etc.

        But, Lisa wanted her to come home and stay there with her. Lisa admitted that she made arrangements with the police to drop the charges when she came home. If true, why on earth would you want a girl fearful for her life to come back into the shark tank?

        • ShepherdDawg says:

          QUOTE: “But, Lisa wanted her to come home and stay there with her. Lisa admitted that she made arrangements with the police to drop the charges when she came home. If true, why on earth would you want a girl fearful for her life to come back into the shark tank?”

          Yeah, I don’t understand why Lisa wanted Jessica to leave Leah’s House?

          Unless Lisa needed someone to do errands and chores for her, and if Jessica left Leah’s House, she’d be dependent on Lisa for somewhere to stay (since the dad is in jail), so Lisa would have essentially a servant?

          Just speculation.

          • reconcharlie76 says:

            dad in jail? im lost

            • 2+2 says:

              Ben’s not in jail, he’s a mechanic for local LE. He was busted for meth years ago. Did his time.

              • reconcharlie76 says:

                i know but shepard dog stated dad in jail, so i was questioning SDogs post. ty tho

                • 2+2 says:

                  yw, I know, I was responding to his but did it wrong. I don’t quite have the hang of “reply” yet and I’m tired. 🙂

                • reconcharlie76 says:

                  lol, long nights over here too

                • wanthetruth says:

                  People have gone back and forth over – did Ben get his time served? Is he doing mechanic work during the day as a convict trustee and having to sleep in jail?
                  Darby made some comments that people took to mean he was not yet free of whatever deal was made re his meth bust.
                  Nothing was truly settled as to true facts so that’s where that came from.
                  He does have this last marriage and kids from it, I believe. -and, that’s all I know.

                • MsSmallTown2 says:

                  If Dad served in the Work Center than he would have one day off sentence for one day worked. His charges were a long time ago… how many years would he have had to serve?

                • reconcharlie76 says:

                  I believe this was a long time ago, and his penance was done.

      • Eskie Mom says:

        Knowing, now, that it was her mom who called the cops on her, I think this was a set up. A ploy for control or dominance. If it had come to blows, I can see it- but it doesn’t sound like that’s what happened. (Wasn’t the original story that it was her step brother- by Lisa, Chris Hudson IIRC, who had called LE?)

        It’s been said that Leah’s House wasn’t Lisa’s idea & that it was Lisa who wanted Jessica’s stay cut short/ for her to come home. Considering that her paternal grandmother (if I have this correct) is a minister & her dad wanted her to stay, was Leah’s House his intervention between Jessica & her mother? Now, she’s trying to give the impression that she was the one who arranged it? (I suspect those letters about coming home were going in the opposite direction, not as Lisa has claimed.)

        Why, if Jessica was afraid & thought the gangbangers were going to kill her, would Lisa want her home, instead of staying at Leah’s House, where she would be safe?

        I have to wonder: did Jessica represent some sort of income for Lisa? When the assault call happened, did Lisa think that Jessica was about to leave home; run off with one of the guys she dated, move in with Sha Sha, or whatever?

        Was Jessica hiding from her mother all day- “sleeping”, until her mother asked (or told) her to go get a pack of cigarettes for her? Had she planned to go out at all? I’ve never been vain, but at 19, I wouldn’t have gone out like that- not even to the ice house. Esp if she had no boyfriend. If Lisa was out of cigs (or close), I imagine it was a ‘WTF are you?’ call. (See also what wanthetruth said below. I agree. That M&M video doesn’t match the “bubbly” Jessica everybody talks about.)

        WRT to Charlotte Wilkerson, putting Denise Wright’s FB post 2 & 2 together with Lisa not wanting to go ask her about what she knew, Sha Sha was Jessica’s “ship in the storm” when things got hairy at home with Mom. (she was on foot until recently). So Sha Sha knew things that, probably, Lisa didn’t want her to know. If Sha Sha is the type to call it as she sees it, Lisa might know that she wouldn’t get much sympathy there & would probably get an earful of stuff she didn’t want to hear.

        Black Randy, IDK. IIRC, he came down hard on church & his faith on his FB profile. Maybe that took Jessica in. I don’t remember who “friended” whom (made the request). I really don’t think, though, that things had not changed for her. That is, I don’t see any reason to suspect that she intended to just pick up right where she left off. I could be wrong. But that’s my gut feeling.

