Four More Teens Arrested In Carjacking and Robbery Ring – The “Dindu Nuffin” Gang…

Four more members of the Dindu Nuffin’s were arrested today, with one suspect still on the run. This brings the total captured to 7, with one still running – and more arrests expected.

carjacking 5 Mississippi – Jackson Police arrested four more suspects in a string of car jackings, armed robberies and assaults on Wednesday evening.

Malcolm Henderson, 16, Quindarius Love, 18, Dontario Rosell, 16 and Marlon Perry, 17, were involved in at least three known armed carjackings in the Metro area. Through interviews, auto theft detectives were able to obtain reliable and pertinent information linking them to the three armed carjackings.

Police are also actively searching for Jushun Paige for armed carjacking.

carjacking 4

Antwain Dukes, 16, Antreal Jones, 17, and Gerome Moore, 17, who are suspects in the shooting death of Carolyn Temple, also received two additional charges for carjacking for their involvement in two of the additional armed carjacking arrests.

There are also additional charges pending in Yazoo and Ridgeland against several of these suspects and their associates for similar crimes. These individuals are all well-known associates. (read more)

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43 Responses to Four More Teens Arrested In Carjacking and Robbery Ring – The “Dindu Nuffin” Gang…

  1. ytz4mee says:

    Just reporting this is “racist”.
    The Proggie thought police are inbound as I type.

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    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      As I was reading the post, and staring at the pics of the perps, a question popped into my mind. When was the last time I read about a carjacking being perpetrated by a group of white suspects?

      I know it has to have happened but, for the life of me, I can’t remember the last time I read of this. Can you?

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      • dean says:

        No kidding–I’ve never seen nor heard of anyone besides a black person hijacking a car. In the same vein, when did you last hear of a white man raping a black woman???


      • ytz4mee says:

        No, I can’t remember. But I do know, if and when it was reported, I would react with the same level of visceral revulsion and concern, and I wouldn’t automatically censor my thoughts about the actions of the perps.

        My tongue-in-cheek remark above was a reflexive response to the escalating demands by those on the left that we not acknowledge let alone remark upon the violence, mayhem and dysfunction of certain segments of the population. However, unless we honestly report and discuss it, we can’t arrive at a solution to resolve it. Which is exactly the way the Left, which needs to rub sore the discontent to survive, prefers things.

        There is no doubt in my mind that had the suspects in the Jessica Chambers murder been white Christian fundamentalists all law enforcement and media resources would have descended upon Panola County to get to the bottom of things, because it would have played into every stereotype and bigotry the Left holds dear and “bitterly clings to”. The fact that the main players are most likely members of the sacred cow sect is the reason for the silence and refusal to report on, let alone solve.

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      • mike86682 says:

        I wonder if 4 of these Einsteins got together and tried to jack a 2 seat car?? THAT would be fun to watch!!!


    • xschild says:

      18 years and under. Seven of them running amok in Jax MS. 5 car jacks and murder plus illegal weapons. Some of this stuff falls under Federal crimes.
      Already know where one baby momma is. Find the other parents and charge them with accessory to all counts. Cut the checks and entitlements cut off the Obam phones remove med care. Send in social services to remove all other children from household. Send them all to jail and make them pay restitution. Never going to happen. Holder taking down the bar on real justice for these criminals. Newest career move, give birth to Crime babies. And I’ll bet they go to church too.
      Where is Alice Sharpie? Oh @WH moaning over “Selma” so is Holder.


  2. Sharon says:

    I was seriously trying to recall the last time there was a pattern of 2-3-4 white teenagers randomly and thoroughly slaughtering black people. Smart aleck replies or slurs about blacks will be deleted (by me or another admin)…… I am seriously trying to recall if that has happened or has been happening anywhere in the country over the past few years.

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  3. bullnuke says:

    No need to post pictures. The names are a dead giveaway.
    Hard to grasp at times the lawlessness of these teenagers. I’m not even going to ask where the parents are in their lives.


    • canadacan says:

      That name Quinarius is a tongue twister.
      So many of these thug names are so contrived to look exotic and different and important.Pathetic.
      The psychology behind it just gives me a headache.


    • Syd says:

      One of the kids’ mother was on the news this morning and said something to the effect of, “I’m not going to say he wouldn’t rob somebody, but my child would never fire a gun”.


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    • ytz4mee says:

      This story neatly encapsulates the existential dilemma we find ourselves in.