        • ShepherdDawg says:

          QUOTE: “Knowing, now, that it was her mom who called the cops on her, I think this was a set up. A ploy for control or dominance. ”


          QUOTE: “I have to wonder: did Jessica represent some sort of income for Lisa?”

          I wonder this, too. Did Lisa get government money because Jessica was a dependent?

          Did Jessica have to share her Goody’s salary with Lisa?

          Did Lisa simply want someone to boss around and give errands to (“get me cigarettes”)?

          • wanthetruth says:

            That is a good point. How does dependant child government aid go? I am sure Ben must pay support but maybe she gets further aid. Maybe mom was put on notice that with Jessica out of the house, benefits would be cut.
            Not that this really figures into the murder, I guess, but you never know.

            It is a real question why she didn’t stay longer -.

          • 2+2 says:

            Sundance had posed the question about whether or not Lisa works. I posted yesterday about MS welfare requirements and the possibility that Lisa needed Jessica home for a source of income. Either welfare or to pay room and board, do chores and errands, etc. Something more nefarious? Anything is possible.

        • closerlook41 says:

          what if she was afraid NOT to communicate with black Randy? If there was sentiment in those circles that she was snitching, maybe she was just playing it off to him, I.E., “yeah, my family sent me to this rehab etc etc yada yada”. I think she might have been scared NOT to accept communications from him, knowing that she was going to have to eventually go back to Courtland/Batesville.

          • ShepherdDawg says:

            Closerlook41, I’m inclined to agree. I think Jessica may have been afraid of Black Randy, and that is why she communicated with him.

            I definitely don’t think Randy was a good person, or trying to help Jessica.

            He may have contacted her to find out what she was doing at Leah’s House. Maybe he was scared that she would “snitch” on him. Maybe Randy had been one of Jessica’s abusers.

            • lorac says:

              But we don’t know that Jessica is the person who made that most recent facebook page – the one which appears to have been created while she was at Leah’s, and the one which friends that guy, but has nothing else on it….

          • reconcharlie76 says:

            I don’t think she was, maybe he(randy) was a protector of some sort, had connections

      • ShepherdDawg says:

        QUOTE: “It is more prudent to believe little to nothing from Lisa that describes Jessica because for all intents and purposes Lisa didn’t really know what Jessica was all about. Not out of some nefarious agenda to lie, but just out of a prideful embarrassment that people would grow a larger understanding of exactly what the nature of their dysfunctional relationship was all about.”

        This. I think Lisa was completely disinterested in Jessica’s life and wellbeing.

        Lisa’s phone call was probably motivated by irritation that her cigarettes hadn’t arrived back at the house yet, and not out of concern for Jessica’s safety.

    • ShepherdDawg says:

      QUOTE from couerdaleneman: “Imo, her initial activity was voluntary–no sign of a 9-1-1 call from her about a kidnap in progress. No, it suggests that she likely met with shady people on purpose.”

      Your posts suggest that you are determined (for some perverse reason) to convince everyone that Jessica was willingly engaging in prostitution the night she was killed.

      Is it possible? Yes.

      But the evidence points against that, at least in my opinion.

      If she was planning on “working” that night, she would have been glammed up, wearing nicer clothes, etc.

      There is really nothing to suggest that “she likely met with shady people on purpose.”

      It seems like baseless speculation to me.

      • waltherppk says:

        She could have her work uniform in her glove compartment and changed into it and otherwise primped in about five minutes in the car or a bathroom. And no it isn’t “baseless speculation” but it is a scenario that goes against the grain of what you want to believe because the image of a hoped for sweet redeemed born again Jessica doesn’t fit the seedy scenario and you don’t want to believe she may have been backsliding or may have a double life.

        Fully do I understand that nobody wants to believe this kind of scenario may be involved, but it has to be checked out and ruled out not simply dismissed because some people would prefer not to look at this angle as a possibility.

        If it is true that a witness has put Jessica at a motel and you would prefer to believe she was not there as a prostitute, then okay she went there to sell girl scout cookies and was mugged. You can see the problem. You just don’t have the heart to look at it for what it is.