      At one point in our recent history, every citizen was expected to be a contributing member of society, and was expected to make an honest effort to support themselves with minimal assistance from the “collective”. These lessons were the bitter fruit of the experiences of the first colonists, whose attempts at collectivism almost resulted in the self-created genocide of their merry band. Only once individuals were allowed to keep the fruits of their labors did the colonies thrive.

      The landless and title-less sons of the aristocracy who were sent to Virginia as colonists in Jamestown also had to import skilled tradesmen from Europe to keep themselves alive. They were great at theory and ideas, but none of them had any practical experience in life that translated into… the necessities for survival. This filtered down into our once thriving education system, where students were “tracked” and educationally supported at their individual level of abilities. If one was not academically inclined or had a strong affinity for abstract thinking, there was no shame in going to a VoTech and receiving training in a skilled trade, with the expectation that one was obligated to be self-supporting. In fact, many bright folks who could have gone on to university instead chose a more practical path, because that was what brought them a sense of fulfilment and purpose. At the end of it all, we all were inculcated with an ethos that we had to each have a sense of purpose.

      Fast forward to the post-Progressive long march through the institutions. “Everyone” must get a college degree to be viewed as worthy in their paradigm. Funding for Vo-Tech education has all but evaporated. Know any young person that is seeking an apprenticeship to a skilled trade? Even the highly motivated find it a path filled with dead ends and frustration. Yet our demand for skilled tradespeople hasn’t diminished, in fact in some sectors it has increased. All of these computerized systems need skilled tradespeople who are experts at instrumentation, calibration, etc for example. The fact that avenues for those who don’t want to pursue the college track or don’t have the aptitude for college level work no longer exist has added to the frustration of this generation. Our refusal to expend our resources in concert with the abilities and motivation of the recipients in favor of a “one size fits all” approach has led us to where we are today.

      Likewise with the manufactured umbrage over “race”. If you are constantly bombarded with messages that you are victimized daily simply because of the color of your skin, then you begin to not only believe it, but accept it as part of personal identity. If you are released of any feelings of personal accountability for your own choices and motivation because you are told you are a “victim”, then you have no motivation to change your life and/or make good choices in your life. You are free to appeal to the basest of your desires. If you are a “victim”, then you are entitled to compensation. And so on. When you point out the western concept of “free will”, and individual choice, the Progs lose their minds.

      There are many black people with below the scored norm in IQ. Not everyone can be on the “right” side of the curve. There are many white folks as well who fall on the left side of the curve, but they are ignored by the Progressives because it doesn’t fit their narrative. If you point out the link between the pathology of criminal and irresponsible blacks and IQ, you are screamed at for being “racist” but if you make the same observation about low IQ whites, the response is, “Well, what do you expect from “Trailer Trash””. At no time are you excoriated for making a link between the IQ of those who are poor and white but each and every time you will be publicly castigated for making the same correlation about blacks who are socially and economically unsuccessful. Also, note well, that those who decry any such statements as “racist” refuse to rebut the body of literature that supports this thesis with independent, peer reviewed science of their own – they just parrot talking points from some “social justice commentator” who has decreed it “racist” because it makes Progressives uncomfortable. They also have no comment when researchers who also study the criminality of violent white offenders and find the same commonalities as they do with violent black offenders. Apparently to note genetic abnormalities about white offenders is okay, but to note the exact same issues in a black offender is most definitely NOT. I find keeping up with the double standards of the Progressives exhausting, but I can only imagine how soul destroying it must be for them to live with the internal cognitive dissonance.

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      • tappin52 says:

        Quite a long post you wrote there,ytz, but I’m glad that I decided to read it all.


        • ytz4mee says:

          We’ve had a lot of Proggies show up recently to demand we not discuss race, IQ and criminality, citing their “concern” that TCTH would be viewed as a “racist” site.

          The growing, violent underclass is a product of the sum of Progressive ideologies and beliefs – which they refuse to acknowledge are abject failures (HeadStart, a Proggie sacred cow is an example). In the meantime, the rest of civil society is being fractured and put at risk for their obstinance and adherence to rigid orthodoxy over reality.


      • EdWatts says:

        I, along with my family, have never been wealthy. I also had a daughter who, through an accident of genetics, had an IQ of about fifty. She, likewise, never had much money. As far as being victimized, she required constant watching over to prevent the predators of society from exercising their advantages over her, which did occur from time to time (Cheating her on change in a store or what-have-you…). Sadly, she shuffled off her mortal coil on her twenty-eighth birthday about two years ago.