        • 2+2 says:

          Agreed, Wppk, all possibilities must be considered. I have a theory that maybe she was followed from M&M to wherever she got food, perhaps at the Maccas or other food place just up the road from Bates motel (there are several on the map), and THAT is where the perp got in the car with her. Could have asked for a ride home or forced their way in. Everything proceeded from there. Possibility of additional witnesses?

          • waltherppk says:

            The DA said they have additional video that is from time beyond the video at the M&M so that would likely be video at businesses, one of which is likely to be the motel.

            • 2+2 says:

              oh another thought! The witness works across the street from the motel. There are several businesses there. Even if the motel doesn’t have video of the parking lot, I bet at least one of those businesses across the street does! So if the witness could see the abduction from there, it’s on video from at least one of those businesses.

          • smiley says:

            maybe the mother called her to find out where she was.

  20. almostHOME says:

    maybe Rosco’s proposal was more of a employer/employee relationship?

    also, this fact keeps bugging me. in Ben Chambers’ arrest article it says the LE arrived at 5PM or 530PM but the scene wasn’t cleared until 330AM.
    why was this scene cleared so quickly? why did DA say that no arrest was coming?

    I think the LE and the parents are extremely scared of these boys.
    if we have the 4 boys in the hotel, two leaving….what are we waiting for? arrest!!
    I think nancy Pelosi said it best, we need to pass the bill to see what’s in it.
    let’s arrest and build the case further. just getting these animals off the street will make people feel more safe and allow them more freedom to talk.

    • fire/medic says:

      Lock Ben in a room with the coward that did this to his daughter and see who’s scared. I don’t think Ben is scared for a second.

    • ShepherdDawg says:

      QUOTE “I think the LE and the parents are extremely scared of these boys.”

      If LE is scared of a bunch of ghetto thugs, that is pathetic.

      LE is paid to put criminals behind bars, not to be scared.

    • dizzymissl says:

      What is the “right” she should be “proud ” of?

      • wanthetruth says:

        Almost sounds like she’s the witness. Where is she? Or more to the point is she with husband Pat or brother inlaw Georgia (Boone) . I’d be quite nervous if I were her too.

        I bet the whole gang is having serious trust issues right n now – nobody must trust anybody. Jail time + money in the reward, plus Ben waiting to get you – before jail or he’ll arrange it in jail.

        Ben already spoke to that.

      • ShepherdDawg says:

        I think by her “rights” she is referring to the “right” things she has done in her life, as opposed to the “wrong” things.

        Maybe I’m just soft-hearted, but I feel sorry for Denise. She has probably been through a lot of abuse and trauma in her life.

        LORD Jesus, please deliver Denise from the gang lifestyle and the abusive relationships and domestic violence she is ensnared in. Please help her to find a new life in You, and please heal her and give her strength and faith in You as her Savior. LORD Jesus, please save Denise Tutor, please turn her heart to you, tonight. Amen.

        • closerlook41 says:

          Denise definitely seems perpetually conflicted… I know from several of her early posts on Facebook that she seems to come from a background of at least SOME religious/moral framework. Lots of people from good homes wind up eating dirt:. I’ve eaten a boatload of it in my youth, being son of a good and godly man and minister notwithstanding. God is indeed good, and thankfully I never wandered so far that I forgot my way back. I think there is a part of Denise that would really like to leave all that gangbanger crap behind and help kids make plaster of paris crosses in Sunday School, but she seems to maybe have forgotten the way back.

          • ShepherdDawg says:

            QUOTE: “I think there is a part of Denise that would really like to leave all that gangbanger crap behind and help kids make plaster of paris crosses in Sunday School, but she seems to maybe have forgotten the way back.”

            I think Denise wants out of the gangster lifestyle too.

            Even if she has forgotten the way back, we are lucky that we have a Savior who cares about the single sheep who strays from the flock and goes searching for that stray sheep, to rescue them and bring them back safely.

            Just as in the prodigal son parable in the Bible the Father (God) rushed to welcome his son as soon as he saw him way off down the road coming back, I know that the LORD will welcome Denise back with open arms, if only she turns her heart to Him.


            Please, Denise! Jesus wants to free you from all the chains and pain and sorrow of this life. Please come back to Him.

      • justfactsplz says:

        I think she is referring to making things right, correcting wrongs she had done.

        • smiley says:

          I don’t do FB but why would she post something like this on FB? do people typically post prayers like this on FB?

          • 2+2 says:

            yes smiley they do. Frequently. It’s always seemed odd to me that a lot of the gangbangers women attend church regularly and post religious things on FB, right along with all the violence and smut they post.

          • justfactsplz says:

            I don’t have a clue about why people post what they do. I don’t do facebook either and I don’t do twitter.

    • Eskie Mom says:

      Sounds like it’s gettin’ awful hot in that kitchen.

      • lastConservinIllinois? says:

        Perhaps the authorities are leaning hard on the Misters and their friends/associates and Denise is being offered up?

        How ya feelin now, Denise?
        Like a completely unappreciated pincushion, maybe?
        Like a useful idiot?

    • lastConservinIllinois? says:

      Keep praying Denise you xxxxx,
      You’re going to need every bit of help you are able to muster.
      The only question: who were your boys who teed Jess up for you?

      Take the namecalling to your own blog. Thank you. -Admin

      • fire/medic says:

        I don’t think they tied her up. They might have knocked her in the head, threw her in the car and dowsed her in gas though. Who lit the match?

    • StuckInMS says:

      Good. I’ve spent hours in prayer that those who are responsible become sick and miserable until they confess. And I don’t plan on letting up.

    • fire/medic says:

      I hope her prayer is sincere and she gets her answer, and she does the right thing.

    • ShepherdDawg says:

      Denise Tutor / Rachael, if you are reading this and you know who killed Jessica and are feeling guilty, it’s not too late.

      Please, go to the FBI or US Marshals. Ask them for protection and tell them what you know.

      FBI, Jackson Mississippi Contact Information:

      FBI Jackson Field Office
      1220 Echelon Parkway
      Jackson, MS 39213
      Phone: (601) 948-5000
      Fax: (601) 713-7550

      US Marshals Service, Oxford Mississippi Contact Information:

      911 Jackson Avenue East # 399, Oxford, MS 38655
      (662) 234-6661

      You will get the reward money, a new identity if you want one, and a fresh start in a new town. You will get to start over!

      Most importantly of all, you will have done what is right, and redeemed yourself for whatever guilt you carry. The LORD Jesus is looking down on you, Denise, and so is Jessica. They are counting on you to do the right thing.

      Please Denise. I know that deep down, underneath all the gangster stuff, you are a good person, who loves the LORD.

      God is looking down on you, and He is hoping you will do the right thing!

      Please do the right thing. If you know who killed Jessica, please contact the FBI or US Marshals. They will keep you safe, and they will make sure that the people who killed Jessica never hurt anyone ever again.

      Please don’t carry the burden of guilt around with you for the rest of your life.

      Please contact the FBI or Marshals and tell them what you know.

      God bless you, Denise Tutor!

      Trust in Jesus’ Name. He keeps His promises, and He always will.

    • fire/medic says:

      Donald Joys article was great. No one can possibly ignore that info, even if they wanted to.

      • wanthetruth says:

        Is it special that they put “or to the nearest American embassy or consulate “, or do they add that to all cases of info wanted.? Anybody know?

      • ShepherdDawg says:

        Yes. Thank God for Donald Joy and his investigative abilities!

      • frangelica1 says:

        Yes, it was an excellent article by Don – I was so excited reading it in the morning, thinking this info is the break we need to help make it more uncomfortable for the people that may be involved in this horrendous crime.

    • 2+2 says:

      sundance i can read some but not all of your posts, like the one at 6:25pm just under the screenshot of Denise Tutor’s status. Is it because I’m a visitor? This is my first experience with blogging so I don’t know how they work.
      Thank you! 🙂

      • starrdustt says:

        Sundance’s original post here showed a Twitter copy of the FBI’s Reward and Wanted poster for info on Jessica’s murder. Perhaps the original tweeter removed the tweet, and thus it wouldn’t display here any longer.
        You can see another copy of it by going to Teresa Aple’s FB page at

        • 2+2 says:

          thank you very much starrdustt!!! So DA saying they are treating it as an arson is another lie. Those local LE just can’t keep their stories straight. Arson/homicide is more accurate. Soon to be arson/homicide/rape if the evidence is there.