        She never committed a crime in her life, not did she demonstrate any proclivity to do so. As a consequence, from my perspective, something other than low IQ, lack of opportunity, and victimization has to do with the violence of America’s blacks. Rwanda, Somalia, Liberia, Mali, and many other similar places are also not known for their space programs nor for being vacation paradises.



  4. Paul H. Lemmen says:

    Reblogged this on A Conservative Christian Man.


  5. Michael Dixon says:

    We gave them pre-natal care, birthing care, post-natal care, free medical care at the nearest ER, rent-subsidized public housing, free education, EBT cards, WIC vouchers, free phones, you name it. Now that they’re practically grown men they need they own ride. They daddy in Washington ought to give each one a Cadillac Escalade so they have some way to get around. Why we so damn stingy?

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    • smarty says:

      That is the problem, we can give them everything but what they desperately needed was a father and that is the one thing government yanked away.

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    • lachellie64 says:

      They are the great-grand “crack babies.” I googled the ’80s crack baby epidemic a while back . . . guess what, it d, according to a couple of of obscure studies. Go figure.


      • lachellie64 says:

        “it doesn’t exist”


        • crossthread42 says:

          Found something–> It was predicted that the children would be difficult to console, irritable, and hyperactive, putting a strain on the school system. Charles Krauthammer, a columnist for The Washington Post wrote in 1989, “[t]heirs will be a life of certain suffering, of probable deviance, of permanent inferiority.” The president of Boston University at the time, John Silber, said “crack babies … won’t ever achieve the intellectual development to have consciousness of God.” These claims of soullessness, “biological inferiority” and “born criminals” living in “inner cities” played easily into existing racial and class prejudice. Reporting was often sensational, favoring the direst predictions and shutting out skeptics.
          Seems those “reports & predictions” are coming to Pass???

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          • xschild says:

            The “Kraut” quote. 1989. Signing Civil Rights act by LBJ. Many, many years to get to this place in time. Trillions of dollars. Cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

            If any think this just involves 13% of population you are mistaken. Watch Springer or Maury. Cultures have crossed and it ain’t pretty. Not enough for the Hollywierds to tattoo arms legs and necks. Run out of skin, tat the Whazoo and put it on TV. Skin is newspaper ads for lifestyles.

            Just call me no compassion, no empathy, no sympathy, for a bunch of nothings. Want my money back.
            Helloooo Houston, we have a problem.

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    • xschild says:

      Escalade for all. There’s the ticket. Majority of Escalades in my town are owned by the Brothers. Notice no Escalades hi jacked. Just a bunch of working class people driving sensible cars and they get jacked. There is one thing they want and will never get. To be white. If they cannot be white, they just want all whites to go away.
      Please keep your ears open for the coming of a new civil rights law. Been out there for some time. Am I a racist? Wasn’t, but getting there.


  6. joanfoster says:

    I am frankly sick of the bleeding heart sympathy for these donuffin negros who believe they have a right to commit all manner of crimes on society in the name of some grievance. It is past time to call it out for what it is – abject criminality, hold their totally worthless POS mamas and daddies accountable and stop the verbal political correctness in describing them. They are a scourge to our society. I frankly don’t give a damn if they kill each other because they are intent on living a life of dependency and ignorance, but I do care when they wreck havoc on members of a productive society. Call me a bigot, racist, I frankly don’t give a damn any longer. I am through having so much as an ounce of sympathy or regard for this demographic.

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  7. doodahdaze says:

    Carjacking by black yutes is what reason the stand your ground law was passed in Fla.

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  8. cajunkelly says:

    Smart travelers who are required to travel through that city would be wise to do just that, travel through it, do not exit the interstate..

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  9. whodoneit says:

    It’s time to pull the EBT cards and all the monetary benefits from these dregs and their parents and put the funds to a better use that will “truly” serve American communities – like building more prisons.

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  10. Shirley says:

    My gosh, more Obama kids. He has been a busy boy.


    • xschild says:

      More Obama kids? Yes. Beginning to think he is on the national sperm donor list.
      Maybe that comes free with EBT cards. Cannot believe I just said that about the POTUS.


  11. Between the four of them don’t have the brain power to light up a 7 watt light bulb.


  12. Read something somewhere else where some of these thug’s facebook pages appear to show they are possibly be associated with the black gangster disciples. Some were arrested in Hernando with one of the vehicles…..wonder if there is any connection to the Courtland group?


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