          • Starrdustt says:

            I’m really encouraged by this FBI commitment. If you just get one Special Agent involved in this case who has as mush passion about it as most of us do, it’s going to get solved. They’ll beat enough heads, and make enough people sweat that someone will spill the beans. Can’t help but wonder if Denise Tutor’s prayer above isn’t hinting that she finally decided to do what’s right – and talk.

            • 2+2 says:

              I’ve believed that the FBI have had the case solved ever since they put up the $25K, and that they just need witnesses to place the perps at the scene because the physical evidence is useless. But the perps don’t know that, and they’re running scared now. The cell phone has been mentioned often, and someone’s prints are on that and the battery too, as well as whatever is found in the phone records. THEIR phone records can be subpoenaed too. Get that you twits out there? Ali? You reading this? NUNU who asked how did she get out the car? How did you know that? You can run but you can’t hide.

            • ShepherdDawg says:

              QUOTE: “If you just get one Special Agent involved in this case who has as mush passion about it as most of us do, it’s going to get solved.”

              Yes. The FBI are very, very good at what they do.

              I know FBI agents, and they are superb LEOs, VERY squared away.

              The FBI is America’s premier law enforcement agency for a reason. The same goes for the US Marshals. I have a LOT of confidence in these two agencies, despite possible interference from Holder and the CRS.

              • JohnP says:

                There’s probably a lot of chafing going on. The CRS doesn’t just put the kibosh on the press they also control what law enforcement can put into the public forum when they go “fishing” for information. Nobody likes to look inept, especially professionals.

    • Terry in GA says:

      Great job both of you guys. Hopefully FBI will take new info and put pieces with the rest of the puzzle. Who knows, this could tie in other open issues, taking away even more of society’s menaces.

    • justfactsplz says:


  21. firefly says:

    Lisa and friends did clean up the memorial. My attempt to post screen cap.

    • reconcharlie76 says:

      Yes she really has a hard on for CTH, and keeps the BS brewing
      Never mind it was the UNTRUTHS ONLY, not the taking of 1 single petal.
      if I am out of line, please remove. TY

      • firefly says:

        I did not know until the last thread that she had put TheLastRefuge through all that baloney. Maybe one day she will realize how much she hurt herself and apologize,
        but I won`t hold my breath.

    • justfactsplz says:

      Ya did good. You did it!

  22. MsSmallTown2 says:

    This board is like a drug… We’ve been told to stop posting or risk being banned. I have stayed away and then I keep getting emails where others keep dibbling in the addiction… and here I am. Regardless of the potential harm, I am back because I can’t resist the feeling I get when I partake.

    Lisa is her own drug, she satisfies herself and out of ignorance tries to raise a child. She will teach Jessica to be a lady when she doesn’t have a clue what a lady is like (she should look at the toothless woman in the mirror… there is no lady there)

    Jessica is drawn to those who may be looked down on but they love her and accept her. She gets something that she isn’t given at home. The ladies at Leah’s loved her but wanted to change her, her parent’s loved her but wanted to change her…. Drugs and sex loved her and they wanted her exactly like she was. She could escape the reality of home by escaping with drugs and or sex. She controlled her body and made her choices based on that control. She controlled her being until one night in December when she couldn’t stop death.

    Was she raped or did she go willingly after a 20 minute phone blasting with her mom. Truth? I know what I would have done…

    Now… I’ve had my fix for the moment. I think I’ll go back to rehab now.

    • dizzymissl says:

      They said only a ban if you post on the open thread:)

      • MsSmallTown2 says:

        LOL I’m obviously reading things that aren’t there…
        yes, I need intervention!

    • Taylor says:

      MsST2, I am so grateful to read your post. You really came from Jessica’s point of view as far as I’m concerned. This case is so close for me, it’s very hard to keep quiet.
      I am also so grateful to Sundance for leaving this open as long as he has. I feel like I am reliving a nightmare, but with a good, very good prosecutor, this case can get convictions on Jess’s words alone if need be.

  23. jewelsc6 says:

    Somebody go to DT fb and screenshot now. I can’t do it

    • jewelsc6 says:

      Lord..I come to u now to ask for forgiveness for all my wrongs…I pray I made u proud with my rights..I ask for ur hand in this time of need ….and I beg of u lord to take me out the struggle.. times so hard I can’t even breathe…I’m sorry God..ur the only one I need and you are my Lord…please help me.

    • woohoowee says:

      Don’t do twitter or Facebook so I’m not sure, but it looks like your personal information might be in this post. If so, the mods can help you out.

      • jewelsc6 says:

        Yes I saw that thanks but at least I figured out how to do a screenshot. So proud of myself 🙂 Sorry did not see that someone else beat me to it….Looks like Denise is starting to crack.

    • 2+2 says:

      mods, jewelsc6 personal info is on the bottom of the FB screenie she posted. Can you fix, or does she have to ask herself?

  24. Sammy Spicer says:

    I don’t understand why DT would post that, especially after Donald’s article came out.
    As dizzymissl said “What is the “right” she should be “proud ” of?”
    I would be afraid that a paranoid heinous murderer would take that as “maybe she snitched”

    And the tweet at the bottom of information poster was “The circle is closing. Gnat to FBI Confirmed:” Not sure what that means but it is very interesting.

    Would like to say you are all a great team ! God forbid if anything happened to my family, I would certainly want you all on the case. Hope for Justice.

  25. Sammy Spicer says:

    jewelsc6 .. I think your screenshot has your name and facebook profile on it. Might need a mod to delete it?

  26. distracted2 says:

    Okay, Sundance, I finally had an “aha moment” regarding your reference to the video included above, at 6:35 in particular. I thought that Darby’s wording was odd, to say the least, regarding “the white ones and the black ones”. I have thought since the beginning that he was referring to people in general, which was an odd choice of words, if not racist. It occurred to me this evening that he was referring to the “white” gangs and the “black” gangs. He was saying that both gangs are working together with the police, that everyone is cooperating.

    A lot of time has passed since that presser but, at least in the beginning, they thought it was gang related, which begs the question “Why Jessica?” And the only thing I can come up with is that she was the common denominator.

    I haven’t really paid attention to whether there has been unrest in the community between the gangs but if this is the case, Jessica could have simply been caught in the middle.

  27. coeurdaleneman says:

    Upthread, I expressed reluctance to accept the whole Donald Joy story because of a seeming implausibility of the compatibility between two certain parts of it. It was not a rejection of it, only severe skepticism.

    Now, after doing some sleuthing, the “seeming implausibilty” no longer exists. It actually makes a lot of sense, given what was offered about the witness. Some details contained in the story (plus what was offered elsewhere by sundance) match up with a factual nuance or two that others have not yet considered/posted here. Hence, barring some proof of a lie, I accept the witness as credible.

    Sorry to be vague, but I don’t want to expose what I am talking about.

    • coeurdaleneman says:


      And because I tend to accept the witness as credible, I also tend to accept that the person is a responsible citizen.

      Ergo, the lack of mention of any parking lot coercion leads me to believe that activities of the parties leaving the scene were voluntary. No mention of dragging or forcible anything. Otherwise, I believe that the witness would have made a phone call.

      • Eskie Mom says:

        Thanks for clearing that up. I was wondering why they didn’t call the police. Still, that’s perplexing.

        • coeurdaleneman says:

          I think that the witness likely was privy to the scuttlebutt about the motel, because of being in a position to do so.

          • wanthetruth says:

            D m, to expand on the the non-coercion, we don’t know what went down in the room was willing. When leaving she might not have known they were going to kill her,maybe she thought she was done paying for the night. Of course she would not struggle then if she thought she was goig back to her car.

            Not that your theory is wrong, but it is not necessarily all right either.C

    • lorac says:

      My impression is that he is not a researcher, but that he writes up articles based on knowledge gleaned from SDC, his essays, and the comment sections…. In the 2-3 I’ve seen I haven’t read anything I hadn’t already learned here….

  28. Ziiggii says:

    I’m sorry, REALY sorry! I can’t help it I have to say my spidey senses are through the roof! (and my sense is not at all as refined as the seasoned Treepers) I spent the entire afternoon going over every thread, every comment and my own 15+ pages of notes since day 1. And watched this thing explode for the last 13 hours. At some point during that time a thought occured to me….

    I have the weirdest feeling that this is THE most amazing and ingenious checkmate I have ever seen!

    BRAVO SD, Donald and the CTH inner circle if this is in fact true!

    • coeurdaleneman says:

      I agree. If why the person contacted the treehouse is as stated, its says the world about its position as a fair arbiter.

      • Ziiggii says:

        I believe that Mr. Breitbart would tip a hat if it is as I sense! There is a deffenite crumb trail for all to see through out ALL the threads. That includes the aparent clean house of todays final thread!!!

        • coeurdaleneman says:

          I’m not positive about where this might lead as far as a resolution. But if this witness turns out to be the key, then future perps should keep in mind to pray for luck that the CTH never gets on their a—s. 🙂

  29. lou says:

    I have to work tomorrow so I’ve got to get to bed….hope,that tomorrow the proverbial ship hits the fan.

  30. coeurdaleneman says:

    Another thing for certain readers to keep in mind: JLC’s most direct path on Friday night going home from work would have taken her past 5 gas stations in Batesville; ones that would have been more convenient and logical for a supposed spendthrift operating a vehicle on fumes. I’ll rattle them off if anyone cares to know.

    • waltherppk says:

      Maybe it was Alis world famous chicken that kept her coming back for more.

    • waltherppk says:

      Maybe instead of buying there she was being paid.

        • Eskie Mom says:

          My God, that’s sick.

          • 2+2 says:

            if you look at his FB he’s posted a couple of things about white girls. Earlier it was a video take a look and read the comments. Just another example how the muslims are fostering the hatred and violence of blacks on whites, exploiting them to further their own agenda of white genocide. Now that he’s out of the area he feels safe resuming his normal social media activities.

          • JohnP says:

            Distancing the exchange of cash away from the delivery of services makes prosecuting a crime much harder. Laundering a payment through a third party makes it even harder. I’m not saying this is what happened here, but if it is, this it could take months to tie up the loose ends.

            • waltherppk says:

              Absolutely correct. When you take the whole transaction out of the picture where a John hands the money directly to a “service provider” at a motel then you have encountered a very real obstacle in prosecuting a crime. It could be like renting a car at the airport. You transact the business involving the car at a desk away from where is the car and then you got the keys to the car with a full tank of gas waiting for you at another location. And of course it is paid in advance or you don’t get the keys to the car. The same kind of transaction remote “banking” arrangement can be applied to drug transactions and weapons sales and other business where at no time are money and drugs or other items on the same table at the same place at the same time. Criminal enterprises becoming sophisticated makes it tough to prosecute and of course that is the whole idea.

            • waltherppk says:

              I’ll have to got back and look at the video from the M&M again but it seemed like after entering there to “pay for her gas” then she was almost doing a happy dance just swinging her purse around and getting along so good even hip bumping a fellow customer there and it just seemed kind of “off” when I saw that. Anybody else notice that?

              • MsSmallTown2 says:

                Are you serious?

              • 2+2 says:

                I didn’t see it that way. Imo she went in, kept to herself and was ignored, handled her business at the counter and was heading out the store but Ali called her back a couple of times then handed her something, then she left. I didn’t see any interaction between JLC and the others there. Still wondering why no camera focused on the register. Very strange. On the other hand, they aren’t worried about being robbed or about what the clerk is doing are they, and certainly wouldn’t want that on tape.

                • 2+2 says:

                  looks to me like she didn’t want to talk to anyone outside or inside the station, just wanted to get her business done and leave, but Sandy Rudd and Ali both delayed her. Why?

    • waltherppk says:

    • waltherppk says:

      Understand what I am saying is that all this time seeing Jessica as only a customer at the M&M may be a distraction from her real purpose for being there. Suppose there was more significant reason for Jessica’s visit to M&M than any purchases which she made of gas or tobacco.

    • waltherppk says:

      • closerlook41 says:

        I have looked and looked and I cannot see anything even remotely like what you described…. not even a little bit. Has anyone besides Waltherppk seen what he is describing? “Happy dance? Hip bump? I am totally lost here……

        • waltherppk says:

          I can clock 5 rounds through the same hole at 200 meters in under ten seconds.

          • closerlook41 says:

            but what does being a good shot with a rifle have to do with this video in question? If anyone else can see Jessica swinging her purse and interacting with anyone in the store besides Ali, who we surmise is behind the counter, please tell me. I have seen nothing like that. Is that what you are saying? I saw one of the black men do a happy dance/stagger, but it really looked like a Wayans brothers caricature to me. I didn’t see Jessica interact with them in the least. I’m not being disrespectful: I just want to see it if indeed it is there. Someone else please weigh in here….

            • waltherppk says:

              Correct. I was confusing what is the “fur hat guy” with Jessica who is far left at the edge of the image, and the handbag is what caused the confusion. The image is not clear.

          • joshua says:

            my grandma was that slow too, but she was really OLD.

            • waltherppk says:

              She was probably really aware of her own heartbeat and how to time the shots between them. When your pulse is fast from excitement work goes more quickly.

      • Eskie Mom says:

        In this video? God Love it, Walther, I think you’re seeing things. I watched it. DH watched it. Miss Chambers is at least a foot away from these guys.

        • waltherppk says:

          Yeah I see the cursor over to the left on her and the blonde hair. Thought that was a kid. She is little, petite.

        • 2+2 says:

          I see the knit cap guy closest to the door might have said hi to her and she maybe smiled and half-waved at him then walked to the counter. Other than that no interaction with anyone except Ali. Same with whoever beckoned to her in the parking lot. Jess was heading into the store when someone called to her, she stopped, looked over and waved then reluctantly went off camera to whoever beckoned to her. IMHO she didn’t want anything to do with anyone there besides Ali. We know that she knew all of the characters on the scene, but she ignored them.

          I also don’t think she was picking up a penny on the other vid as one of her family said. Looks to me like she took a cig out of her mouth, bent over and put it out, then put the half-smoked stub in her pocket. That’s irrelevant to solving the crime though, so sorry for the tangent.

  31. alkikila says:

    The time line should be down to a minute if they have her leaving the motel, the fire call and the battery out of the phone.

    • 2+2 says:

      yep this is what I was thinking. LE is just tying everything into a tidy bundle. Once the case is made, I think all those on TCH who live in MS should petition the governor for a special prosecutor. Can’t trust the locals.

    • sonny says:

      I wonder if the motel had CCTV?

      • JohnP says:

        I doubt it, hourly customers value their anonymity. I’m wondering if they bother with formal room registrations or just do cash for keys.

      • 2+2 says:

        probably not, they weren’t worried about being robbed. But I bet the businesses across the street do.

  32. 2+2 says:

    oops…CTH. Sorry y’all.

  33. coeurdaleneman says:

    Timeline …

    In a case where everything has been fuzzied by sketchy participants, one now would have to lean to the acceptance that JLC was at the M&M just before 5:30 on the evening in question. Not that the scenario at the Skyline couldn’t have been achieved using either a 5:30 or 6:30 appearance parameter. But only that Ali seems to have been more accurate about innocuous details (not threatening to him) than Mom.

    Again, certainty about anything is still up in the air because of the negative trustworthy quotient. But the picture is becoming less fuzzy.

    • waltherppk says:

      There is something else bugging me about the account of the “secret witness” described in the ClashDaily article where Jessica is placed at the motel.
      The witness seems to know a lot more than simply what would be known from having their attention caught by something they observe across the street and offers a story that has more “information content” than would be the expectation. So I don’t know what to make of that.

      credit to Donald Joy article excerpted and quoted:
      “According to the witness, about four days before her death Jessica had received some sort of relationship proposal from a black male, and she had rebuked and rejected him. The witness said that on the night of December 6th, in the hour or so just before her death, the male in question and three other black males grabbed Jessica, took her to a motel in nearby Batesville, and sexually assaulted her there, followed by two of them taking Jessica away to some unknown location. This person said they observed the event from across the street from the motel, being employed near there and having witnessed some “similar sordid activity” there before, but “never seen it result in murder.” Jessica was found shortly after that, about 6 miles South, burned and barely alive near her completely torched 2005 Kia Rio alongside Herron Road.”

      How could this witness know that Jessica was “grabbed” and subsequently taken to a motel if the thing actually witnessed is a scenario that begins at the motel? The witness gives account of an event of “grabbing of Jessica” that occurs before the time of the arrival at the motel where the event being witnessed is first observed, unless the witness was following and spying on these 4 perpetrators to observe the course of events leading to the motel, since their vantage point for witnessing was across the street from the motel. This is sort of a confused account or the witness is offering only part of the story how they know what they say they know.

  34. MsSmallTown2 says:

    For those who are curious or just need a visual, here is a pic of the Skyline